tagInterracial LoveWhitewash High Ch. 19

Whitewash High Ch. 19


A Previous Day

Nik sat on a chair in his living room. Michelle, Valerie, Gale and Maya all squished together on the lone couch. The three educators were dressed coming from work, Maya from a night shift at the hospital, and Gale in her gym clothing, drenched in sweat. Nik called the impromptu meeting, telling them all it was urgent.

"I'm glad you could all make it here. What I'm about to tell you has nothing to do with sex. It has to do about us and our future together."

He looked intensely at all four girls, leaning forward, as his words came out measured.

"I care about all four of you, and one reason for that is you're all your own woman. I don't have a bunch of princesses I need to save. You can all take care of yourself, even if your personalities flare up against each other. This is why I have to tell everyone this decision.

I told Suzy I'd help solve her problem. The school needs a cleaning, and I can't sit on the sidelines while gangs go and cause problems..."

Nik raised his hand, stopping Michelle from interrupting.

"I've also been targeted. Whoever is pulling the strings, they won't stop until I'm dead. Leaving the school won't solve any of the problems, just make a new target. This is why, right now, is your last opportunity to turn back. I'm doing this one hundred percent. If our relationship is found out, you will become a target. If any of you were to be harmed because of me, you all know what I'd do, Gale most of all. If you stay with me after this conversation, it is with open eyes. No turning back. We're all in this together."

"I've heard worst marriage proposals," Rai joked, flicking her hair. "Take on the mob and hope the women don't run away on you, Nik?"

"Yeah, something like that."

"I share a white man with three other non-white women. Honestly, I think it'd be a bigger shock to us if you brought home a white girl than taking on the mob. We know Gale will say yes. I'm in for a penny, why not go for the pound?" she smiled.

Gale nodded. No words needed.

Michelle looked concerned, tapping her knee.

"All I wanted was a harmless affair. I didn't think I'd get so attached to you, Massa. Just some white stud to light my fire. Do you think it'll get bad?"

"I don't know. High chance for more hospital visits. I could get killed. You could get hurt."

A single tear rolled down Michelle's cheek. Valerie cleaned it up with her finger.

"You're taking a big risk, Massa. You're assuming I'll let you play Punisher in my school. I'm still the boss in that building, if you haven't forgotten."

"Yeah, Val, I know, which is why you'll never know anything I do. It'll be underground. Worst comes to worst, and I go to jail, you'll be clean."

"Like we'd let you go to jail," Michelle interjected.

"I'll be embracing my past. All four of you know the story. I won't say more to protect you, but you know what I'm referring to."

"You're our Massa, Nik. We'll stick with you on one condition. If it gets too dangerous, you ask us for help. We deserve the choice," Valerie demanded.

Nik nodded his head but sighed deeply.

"Now the harder part. For my plan to work, I need muscle and connections. The only way to do that is to request help from my former clan, and that requires marrying Kelly."

The other three women gasped loudly, shocked at his statement.

"Marry her? Are you serious, Nik?" Michelle asked.

"You can't be serious? Why her instead of one of us?" Valerie questioned.

"She is the Yamato clan heir and leader."

"So? Ask one of your associates in the clan, Nik?" Valerie asked.

"It is a convoluted and complicated situation," Gale said, calmly. "I'm the heir by blood and name only. My power is limited because I'm a woman. My clan follows tradition. Men lead, women follow. As the only surviving blood member, I can appoint regents to rule in my stead. I can give suggestions but not commands. Most suggestions are followed because I can change regents at whim.

Our marriage is a loophole allowing him back into the clan. As the man, he'll be the defacto leader. He can then appoint me to run everything."

"But you're still a woman. Wouldn't it be the same problem?" Valerie asked.

"No because he is a man. Supersedes everything. Convoluted situation, I know. Besides, they all know his reputation. They wouldn't dare cause a fuss, husband or not. Don't look pissed, Valerie. He can still marry you in a church, wedding dress and all the bells and whistles. It is only a clan marriage. Nothing legal outside the clan."

"The clan can help put their muscle to good use to help my plans," Nik said.

"I won't let you use the school as a yakuza playground, Nik," Valerie commented. "I won't allow that kind of gang war."

"They won't go shooting up the school. Besides, an influx of Japanese into a ghetto school would get suspicious quickly. I only need them for info off school territory. Gangs in schools are breeding grounds for gangs outside schools. Someone is pulling strings that we don't see. The clan will investigate for me, and deal with them."

