tagInterracial LoveWhitewash Precinct Ch. 02

Whitewash Precinct Ch. 02


Detectives Rebecca Ramirez and Stacy Tsao walked into the burnt out building. The sickening smell of burnt flesh filled nostrils. The drawback of working arson.

"Ramirez, and Tsao, Arson Division," Rebecca told the fire marshal at the scene. "Got any idea what happened?"

Both detectives wore a standard dress suit but had their top buttons undone to show off ample amounts of cleavage and their bras. Both were hot, sexy as fuck chicks, so why not use what nature gave them?

Both also looked sculpted from the imagination of a fitness guru. Long legs, tight cores, and smooth muscles hid underneath the outfit. Not a single blemish, tattoo, or scar ruined their wet dream bodies. Their statuesque height also added to an aura of intimidation, standing close to six feet each. Ramirez's hair brushed the back of her shoulders, a dirty blonde color. Pure, sun kissed, Iberian skin sizzled in the heat. Tsao's skin provided ample camouflage in the winter months. White as the driven snow. So white it made Aryans jealous. Black hair, with purple streaks, hung in a ponytail.

"Stanley, fire marshal. Looks like a standard torch job. Molotov mix. We found a liquor store worth of broken glass shards along the front entrance, and no signs of a fire starting anywhere inside from what we can see."

"Who lived here?" Tsao asked, kneeling down to get a closer inspection of the floor for clues.

"Transients. Cracker house, one of many in the neighborhood."

"Great, dealing with Black Panther racists," Ramirez muttered.

"A lot of black power rallies in the area the past week. A lot of angry citizens about the open immigration policy," Stanley commented.

"Yeah, we hear the bitching. Time for them to get with the times. It is twenty seventeen," Tsao said. "I hate dealing with them."

"Might be worth it to check out the other cracker house down the street. They've been pretty quiet, but I saw a couple poke around once we got the fire under control."

"Which house?" Ramirez asked.

"See that red one, with the roof half off. That one. Careful, bunch of rough customers."

"We can handle them. Rough crowds don't scare us," Tsao said, boldly.

She waved her partner forward, putting on a pair of slick, black gloves. Ramirez followed suit. Badges on their hips, they walked with determination to the cracker house; the street's code word for breeding units. Perfect places for good, daddy's girls who want to slum it with a bunch of crackers.

The missing person's department got flooded daily. But a few hours after the reports, the fathers would call back saying their precious daughters were found. Each follow-up investigation revealed they were all drunk and partying in these cracker houses. Everyone involved were of legal age so nothing could be done.

Tsao gave the door a hard knock. Almost immediately the door opened. A haggard man blinkered wildly, the sun hurting his eyes. Half dressed, he smelled of recent sex. His cock snuck out the bottom of his boxers.

"Detectives Tsao and Ramirez, arson squad. We want to ask you about what happened to your friends down the street. We heard some witnesses might be here," Tsao announced.

"Definitely, detectives. Big Rig saw it all. He's been waiting for you. Didn't want to be out in the open on account some panther punk wanting to cause more shit."

"So it was the Black Panthers who set it?"

"Swear on my soul. Had the logo all on their car, and their skin black as bog. Horrible what they did. Bunch of animals. That was the nigger house too, killing their own kind like that. Animals."

"I thought it was a cracker house?" Ramirez asked, confused.

"It is, was," the man replied. "We're all crackers so we refer to them by the majority of girls inside wanting to be bred. Black girls in the burnt out husk. Chinks in here. Wetbacks in that blue house, and others in the brown one."

"Be willing to make an exception to your little rule?" Tsao asked. "My wetback partner here is a ravenous, cracker slut, and hasn't had a good breeding in a week. A reward to you hurt folks for having the bravery to fight your oppressors."

"More a guideline than a rule," he smiled, immediately grabbing Tsao's firm ass.

It took her no time to pull out the half-hard, slimy cock that smelled of sex and chink juice. Both girls giggled, slipping inside the house to the dismay of black neighbors looking on.

"Hey, Rig, got a fine bottle of Spanish honey for you," the man said, groping Tsao's ass without a care in the world.

"Smells like an orgy," Rebecca commented, picking up a filled condom from the floor.

"It was an orgy, but we stopped on account of the burning. Worried they might try something here, so most scattered, and all the girls."

"Our gain then," Stacy said, squatting lewdly to suck on the cockhead.

