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White Wife Wrecker


Ray peeped through the door at the wedding reception and excitedly anticipated the bride and groom leaving for their room, he knew that it wouldn't be long now and decided to go to his room and wait for them. Four months ago, Ray saw the 19 year old blue-eyed blond and began planning her degrading. Ray was a 37 year old black man; he was short, not even average looking and wore thick glasses. Prim and proper white bitches like Pam Parker never gave him the time of day. He would give her a wedding night that she would never forget. He slipped on his room service jacket and stocked the cart that he borrowed from the supply room!

When he heard the laughter of the young couple as the husband carried his new wife over the threshold; he felt his huge cock begin to stiffen in his pants. Ray gave them a few minutes and then looked up and down the hallway to make certain the coast was clear. He quietly closed the door to his room and knocked on their door!

The groom asked, "Who is it?"

"Room service."

"We didn't order room service."

"I know but we have a complimentary bottle of Champagne for the newlyweds!" The door opened and the young couple was in a state of half-undress. Ray quickly wheeled the cart into their room and poured the Champagne, offering a toast. He explained that it was the only time that he was permitted to drink while on duty. They all downed their drinks and the young couple wanted to be alone. Ray stalled, telling them that a signature was required; but he was waiting for the powder in their drinks to take effect, an aphrodisiac for the bride and a powerful sedative for the groom.

The black man grinned when the groom sat on the bed and he noticed a flush on the bride's face. Soon the groom was out cold and Ray knew that he would remain that way for several hours. The black man swiftly disrobed and the shocked bride gasped when her eyes focused on the 11" black monster between his legs. He held her tight and kissed her passionately. The bride struggled free and pleaded, "No, please doesn't do this! This is our wedding night. Leave now, and I won't report you!"

"When I get through with you, you're going to thank me for my wedding gift and beg me to see you again! Now finish undressing or I will rip it off of you!" The frightened bride fumbled with the rest of her clothes and stood trembling before his leering eyes in a thong and bra. She felt a tingle between her legs as she continued to stare at his big black cock. The invader kissed her again and removed her bra and panties.

He nursed on her ample breasts and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. The blue-eyed blond found this man disgusting and could not understand why she was so aroused? He ordered, "Take my big black cock in your hands and play with it; you're going to love it bitch! You want to feel it up inside of you, don't you? Tell me how much you want it!"

"No!! Please stop!!! I don't want to do this." Ray placed her hand on his cock and held it there while he finger fucked her dripping pussy. He guided her little white hand up and down the shaft and could feel her squeeze his thick cock! He moved his hand to her buttocks and fondled her shapely ass as his fingers increased speed in her pussy. He glanced in the mirror and thought how sexy the scene was, the contrast in skin colors, her dripping pussy and her wedding ring rubbing against his cock as she vigorously stroked the big dick. Tears flowed down the cheeks of the lovely bride's face as she felt herself succumbing to the manipulation of her young body and the lust that overcame her when she felt the pulsating power of the firm cock in her hands. The fire between her legs was burning out of control; she wondered why her body was betraying her. The poor wife could no longer muster the will to resist the seducer. The fact that her husband was right there in the room only made it more erotic! She wondered why such a filthy and vile act turned her on so much!

A strong hand forced the beautiful bride to her knees; the black cock was standing at attention right in front of her pretty face. It appeared even larger this close up. Her rapist rubbed his vile dick all over her face and slapped her with it! Then he ordered, "Put it in your sweet mouth and suck the mother-fucker! I want you to worship this cock with your mouth and tongue; show me how much you want it, after you give my a good blow-job, I will put out the fire between your legs!" The white girl was torn between the urge to bolt, and run out the door and the burning desire to service his big black cock.

The bulky head of the black snake parted her sweet lips and slithered into her mouth. Her lips could feel every vein as her mouth was stretched wide, trying to absorb his massive member. She choked and gagged as he fucked her face and forced his cock down her throat. The white wife's eyes watered and saliva dripped down her chin as she eagerly gobbled the black cock into her sucking mouth! She felt the massive weapon harden even more and then it shot a slimy substance into her mouth and down her throat. The newlywed tried desperately to swallow it all but some flowed from her mouth, down her chin and onto the rug!

