tagInterracial LoveWhite Slaves Resort Ch. 02

White Slaves Resort Ch. 02


Author's note: lots of interracial cuckoldry, submission, and humiliation for both husband and wife here. This is inspired by Karen Kay's stories. Spare yourself if you are not into that sort of thing. On the other hand, there will be nothing gay, no chastity belts, or "cleanup duties."

A week later, Jon and Dana are spending the evening at Stephen and Elizabeth's mansion again. After catching up over dinner, Jon is the first to broach the subject.

JON: I hope you don't mind telling us more about your time at the resort.

ELIZABETH: We were wondering when you were going to ask. We don't mind, do we Stephen?

STEPHEN: Not at all.

DANA: So what happened first when you arrived?

STEPHEN: Our first conversation was the supervisor of the resort - an attractive African woman in her mid thirties named Amaka - who outlined the ground rules for us.

ELIZABETH: There were cameras and microphones everywhere. The management of the resort would be constantly watching us and recording us. We, as well as the clients, would be punished for any violation of the rules.

The main rule was that I had to agree to do whatever any of the clients asked for - unless it broke some very specific rules. I would not be asked have sex with minors. No scat of any kind. Some pain was allowed; the clients could spank me if they so chose, but nothing that would leave a permanent mark. Aside from these exceptions, I was obligated to let anyone use my body in any way they wished. And certainly they could say whatever they wanted to me, no matter how degrading.

STEPHEN: I also had to do anything asked for by the clients - except for anything gay.

ELIZABETH: Workday was noon to ten, five days a week. We were allowed to spend the rest of the time as we wished.

STEPHEN: But things weren't so bad for me as I thought they might be. Amaka explained that for the time when we were apart every day due to Liz's work, the resort would provide a selection of African prostitutes for me. "All clean and well-tested," she said.

DANA: Gosh Liz, how did that make you feel?

ELIZABETH: Shocked."I suspect you will like them," Amaka said to Stephen, "they are well trained in the art of pleasing men. They cannot compare with the beauty of a white blonde, but they are skillful with their bodies, and especially their mouths." I didn't realize Stephen was going to cheat on me. But after a moment's reflection I realized, given everything, how unfair it would be for me to feel wronged.

STEPHEN: Yes, given how much sex you were going to be having, it seems fair that I should get some too.

JON: And did you like them Stephen?

STEPHEN: Yes. Many of them were quite beautiful, and they were all so submissive, ready to do anything you asked for at a moment's notice. The thought of Liz getting fucked made me horny during the day, and it was always nice to have a beautiful black girl ready to deep throat your cock and let you unload whenever you wished.

DANA: Lets get back to your meeting with the supervisor. What happened next?

ELIZABETH: Amaka next explained that we had to a film a video for her. "Our Empire is always accused of sex slavery by the western press. Just in case you decide to make false accusations later, I need the two of you to make a video which will prove that you are doing this consensually.''

STEPHEN: She called in a woman who mounted a camera in front of us, and turned her computer screen to face us. She was going to type things on her screen which we would say in front of the camera as if they were our own words.

ELIZABETH: I began to read the lines. At first, she had me say that I had voluntarily agreed to serve as a whore in the White Slaves resort. The reason, she had me say, was that I admired black men so much and found them so arousing that I wanted to fuck as many of them as I could over the course of a year and paid paid for it.

STEPHEN: Amaka then had me say that I enjoyed watching my wife fuck blacks, and that I hoped I would have many opportunities to watch her do it. Then, following the instructions on the screen, I put my hand around Liz, told her "I can't wait to see a black dick in your pussy," and kissed her passionately.

ELIZABETH: Both of us were pretty aroused at this point. As we were kissing, Amaka picked up her phone, and shortly afterward someone else walked into the room.

STEPHEN: A black man in his early twenties with a very toned body.

ELIZABETH: We broke our kiss and I took a look at him. He was a very good looking man - really, a black Adonis, if that makes any sense; he was dressed in only his underwear. Amaka motioned him to sit next to me and asked if I found him attractive. I could only nod. He took my hand and kissed it. "I am Benjamin," he said. "And I find you very beautiful as well."

