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White Wife, Black Dance-Club


She loved these nights, out dancing with her girlfriend, getting to let loose, let it all out the stress of the week, and really feel free and naughty, even. Her husband, her good husband, caring, protective hardworking but a bit of a dweeb too, let's face it, was home with the kids probably asleep already. Tonight was better than usual, she wasn't driving, she could really enjoy her drink, and she had, several cosmos later, her face a bit flushed, her inhibitions down.

Dancing, dancing, dancing to these songs about fucking and screwing and cheating and men taking women- she danced and danced, and loved that she was getting so much attention. Her tight jeans and tight top, her ass twisting and turning, her long cascading blonde curly locks like a spotlight on a sexy woman, a woman the guys couldn't stop looking at, especially, let's face it, especially the black men, for whom her curvy ass and blonde locks were like a tractor beam.

The dancing was getting hotter, and the sharks were circling. Two men particularly were watching, and dancing, with her- Rick, taller, broader shouldered, medium dark skinned; and Tom, shorter but thicker somehow in the chest, barrel like. They took turns dancing with her, and she thought to herself, "what a time we live in, when dancing the nasty, dancing close to strangers and grinding pelvises, was OK, was accepted practice."

At times they both danced with her, one in front, one in back. Rick was grinding her front, his cock visibly stiffened in his jeans, pressed against her belly, too high for her crotch, but she felt it and enjoyed it; Tom though, Tom was grinding her ass and right against her asshole, right against all that sensitivity, and he felt enormous, she knew he was much bigger, they both were, than her husband.

She could almost read Tom's mind as he pressed against her back hole. She knew he was thinking "I bet this girl has never been fucked in the ass, I bet her husband has never had the nerve, I bet she has no idea what it would be like for her to penetrated anally."

She laughed a bit to herself how wrong he was. She was a girl who knew the joys of anal fucking and her husband did do it well, thank you very much. But this made her only needier, more wanton, and more inclined to grind back at him, and make him need more than ever the release of penetrating, pumping and ejaculating in her.

Her pussy became damper and damper, and she wondered how'd she get through the night- the music, thumping, beating, rapping to lyrics about doing the nasty and putting it to white girls and going down- and she knew her husband would be sleeping, wouldn't wake for her.

Another drink more dancing, more grinding, her nipples now erect with desire, and a walk to the back for a pee, back to where it was dark and there were several supply rooms. Coming out of the bathroom, Rick greets her as if he were waiting for her- was this a coincidence? - and takes her hands and leads, pulls, draws her into one of the rooms.

"No I shouldn't," she thought, "but how can I not? Maybe some just some messing around, I mean, how bad would it be to mess around a bit after the dancing we had done, simulated sex it was really," but a part of her knew it wasn't going to be just messing around.

Rick's hands now went to her waist, around her, down to her ass, grabbing, pulling her to him, and kissing her, kissing her so hard with a tongue that seemed to be fucking her mouth, a long, thick, hard tongue, promising more of the same. Even as she kissed she was shaking her head, saying softly "I shouldn't you know, I am married, my husband would..., I shouldn't be doing this."

His answer to that was more kissing, and then a look, a tilt of the head, and a promise unspoken but that surely she understand, that she knew, surely she realized he could do things for her and to her her husband could never do.

His hands on her ass now lifted to her waist, and she felt the downward pressure now from his hands on her waist, pressing her body down, and she knew what that meant, what he wanted, and though a part of her resented his physical manipulation and domineering, a bigger part of her wanted, needed, had to see his dark hard meat, see it up close, see what she never got to see with her husband, a long, thick dark cock.

So she went down with his pressure and her desire, dropping to her knees, pressing her beautiful oh so white face long blonde hair and blue eyes against the throbbing bulge in his jeans, before using unbuttoning his jeans to let it free, letting it press against her face, and knowing what he wanted, what she wanted, swirling her tongue on its lemon sized head, licking up and down its shaft as long as a ruler, taking each of his balls into her mouth.

With his dark large hands on her head of blonde curly hair he was now guiding her back to his cock-head and her mouth over it, as she inhaled it, taking it to the back of her throat, him gripping her head firmly in his hands, she concentrating, relaxing, letting it come in deeper and deeper and then letting him fuck her mouth, plunging in and out in and out, as she held on and sucked with all her might, her eyes watering, until she heard his raspy groan and his knees buckle and then the spurts, one two three four, each larger than the previous.

With her husband that would be the end, but Rick was younger, more powerful, and that black dick in her mouth barely softened at all as she drew herself back and off it and then felt his hands under her shoulders, the pressure in the other direction, lifting her up but then, more domineering, more physical controlling, turning her at the same time, turning her around to bend her over the table, and she went with it, not pissed anymore, allowed herself to be turned and bent because she was a woman with a wet pussy and he was a man with a hard cock and this is what life was, being a woman taken by a man who had to have it, but she thought, and she started to say again, "but my husband, I don't know, I love my husband."

He spoke it out loud it this time, "honey, you know I am going to touch you in places you have never been touched, and make you feel things you have never felt."

She knew it was true and she didn't resist any longer, she turned and bent and with trembling hands unbuttoned her own jeans and pushed down the front of them even as he pulled down the back of them over her curvy snow white ass with his dark hands, down to her slightly bent knees where they came to a rest. Then he pushed his foot against hers to spread her legs as far wide as those soaking wet panties would let them, stepping in between her thighs and using one hand to press her small of the back down a bit further, needing a better angle, and then she felt two strong hands pull apart her ass cheeks and the tip of his oh so hot cock come up and under and into her swampy wetness, up and down the length of her slit, pressing hard now against her clit, and then away from it, oh so sad to lose its pressure from her clit but now the pressure was on her lips, her inner lips now, stretching them.

