tagIncest/TabooWhite Water Taboo Ch. 01

White Water Taboo Ch. 01


Note from Slick: Ever since the movie Deliverance I've been interested in white water river travel. This family decided to give it a go before the last kid left home for college. Being alone in the wild caused a lot of interesting situations. If you are not into incest type stories please do not read this story. All rights reserved.


Betty Mathews sat in the passenger seat of the huge SUV as it sped up the long mountain roadway. She looked down over the steep hillside to the winding blue-green river far below. Her husband Tom was smiling as he aimed the vehicle up the steep incline.

"I'm telling you this will be a trip we will all remember!" Tom said loudly while looking in the rear view mirror at his 18 year-old daughter Erica and his 19 year-old son Brian.

"I can't believe I passed up a trip to Cancun for this," Erica said. She sat wearing her pajamas because they had to drag her out of her bed earlier that morning. Her mother grabbed some clothing and underwear as Tom carried her out to the SUV.

"And, I could have spent the week with Tammy," Brian said looking pissed. Tammy was his new girlfriend.

"Give it up both of you," Betty said. "I'm not too happy floating down a river for five days either. You know your dad has been looking forward to this since you two were born."

Brian was listening to his CDs when he felt his sister's leg pressed against his thigh. He turned and saw that she had stretched out with her head against a pillow resting against the side window. The pajama top she was wearing was a thin silky top that clung to her young braless breasts. He had just returned from college and was shocked to see that Erica had developed so much since his Christmas break. The cotton shorts she was wearing under the top was pulled dangerously high on her thighs. They were open enough that he could see a glimpse of her white panties sparsely covered with tiny flowers. The sight was causing him some serious problems in his khaki shorts.

Erica peeked out periodically to see if he was looking and saw that he was. She had spent the past year teasing high school boys and had perfected the craft. Being with her family was going to be boring so teasing her older brother would be her most exciting fun. She felt the cooler air on her panties and knew he could now see them. She smiled as she lifted her feet and placed them on his lap about four inches down from his growing bulge.

As the vehicle headed over the summit and down the steep slope Erica's foot slid slowly with a mission until she finally touched the hard hidden penis.

"Fuck," Brian thought. He looked to see if she was asleep or if she was doing it on purpose. She looked asleep. He thought about pulling her foot away but his hands couldn't move. He leaned back and closed his eyes.

Erica almost giggled when she saw his red face. She suddenly turned her body so that her toes were now pointing into his hard-on. She now knew just how big he was and it was a lot bigger than the boyfriends she had jerked off the past few months.

"I'm cold," Erica said without opening her eyes. "Can you reach the blanket in the back Brian?"

Brian now knew she was rubbing her foot on his shaft on purpose and now she wanted to cover it up in case her parents turned and looked. He quickly grabbed the blanket and spread it over her legs and his lap.

"Did you pack enough food?" Betty asked her husband. She had been asking him about things like that since they left the house.

"Yes dear. We have everything we need."

Erica's foot now was moving back and forth along his long seven inch hard-on. His hand moved to her ankle and then slowly up to her knee. Her eyes opened and looked into his as the fingers roamed upward to the bottom of her shorts.

"Mommy, Brian is touching me!" she yelled with a giggle.

Brian's hand snapped back. He glared at her.

"Would you two stop it," Betty laughed. "You are not ten years old anymore."

Erica stuck her tongue out at her brother and pretended to go back asleep but her foot remained against his hard-on. Suddenly he picked it up and pushed it to the floor. She realized her teasing had gone too far.

Tom saw the turn off and swerved the SUV off the main road onto a dirt road. He saw a man sitting on a porch by a shack near a boat dock. Out on the river bank was a large blown up raft with four life preservers sitting inside. They were ready to go.

"Welcome to Elmo's Boats," a tall lanky man with long grey hair said as they exited the car. .

"We're here," Tom Bettyounced. He moved to the back of the vehicle and pulled out the four backpacks. Those and the tents along with a waterproof satchel filled with food and water were the only things they were bringing.

"Uh.......I need to change..........duh," Erica proclaimed as she stood in her pajamas. "And, go to the bathroom for probably the last time." She swore she would not go in the woods somewhere.

"Sorry little ma'am," Elmo said. "We only have that outhouse up there on the hill. If you want to change you can do it behind the shack."

