tagChain StoriesWhispers in the Dark Ch. 01

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Anna's Story

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Anna's story is split in two, this section will end with a cliffhanger. The next section of Anna's story will be revealed on the next round. Enjoy!

* * * * *

The soft crunch of gravel echoed her progress down the alley, the only light the soft flicker of a single candle clutched tightly in her fist.

Wind whipped around her legs, exposed by the ripped fishnets that clung to her like a second skin.

The words from the note replayed themselves in her mind.

Take the alley next to the old bar on Wake St, walk to the end. You'll see the wooden door on your right, knock three times and let yourself in. Bring only yourself and a candle to guide your way.

Aiming the light to the right of the alley, Anna caught the bottom of her lip in concentration.

Finally the wood panelling of a door caught her eye, moving closer she raised her hand and knocked. Once, twice, thrice.

The soft glow of candles lit the room, allowing eerie shadows to close over people faces as they stood in a loose circle in the centre of the room.

Some allowed the light to caress their faces honestly, openly. Others stood beyond the reach of the flames and remained hidden.

Anna jumped as a voice from behind her shattered the silence that had cloaked the room.

"It begins tonight. Tonight is the first night of the year that we will meet in these enclosed walls, the first night that we spill our secrets, that we reveal to each other, what we dare not to those we know."

Anna listened to the mans voice, he seemed to be moving round the room, circling those in attendance.

"For centuries these meetings have been happening in this city, each year a select few are studied from afar, chosen. Chosen to share themselves in a way they have never before done."

"If anyone is unsure about doing this now is the time to leave." The voice stopped as he waited "From this moment forth we must all acknowledge that what is said or done in this room stays in this room. This is your sanctuary from the outside." As the sweat from her palm increased Anna switched the candle to the other hand.

"Now that we have gone through the essentials, I believe it is time to begin" The heavy footsteps of the man's shoes moved around the room. Anna screamed as a firm hand grasped her shoulder.

"You, you will be first. Share with us."

A ball seemed to be lodged in her throat as Anna swallowed. What was she suppose to say? How detailed did she get? Should it be a fantasy or something that's happen?

What will they think?

She took a deep breath. "Well I guess for today I'll talk about a fantasy I've had for a long time. It's something I've never done, I've never told anyone before but I guess today is as good as any." She allowed her mind to wonder to a secret she held kept locked in a dark corner of her mind and for the first time ever, she allowed it to be free.

* * * * *

"I'm in my bed, asleep, the covers are twisted around my naked body. Someone's moving around my room, padding softly. Their careful not to wake me, the bed depresses slowly. I wake violently, a hand presses across my mouth, muffling the scream that passes through my lips as I realise that someone's in my room. I'm pressed back flat onto the bed, something brushes my ear and then he speaks.

"Lie back and enjoy the ride baby, I know I will." I struggle violently but it's all in vain as he has me pegged down with the weight of his body atop of mine. A piece of material is wound tight over my mouth and tightened behind my head. Another is soon placed over my eyes. Rough hands encircle my wrists and before I know it they are tied to the two top posts of my four-poster bed. There is a soft click to the right of me, the same sound that is made when my bedroom lamp is turned on.

His body slides off mine and I hear the rustling of cloth. Cool air rushes to meet my body as its bared inch by inch as the sheet is edged away.

Once it's removed, all movement is ceased and I can almost feel his eyes as they focus on my body. It occurs to me then that my legs are free and in an act of desperation I kick my legs out, hoping that they meet their target. They do, only it's not the target I hoped for, the loud thump that reverberates around the room and the throbbing pain in my ankle tell me that I connected with the base posts of the bed.

A deep chuckle fills the room.

"Now, now the only person dishing out the pain tonight is to be me." The blood in my veins runs cold as I hear his words. Please don't let him hurt me, please, please don't let him hurt me runs through my mind and its all I can do not to faint.

A hand closes over my breasts, sure and firm, a finger tweaks my nipple. He plucks and pulls at my scarlet breast until it stands upright.

He moves his hand to the other breasts and he cups the flesh tenderly, a thumb brushes slowly over the taut bud of my nipple. He leans down and flicks his tongue out and against my skin.

"You like this don't you?" His question is more of a statement. "Feel the difference? Feel how nice I can be? I can be like this for you; I can give you love and tenderness. It could be the best night of your life."

Pulling back away from me he laughed and a shiver ran down my spine at the malicious glee that hid behind it.

"Then there's the other option," A sharp pain filled my stomach as he bit the tender flesh there, a bruise immediately formed and I knew there where teeth marks left there.

"So how do you want it?"

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