STEPHEN: Amaka then said, "Don't you think Benjamin is an attractive black man Stephen?" I cleared my throat and said yes. To be honest, I didn't know how I felt about this. I knew it would happen of course, but it doesn't mean I felt like seeing it right there and then. On the other hand, my dick was certainly really hard. I read the next line Amaka had typed: "I'd like to watch the two of you kiss."

DANA: You kissed him right there in front of your husband? I mean I knew you were going to have sex, but kissing....

ELIZABETH: I did. My lips met his a moment later. He was a good kisser, and soon our tongues were intertwined. I couldn't help but run my hands all over his chest as we made out.

JONATHAN: Was that difficult to watch Stephen?

STEPHEN: At that point, I was incredibly aroused. I couldn't think about anything except how incredibly hot it was.

ELIZABETH: Amaka motioned to Benjamin and he broke the kiss. She typed something new for me, and I turned to Stephen and said "Honey, Benjamin is a very good kisser."

STEPHEN: I looked over and saw my new instruction. I took Liz by the hand, raised her to her legs, and said to Benjamin "I would like to present my wife to you." Liz was wearing a blouse, which I slowly unbuttoned, and a skirt which I pulled down. I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, and then I pulled down her panties.

ELIZABETH: I stood there just in my shoes in front of all of them.

STEPHEN: I looked to see what my new instruction was. it was a difficult one, but I went through with it. I took Benjamin's right hand and put it on Liz's right breast, took his left hand slid it into her vagina, and pulled them both together for a kiss. Then I sat back down.

ELIZABETH: Aren't you leaving out something honey?

Stephen blushed.

ELIZABETH: If we're telling the story, we must tell the whole truth darling.

STEPHEN: Right. In fact, I was so turned on that I pulled out my dick and started masturbating.

DANA: Oh my god, really Stephen? I understand that you are doing this for money, but why were you turned on by this?

STEPHEN: I don't know. There was just a lot of erotic energy to the whole scene.

DANA: And you were turned on too Liz?

ELIZABETH: I was, maybe even more than Stephen. The power dynamics of it were overwhelming. Here I was, being fondled and kissed by a powerful black man. Meanwhile, my own husband - the man who is supposed to protect me - has delivered me to this man to use me as he pleased. I couldn't help but be turned on.

I know that me and Stephen planned this together. But when Stephen undressed me and invited this muscular black to do whatever he wanted with me - well, that made Benjamin seem so powerful. I was very turned on by our submission.

Benjamin was, in fact, quite good with his hands. They must train them very well at that resort. His hands touched my clit expertly, and in only a minute or so I had an orgasm right there as I was kissing him.

STEPHEN: I was expecting them to have sex. But here I saw that Liz was so turned on she came just from having her clit fondled by this guy. That was too much for me, and I had an orgasm too.

ELIZABETH: When Amaka saw that we both came, she motioned to Benjamin, who got up and left without saying a word. She had all she needed if the need came to demonstrate that we agreed to it voluntarily.

DANA: Aren't you afraid that the tape will wind up on the internet?

ELIZABETH: Not really, no. A lot of rich African businessmen and politicians go to this resort. None of them want tapes of their activities out there. One leak, and the resort will find itself immediately out of clients.

STEPHEN: They gave us a copy of the tape, and we do enjoy watching it from time to time.

ELIZABETH: Amaka was very happy with us. She expected it to be harder to make both of us come, but we made her job easy for her. She gave us the rest of the day off; I would start work on the next day.

In a few minutes, when we had made our way to our room and were alone, I started to apologize. I felt guilty being so turned on by Benjamin. But Stephen didn't even let me speak. He threw me on the body and fucked me, over and over again.

STEPHEN: It was quite a turn on to watch my wife orgasm at the touch of another man. I think I fucked Liz six or seven times.

ELIZABETH: Yes, honey, you were insatiable that night.

JON: So Liz when was the first time you actually had sex with another man?

ELIZABETH: That was the next day.

STEPHEN: We both received instructions to wear formal attire the next evening. Amaka sent down a white evening gown for Liz - it was strapless and clung tightly to her body. She looked gorgeous in it.

ELIZABETH: We were to take part in a dinner that was instrumental to some negotiations going on to end a war somewhere. They were five black men sitting a table, arguing over a map. Besides us, there were four other white couples there.