"Out in the open?" Erica said.

"No one can see you except the squirrels and rabbits," Elmo said grinning. Of course he didn't want to tell her that his son Billy Bob was expected back from checking the animal traps any moment.

"You better not peek," Erica whispered to her brother as she grabbed her backpack and headed behind the wooden structure.


Billy Bob was about a half a mile from the cabin when he saw the dust cloud above the trees. The family had arrived. He hurried down to see if there were any cute women. Living alone in the wilderness was only making him hornier and hornier. He took a shortcut through some trees and looked down at the shack just as a young girl pulled her pajama top off her head. "Well I'll be dipped in cow shit," he grinned. He dropped the two dead rabbits and sat down to watch the show.

"God this is exciting," Erica thought as she stripped off her top and pushed down the cotton shorts. She pulled out her bikini before removing her tiny panties. Her session with her brother had caused quite a flood down between her thighs. She smiled as she slowly wiped her middle finger up through her dripping folds.

"Hot Damn," Billy Bob said when he saw her trimmed blonde bush and small perky breasts. When she wiped her finger up her pussy lips he almost took off running. But, then around the corner of the house came an older woman.

Betty saw her daughter standing naked and realized she was not a girl anymore. Her curves were real and would drive any male crazy if they saw her like this. "Erica, hurry up."

"MOM!" she cried as she turned to pull up her bikini bottoms. "I'm naked."

"For the next few days I don't think that's going to matter much," Betty said as she admired her daughters round ass. "Things are not going to be very private."

"Well, I'm not taking off my clothes in front of Daddy or Brian," she said.

Betty suddenly thought about being naked in front of her son and vice versa. Although she thought it would be weird she wondered how he looked now that he had a man's body. "I'm going to the outhouse so be ready when I come out."

Billy Bob moved back into the woods and moved around to come down the dirt road so the girl would not think he had seen her. When he arrived, the woman, man and young man stood next to the raft. "Hi ya'll," he grinned.

They all said hello and stopped when Erica walked around wearing the smallest bikini the men had ever seen. "OK, I'm ready," she said smiling at the cute country boy who had just arrived. "Who are you?"

"Billy Bob," he grinned not pretending to look anywhere else but up and down her poorly covered flesh.

Erica giggled and turned to make sure he saw her cute ass as she walked to the raft. "Let's get this thing over with."

"Before you leave let me give you some words of advice," Elmo said. "First of all watch out for the bears. If they smell food they will be on top of you like a fly on shit. Err...sorry ma'am," he said looking at Betty. He went on.

"You have about four hours of sun left so once you pass the large rock in the middle of the river look for a place to camp for tonight. Today your trip will be calm so sit back and enjoy it. Tomorrow and each day after the water will get rougher and rougher. The last five miles is almost straight downhill. Wear your life vests as much as possible after today. Tomorrow Billy Bob will come down the river in a canoe in case you need any help. Any questions?"

"Yes, where do we sleep?" Erica asked after she popped a big bubble.

"We have two tents," Tom said.

"Duh.....I'm not sharing my tent with Brian."

"Fine with me," Brian said as he grabbed his backpack and headed to the raft.

"Then you can sleep outside," Betty grinned. She had hoped that Tom and she would have some private time to play around some.

They climbed into the large raft and Elmo pushed them off. "Don't lose the paddles or I'll have to charge you $50 each. I'll be at the town down stream with your car five days from now."

Tom and Brian jumped in the back and mBettyed the oars as they moved slowly out into the calm moving water. Betty grabbed her digital camera and took photos as they slowly drifted out of site of the shack.

Both Tom and Brian tried their best not to look at Erica's ass while she lay on her stomach with her fingers dangling over the front of the raft. The bikini strap only covered about a two inch strip down the middle of her butt.

"Be careful Erica a big fish might think your fingers are worms and might take a bite of them," Brian laughed.

"Huh-un," she said as she turned to see if he was kidding or not. She saw him laughing and tossed a hand full of water at him.

"Hey you got me wet," Brian said. He had not changed into a swim suit because he was not plBettying on getting wet today. Now a big wet spot covered his crotch.

"Brian peed his pants. Brian peed his pants," Erica laughed as she pointed at the wet spot.