She was wet enough to ease the way, but she hadn't ever been split this wide, not even those times with the big toy, but she had to have him and her lips spread wide as he pushed first just the head in, "umph, oh, such size," and then after only a bare pause a huge thrust and he was up and in her, deep.

"Oh god," she said, as it kept entering and entering inch after inch after inch, deeper than she'd ever felt, until his pelvis slammed her ass and she felt as if that lemon sized dick-head were now in her abdomen, in her belly, as she lay against the cool table top and she screamed oh my god oh my god and then she knew she had to grab on, she grabbed onto the table edge out in front of her and held on for dear life as he pumped and slammed and grunted.

His cock head was not just in her belly now but thrusting against the front of her cunt's tunnel wall, that most sensitive place, and touched her in places she had never been touched, and she did, she felt things she had never felt, and she screamed again louder and didn't care who heard it "oh god oh god oh god fuck me fuck with that black cock."

The fucking went on and on (he having already come once), and she felt like she was being fucked all night and she knew probably people in the club or going to the rest room might hear her and she knew her girlfriend might hear and she didn't care she was being fucked in her pussy with a giant black cock that was not her husband's and she didn't care who knew it and she knew that she was a woman and he was a man and this was what she had been born to do and then it happened she began coming and coming and shuddering so hard, so hard that the pressure on his cock was too great and he was coming too, shooting his seed and sperm deep, so deep, into her womb.

Her orgasm was amazing, stunning, overwhelming, but she was a three orgasm a night girl, and she knew from the way Rick's cock was quickly deflating, receding, departing her that there was no more coming from him. She still was recuperating herself, still leaning forward, still grabbing the table, still feeling the afterglow of that fuck, while slowly beginning to recognize the wanton appearance of the position she was in and the picture it presented, her bent over ass and juicy pussy and his cum mixed with her juices running down her inner thighs.

She started to think she ought to get up, she ought to really, what if someone walked in, what if people walking had stopped to watch and this is what they were seeing, when there it was, another hardness being pressed from behind, and she arched her back to look over her shoulder and then she smiled, it was Tom from the dance floor, and she knew Tom needed this too and that she needed Tom.

Tom's dick wasn't as long, but like his body it was thicker, and heck it was still longer than her husband's, and so much thicker.

That big dick, big as it was, slipped right into her cunt with nearly no resistance at all, Rick having stretched her out so thoroughly, and while it felt good- god it did feel good- she started to think she needed something more, she needed to again feel invaded, she needed to be even nastier than she had already been if that were possible, and clearly Tom was thinking the same, retracting his cock, now entirely lubricated with her juices and Rick's come, and she heard him whisper as much to himself as her—"that is a sweet pussy, but I don't like fucking in someone else's cum, and besides, I bet I can give you something you never had before, something you didn't know you were missing, something you will learn to love like you never thought you could."

She thought to herself perhaps she should correct his misunderstanding, but she knew what a thrill he was probably having in his belief that he was taking her anal virginity, that he was deflowering her tight white ass with that thick black cock, and then even if she had wanted to say something all other thoughts went out of her head as her complete and utter concentration became focused on her tight anal opening now being invaded by Tom's thick cock.

"Unnngh, ungghhhh, aghhh, ughhhhh, ohgod," she gasped and groaned, squeezing the table edge and scrunching her face as she forced herself to relax her ass and control what couldn't easily be controlled, the opening of her own ass for a black man's huge steel hard hot cock. But she could, she had to, she had to have it, she had to be this man's woman, she had to have her butt plugged with this man who only minutes ago had been grinding so hard against this same opening.

Lubed up so well with pussy juice and come, his cock came into her, the head penetrating past her ring, and then the shaft, deeper, one inch, then a second, then she felt herself opening wider as it came another two inches, faster now, and another two, another two, and then it was in all the way, and she screamed "oh my god you are so deep in my ass, oh my god it is so big, it is so hard it is so hot, oh my god it is so good. " Again, she knew maybe she could be heard outside that room but that didn't matter nothing mattered other than the feeling of this black man's huge cock buried in her ass.

Then he began pumping, first slowly and then harder, and now the only sounds she could grunt out was the single simple syllable "yes, yes, yes, YES," louder and louder, again able to be heard throughout the club perhaps.

He leaned over and grunted to her "I knew you'd love this, I knew when I was grinding your ass on the dance floor you'd love my cock inside your butthole, you'd love me to do what your husband hasn't ever done."

She responded "yes, yes, yes, yes, damn it yes," and she couldn't believe how hard and how fast he could pump her ass, it was like a pussy to him, all the while his strong hands grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart with each deep thrust so that he could enter as far as absolutely possible.

In this position her clit was grinding itself on the table top, and she started to feel herself come with a spasm and a shudder and then it felt like she would never stop, spasming and shuddering into god knows how many orgasms, and still Tom kept pumping her ass, still he keep invading deeply her anal passage, still he kept touching her in places her husband had never been able to touch her, and still she cried out still louder "yes, yes, fuck my ass" loud enough for the whole world to hear.

Then she knew he was ready, he had needed this since the grinding, and she told him what she wanted and what she knew he wanted to hear, "come in my ass, please, please, please come in my ass, please shoot your black cock's come in my tight ass," and she squeezed her anal passage with a control she didn't know she had and he groaned and then there it was he was shooting his semen and spunk deep into her darkest hole, shooting and groaning and collapsing on top of her butt and back.

Yes, it was a very nice night dancing at her favorite club. As she headed out the exit with her girlfriend a little sore between her legs but with a huge and satisfied smile on her face, she wondered "what would happen next time?"

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