tagInterracial LoveWhitewash High Ch. 09

Whitewash High Ch. 09


Nik walked into the empty halls of the gym. A beaming smile was glued to his handsome, chiselled face. Despite the bullshit with Michelle's husband's boss, the cosplay threesome was beyond words. He never came so hard in his life, never had so much fun, and was happy the three of them were still together.

"What are you doing here so early, Suzy?" Nik asked, confused as he entered the classroom.

The Goth girl sat at her desk, twirling a pigtail patiently. Her skirt was shorter than usual, and an extra layer of dark makeup accentuated her sexy, mulatto features.

"I was waiting for you, Mistah Cracka-man," she said, staring deep into his eyes. "We need to have an important conversation, so I wanted to get you alone without any chance someone might interrupt us."

Her legs spread open, revealing a very lacy pair of black panties. Nik could only shake his head in disbelief, warry of what game she was playing.

"I don't have time for your games, Suzy. Stop flashing me your panties. It is a Monday morning, you're here early, cut through the bull and tell me what you want."

The cheery expression on Suzy's face turned darker, dropping the charade.

"Fine. I need your help."

"You don't have to bribe me with a panty shot to get me to help you with your classwork."

"Not that, Mistah Cracka-man...I need...your...protection."

Each word came out hard, stuck in her throat. Just because it was the best choice in a bad situation didn't mean her pride didn't have a say in it.

"My protection? Someone bothering you in class? A bully?"

"No, I'd cut anyone who tried to bully me. I need help with my gang."

"Let me guess, the girls from the other day were involved with you? I'll tell you like I told them, I'm not a pimp. I'm just a history teacher now."

"Now?" Suzy asked, curious to the word usage.

"Yes, I'm a simple, plain, boring history teacher. I only took down Jimmy out of self-defence, nothing more."

"You're going to have to choose sides sooner or later, Mistah Cracka-man. You're going to need friends...friends who would be appreciative of your help." Suzy leaned forward, using a finger to open up her top for a peak. "See anything you like?"

Nik didn't take the bait, remaining calm at Suzy's advances.

"No, I don't sleep with students, Suzy. I'm not interested. Besides, why are you running around in a gang? You're smart, crafty, you can do anything you want, not peddle your classmates around like meat."

Suzy folded her arms and scoffed at the comment.

"It helped me survive. You don't get it, do you, Mistah Cracka-man. This school isn't a normal high school. It's a funnel for those who are worthless and can't get out of the hood. We get two years to earn a rep, from ages eighteen and nineteen, as we're kept here in solitary from the rest of civilized society. The moment we hit twenty, if we're still alive we're out on the street. A high school diploma won't mean shit to someone with no shot at ever going to a fancy university. I'm just trying to earn my street cred so I'm not some thug's baby mamma."

"You're right, I don't get it. I see a woman with heaps of potential doing something else with her life, other than becoming a mama-san. If this is the road you want to lead, by all means, lead it. I just can't help you."

"Fine, you keep teaching us books and ignore the reality out in the hallways. I hate to break it to you, Mistah Cracka-man, you ain't the great white hope. You won't be changing the system here from behind a desk."

Suzy left in a huff, annoyed that Nik's resolve was so strong. All the other guys would bend over backwards for her at the flash of her panties, or a peep show. Without paying attention, Suzy bumped shoulders with another student as she rushed out of into the hallway.

"Hey bitch, watch where you're going...Oh, it's you, Suzy. You know you still owe me for the help I gave last month."

"Buzz off, I can't talk now, Seth."

The thug student grabbed hold of her arm and yanked the girl back into his sight.

"Did I tell you I was done talking with ya?"

"Let go of me, Seth, or I'll cut your balls off and feed them to your momma."

"Rich coming from some half-cracker bitch. Come down to the field later and you can thank me and my boys. Call it interest."


Suzy slapped him solid against the cheek, but it only made the teen angrier. His grip tightened, and nostrils flared up as he raised his own fist to strike the girl. The impact of knuckle on face didn't arrive as his hand was caught in midair.

"Touch her and you'll be sorry, kid," Nik said, blocking the blow.

"Fuck, you're hurting me, cracker. I ain't doing nothing this bitch didn't deserve."