Brian took the paddle and slashed in through the water causing a wall of water splashing up over Erica and his mother.

"BRIAN!" Betty screamed. She too had not worn a bathing suit and now her white top was almost transparent. Her thin bra and dark nipples could be seen through the sheer wet top. She quickly turned to face the front so her son wouldn't see her like this.

"What happened to the not worrying about being naked on this trip Mom?" Erica laughed.

"What was that about being naked?" Tom asked.

"I....uh...just said that since we will all be living close on this trip that Erica should not be so hung up on showing her body." Betty answered.

"She's showing enough right now," Tom said peering again at her cute little ass.

Erica giggled and moved to all fours while wiggling her butt. The motion caused her bikini bottom to pull even deeper into her ass crack. Both men were speechless.

"She's right," Betty said. "From now on we don't worry about seeing each other's bodies." She turned back around and pressed out her damp chest. Her nipples were now pressing at least an inch outward.

Brian's eyes moved quickly to his mother's beasts. She had hid them so well in her loose clothing that he had no idea she was this big. He tried to prevent his hard-on but was unsuccessful.

The raft continued down the sparkling waters past many steep cliffs. The four of them settled into the tranquil surrounding while thinking of all the things they had going on back home. It wasn't until Erica turned over on her back that caused the men to sit up and take notice. The bottoms had not only slid into her ass crack they also pushed into her virgin slit. Small blonde curly hairs scrambled out from under the tight bikini strip.

No one said anything but all had seen or were still looking at her lightly covered pussy. Tom felt guilty looking at it as well as sporting a raging hard-on.

"I gotta go to the bathroom," Erica said holding a hand over her eyes to shield the sun.

"Go over the side," Brian laughed.

"YUCK!" Erica said. "That's disgusting."

"Head over to that small beach," Tom said to his son. Five minutes later the raft docked and Tom jumped out to pull it to the small sandy area.

"OK where do I go?" Erica said looking around. There was no really good area where she could hide behind.

"We all should go," Betty Bettyounced. "Erica and I'll go first while you two look away and then we will do the same."

"You better not peek," Erica said to her brother.

"Watching a girl pee is not that great," Brian joked back.

Betty led Erica over to a large rock. "OK turn around." The two guys looked out over the river. Erica waited until her mother dropped her shorts and panties before lowering her bottoms. They quickly squatted down facing the guys and let the two streams go. After about a minute the two guys started laughing.

"You are going to pollute the river," Tom chuckled.

"Shit, we forgot the toilet paper," Betty said. "Tom, please get it from the waterproof bag and toss it back here." She realized she had not told him to not look but it was too late. He picked up the white roll and looked over his shoulder before tossing it. Suddenly he saw two uncovered pussies and froze.

"DAD!" Erica yelled as she covered her blonde puff of down with her hand. "You looked."

"Sorry," he laughed as he tossed the paper and turned back around. His eyes had taken a mental photo of his daughter's thin pink slit through the corn silk hairs.

Betty grabbed the paper and quickly tore off some squares before handing it to Erica. After they were done they moved towards the raft. "Your turn."

Tom and Brian moved towards the rock and moved sideways back to back. Neither looked at the women as they pulled out their hoses and let it go.

As soon as she heard the stoppage of fluids Erica quickly looked over her shoulder with wide eyes when she saw the two penises just before the men put them back under cover. Both were at least five inches long and neither penis was hard. Luckily they did not see her looking.

"OK, pee break over," Tom laughed as they climbed back in the raft. Erica was quiet for the first time on the trip as the craft headed down the river. Ninety minutes later they came to the large rock in the middle of the stream and Tom guided them to a larger beach with a big enough area to set up camp for the evening.

"Let's eat the can food tonight," Tom said. A lot of trees were up above them and the chance for bears being around was high. They opened some food and sat around for a while before they popped up the two person tents.

"So are you sleeping outside?" Brian asked as Erica helped with their tent.

"No, are you?" The sight of his penis before had suddenly changed her feelings towards her brother. She remembered too how he was about to touch her panties before she yelled in the SUV.

"Well, it's been a long day," Tom said yawning. Both Betty and he were anxious to get into the large sleeping bag covered by the tent. Their kids were old enough for them not to worry about making sex sounds. At least Tom thought so.