Ray told her to lick it clean and continue sucking. As if in a trance, the white girl lovingly kissed and licked the giant black cock, wrapped her lips around it again and sucked with fervor! His cock was growing, she held the base and her blond head bobbed up and down on the ebony love shaft. "Yes, that's it. Hold it with both of your little white hands. It takes two hands to hold a whopper!"

The black man threw the white girl on the bed, spread her lily-white legs wide, and stuffed his black cock up her tight pussy. She screamed out in pain and her flailing arms hit her sleeping husband. Ray showed no mercy, increased speed, and pounded her pussy brutally; the pain subsided and an overpowering feeling of pure pleasure overtook her entire body. The white girl moaned like a wanton whore, wrapped her creamy legs around his waist, and fucked him back as hard as she could. She cried out, "Oh god! I'm Cumming; please fuck meee, Ohhh... Yesssss!!! Fill me up with you're big black cock...Oh oh, shitttttt!!!" He kept fucking her until she reached several more orgasms and he filled her pussy with red-hot cum!

Before Ray left the room, he told her that if she attempted to tell anyone, he would kill her husband and turn her out as a crack whore in the slums! Unknown to her, Ray listened from his room next-door. Only after her husband awoke and she did not tell him anything did he leave.

Pam Parker told her husband that he fell asleep after they made love. She felt guilty keeping her defilement a secret but feared for Bill's life. She hated herself for responding to the seducer and felt shame when her husband did not please her like the black man did!

Ray went home and slipped into bed with his lovely wife, Naomi, he thought how cool he was to have a wonderful wife and still be able to fuck and wreck all of the white wives.

Ray waited three weeks and paid Mrs. Parker a visit when her husband went to work. While still in her robe, the young wife opened the door and was horrified when Ray brushed past her and into the house. He closed the door and grinned at her. "What do you want? Why are you here? I did everything you said; I did not call the police. Please go and leave me alone."

"Your husband is still alive because you did not call the cops. It's not what I want, it's what you need; your pussy must be twitching with sweet anticipation. You need my big cock; your husband's puny dick is not enough for you now. Get the fuck over here and you can once again feel a real cock, just think how good it felt up your pink pussy, remember how much you moaned with pleasure and how you begged me to fuck you. I know how much you want me, so come and get it!"

The white wife slowly walked toward him, flung her arms around his neck, and said, "Please leave me alone, it's not right. I don't want to cheat on Bill. Just go, please!" Ray opened her robe and slipped a couple of fingers in her smoldering slit. He guided her hand to his crotch; she clutched it tightly and moaned as it stiffened in her hand. Ray dropped his pants and sat on the sofa. He waived his dick in the air and told her to crawl on her knees over to him and suck his dick. The little wife just stood there frozen. She wanted to tell him to go to hell but the sight of his mammoth cock filled her loins with desire. She recalled the sublime feeling of his big cock in her pussy and the state of rapture she experienced when he shot his load deep inside of her. She felt her body flush as her blood raced through her veins. The degrading act should disgust her but she felt the surrender of her will to resist and the overpowering urge to be a fuck-slut for this ebony satisfier!

She dropped to her knees and crawled over to him. He stopped her and demanded that she lose the robe and panties. The obedient white wife discarded the garments and continued to crawl to him. She adoringly kissed the fat cock with her sweet lips and was just about to engulf his cock when he grabbed her hair and made her look up at him and he said, "Beg for it bitch, tell me how much you want my big black cock, tell me that you are a white slut for black cock! Tell me that you will do anything for the privilege of worshiping my big cock."

She held his cock to her face and submissively said, "Oh yes, master, I want to worship your fat dick, I will willingly be your fuck-slut. Please let me show you with my mouth and pussy! You are my master and I am your sex-slave and will do anything that you tell me to do!" Her lips slipped over the fat head of his black cock and she sucked it lovingly. Ray pushed her down and began to fuck her doggy-style, she moaned with delight and squealed like a pig as he stuffed her sopping cunt with his cock. She felt a finger penetrate her ass-hole and squirmed even more. Then suddenly he withdrew his dick from her pussy and shoved it up her tight ass! Wanting to please her master, she tried not to reveal the pain that she felt. She fucked back hard until she felt the hot cum flood her ass-hole.