STEPHEN: All of them had arrived at the resort around the same time we did. We were to grow to be close friends with these people over the course of a year.

ELIZABETH: I should tell you who they were.

Rachel, a dark-haired Jewish girl, was a lawyer like me. Her dress showed ample cleavage and hinted at a very firm bust.

Kim was a cute, tall Korean girl, a doctor from Toronto. Her husband was white.

Anne was tall brunette. She taught math in a college in New York, and volunteered to teach math at various high schools in the area.

Julia was a blonde like me. She was the oldest of us, perhaps in her mid-thirties. Before coming here, she was part of the management of a New England pharmaceutical. I later found out she was doing this to raise the capital to start her own company.

STEPHEN: Amaka introduced all of us, and then introduced the black men sitting at the table. I forget their names. Two of them were in their sixties; they were ambassadors from different countries squabbling over a piece of land. The other three were much younger- early twenties at the most - and they were more junior members of the diplomatic staffs of the two countries.

ELIZABETH: The evening began normally enough. They put away their maps, and we all made chitchat and sat down to dinner.

STEPHEN: Except all of the black guys were very brazen about staring at the women and complementing them. All of the men got told multiple times how lucky we were to have such beautiful wives. They asked each of the women whether they ever had a black boyfriend (all said no) and whether they parents would be upset if they did (they all denied it).

ELIZABETH: After dinner was over, one of the ambassadors cleared his throat. He said he asked Amaka to set up this dinner because he was curious how the husbands felt about making their wives sexually available. "I've been to this resort many times," he said, "and I've sampled many of the beautiful women here. I've sampled some in front of their husbands even; but I've never had the chance to talk to any of the husbands at length. All of you are married to beautiful women, and I anticipate fucking each of your wives many times of the course of the upcoming year. How do you feel about the fact that your wives will be used by me, as well as many other black men?"

DANA: Wow that must have been awkward.

STEPHEN: Yeah, we all sort of looked at each other awkwardly. Then the ambassador said "I'm told almost all of you actually get turned on by this. Is this actually true?"

ELIZABETH: I think all the husbands were blushing at this stage. And then he turned to you dear, didn't he?

STEPHEN: Yes, he looked at me and said "Now you - the busty blonde's husband - I understand yesterday you got off watching your wife get fingered by one of the men on staff here."

DANA: That must have been embarrassing.

STEPHEN: Yes, I didn't quite know what to say. I stammered that it was a turn on to watch Liz enjoy herself. "But weren't you jealous?" he said. I said that I was, but that I also enjoying letting go and being reduced to a mere spectator.

ELIZABETH: Then he turned to Kim and her husband (whose name was Michael) and said "Now, both of you have a special story that led you to this resort, don't you? Why don't you tell all of us." They looked at each other - it was clear that they didn't really want to tell this - but all of us were now waiting to hear it.

Kim said that the she had quite a traditional upbringing. She was a doctor working at a university, and the first time she saw a black dick was a year or so ago when she was giving a monthly checkup to a football player. He was a very large and muscled black teenager, and when he took off his clothes she saw that his dick was much bigger than any dick she had seen before. It was much, much bigger than her husbands She purposefully kept the patient nude for a long time just to get a really good look at it. She felt deliciously naughty and once he was gone she rubbed herself to orgasm.

Later she confessed all this to her husband. It wasn't a big deal between them, since they frequently remarked to each other how other people were attractive, and surely this wasn't all that different.

Kim's husband Michael ended up being really turned on by Kim's desire, and suggested Kim go just a tiny bit further with it. He told her she should schedule a follow up visit with this football player. She would dress sexy that day - a short skirt, a low-cut blouse. She would plant a hidden camera in the room where she was to examine him, and under some pretext she would put her hands all over his dick. Michael didn't want her to go all the way and have sex, but he wanted some snapshots of Kim stroking a big black dick in her hands.

STEPHEN: It almost went according to plan. After Kim recited up some bullshit about an exam that required her to touch his dick, the player smiled and told her to go ahead. Once her hands were around his dick, she found herself getting hornier and hornier and she couldn't resist stroking it. At that point, the football player said "I know that this is about" and took her into her arms and kissed her. She was helpless and found herself kissing him back. And right then someone else - a nurse - walked in on them. Kim ended up losing her job and, with a mountain of medical school debt, decided to come to the resort.