Valerie nodded. The conversation went better than Nik anticipated, despite Valerie's principalness flaring up. Good thing they used Massa affectionately, and not the extreme definition, considering her current tone towards him.

"Just don't consider showing up on my surgery table a romantic date, Rajah. I'm not that kind of girl," Rai joked.

"I think we're all in agreement. That leaves the marriage ceremony."

"I'll set it up and it'll be a surprise when. But you'll know what to do the moment it happens," she cooed, happy.

A bright smile, from ear to ear, lit up the Asian's face. The other girls saw it. Valerie tried not to scoff, but they all knew her special feelings towards Nik.

Present Day

Nik sat next to Suzy in the hospital room. Her friend Sammy stood next to the bed too. The mulatto girl drank from a water bottle, sore all over, and bandages covering fresh scars.

"Jimmy Jack is still there, isn't he?" Suzy asked, sullen.

"Maybe. I don't know. Our mutual friend said you can keep staying with her for the time being, so you're not going to be homeless."

"You can drop the spy act, Mistah Cracka-man, Sammy knows everything. I told her I was staying with your chink girlfriend."

Sammy nodded in agreement.

"Fine, let us get blunt and quit the act, Suzy. A couple of your girls asked me to be their pimp. I turned them down, and you created this machination to get me to help by proxy. Jimmy Jack needs to be reminded his place at the bottom of the food chain. I'll be your pimp, but under certain conditions."

"This would swing the power in our favor, Suzy," Sammy piped up.

"What kind of conditions? Couldn't you just shiv the nigger? You know where he lives now."

"I need to know the entire power structure, top to bottom. I need to know all the players, the up and comers, everything. After that, you and your girls are going to run a special study group."

"Study group? That code for fuck place?" Suzy asked.

"No, it is legit. Your big problem is security. Working out of a bathroom isn't safe for transporting money."

"Right about that, Mr. Knight. Big piles of money make us big targets," Sammy said.

"My classroom next to the gym allows for a lot of foot traffic. No one would suspect the comings and goings. But students coming and going still need a reason, thus, a study group. You, Sammy, your girls stick around at lunch every day and study. Legitimately study. Working girls come and go, handing off envelopes hidden in your books."

"And we get a rep as teacher's pets," Suzy said.

"Better to put your brain to work than dead. You wanted my protection; this is how you get it. I can't do running the halls like a street pimp. Other than the obvious, anyone in Jimmy Jack's crew would get charged trying to shiv me again, and I'm not going to jail. But not even they are stupid enough to start something in my classroom...maybe once, but not every day. Hallways are too vulnerable for me."

"What do we do when it isn't lunch time? Some of the girls skip classes to go to the stalls for quickies," Sammy asked.

"Use a portion of the cash to get them work binders with tight pockets. Hide the envelopes in them and pass in their school work to me. I'll take out the cash and store it in a safe place."

"What if you're caught with the cash?" Sammy asked.

"Bribe for that A. Worst is I lose my job and license. Stick to that story if anyone is caught."

"It could work, Suzy. It'll be safer than hanging out in washroom stalls daily. And Mr. Knight's reputation should keep all but the big crews at bay."

"Why are you taking pity on me, Mistah Cracka-man?"

"Strange words from someone who called me after they were whipped. Let's say I've taken a liking to you, Suzy, and that punk needs to be put in his place. So, what do you say?"

Suzy looked up at Sammy, her best friend and number one. The black girl nodded yes.

"What do we have to lose? Sammy, tell the girls we move spots, but keep a couple there in the stalls to work so we don't lose the location outright."

"Righto, Suze, I'll get on it immediately."

"I'll see you when I see you, Suzy. Rest up. I'll work out the details with Sammy at school tomorrow. Show up before classes, okay?"

"Sure thing, Mr. Knight," Sammy answered.

Nik walked out of the hospital room, waving before the door shut.

"Before you go, how is the boyfriend?" she asked.

"Great. He is going to take me out to a fancy restaurant later tonight. His treat. He makes me feel like a queen."

"You're not worried he is using you to cure his jungle fever?"

"Maybe he is, but he isn't showing it. You need to learn to trust a little, Suze. I know it is hard considering everything that happened, but not everyone is out to get you. Look at Mr. Knight, he is helping us now."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Hey, this is me you're talking to, Suze. What is really the matter?"

