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White Mother and Black Thug


Karim lived with his 39 year old mother Layla and his 52 year old father Elias in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

Karim was 18 years old, still studying to become a business man. His mother was a stay at home mom taking care of her husband and son. His father was a farmer working in the field to make a living for his family.

Elias was considered lucky to have found a woman as beautiful and faithful as Layla. She had a slender figure with big breasts. She had big blue eyes and long golden hair.

Elias was a strong man respected in the town by all the people. He was also a handsome man although he was beginning to have some weaknesses and pains due to age.

Karim loved his parents very much and considered them the role models for any married couple. He was 100% sure that his parents loved each other and he always wished he could find a woman as faithful as his mother.

Layla had never been with a man other than her husband before or after marriage. Elias was the love of her life and she has been faithful to him since the first day of marriage.

Next to the house where Karim and his parents lived, there was a small empty house that has been vacant for a long time.

One hot day in mid-June, Karim saw a car stopping in front of this empty house. The car was followed by a small truck with furniture and other stuff in it. Someone was moving in to the house next door. Finally, the family will not be alone. They will have another family as their neighbors.

But Karim saw only one person getting out of the small car: a huge black man with huge muscular arms and standing nearly at 6'2". Tattoos covered his body and his hair was cropped short. He had a mean look in his eyes. Karim would find out later that Jamal has just been released from prison after spending five years convicted with charges of **** and assault against three white women.

Jamal has served his prison time and at 34 years, he wanted to begin somewhere new.

Karim quickly turned down his gaze in fear of the mean look of Jamal as he passed next to him.

Through the kitchen window, Jamal took a glimpse at the innocent mother baking for her family. An idea crossed his mind as he licked his lips: He was gonna have a lot of fun with his new neighbors.

When Elias returned at night from his work, Layla put the dinner for him and told him about their new neighbor. All the afternoon he has been training his muscles in his new garage with weights.

Layla was not comfortable with the look Jamal gave her when he saw her for the first time and Elias sensed that his wife was uneasy with the new man in the neighborhood.

Elias was a good man and he did not like stereotypes about anyone, even black men. He did not believe that all black men were bad and that the white man should protect his woman from the predator that is the black man. He also believed that a convict is a free man after serving his time and no prejudice should be applied to him.

The father decided to go with his son the next morning to meet and greet their new neighbor.

At 7:00 in the morning and before going to work and school, the two white men went to the door of the black bodybuilder to get to know him. Knocking on the door a few times, the dad and the son were met by a towering hulk of a man in tight underwear. "What the fuck do you want punks?"

Elias was not used to people talking to him in such a derogatory manner but he wanted to have good relations with this new neighbor. Introducing himself as his neighbor, the black giant smiled remembering Layla and getting to meet her white husband and son. Changing his tone, Jamal shook the hand of the father firmly.

Elias noticed the strength of this black man and watched the big biceps rippling with muscles and veins. After introducing themselves and wishing him a nice stay in the neighborhood, the father and the son went to their work and college.

Jamal had no work. He pimped whores and sold drugs to get money and he didn't plan to find a new job. For now he wanted to train his muscles some more in the sun.

He went to the backyard and began training with the weights, his big tattooed muscles flexing and growing bigger. His body was so muscular and so manly he looked like a black muscle god.

Layla was used to go out into her backyard to put the laundry in the air to dry. She never had any neighbors next to her so she was not expecting to see Jamal a few feet away from her.

Going out from the door, the mother was surprised in seeing the black man in nothing but a blue boxer flexing his biceps while using 40-lb dumbbells. The rippling muscles grabbed the attention of the woman for a minute before she decided to tend to her work and went to put the laundry on the line. Jamal was used to go for what he wants and he got it most times so he didn't miss the chance to whistle at the mother's shapely ass while she was hanging the laundry.

Layla knew that these whistles were for her. Her cheeks turned red and she turned to see the black handsome thug flexing his biceps and winking at her. Layla left the laundry in the yard and ran inside the house. She will wait until her husband and son come home and then she will continue. She could not believe how bold and vulgar was this black man, giving her these dirty looks and gestures knowing that she is a married mother.