Before he left the house, Ray fucked her on their bed and told her that he would be busy fucking other white wives and did not know when he could get back to fuck her slut ass again. He added, "Maybe next time I will bring a couple of friends! I bet your slut ass would love a gang-bang!" After Ray left, she cried uncontrollably. She loved Bill and detested herself for yielding to this vile man. She had to find a way for love to conquer over lust. Pam vowed that she would never again succumb to the bastard! While driving home, Ray thought to himself, (another white wife wrecked).

Ray stayed home with his loving wife for a few days. He was biding his time for his next victims, a mother and daughter that he had been watching. Tonight the husband would embark on an extended business trip and he would introduce them to his mighty manhood. He couldn't wait to fuck the white bitches into obedient submission! He laughed to himself as he thought of how the 37 year mom and 18 year old daughter would be worshiping his magnificent black cock before the sun came up! He was eager to wreck more white bitches.

He entered the back door with a key that he had stolen from the daughter's purse; he made a copy and then replaced it before she even knew that it was missing. He stealthily climbed the stairs and peeked in the bedrooms, they were both sleeping soundly. The black man decided to seduce the mother first. Ray silently entered the bedroom and disrobed, he neatly folded his clothing and placed the pile on a chair. The devious pervert slid into bed and placed his ebony body against her ivory frame as they lie side by side. Ray snuggled against the blond wife and his semi-hard dick touched her creamy buttocks. She stirred but did not awake. Black fingers entered her love hole and his hardening black weapon grinded against her shapely buttocks. With his knee, the black man parted her white legs; from behind, the now fully erect dick entered her moist pussy. The wife moaned and panted; she was neither asleep nor awake; she was in a place somewhere in-between. Ray pumped her pussy furiously; he fucked her with long deep penetrating strokes.

She awoke screaming, but it was more of a scream of lust than fear. The beautiful housewife tried to clear the cobwebs from her pretty head. At first, she thought that her husband was making love to her, but it was much too large to be him and he never screwed her from that position! Then, she thought that she must have been dreaming, but when she noticed the black arm around her, she panicked. Mom cried out, "No, please stop, noooo... it hurts!!! Oh goddddd!!! Ohhhhhhh!!" The door opened and her daughter stood there in a nightshirt and stared at the unlikely scene before her blue eyes. Ray told her to turn on the table lamp and whispered in the petrified wife's ear, "Pretend that you know me and that I am your lover or I will fuck your little girl and then kill both of you! I am not fucking around... Do you understand?" With his dick still all the way up her pussy, she nodded, yes.

Ray told the girl to watch how he fucks her mother! The girl's eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open as she watched the huge black cock defile her pretty mom. Ray grinned and looked over at the young girl and said, "Your mom and I were going to keep our affair a secret but she always makes too much noise when I fuck her. So stay and watch; it will do you good to see how a real man fucks a white bitch. Play with yourself while you watch us, I know that you want to!" He turned his attention back to the mom who was now fucking him back and taunted her saying, "You are a nasty bitch, and my black cock is covered with your white cum! You love to cum on my big black cock, don't you slut? Tell me how much you like my black cock!"

"Oh yes, it feels sooo good!!! I love your big black cock; it fills my pussy and hits spots that have never been touched before. Please keep fucking me with that big thing. Don't stop, fuck meee!!!"

Ray shot her pussy full of white-hot cum and wiped his black dick all over her creamy buttocks. The daughter had three fingers up her little slit and moaned to an orgasm. The low-life waved his hand for the girl to join them. She meekly walked to the bed; Ray pushed the mother over to make room for the daughter. This was where he wanted to be. Being in the middle of these two blondes seemed so lewd, he loved it! He placed the daughters hand on his slimy cock and told her to play with it. The black man sternly stared at the mother; she got the message and did not protest the profane defilement of her daughter by this animal!

As the teen stroked his cock with a dreamy look in her eyes, he asked her, "Are you a virgin my dear? Have you ever been with a black man? Put your sweet lips on it, baby, and watch it grow big, just for you!"

