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White Woman Dominates Black Females


Hey, there. My name is Catherine Burning and I'm a five-foot-nine, red-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I'm a real estate agent by day and a BDSM fanatic and interracial domination enthusiast by night. I live in my mansion with my assorted slaves, a group of women whose only ambition in life is to serve me. Sexually. Mentally. Physically. Domestically. Isn't life great?

Let me introduce you to my slaves. One of them, a short-haired and rather stocky and big-bottomed Asian gal named Cheryl Lee, is currently absent. She's running errands for me. She used to be a police officer. Now she cooks and cleans for me because that's what makes her happy. I'll tell you about the servants which are currently at the house because Cheryl won't be back for some time. She's not the brightest bulb under the tree, folks. Still, she is useful. That's why I acquired her.

Here are my other servants. First, there's Maria Sanchez, a skinny Mexican woman who used to be a district attorney. I seduced her, and she now lives with me. She turned her finances over to me, and also handed me the reins of her life. Like a lot of women in today's world, Maria was confused, hectic and unhappy. She thought of herself as a strong Hispanic woman. She worked hard to become a lawyer, and supported herself and her family through her profession. She also worked hard to gain the respect of her peers. Yet she was still unhappy.

I know why Maria Sanchez was unhappy. Lots of black women and Hispanic women are told by today's society that they should be go-getters, power brokers and trailblazers. The truth is that lots of these women would rather do something else. Like being my servants. The lifestyle of black female and Hispanic female servants of a dominant white female. That's what they secretly crave and I gave it to them. They came to me of their own free will, walking away from family and career to become my very willing and happy slaves. Isn't that awesome?

Maria is a lot of fun to keep. She loves being spanked and called derogatory names. Yeah, the big Mexican woman likes to be humiliated. I love to tie her up and then whip her fat ass with my flogger. She's a real screamer. I like to call her a useless Mexican whore and a dumb-ass fat slut while beating her ass. And you know what? She absolutely loves it. Maria gets off on pain and she loves the domination of a strong white woman like me. Her pussy gets wet just thinking about it. I love to finger her pussy while fucking her asshole with my strap-on dildo. She's got one of the widest pussies I've ever seen. What did I tell you about my favorite Mexican slut? She's a ton of fun!

Maria is cool but she's not my favorite slave. My favorite slave is my black female slave. The first and most memorable slave I acquired was Rita Blake. A six-foot-tall, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned black woman I met at a realtors meeting. She was one of the top realtors in the Bridgewater area. She used to be a college soccer star, having played for the University of Boston a decade earlier. She used to be a strong black woman. A year ago, she walked away from her career and her life. She now lives with me and serves me all day. For she's my slave. My black female slave. Isn't it cool?

I enjoyed breaking Rita down during our first few weeks together. She had a lot of silly notions in her head. For example, she actually thought she was my equal. That we should stand on equal ground. As if! I took one look at Rita Blake and I knew she was destined to be my slave. Why? Because she's a natural submissive. Even though she's bigger and taller than me, I could sniff it off her. Rita couldn't fool me. And I could tell that she was into some kink. So I decided to break her down and make her mine.

Lots of so-called strong black women are actually deeply submissive inside. They're good at hiding it but they can't fool someone like me. I am very good at dominating black bitches. The first black bitch I dominated was my college professor, Linda Barnes. A short, chubby black woman with a serious attitude problem. She thought she was all that. She liked to boss me and some of the other students around in her literature class. Well, I did a little dirt digging and found out some very interesting facts about professor Linda Barnes. The uptight black female professor was an avid smoker of weed, and she was also having a relationship with a married white male member of the faculty. How about that? Once I had access to this sensitive information, blackmailing the fat black slut into submission was easy as pie.

Professor Linda Barnes simply couldn't say no to me. If she did, she knew that she would lose everything. I let her know in no uncertain terms that I was the boss of her. The faculty would always take the word of a wealthy white female student over that of a middle-aged black female professor with a history of controversy. That's just the way things worked at Brentwood University, one of the most uptight private schools in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Linda Barnes became my slut. I made her lick my feet and call me mistress while wearing a collar around her neck. I made her parade around naked in front of my friends while calling her every name in the book. After humiliating her, I would bend her over and give that fat black ass of hers a solid spanking. Until her big black ass turned frigging blue. It was a lot of fun. For four years, it was a grand old time for me. These days, Linda Barnes works as a prostitute. She got fired from the university ages ago. I'm her pimp.

Enough reminiscing. Back to the black female slave I currently own. Rita Blake. My strong black woman. I love breaking down strong black women. In part because they think they're so damn tough. Rita Blake was a strong black woman when I met her. Some lesbian seduction, emotional and financial manipulation and psychological warfare later, she was my docile and obedient black female slave.

Rita Blake is my most docile slave. She was once my most unruly slave, though. So I would smack her around, tie her up and beat her senseless until she finally learned to submit. She has now accepted her fate. She enjoys kneeling before me and licking my feet. And she licks my pussy and asshole obediently whenever I order her to. And she's gotten quite fond of anal play. I like to get her on all fours and spank her big black butt for a long time. Then I spread her ass cheeks, smear lube against her asshole and shove two or three fingers inside her ass. After fingering her for some time, I whip out my strap-on dildo and sodomize her. I love to fuck my black female slave in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Why? Because she deserves it. I fuck her until she cries out in pain and begs for mercy. My black female slave needs to be completely dominated by her white mistress. It's the order of things around my house.

Sometimes, I like to take all of my slaves at once. I summon Cheryl Lee, Maria Sanchez and Rita Blake into my presence and have them strip naked. They remove the maids outfits they usually wear in the house. I have them all bend over before me and they take turns being whipped by my flogger as I walk from one to the other. It's a lot of fun. What can I say? I have lots of fun at my house.

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