That day, Layla did not tell her husband and son what happened. She knew Jamal was in a gang and he may do problems to the men. She decided to stay out of his way.

Next day at noon, Layla was in the kitchen washing the dishes when she noticed that the window of the bathroom of Jamal's house was directly facing hers and the window of the bathroom was completely open.

A few moments later, she saw Jamal entering the bathroom in his boxers and wife beater all sweaty after two hours of workout. When he began to take off his wife beater, Layla knew that the man was about to take a shower. As she was turning to leave the kitchen, she watched as Jamal took off his underwear and she stifled a scream as she saw the cock that this black man had between his legs.

At first, the white mother thought that her eyes were betraying her. She has only seen the cock of her white husband Elias but it looked like Jamal's cock was at least double her husband's size and much thicker. It looked as big as the horse's cock. Her modesty could not rival her female instincts. Her legs refused to move and her eyes wouldn't close as the sight burned her gaze and imprinted in her mind. As Jamal went under the water to wash his sweaty body swinging his fat column of meat, the faithful mother licked her lips unconsciously.

No woman can resist the sight of such a perfect cock. And Layla, although faithful and innocent was a woman in the end. She watched as this hunk of a man soaped his muscular body and took extra attention with his big cock and balls.

Suddenly, the black thug turned and saw the white wife and mother peeping at his naked body. This was not new to Jamal. It was not the first time a woman devoured his cock with her eyes. His cock began to grow as he saw the innocent white wife looking at him form her kitchen's window. He decided to give her a show. Grabbing his monster cock in his right hand, he began masturbating and jerking it at the amazement of Layla. Five minutes later, Layla's jaw dropped open as she saw thick streams of cum gushing out of the monster cock. It seemed like a never ending torrent of potent male cream. Is balls jerked heavily with every spurt until Jamal emptied his entire load on the bathroom floor.

Smiling a devilish smile at the woman, Jamal knew that he was going to achieve his goal sooner than he expected.

That night, sleeping next to her handsome husband that she loved, Layla dreamed only one dream and it involved a very big and thick cock that belonged to the black muscular stud thug living next door. Layla's pussy juices ran all night just at the thought of Jamal's black cock. Layla decided that these were just thoughts. Next day, she will act as if nothing happened.

During the past days, Jamal tried to act nice with Karim. He wanted to get closer to him so that he has a reason to come to the house and be close to Layla.

Next day, Karim went with his mother to the next village because she wanted to see some of her relatives. He told her he would come back and get her in the afternoon.

On his way back, his car broke down and he sent it to the garage for repair. Knowing what happened, Jamal found it a golden chance for him to be alone with the white vixen.

He convinced the son that he will go in his car and bring back his mother. That's what friends are for in the end.

Arriving at the road where Layla was waiting for her son, Layla was flushed to see Jamal telling her that he was the one who will get her back to the house because her son's car broke down.

At first, Layla decided to walk home but to her bad fortune, a torrential rain began to pour even though in that part of the country it was rare to rain in June. It was her bad luck that day that she was obliged to share Jamal's car on the way back to the village.

The conservative mother sat next to the black man who was in his sleeveless short showing his big bulging muscles.

Layla felt her heart fluttering when she remembered how that black man looked in the buff. He husband had a nice looking body for his age but he was no muscle god like Jamal. As the car drove, Layla was thinking that the woman that this man will marry will be a very lucky woman.

Her train of thought was cut as Jamal abruptly stopped the car to the side and kissed her feverishly on the lips. Her first reaction was a total shock and then she fought hard to escape the clutches of this black demon. He seemed to devour her dainty white lips with his big fat black lips. His tongue breached her mouth to meet with her tongue and swap saliva.

The thug's hands were all over her body squeezing her breasts, pressing on her pussy.