She timidly answered, "No, I am not a virgin, I have a boyfriend. I have never been with a black guy but some of my friends have and I sometimes thought about what it would be like!" The 18 year old girl moved her lips down to his cock and kissed it. As if bewitched, she held the base tightly in her white hand as her red lips sucked in the thick head of his black cock. She slurped vigorously on his black joystick and marveled as his cock grew in her mouth. He pushed the girl on her back, spread her white legs and pounded her pussy with his black snake. He saw the lust on mom's face as she watched her daughter fuck back at the black satisfier. Ray ordered mom to sit on her daughters face while he fucked her cunt. Mom refused, saying that she couldn't do that!

Ray grabbed a fistful of blond hair and slapped mom across the face, demanding that she obey him. Mom tearfully straddled her daughter's head and lowered her sopping pussy to the girl's face. She moaned in deviant passion as her daughter's tongue brought her to a trembling orgasm! The daughter squealed with delight as she climaxed again on the ebony fuck-stick! Ray filled the young white girl with his seed and secretly hoped that he had impregnated mother and daughter! He forced them to eat each other's pussies and fucked them both in the ass before he left. He warned them that if they tried to report him he would kill the husband and turn them in to crack whores in the worst part of town. That scared the shit out of them and they promised not to tell anyone. Before he walked out the door, he made them kiss his dick goodbye and beg him to come back and fuck them again tomorrow. "Maybe, let me think about it!" he answered.

When Ray got home, he decided to have a beer before going upstairs to his loving wife. He sat at the kitchen table, took a swig of beer, and smiled. He loved wrecking white wives, their daughters, siblings and friends. He ruined and wrecked so many over the years that he couldn not count them all! Ray felt proud of himself; he had the white women worshiping his cock and he maintained a loving home with his wife. As much as he enjoyed debasing white wives, he loved Naomi and knew that life without her would be empty. Ray chuckled when he thought of how the threats of hurting the husbands and turning them into crack whores always worked; not one of them ever reported him. He figured that another reason was that they all craved his black cock!

He entered the bedroom and slipped into bed, he was alarmed when he could not feel his wife next to him. Ray turned on the light, panicked, it was 4 in the morning, and Naomi was always home sleeping at this time of the day! Then he spotted a letter on her pillow! The distressed husband tore open the envelope and began reading, it stated, "Dear Ray, Baby when you read this, I will be gone. Sorry but I have found someone new and no longer care for you. Do not endeavor to find me; all such efforts will surely be in vain! Just go on with your life and forget about me. Goodbye and good luck. Naomi-your-use to-be!"

"What the fuck!" was all he could say, Ray was hurt and shocked. He tried to sleep but sleep would not come; the hurt and pain was overwhelming. The despairing husband decided to visit one of his victims and get his troubles off his mind. He came home and drank beer, broke down and sobbed, he could not get it up, how the hell could he ravage and wreck white bitches if he could not get his dick hard? Instead of helping him forget his wife, things only got worse. He wondered where she could be.

The doorbell jarred him out of his deep blue funk. The UPS driver handed him a package, he anxiously tore it open and was surprised to see a videotape. Ray sat on the sofa with a beer and hoped that the tape was from his wife and that he would discover where she was!

Two men, one black and one white appeared and the white guy spoke first, saying that a very close friend of theirs was devastated by Ray's seduction and humiliation of her. She even contemplated suicide. It took them a long time to get her life back on track. The man said that normally they would have notified the authorities but after careful investigation, they realized that Ray was a serial offender and had to be dealt with in a special manner. The screen switched to a bedroom and Ray watched as the white man screwed Naomi; after the sex, she said that he was the best lover that she had ever known. She told him that his gentle touch and loving ways drove her wild and that she had no idea that sex could be so good! Ray's heart grew heavy.

Then the scene switched to another bedroom and the black man was getting a blow-job, as the camera closed in on her face, Ray realized that it was his sister! Ray watched as the man then fucked his sister in the pussy and then in the ass!

Ray was horrified at what he saw next; six nude white women were sitting on a sofa and chairs in a spacious living room. His mother entered the room, dressed in a skimpy French maid's uniform and crawled from woman to woman; she ate their pussies, licked their ass holes and let them fuck her in every orifice with large strap-on-dildos.

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