tagInterracial LoveWhite Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 02

White Girl Has a College Awakening Ch. 02


My first encounter with Bone was not planned and was never something I would have ever expected I would do. A simple game of twenty questions ended up with me sucking his amazing cock and him taking my pussy over the edge to an earth-shattering orgasm. After spending the night, I woke still nestled in is strong arms, his large manhood wedged between my ass cheeks. I woke up before he did. I slowly wiggled my butt up and down his cock in an effort to wake him up. It took only a few seconds before he began to stir. His penis began to stir also. As I rubbed my ass against it, it began to harden and expand. I felt it begin to push against my ass. I reached behind me and began to rub his cock. He spun me around and began to kiss me. He seemed ready to go for round two. I wanted nothing more. The night before had been an eye-opening experience and one that I wanted to do over and over again.

Bone began rubbing my tits and kissing my neck. He then reached down and put his cock in his hand and put the tip against my tight pussy. I was already wet and the thought of his amazing manhood inside of me made me want to cum immediately. He rubbed the tip back and forth then slowly attempted to put it in me. It didn't happen, he struggled to make it fit. It hurt. He was clearly too big and I put my hand against his chest and asked him to stop. He looked sad and a bit heartbroken. I quickly told him that I wanted his cock inside me but that I just wasn't ready. My pussy was still young, tight and no use to something so big.

He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. I felt horrible. I wanted it so very badly but I didn't want our first time to be bad. I reached down between his legs and grabbed his cock. It had already begun to soften. Quickly, I threw the sheets over my head and positioned myself between his legs and began to suck on his bulbus head. Bone squirmed a bit and his hands made their way to the sides of my head. The tip of his cock became my play toy. My tongue darted around as if I was French kissing it. I reached up with both hands and rubbed his chest. This really got him excited. He pushed me away, threw me on my back and hopped on top of me. He scooted up and straddled my chest. I was pinned to the bed, his balls in my cleavage and his cock laying on my neck.

Bone told me to open my mouth. I did as I was told and he took the head of his cock and placed it in. His legs pinned my arm to my side. I wanted nothing more than to play with his cock but he had other ideas. Once his cock was firmly between my lips he leaned over me and then got on all fours as if he was fucking me from behind. It didn't take long to realize that Bone had decided that he was going to fuck me one way or another. If he could not have my pussy, he was going to take my mouth. He began to slowly pump his massive manhood up and down, using my little mouth like the tight pussy he desired.

His balls slapped against my chin. They felt like two hard rocks attacking my face. I was being taken. This wasn't two people having sex, it was Bone taking his prize. As crazy as it sounds, I wanted it. I wanted to be taken. I wanted Bone to force his huge cock into me. Some women would call it rape, it wasn't. Wetness gushed from between my legs. He was using me as his cum bucket, his sex toy. Bone soon picked up the pace and pushed deeper into my mouth and to the back of my throat. I squirmed and gagged. Spit poured from around his member and covered my face. To my surprise I was able to pull my arm from his legs. I wanted his cum and I knew that if I grabbed his balls I could make it happen.

Bone was at the point where I do not think he was even thinking anymore. He seemed to be on fuck auto-pilot. He was pumping his cock into my mouth as if he was inside my tight pussy. I reached up and grabbed his balls and began to rub the spot between the back of his sack and his butthole. He shivered, then pushed so deep I could not breathe. I thought that I may have made a mistake. My hand slipped and my finger poked his asshole. He immediately sat straight up, looked straight into my eyes and exploded into my mouth without warning. Hot salty cum exploded out of the tip directly down my throat. I tried desperately to swallow with little success. His seed spilled from my mouth as his cock continued to produce profound amounts of cum.

As his penis finally slowed its flow, I again pressed my finger against his asshole. Bone sat straight up again and his cock twitched and produced another long stream of salty juice. This shot covered my face and hair. Bone looked down at me, very shocked. He asked me why I touched his ass. I told him that it was pretty obvious that he liked it. He asked me again. I told him that my hand slipped, but I really was glad it did, because it resulted in me getting a mouth full of cum. He then shivered as if a chill had come over him. I giggled and thought that I now knew something about Bone that he didn't. If I wanted to take him over the edge, all I would have to do was to play with his asshole. This was information that I would definitely use in the future.