Suzy managed to wiggle free and put distance between the pair. Nik's grip felt like iron, no give, as the thug tried to pull himself free. Nik only released his grip once he saw Suzy was out of harm's way.

"I don't care if she was being a royal pain in the ass. You strike one of my students, you fucked with the wrong teacher."

"Yo, she hit me first."

"Tell me you didn't deserve it."

"Fuck you cracker. I don't know why you're even here. You're dead in a week. But I think I'll pick it up early."

Seth stepped forward to land a hard punch but Nik was ready for him. Ducking under the overhand right, he shot up and landed an uppercut flush on the jaw. Seth crumpled like a bag of hammers, dazed and confused over what just happened. Suzy looked on in surprise and awe. She knew he took down Jimmy Jack easily, but she didn't think he'd be this good.

Grabbing him by the scruff of his collar, Nik roughly pushed Seth up against the lockers.

"That's your only warning," Nik said sternly.


Nik closed his eye in discomfort, having been spat on with blood and saliva. Seth's blood ran down his face, dirtying up his clean shirt. Seth let out a pained groan as a hard knee struck solidly into his gut.

"I guess you get to join your 'brotha' in the pen. Stupid move, Seth, stupid move," Nik commented.

Turning the teen around, Nik hauled him off to the school office. Suzy stood there stunned but happy beyond belief. Even though Nik didn't agree to help out her gang, he did the next best thing.


"We're happy to help you with anything you may need during your tour of the school," Valerie said through a fake smile.

She had spent the last hour showing Amanda around the facilities before many of the students arrived. It was like pulling teeth. No money, no governmental support, just a war zone with a staff shell shocked into checking in and out for the paycheck. Miracles were still expected daily. But still, the lawyer looked down on the school, making snide comments as if she could do infinitely better.

"I'm sure you are. I'd like to sit in on the staff meeting today, meet the teachers, give them a pep talk."

"I think that can be arranged. Would you mind finally filling me in on what this was all about? I only got the email about you on the weekend, and not much other than to expect your arrival."

"All in good time. I'll mention it at the staff meeting."

Amanda sat down in the worn chair in Valerie's office. Just like outside, it was in major need of an overhaul and as much as the Amazon principal hated the décor, any extra money they received was better put to use in the classroom than on vanity.

"But between us girls," Amanda began, "how does it feel to have a white man under your thumb?"

"Excuse me?" Valerie asked, stunned at the boldness of the comment.

"Not many white men choose to work in a ghetto, let alone accept orders from a black woman."

"He is a model professional."

"A model professional that hospitalizes his students, you mean?"

"Is that why you're here, to fire him?"

"No, not just that. We've also got a merger in the pipeline. The students here will be shipped out to the school in the 7th District."

"That's a white school."

"I know, and it is racist of them to horde all the best teachers and equipment from the blacks of this community. Besides, a little diversity never hurt anyone."

"So you're going to fire me too?"

"No, the principal of 7th District High is retiring at the end of the year. If you play ball with us, we'll recommend you for the position."

"Well, I'm honored," Valerie said, trying her best to look happy.

"You should be. It is about time the wealth was spread around."

"Get the fuck off of me, cracker! I'll sue you for assault!" a loud voice hollered from the main office.

Rushing to the door, Valerie and Amanda saw Nik wrestle Seth to the floor. Both men were bloody, but more specifically Seth was the only one doing the bleeding. In the struggle, Nik's dress shirt got ripped open, showing off his thick chest muscles and abs. With a knee on the teen's back, Nik took the dominant position as the secretary called the cops.

The two women looked on but Valerie could notice something about how Amanda was looking at Nik. It was subtle, but her 'Massa senses' tingled. The way Amanda followed him with her eyes, how her legs slightly shifted, and the smell...

"I'm glad I got here early. This display is uncalled for, Miss Schwarz. That student is only a child."

Despite the commentary, Valerie could feel something there, and it was something that would make Nik's plan easier to put into motion.

"I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this. Let us not jump to conclusions."

"Unhand him!" Amanda shouted at Nik from the safety of the principal's doorway.

"He tried to assault one of his classmates, and then tried to attack me. I'll unhand him when the police show up."

"Cracker cops that are racist against the brothers. You've got to believe me miss, I was only minding my own business when he went crazy on me," Seth said.