ELIZABETH: Next, they turned to the teacher, Anne. They asked Anne all sorts of uncomfortable questions about her students. They asked her if she fantasized about any of them, and she said she didn't. They asked if any of her students were attractive, and she said yes. They asked if any of the attractive ones were black, and she hesitated, but when they asked her if she found black men unattractive because she is racist, she said yes, some of her black students were attractive. They asked her to describe some of them, and she looked hesitantly at her husband, and then described a senior in one of her school classes named DeShawn.

STEPHEN: Then they started asking Mark - that's Anne's husband - if he was turned on by the thought of his wife having sex with others. At first he was noncommittal, but then they really pressed him, telling him he must be at least somewhat turned on since he was in this resort after all. When he admitted it, they told him to take his wife's hand and tell her that he would like to watch her have sex with DeShawn, which he reluctantly did.

DANA: Oh my god! It sounds like they really enjoyed humiliating you.

ELIZABETH: They did. I think that was why they came to the resort in the first place - not just for the sex, but to enjoy the power of making us and our husbands do whatever they wanted.

STEPHEN: Then the ambassador said he wanted to see our reactions for himself. "I want to see how all of you react watching your wives."

ELIZABETH: He took my hand and said "why don't you sit on my lap dear." As I did, he pulled down the fabric of my gown, exposing the my breasts to everyone. His fingers reached for my nipples and played with them.

STEPHEN: At this point, each of the black men took one of the white wives in hand and sat her down onto his lap. The other ambassador picked Julia, and the young men took their pick of the remaining three. It wasn't long until all the women were topless, their dresses pulled down, each making out with the black man on whose lap she sat. All the women were soon moaning with pleasure.

JON: How did they look topless?

STEPHEN: Beautiful. Especially Rachel, whose breasts were large and firm and looked delicious being fondled by a pair of dark hands.

DANA: And what did all the husbands do?

STEPHEN: All of us had our dicks out and were masturbating at this point. Michael (Kim's husband) did it first and then the rest of us followed suit. I was really turned on watching the ambassador stick his tongue in Liz's mouth, even as one of his hands played with her nipple and the other disappeared up the folds of her skirt. After a while, the ambassador noticed that all of us had our pricks out. "Well, my curiosity is satisfied I suppose." he remarked. "Its time we got some privacy." The black men took all our wives and led them to a cluster of rooms adjoining the dining room. Each of the women disappeared along with her man into one of the rooms.

DANA: And then?

STEPHEN: Then we sat there while they fucked our wives.

JON: Wow. Was that difficult?

STEPHEN: Yes, but also very exciting. As we sat there, we heard the sounds of their fucking. The moans of all our wives sort of blended into one.

ELIZABETH: Oh I'm sorry honey...was I loud?

STEPHEN: Yes, you were dear. I could make out the sounds of your squirming.

ELIZABETH: Its just that the ambassador was so well hung. Once he slid his cock inside of me, it felt really good. I'm sorry darling but I forgot all about you....as far as I was concerned, it was just me with that giant black cock.

STEPHEN: Well at least you weren't as bad as Kim. At one point, we heard her shouting "Oh my God I've never been fucked like that before." Her husband turned a bright shade of red.

DANA: You could hardly blame her though.

STEPHEN: Perhaps. Soon, one of the doors opened and Kim emerged with one of the young men. She was totally naked except for her high heels, and cum was leaking out of her vagina down her legs. She walked over to her husband and said "I"m sorry honey, I got a little overexcited there. But it looks like I'm done for tonight, and if we go to our room maybe I can make it up for you?" They kissed and set off. As they were leaving, she turned back to the four of us and said "It was nice to meet you all."

ELIZABETH: Meanwhile, the young man who was done with Kim opened the door to my room.

DANA: He just walked in on you?

ELIZABETH: Yes. He watched me getting fucked for a few moments. I was on all fours on the bed and the ambassador was doing me from behind. His dick was filling me up so nicely, and he hands were constantly fondling my breasts. Then the young man said "Your excellency, Ibo is looking for someone to double team the Jew girl. If you are interested I am tired of the oriental whore, and I'm eager to play with this blonde's tits."

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