Experienced tonguing got the cock back to full mast in seconds.

"I love crackers. Always hard for chink pussy. One flash of my eye lashes and all the white boys are hard for me."

"I've got a fat one for you, just ignore the taste. Had a few chinks in here getting passed around all night. New arrivals. Doctor's daughters."

Both hands stroked the impressive length, sliding to and fro with ease thanks to the gloves. A fun trick the pair learned to speed up ejaculation. More jizz the better. Long fucks were overrated. They had crimes to solve after all.

"Fuck, now that is a Latina. Those hips could shatter mountains," Big Rig bellowed out, walking down the stairs, completely naked.

The front door led directly into the living room. A staircase ascended on the back wall. A kitchen counter could be seen through a singular door next to the staircase. Couches were messy and overturned. A TV had a reverse gangbang on mute. A rainbow of sluts sucking off a giant white cock, each with more than enough meat for themselves.

His fat cock swung like a mace. A giant muscle gut stuck out proudly, representing the opposite end of the muscle spectrum. Rebecca licked her lips.

"I love my men big and strong. I let Tsao have the pretty boys. Give me the intel we need and I'll let you piledriver me into submission for the next hour," Rebecca cooed, immediately unzipping her top lower.

"Upstairs in my room is a tape of the whole thing," he said.

Tsao stopped sucking, stunned at the revelation.

"We're migrants, not stupid. People think we are cause we had to move here, but we've got the whole hood tricked out with tech. Got the plates, faces, and audio all on tape. My people are tired of racist, black cops stirring up shit, and hassling us for no reason. We complain and nothing happens. Had a couple of my boys put in the hospital last week because a black cop didn't like them shooting hoops in the parking lot down the street."

"What kind of medal do we get from the Mayor?" Rebecca asked Tsao.

"Fuck if I know, but I feel like partying now. Just the two of you studs here? You saved us a day's work, so we're free to be gangbanged unconscious, studs," Tsao said.

Big Rig smiled widely.

"Once you take care of us, I'll give a shout to the other houses. But you, puta, get your Spanish honey over here and please me," he told Rebecca.

The Hispanic cop got on all fours, crawling over like a bitch in heat. Her pussy soaked through a thin pair of panties and moistened the crotch of her pants. Like a minx stalking her prey, each arm and leg stretched out to allow her body to crawl majestically. The uniform allured the gang leader.

"She is ready for you, Rig," the other man said.

"All the putas are, Sandman. They can't get enough white cock in their ass. They love being recolonized over and over again."

"Fuck yeah, big boy. This thick cock can turn my Aztec pussy inside out. You're not even hard, are you?" she asked before trying to fit her mouth around the head.

He forcefully pushed her face on it, wanting to see how many 'soft' inches could be sucked on. Her mouth had to stretch, really stretch, to get the bulbous head rammed in. Sealed shut, two nostrils kept the cop alive and breathing as she sucked on the white cock like a pornstar.

"Cop pussy is always great. You whores need to come by more often. We need lots of protection; you know?" he laughed.

Big Rig slammed thick hips forward, ramming the large cock down a willing mouth. Tears welled up in her eye sockets. Big Rig was literally the biggest man she ever took. Taking the monster cock inside her pussy would gape the hole out so wide that two, normal crackers could fit inside at once.

"Come on, Rebecca, suck that cracker cock down," Stacy encouraged.

"Focus on your own cracker, chink," Sandman chided her.

"Going to fill my tight, wet, banana hole and break me?" Stacy said, batting her eyelashes.

"Can't break you, you're already a slut."

"Too true," she smiled.

Cock in her mouth, she sucked away lewdly, all while unzipping her pants. Ass cheeks jutted out, looking delicious and begging for a sound spanking. Stacy didn't take her pants off entirely, choosing to pull them down to the knees. It'd make a tight pussy even tighter for slabs of thick meat.

"Puta, you're such a slut right now. All those fingers you're shoving into your cunt. Can't you be patient?" Rig laughed.

Ramirez couldn't speak. Mouth full, sealed off, all the saliva built up to dangerous levels. Nothing came out, forcing her to swallow with each suck. One hand fingered her needy cunt, pants already thrown off. The other hand pinched large, sensitive nipples on her large rack. She kept her jacket and top on, adding to the slutty cop allure.

