His dark eyes twinkled at her with mischief. His firm, muscular body moved with surprising grace as he advanced upon her. One corner of his mouth quirked up as he lifted his hand, and she saw the bottle of whipped cream.

"Don't spray that on me unless you plan on licking it off." Allison laughed.

"That can be arranged." His voice washed over her, and Allison held her breath.

She took a few steps back and he continued his advance. Her hips bumped into the table and she knew she had lost.

The top couple of buttons on her shirt were undone, and Bret lifted his hand, brushing the neckline open farther. Allison's upper chest was exposed, as well as her cleavage. Bret pushed her hair behind her shoulders, and positioned the bottle at her throat. A slight hiss, and a dollop of cream landed on her collar bone.

Bret leaned in, his lips capturing the mess, sucking on her skin gently. Allison shivered and her nipples puckered, straining against the trap that was her bra. Her eyes fluttered shut and she heard another hiss, and felt the cold cream land on the swells of her breasts. Bret's lips trailed down and his tongue lapped at her skin.

Allison watched as he pulled his head back, his eyes drifting up to hers.

"Take off your shirt."

She complied, unbuttoning it and letting it fall to the floor. Bret reached out and cupped her right breast with his free hand, his thumb flipping back and forth across the sensitive peak. She reached into her bra, pulling her breasts free off the restraint and allowing them to rest on top of the cups. That pressed them together nicely, and Bret had easy access to them.

Bret was more than a head taller than she was, so he had to bend pretty far to get to his prize. More hisses and her nipples puckered so tightly they hurt when the cream covered them. His head dipped down, cleaning the whipped topping from her skin once more. He washed her nipples with his tongue, letting his teeth graze and his lips suck against her.

Allison arched her back, welcoming the attention. Her head fell back and Bret wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close, dropping the bottle in the process. He sucked her nipples until they ached, and then he licked to sooth the pain. His hands slid down and his fingers dug into her ass, squeezing the fullness he found there as he ate at her breasts.

Bret finally pulled back when Allison was quivering with desire. Her knees fairly shook from it. She had been squeezing her legs together, knowing her pussy was damp, swollen and it seemed to have its own heartbeat. Her breathing came out in little gasps, and her nipples stayed hard. Bret straightened and Allison's mouth watered as she saw his cock straining against his pants. She loved the way he fit inside of her.

His strong, calloused hands dropped to his belt, and Allison felt a thrill that shot from her pussy to the tips of her toes. He unbuckled it and whipped it out of the loops. Allison turned and bent over the table, resting her weight on her hands. Bret stepped forward and rubbed his cock back and forth across her ass, then stepped back and gave her a quick spank with his belt. She pressed her legs together as her pussy pulsed, begging to be filled.

Bret reached a hand to her neck, massaging gently before slipping his hand into the hair at the nape of her neck, pulling her head back. Another slap was heard as he struck the fullest part of her ass with the belt. He stepped in, pressing his cock against her once more, thrusting his hips and promising what was to come. With his free hand, he undid her jeans quickly and together they shoved them down her legs.

His strong, calloused fingers caressed her from thigh to lower back, then another whack was heard from the belt. Bret's fingertips tickled away the slight pain, and Allison's pussy clenched in anticipation. The flat of his hand grazed over her back as he slapped her ass again and again with the belt. Not too hard, but hard enough.

Allison felt the tops of her inner thighs dampen with her arousal, and she didn't think Bret was ever going to fill her. His hips trapped hers against the table, and she heard the thunk as his belt hit the floor. He reached under her from behind and his fingers zoned in, landing square on her clit. Allison gasped, her hips bucking against him. Bret rubbed her clit for a moment, then slipped them back, dipping inside of her.

"Please Bret..." Allison's voice was heavy with want.

She glanced over her shoulder and watched as he unfastened his pants and freed his cock. Allison caught her lower lip between her teeth and then faced front once more, bending over so that her chest laid against the table. It only took a moment for Bret to position himself, and he slammed his hips forward, wringing a choked gasp from the beauty on the table.

Bret caught her hips roughly in his hands, jerking her back against him quickly. His cock plunged into her depths mercilessly, and Allison cried out with each thrust. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room, and Bret's breath hissed from between his clenched teeth. Their ragged breathing and assorted whimpers and moans joined the symphony of sex. He thrust and withdrew, drawing closer to orgasm with each inch he slipped inside of her.

Allison bit her wrist to muffle a scream as she came, her pussy clamping around his cock almost violently. Not willing to let the sensations end, she moved quickly and shoved her hand down the front of her body, finding her clit and manipulating it wildly. Bret groaned and jerked against her as he came, his cock pulsing with each spurt. He gave a last few hard thrusts, draining himself into her depths. Allison whimpered and her pussy once more convulsed around him, sucking out the last drops of his semen.

Bret pulled back and his cock slipped out of her dripping pussy, providing them a mess to clean up. He jerked his shirt over his head and pressed it between her legs. Allison yelped at the sensation on her sensitized flesh.

"I didn't know you'd like getting whipped that well." Bret laughed.

"In more ways than one apparently."

"We'll do that again." Bret laughed as he struggled to catch his breath.

Allison leaned over and grabbed the can of whipped cream.

"We'll do it again right now." She threw him a smile over her shoulder and headed for the bedroom.

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