As Erica and Brian sat in front of their tent both nervous about going inside Erica whispered, "I saw you today."

"What?" Brian asked not sure what she meant.

"After you peed. I saw it."

"Did you like what you saw?" Brian asked. His prick was hard just thinking about being in the tent with her.

"I've seen better," she giggled.

"Really?" Brian asked. "I thought my little sister was still a virgin."

"Maybe I am and maybe I'm not," Erica giggled as she pulled up the tent and moved inside. "Don't come in until I say so because I have to change."

Brian thought about slipping in to get even but stopped. Sounds were coming from his parent's tent.

"Not my panties," Betty whispered as Tom's fingers pulled down on them. Tom had undressed immediately and was ready to fuck his wife when she stopped him. "Let me just give you a blowjob."

He was so horny after seeing his daughter's blonde puss. "You said you would do it even with them nearby." He moved his fingers down under her undies until he found she was as horny as he was. "You want to fuck more than me."

"OK...,"she panted. "But try to be quiet." Tom pulled her panties off and moved between her opened thighs. As his hard prick moved inside it was Betty who could not keep quiet, "OH GOD YOU ARE SO HARD!"

Brian and Erica heard their mother's scream and laughed. "I'm coming in," he Bettyounced as he opened the flap and stuck his head inside. Erica was pulling the loose tee shirt over her naked breasts just as he looked inside. He saw her small but firm mounds and hard nips.

"Turn around," Brian said. "I need to get these swim trunks off."

"Why? I've already seen it," she giggled before moving into the single sleeping bag.

"Suit yourself," he grinned as he pulled off his tee shirt and pushed down his trucks. This time he was not soft. He heard her gasp of breath and grinned. "I thought you've seen better?"

Erica giggled again and turned over facing downward. "Now you have to show me." He grabbed the top of the sleeping bag and pulled it down. He grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt and lifted it over her bare and wonderful pink buttocks. "No panties...turn over."

"No," she giggled again.

"FUCK ME!" Betty cried out.

"I can't believe our parents fuck," Brian whispered. "So are you a virgin?"

"Maybe," she whispered as she wiggled her bare ass.

"You're a prick teaser aren't you?" he said as he sat down next to her. "I bet no boy has even touched your ass." He dropped his hand down until it covered her soft cheek.

"Not until now," she whispered. Warning bells that had helped her so many times in the past were going off in her head. His fingers gently explored and caressed.

"OH BABY!" Tom cried.

"Dad's really giving it to Mom," Brian whispered. He tried to push his fingers into her ass crack but she squeezed him out.

Erica was still in control and was doing a masterful teasing job until his lips pressed onto her buttock. A few seconds later his tongue licked across her cheek to the crack. When it dove deeply into it and downward her legs opened for the first time. "What are you doing?"

Brian grinned as her cheeks opened and as his tongue darted across her tiny puckered opening. Only a few inches more and he would taste her young pussy nectar.

"I'M COMING!" Betty screamed out.

"Open more," Brian whispered. Her legs were still too tight for him to get his tongue under her. He pushed into her rear about an inch.

"BRIAN!" She yelled. God he had his tongue into her ass. It was something she had not thought about.

"Shhh," he whispered. "Let me get into the sleeping bag with you."

Suddenly Erica realized how serious things had become. "Brian we can't do this," she said as she turned sideways and pushed him back. "I'm your sister."

Suddenly he too realized what he was about to do. "Fuck," he said softly. He picked up his sleeping bag and slid inside.

"Brian, I'm sorry," she whispered. "I want to do it too but we can't."

"I know," he whispered back. Neither of them slept well that night.


Betty was the first one up the next morning. The sound from the river and some noisy birds woke her just before dawn. She pulled on her long sweatshirt and moved outside the tent. The sun was just peeking over the crest of the hill when she moved down to the water and stripped off her sweatshirt. Her naked body moved into the cool water. It felt so good.

Brian too awoke when the sun peeked into the slightly opened flap. He realized he was naked and needed a quick dip into the river before the others woke up. He pulled up the flap which tossed light down onto Erica's body that was half-way out of the sleeping bag. He hurried out to get into the cold water to shrink his hard-on. He did not know his mother was in the river until he submerged. His arm brushed against her leg which caused him to open his mouth and take in a mouth full of water. He came up gagging and gasping for air.

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