"You know how many putas I've fucked unconscious in this place? Too many to count. All had a sweet smile on their face as I kept fucking them while unconscious," Rig said. "I can tell you need it. All that pent up, sexual frustration coming to ahead. You were on your knees quicker than any other girl, and it ain't just because you're a cracker slut."

Rig's cock came out with a loud plop. Rebecca stroked it off, rubbing her face all over the massive bitch breaker.

"Papi, I've been a bad puta. I need a hardcore fuck from grade A, gringo meat. I need a real man to fuck me. I'm tired of working at a station with limp wristed niggers. Don't I look like a 'no niggers allowed' kind of girl?"

She winked before turning around, putting a thick, Aztec ass on display for a sacrificial test ride.

"All yours tonight, papi. Ride me rough. Ride me unconscious. Make me drip cum out of my holes when I walk into the station house with the intel for an arrest."


Rig gave the brown ass a hard slap. A nice palm print tattooed it red. Rebecca screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Rig's thickness gaped her open wide, wider than any cock experienced in her life. Hands clasped together, almost like a prayer, and a tear streaked down her cheek.

"Fuck, Rebecca, he that big?" Stacy moaned, being railed fast and hard by Sandman.

"Yes, shit, yes, I don't know if I can take it all. Fuck me, it feels so good."

"Make her preggo, filthy cracker," Stacy demanded. "Knock her up good. Anchor the slut."

"Did anyone ever tell you you've got a filthy mouth?" Sandman asked, fish-hooking the chink detective.

"Yesh, theh dooo," she slurred.

The erotic sound of her voice sent Sandman over the top. A torrent of cum hit the womb, splashing around and making a mess. Stacy came simultaneously. A natural reflex. Anytime a guy came inside her, she came hard. Chinese instinct to get those swimmers to their rightful, proper location. Sandman kept railing, balls smacking her ass, and fingers still fish-hooking. Stacy loved cracker stamina.

Big Rig took the opposite approach. Each thrust hit hard, slow, but like a knockout artist. Rebecca's womb inflamed, on fire. Former tight cunt muscles wrapped around the log of powerful meat, desperately seeking the cock's release to allow itself to heal. Her body screamed 'no more' but her mind screamed 'harder!'

Both hands held clumps of Rebecca's hair, yanking it back to showcase impressive, chink shaming, flexibility. Roots stretched, struggling to stay attached to the skull. Each thrust had one mission: to own. Every thrust conquered her senses, making the whorish body become addicted to him. Big Rig couldn't give a shit about keeping a personal, hands-off harem. Share and share alike. But having a personal shield had benefits, especially these dangerous nights.

"My cunt is hot. Cum in me, gringo. Fucking wreck my womb. Fuck up my pussy."

Loud, lewd, aggressive dirty talking filled the room, from all four occupants. The pairs fucked a good hour. Both girls put through their paces, glazed in and on. Rig gaped Rebecca out wide enough for Stacy to shove her fist inside with zero problem. Depravity reached new levels.

"Fuck guys, seriously, sloppy twenties?" a man called out, leading a pack of crackers through the front door.

Both officers sat on the floor, fucked half-unconscious. Instinctively, they spread legs wide open and assumed the position, doggy style. Holes ready and willing to take them all. In Rebecca's case, three of them, literally, at once in her pussy.

"Fresh cop meat, boys. We've got police protection here. Knock them up good," Big Rig told the dozen fresh bodies.

He grabbed some of Rebecca's hair, wiping his cock clean.

"I'm through for the day. Leave them with enough strength to get back to their station," he ordered.

The dozen guys were already naked, stroking off their large erections. Both girls ready and willing to run a train, two at a time. A dozen white cocks, pounding their holes and filling them up with more liters of jizz. The carpet sloshed and squirted each time a person moved, which was always.

The duo couldn't care less. They were happy to be whitewashed, to get their bellies extended full of cum. Ripped abdominals bloated due to the insane amount of liquid slurped down. Each guy held a jug worth of delicious, thick cracker cum.

Hours passed by. The sun set in the night. Both detectives wobbled out of the house on shaky legs, smiling brightly. Dress suits ruined, zippers ripped, bruises and love marks all over, those trains ran them over good. Ramirez couldn't be happier. A complete size queen, only the biggest, thickest, whitest cocks made her pussy flow. Rig made it flow at first sight.