"Let us calm down here, people. The cops will show up soon. Mr. Knight, put Seth into the conference room until the police arrive. I'm sure that will help calm the situation," Valerie said, trying to gain control of the situation.

"I'll sue, I'll sue this school for everything it has," Seth shouted, as he was pushed into the conference room.

"Was it really that necessary to hurt the young man?" Amanda asked Nik.

The white teacher tried to straighten up his clothing from the fight. Amanda's eyes were glued on his hard abdominal region and milky white skin. Nik didn't notice it, but Valerie did. Amanda licked her lips unconsciously, sizing up Nik as if he were a piece of meat at a butcher.

"I'm sure the student he tried to attack and rape doesn't care homeboy there got clocked."

"Does all your staff use such racist language, Miss Schwarz?"

"I'm not using racist language, lady," Nik replied. "I'm calling a spade a spade."

"Mr. Knight, I think you said enough. Go into my office and cool down until the police arrive....I'm sorry, Mrs. Baxter, you know men, always trying to show off their bravado."

"Why did you hire him again? He doesn't have the temperament to be a teacher, resorting to violence so quickly."

Valerie had to bite her tongue, trying not to lash out at the snarky woman. Even if Nik wasn't her Massa, he still had the guts to take a job literally no one else wanted. What did the lawyer expect, an M.I.T. genius to want to work in a war zone?

"You know how hard it is to find qualified staff, especially in an area here with our lack of resources."

"And that is exactly why my husband and I are going to get your students the best they deserve at 7th District High..."


Nik sat back in Valerie's chair, rubbing his chin from the lucky shot Seth got in during the walk to the office. Michelle was right, the lawyer lady was a looker. Not as attractive as his bitches, but he wouldn't say no to filling up her holes with a load of hot, white semen.

He got the approval email this morning from his contact in Japan. The deal was done. It was only a matter of getting Amanda hooked into the web. With Seth trying to assault and rape Suzy, it put a chink in the plan of getting the scouting report from Valerie. He didn't know when he'd get five minutes alone to swap info. Also, he had to hope the display in the office with Seth didn't sour the well with Amanda completely, or else the entire plan would go out the window.

Reaching under the desk, touching the hard metal object, the cold feeling at least put his mind at ease. If worse came to worse, there was always plan B.


"Let us settle down, everyone. Let me introduce Mrs. Baxter, she is a lawyer assigned to look over the school after the unfortunate incident that occurred between Mr. Knight and a student last week. She will be observing the comings and goings at the school so please give her your utmost curtesy," Valerie said to the assembled staff in the staff room.

None of them looked interested. They had seen many lawyers and officials come and go, all with big plans that never panned out. The only guarantee was the influx of new delinquents through the front doors at the start of each term. This was the school where others syphoned off their dregs, or those unfortunate enough to live within the sphere of influence.

"Just act like you would normally. I'm not the government trying to interfere in your lives or teaching. I'm only here to assess if complaints of racial bias were unfounded or justified."

People's eyes turned towards Nik as he sat with Michelle in the back. It was obvious who the words were meant for, and although racist thinking in itself, Nik didn't complain or make a scene. He simply stared at the lawyer. The entire speech his eyes followed hers, glued on, and unwavering. Amanda couldn't help but notice him stare, how with every step and turn as she paced the floor, he followed. It made her insides tingle, she couldn't explain it. She never liked white men, never found them attractive in the slightest, but the man's eyes and attention were wanted.

Although she criticized him for putting the thug in his place, secretly, a growing dampness built between two loveless lips. How long had it been? She forgot, but she played the dutiful wife. She had everything a woman could ask for: money, power, prestige...but lacked a thick cock to rut her nightly. Every night was another in a long line of excuses she'd hear from Jerome. Amanda didn't know if the man became asexual or was seeing some girl on the side. With all the talk of sticking it to the white man, he had better not be getting serviced by some white girl or else there would be hell to pay.

With every step, Amanda could feel Nik's eyes continue to follow, continue to undress her naked in front of every one. It took all her willpower to remain focused and continue the important speech. A weaker woman would have went off to finger herself in the toilets, but weak she was not. She was black, proud and loud, and wouldn't let a hunky cracker's handsome smile make her juices flow.

Valerie looked on. She didn't know if the others could feel it but her 'Massa senses' tingled again. Subtle cues from Amanda gave away her thoughts. Valerie knew because it was what she went through the moment Massa entered the school doors and graced her with his presence for the first time.