I now expected him to roll over and have me ride his long tongue. However, Bone just looked sad. He laid down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. I asked him if there was a problem. At first, he denied there was anything wrong. I pressed him harder and he opened up. He told me that when he was in high school he played football. In the locker room all of the athletes were regularly naked. His teammates use to marvel at the size of his cock and tell him how luck he was and how jealous they were of him. That's when they started calling him T-Boner. He told me that the news of his massive cock made it around the school pretty quickly. As a result, he always had women hitting on him and wanting to see it. Every time he would go out with a girl, no matter what color, they would throw themselves at him. Each one wanted a chance to have his massive member in them. In fact, many girls told him that they were "size queens".

Much to their surprise, each and every one of them would not be able to take even an inch of his huge stick. Most didn't even stretch enough to get the tip in. Over and over again, Bone would get his hopes up and then the evening would end with the girl either crying or leaving quickly in embarrassment. He told me that his cock was his curse. I curled up next to him and cuddled him. I reassured him and told him that I was not going to cry or leave. His cock didn't scare me at all, it was about to become a challenge for me. No, actually an obsession. Bone, just shook his head as if he didn't believe me. I insisted that he would one day place his cock deep inside me. When I said it, it just seemed like the right thing to say. He turned and looked at me a laughed a bit and asked me if I just told him that I was setting a goal to have him fuck me. I paused for a minute to realize what I said and then told him yes. Just then, my phone rang.

My roommate was on the other end. She breathlessly asked me where I was. I told he I stayed with a friend last night. She then reminded me that my English class was about to start in 10 minutes. I thought, oh shit, I have to get to class. I reached down and grabbed my clothes from the floor. I threw them on quickly, gave Bone a short kiss and headed for the door. He told me to stop and I told him I had to go. He insisted. Bone told me to look at the front of my shirt. I looked down to see it was covered with Bone's dried cum. There was a huge stain that looked like the state of Alaska. Shit, I thought, now what was I going to do. Bone reached over to his desk and gave me his high school football hoodie and told me to wear it to class. I pulled it over my head and kissed him deeper this time. I ran to class and arrived with seconds to spare.

My roommate gave me the "where have you been" look that only girls can understand. I made up a stupid lie and was confident that I had pulled it off. She didn't believe a word of it. The evidence proved a whole different group of facts. She called me out and told me that she knew I was with Bone all night. I denied it. She told me that I was full of crap. I asked her why she would say that. She laughed and said I was wearing his hoodie, his name and jersey number was on the back. I was busted. My roommate just looked at me with a dirty little smile. She was sure I got laid and she was obviously a bit jealous.

During class, all I could think about was what Bone had said. I needed to find a way to get him inside of me. After a lot of thinking I came up with what I thought would be a perfect plan. After class, I took the bus to the south side of campus. It was the seedier area of town. I had searched for adult toy stores on my phone and there was one right across the street from the campus. I went in and started my quest. There were all kinds of skimpy lingerie and underwear. However, this was not what I needed. I walked through the store all the way to the back before I found what I was looking for. There on the wall was all manner of dildo's. White ones, black ones, small, large and some that vibrated. I was looking for one in particular.

As I searched, a you lady approached me and asked if she could help. I was embarrassed but said that I didn't see what I needed. She asked me what I was looking for. I told her that my pussy was very tight but my boyfriend was very large and that I wanted something I could use to practice with. The clerk smiled knowingly, she was about my size and told she had the same issue with her boyfriend. She told me that she had just the right item. There was a box on the bottom shelf. The clerk reached down and picked it up. She told me that this was the best training kit she had ever seen. I asked her why. Her hand opened the box to reveal three dildos. One was 6 inches and normal girth, one was 8 inches and thicker and the last was Bone sized. There were instructions inside that explained how to start small and to work your way up to your goal.

It was exactly what I was looking for. She asked me if I was ready to purchase. I must have made a face or something as she asked me if something was wrong. Before I was able to answer, she said I probably wanted a black set. I shook my head quickly and smiled. She understood and pulled another box off the shelf and opened it to reveal three dark brown cocks. They big one even looked like Bone's cock. My first goal had been met. All I needed now was to start my training.

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by Anonymous

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by sober7108/09/18

Looking forward to part 3

I'm hooked, just love stories where BBC is discovered by a young female.
Also when they discover how exciting and erotic when they relax and allow their inner slut out in the open.

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by Anonymous08/09/18

So far...

You got my attention. I hope you have a strong follow up and finish.

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