"I think he is fucking that chink I've been living with."


"What do you mean and? Why is he fucking an Asian girl?"

"Cause she is hot as fuck. I looked her up. Honestly, the way she is built, surprised he isn't fucking Mrs. Jackson and the principal too. They are carbon copies of each other...Wait, you're jealous?"

"Shut up."

"Don't be jealous. We know his type. If he is shacking up with her, just go and look like her. He'll drop his pants for you in a second flat."

"But what if he doesn't? And I trained for nothing."

"Worst things a girl can do than get in shape. My boyfriend loves it when I gargle his cum. I don't get it, and it feels weird, but it makes him happy. When he is happy, I get to go on crazy expensive dates. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet for the greater reward."

"You gargle his cum? How long?"

"Thirty seconds, a minute."

"And that's it?"

"I swallow it after, but yeah, gargle and swallow. Gets him hard again quick. Wildman in the sack."

The two friends chuckled, chatting for a few more minutes before Sammy went off to get ready for her date. Suzy laid in the bed, contemplative. There wasn't any doubt she had a schoolgirl crush on Mistah Cracka-man. Strong and brave, she felt like a princess needing saving by him. But more than a crush, he felt like a father figure, the only positive male influence in her life.


Early the next morning, Sammy popped up in front of Nik's classroom door.

"Hi, Mr. Knight. I'm here as you requested."

"Good, have a seat, Sammy, and shut the door. Fill me in on the power structure in the school."

Sammy didn't sit down, instead grabbing a piece of chalk to write on the board.

"You know Jimmy Jack's crew is tops at the school, even with him gone. His gang filters into the Bone Thug Crew once they graduate from high school. One step below, and real world rivals, is Flash Johnson's group, the Nine Inch Niggers, and no, it has nothing to do with cock size. Flash has a man crush on the leader of Nine Inch Nails. The third group is led by Tamika Harris. AMV is their name, a girl group with ties to both the Bone Thug Crew and Nine Inch Niggers. No one figured out why they play both sides but the top two don't care because they are easy pussy."

"So they are the two factions, with AMV playing both sides as a neutral party. Your group is independent, but who are the small fry?"

"Too many to name in a single meeting. It changes daily. A new recruit changes the balance, or a member gets sent to juvie. Sometimes a leader gets recruited into the top two. Currently, the only real independent group with clout is the football team. The team captain is a sure shot to a D1 school. Full ride. So he makes sure none on the team fuck up, so as not to give the college scouts and recruiters a reason to pass him over."

"Smart kid. Must make him a lot of enemies."

"Sometimes, but it is football. He is the only reason we're competitive this year."

Nik rubbed his chin, looking at the board.

"The best bet, if you want your group to survive, is to absorb the smaller indy groups and swell large enough to rival AMV," he said. "Unless you're willing to let in men as muscle, only so much a small girl group can do. Without a knife or bat, you're not that intimidating. Sounds like the big fish think you're too small to care about, and they have better things to do."

"Wow, Mr. Knight, you can size up the situation so quickly."

He laughed.

"I watch a lot of crime shows. So, starting today, we proceed with the study group plan and get that pumping out cash. I don't want to know the intimate details, just give me the cash for safe keeping or if anyone is hassling you."

"Right, but where will you keep it stashed?"

"Let me worry about that. The ultimate goal is to take out the Bone Thug Crew inside the school. Long-term, we need to ally with NIN. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. I don't think Suzy's goal is to take over the school, so they won't see us as a threat when the time comes."

Sammy took out a binder and slipped it onto Nik's desk.

"This should work, right?" she asked.

Nik opened the front. A white envelope stuck out the pouch.

"Perfect. Get ready for your first class. I'll see you and your girls at lunch. Even if I'm not here, I'll leave the door open. And if you have any spare binders, hand them out to the girls until you can buy more."

Sammy smiled and nodded, leaving for the morning. Nik took a phone picture of the board, and then hastily erased the evidence. He then wrote over it with notes for the first class. No one would see or suspect anything.

"Busy at work, I see," Michelle asked, leaning up against the doorway. "Got your exams all typed up? The monster is looking for them."

"She is the science teacher. Why would she want to see my exams?"

"I don't know. She asks for them every year. I don't put up a fuss. I don't want to go grey over it."

"Even if you went grey, you'd still be hot, Michelle."