The pressure, the sexual acts and her imagination of his naked body were too much for her. In two minutes she surrendered. She found herself topless with this black man sucking hungrily at her rosy nipples, while his hands were massaging her big breasts.

She has never let anyone treat her like that. Her husband was the only man to lay hand on her and he was so gentle not like this bull ravishing her. Pushing at her skirt, he obliged the mother to take it off and soon the panties followed.

There she was a married white faithful woman, totally naked in the car with a black convict, being molested and sexually used by a man who is not even her husband.

Jamal was an expert in dealing with white women and especially married women who had nice husbands like Elias. He knew how to free the slut inside them; the true woman that their nice calm husbands did not know even existed.

Taking his left hand, he grabbed Layla's pussy and began to play with it and press on it. A deep moan escaped the mother's mouth. These were new sensations that she had suppressed for a long time. Without notice, Layla felt one black finger intruding into her sacred chamber as one of her nipples was still being bitten and sucked by Jamal.

She jumped a little in her seat and put her hands on his big muscular forearm trying to push it away. Instead, Jamal snug his finger deeper into the mother's pussy.

Layla felt her juices begin to flow and she was unable to push any harder on this man's arm. She let him continue to finger her.

Taking off his jeans, Jamal stayed in his dirty white wife beater while being completely naked from the waist down. Before he came to grab her, Jamal took off his underwear at home. This way it is quicker.

Jamal sensed that the white woman's cunt was already lubed enough from her own juices so he picked her up in his arms and lowered her down on his big erect black pole.

As soon as the precum covered head of the thug's black cock touched the white mother's cunt lips, a jolt of electricity shot through her whole body form her toes to her head.

Screaming a little as she was lowered on the fuck pole, Layla felt her cunt being dilated. The only time she felt like that was when she gave birth to her only son, Karim. She has never felt this feeling with her husband Elias. Little by little, the white mother sunk on the black cock until she was fully impaled on the black thug's monster. Layla held on to the muscular broad shoulders of the black man impaling her on his cock. She noticed her wedding ring still on her hand the symbol of her love and devotion to her loving caring husband Elias. But at this moment, she wasn't thinking straight, all her mental power was centered in her cunt on the black pussy breaker conquering her. As she began to raise and lower herself on the fuck pole, her breasts jiggled and deep sultry moans escaped her throat. Layla closed her eyes as the pleasure and pain in her overstretched cunt enveloped her. Was this how a woman should feel when she was filled to the brim with a huge man's cock? Was she missing all this pleasure during her marriage to Elias, the father of her only child? She couldn't decide then and there but she knew one thing: this pleasure she was feeling from the black man's dirty thick cock made her sit on a cloud high above.

She felt the pleasure she was given by this 12 inch cock as much as the pleasure that her poor husband gave her during their twenty years of marriage combined with all the happiness she felt with him during these years.

Jamal suddenly grabbed her by her waist and she watched his muscles flexing as he moved her faster up and down on his cock.

Anyone passing next to them would see her as the slut pleasuring the black stud in the old car but she didn't care. Her screams grew louder than the sound of the rain outside as Jamal's cock filled her completely.

To add to all this Jamal began biting feverishly at the white mother's big breasts. He was consumed by lust for this white woman. And whenever the thought of the white father and husband crossed his mind, his cock grew stiffer. He was turned on by the act of taking what belongs to the white man.

After 45 minutes of riding the cock, Layla was delirious she has already orgasmed five times and the stud under her is still going on fucking her brains out.

Looking into his eyes, she saw an animalistic expression as he showed his teeth and bellowed and she felt the cock head inside her expand as the balls boil under her pussy.

Stream after stream of potent hot cum burned her womb and cervix. She screamed at the sensation and ravished his lips kissing him in gratitude for the pleasure he has given her.

After they finished, streams of white cum flowed from the white mother's freshly fucked pussy as her breasts were covered with love bites from the black stud. On the way home, Layla tried to look the best she could so that her family doesn't know what happened.