"I think that about wraps it up," Amanda finished.

"It is getting late. I think it is for the best if we all went home early today."

"I second that," one of the black teachers commented.

Nik walked out with Michelle in tow, heading off to their own private corner of the school. Once everyone left, Amanda turned to Valerie.

"I'll be back tomorrow. I suddenly don't feel too good."

"I hope it is nothing serious," Valerie asked in fake concern.

"Probably just fatigue."

"Raising kids must be hard," Val commented.

"I don't have any kids."

"Husband keeping you up all night?" Val said with a smile.

"...No, he doesn't..." Amanda said softly.

"I understand. Us working professionals who want to make it big have to sacrifice so much. Men don't know how lucky they get it. Throw a bunch of money around and any dirty whore will suck them off to get rid of the edge."

Amanda opened her mouth as if to ask a question but paused, hesitant. Shaking her head, she walked out of staff room to go home.


"What a cunt she is," Michelle said, checking behind her before she passionately groped Nik's firm butt. "You're lucky you've got me collared, Massa, or else I'd say no to you filling her up. She doesn't deserve my personal supply of white man sperm," she purred in his ear.

"I'll have to make sure you're overflowing so you can bottle a litre for an emergency."

"Emergency cum shots...too bad not every girl is as liberated as me or else you'd make a killing."

Once they entered the darkness of the gymnasium, Michelle pushed Nik up against the wall and kissed him. She was hot, edging, wanting to get off so badly. It made her juices flow when news broke he took out another one of the punks in the school, and it turned her on to see him work his charm on the bitch in the staff room.

"Fuck, Massa, you're so hard right now. You want your personal nigger slave to milk you dry?" she said in a cutesy voice?

"You're going to milk me dry, but later tonight. Oreo Girl needs to save Crackerman from the ravages of The Chink."

"The Chink? Oh, shit, today is the day."

"Yeah, I want to burn off this loose end before it unravels. Don't worry, Michelle, you'll pass out cum drunk again soon."

"I better, stud. I'll just have to go work out this frustration at the gym."

They gave each other a passionate kiss before Nik headed out.


Gale dressed exactly like she was told to. Hair in handlebars, the smallest, tightest shorts possible, and the special sports bra from a certain special website. It was hard not to finger herself throughout the day. Daddy didn't give her permission to do that today. An ungrateful girl would do it anyways, but she knew he'd know. Nik was perfect. He was Daddy. Daddies always knew when their sweet girls were bad.

Ten minutes before the designated time, Gale slipped into a locker room toilet stall and locked the door. Each unknown second that ticked by made her heart jump. Each beat felt as if it would rocket out of her chest. Fingers nervously tapped her legs. Without a clock it felt like torture not knowing when the signal would occur.

The unhinged Asian sensation could handle the wait though. She waited years for her Daddy to show up in her life, what were a few more minutes? When the first knock banged on the door, the normally in-control and demanding woman felt a lump in her throat.

Nik told Gale a specific pattern to listen for. One knock, two knocks, three knocks all on cue. Anticipation moistened her pussy lips for the fourth knock. But only silence answered. It was a false alarm. In silence Gale remained, still tapping her knees, looking like the cute, high school cheerleader. Her youthful figure still passed her off as a high schooler. Put the uniform on her and she'd look like she never graduated many years ago.

Another knocking pounded at the stall door. The fourth knock, fifth and sixth all struck home. Gale's mind forced tentative fingers to move towards the door lock. So close to her dream, like a loser she was getting cold feet. So close to the finish line, she unhinged the handle and slowly opened the door.

Nik stood naked before Gale. Only sneakers and socks adorned the man's perfectly sculpted body. Gale's devilish grin lit up, and she bit on a finger naughtily.

"You remembered what I told you on the phone?"

"Yes, Daddy. I'll be your good girl," she spoke sweetly. "Are you going to play with me now?"

Nik answered by grabbing a hold of both handled bars, pulling her face into his toned pelvic region. His massive cock rubbed up against the side of her neck and drooped over her shoulder. Feeling his hot meat finally rest against her skin, Gale felt like orgasming already. But she was an obedient chink, not some uppity nigger. She'd do what Nik said, when he said it.

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