"Buttering me up, Massa?" she asked.

Michelle walked over to him, immediately grabbing his crotch while the white teacher wrote on the board.

"This is mine tonight. I'll be over to ride myself unconscious."

"Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" he laughed.

"You know you're too much for me, Massa. Even double-teaming you with Valerie, I still pass out. Maybe one of these days I'll let you tape me so I can see how you use me like a fucktoy when I'm unconscious."

She kissed him, not giving Nik a chance to reply. Her fingers stroked him through the pants, craving to feel the cock's entire length.

"We've got five minutes for a protein shot," Nik smiled, pulling Michelle to his private shower.

"Thought you'd never ask," she commented, taking a lipstick tube from her jacket pocket.


Noon hour, Nik sat at his desk. Sammy and some of the girls came in on time, books in their hands. They sat in a corner, away from the door. Books opened, they sat and studied. Every five minutes or so, a new girl would show up, switching places with an occupant. The entire lunch hour, girls came and went from the corner spot. They handed off envelopes to Sammy, hidden in their books and passed around like notes.

Sammy took the cash, counting it up under her desk. All the prostitute students formed a circle around Sammy, walling her off from Mr. Knight's view. Sitting down, Nik couldn't see what Sammy was doing, giving him plausible deniability. The desk she sat at wasn't a typical student's desk but a real desk, derelict in the classroom that the brighter students used it in class to work on their projects. But with a covered front, and lots of leg room, Sammy could hide all the evidence from plain sight.

"Hey, fuck you man! Foul!" a voice called out from the gym.

"No way, didn't touch you, nigger."

"Sounds like a fight. I'll be back soon, girls," Nik said, slipping out to handle the commotion in the adjacent gym.

Once out of view, the girl's began to gossip and chatter.

"This really safe, Sammy? Super weird to be doing our business here," Girl One asked.

"You asked him to be a pimp weeks ago. How is this any weirder? Besides, who is going to fuck with us with him in here?"

"Suzy really on board? She is always beefing with him," Girl Two asked.

"I got the go ahead from Suze myself. I visited her in the hospital yesterday. She is cool with it."

"Whatever, why do you care? He is a hunk. Afraid he'll ask for a free taste? I'd let him fuck me if it meant not worrying about getting robbed or beat up," Girl Three chimed in.

"You'll fuck anyone," Girl One retorted.

"I'm a prostitute, comes with the territory. Green is the only color I care about. Just ask Sammy. I hear you got a rice farmer wrapped around your finger," Girl Three continued.

"He is my boyfriend. I'm not a pro."

"We're all pros, I'm just woman enough to be honest about it. Have you offered to pay for dinner, or even go splits? If the guy pays the entire date, and you spread your legs, you're a pro."

"You have an unromantic viewpoint of the world, know that?" Girl Two said. "I'd love for a prince to whisk me away."

"Please, don't delude yourself, nigger, no prince is going to rescue a gutter rat who fucks twenty guys a day in the toilet stall."

"Focus on the assignment if you're going to be a downer," Sammy ordered, "or go find another client to service."

"You girls doing okay?" Nik asked, walking back inside.

"Yeah, no problems here, Mr. Knight," Sammy said.

"Ten minutes left for lunch so you all should get yourselves ready for class."

"I've got a date, catch y'all later," Girl Three said.

As the girls scattered and departed, Sammy handed off her assignment binder to Nik. It sat on the desk, in plain view, like a simple, normal binder. Nik didn't even look at it once his first afternoon class began. Other students piled their work on top of it, hidden in plain sight.


Nik arrived home, tired. In the driveway, Michelle's fancy car sat there. He gave her a set of keys. He gave all the girls a set of keys so they could come and go without worry. Opening the door, he smelled something delicious.

"Hey, Michelle, where are you at?" he called out.

"In the living room. Help me finish dinner. What took you so long?"

Nik undid his tie, and wandered in. A dozen boxes of takeout spread over the table and floor.

"We need to get you more furniture, Massa. I don't want to ruin your only carpet."

"Once we get our living situation finalized, I'll splurge. I am beat. You're right about Mrs. Mo. Caught me as I left the classroom. Who knew a science teacher threw around that much weight."

"Have you looked at her? She weighs more than you, stud, but carries it like a land whale. Eat up. You need your strength."

He grabbed one of the boxes, digging in, while keeping the conversation going.

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