Arriving at the house, Layla found her husband and son worried mad about her and they ran to welcome her. Jamal told the worried father that their car also broke down and they waited for the rain to stop to fix it.

The naïve father Elias believed every word from the mouth of the stud who has fucked his wife senseless for the last hour. Karim had some doubts in him as to what happened. He noticed how his mother couldn't look in his father's eyes and she ran inside directly.

For the next week, Layla couldn't see Jamal. He didn't train in the yard, he didn't take a shower and he didn't even try to come to her house. Layla was going crazy. She tried to have sex with her husband but she found it very underwhelming.

It wasn't Elias' fault. He was a healthy man like all other men. He could stay erect for several minutes but after getting hammered by the huge black cock for 45 minutes, her husband's dick wasn't satisfactory.

The white mother needed to feel the black cock inside her. Jamal knew that. It was his next step in the plan.

During this week, Elias remarked an increased activity to his neighbor's house. After inspection, his worries came true. Gangs and black thugs and drug dealers were meeting in his neighbor's house.

Elias didn't like trouble. He found it best to stay with his wife and son inside the house during the gang's stay at Jamal's house.

After seven days, Jamal waited for the father and son to go outside the house and went to Layla. Seeing him at the door, Layla felt her pussy on fire. She grabbed his hand and began kissing it. She fell to her knees and repeated one word please as she kissed the black thug's crotch over the jeans.

That day, the once faithful wife took the black stud to her bedroom and laid on the bed she shares with her dear husband next to the wedding picture that showed them so happy. The white mother opened her thighs wide and waited for the black male to conquer her to penetrate the place that is reserved to her husband. She wanted the black cock in her cunt.

Jamal didn't waste any time in positioning his torpedo between the mother's legs and pushing to penetrate hew hungry cunt. The marital bed of Elias and Layla rocked heavily that day but the man taking the husband duty was the black muscular virile stud thug Jamal.

Layla screamed as her legs were up high in the air and the black cock pistoning in and out of her married cunt. She begged the black man to fuck her hard to stiff her with his cock. She told him she worshipped him. She loved him more than her husband of 20 years.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body as Jamal used her breasts and her cunt for his pleasure. Their lips intertwined many times as if they were husband and wife performing their duty in their bed, only the cuckold father was replaced by a stronger male.

The fucking lasted several hours this time. The sheets reeked of cum and vaginal fluid as Jamal emptied his heavy hairy balls inside the white mother's womb many times.

The last load he saved for the picture of Layla and Elias. He wanted to show her symbolically what he thinks of the sanctity of her marriage to her beloved husband. Layla watched in shame as Jamal squirted load after load over the picture of her husband in tuxedo and her in her wedding dress staining them both form head to toe with his virile black seed. For the next week, Elias found his wife always in a good mood and she was relaxed as if she was practicing yoga. What he didn't know is that his faithful wife was getting a healthy dose of black stud sperm daily in her orifices.

The first time Layla sucked Jamal's big cock, she salivated. Kneeling in front of her man, the married mother held the big black cock and began to massage it lovingly. She raised it and took one of the big heavy hairy balls in her mouth and began to suck it and lick it lovingly.

Jamal was cocky and arrogant seeing this beautiful white wife debasing herself by sucking his big black cock. She had told him earlier that she has never done this for her poor husband. His black cock was the first cock to touch her lips.

After licking the balls, Layla kissed the black veiny shaft until reaching the head where she kissed it tasting the manly precum. She then engulfed it in her mouth and devoured it hungrily like a slut. She sucked it and gulped the semen that this cock produced. She was showing this black man that she was his property. She was worshipping him.

Some days, Jamal would instruct Layla to change all the sheets on the bed after he fucks her but to keep Elias's pillow unchanged and unwashed. He got horny at the idea of the husband coming after a long day of work and putting his head on the place where he has already ejaculated and soaked with his cum.

At first, Elias would ask his wife what is the strange smell he is smelling on his pillow, but Layla assured him that it is washed and clean and she watched as her beloved husband rested his head on Jamal's semen residues.

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