Curtains opened up. Eyes peered outside at the officers. The racial demographic of the city was changing. Formally black neighborhoods were being bought up by private and public money to allow for increased immigration. Programs needed the space to settle the newest citizens fresh off the boat.

Crackerville, as it got nicknamed, used to be a safe, well-to-do, middle-class residential area. Now, the crime rate skyrocketed. The crackers flooded the area. Some just looked for a quiet place to live and a job, nowhere else to turn. Others, a criminal element, seized the opportunity to expand their business connections.

Crackers, chinks, wetbacks, sand niggers, any other minority were unwelcomed in Ebony City. Doctors, lawyers, anyone with a high level education were equally discriminated against. With the exception of a couple cities on the continent, it was for blacks only.

Police detectives like Ramirez and Tsao were rare. Born to immigrant families in the city, they fought and clawed to be seen as equals. The birth lottery wrote Ebony City as their address, instead of the Latin and Asian continents where they could be normal. If not for a new affirmative action program, they'd never have been admitted to the police academy.

No one knew why the Mayor finally implemented it, only that she did. A small ripple in the sea of discrimination. This isn't to say a natural born citizen couldn't be a cop, only that the acceptance and advancement bar sat higher. Both detectives went to the academy together, and both would bitch about the inequalities of life daily. Two kindred souls.

Ramirez clutched the intel disk, allowing Tsao to drive them back to the station house. The secondary reason for their beaming smiles was the pathetic sight of their limp dick, black colleagues. One sniff of their aroma and it'd get the point painfully across that they were cum dumps for white men, and white men alone. Minorities united in a singular cause to fight the racist, black supremacist government in the city-state.

"I got his contact info. Bet the others would enjoy dropping by to offer their protection," Ramirez informed Tsao.

"All the cum isn't lubing my cunt up. Fuck is it raw."

"That is what happens when you tell them to stick three cocks in your cunt too," Rebecca teased.

"I was jealous Rig only fucked you. Guess he only fucks putas and not slants."

"Just suck up to The Massa. Everyone knows slants are his favorite bitches to fuck."

"Please, he won't touch any of us. We're free range pussy. Didn't you see the interviews on CBC?" Tsao said.

"Guess not."

"Tape leaked of a conversation he had with that Cassie chick. Talk about a crush. She wanted him bad, like, breed me on live TV bad. He said no. He doesn't share."

"He shares, just not with men," Rebecca sighed.

"I've seen that look before," Tsao commented.

"What look?"

"That 'I'm in love' look."

"Fuck off, I'm too much of a slut to fall in love."

"No, you just never found a man who couldn't care less about sharing you. Big Rig your knight in shining armor?" Tsao teased. "I still can't believe I shoved my entire fist in you. I don't think The Massa is that big."

"I'm still too much of a slut, open relationship or not."

"Whatever, just keep me in the loop when you spend the night so I know to pick you up from your date."

"Are you going to tell me when you give Sandman a call? You were drooling like a hound dog," Rebecca teased back.

"Already got one set up for the end of the week. Going to bring me to a big party. Couples only event."

"Swingers party?"

"Never said. Don't care. More the better."

The car stopped at an intersection. A police cruiser parked next to a convenience store. Door open, and not a soul to be found.

"Wonder what is happening over there?" Tsao said.

"Nothing came over the radio. Better check it out just in case."

The unmarked car pulled into the lot. Both cops looked like they came out of a bukkake gangbang, but duty still called if an officer was in trouble. Peering through the window of the store, business looked normal as usual.

"Alleyway?" Ramirez asked.

Tsao led the way. One step into the alley and they could hear loud moaning.

"Fuck me, fuck me harder. Shove that homeless, cracker cock inside me," a female voice bellowed.

"Dammit, false alarm. Figured it'd be her. Should have checked the plates first," Tsao said.

"She has a major addiction, and the city's immigration problem is going to kill her."

"More like send her to heaven. Let's get out of here and back to the station house."

More cries of pleasure filled the air as the detectives went back to their car and drove off.

"So how many women in the force do you think are not sluts?" Ramirez asked.

"Not? One or two. Hard to tell. Not everyone broadcasts it like we do."

"Sarge told me there is a meeting on the weekend. Got a new girl to introduce if she passes an introductory tour with Sanchez."

"I hope he did a better job at vetting. I like payoffs," Tsao commented.

"Told me she is a Diamond Doll. Got the clothing and everything."

"Can be faked. Wearing a brand name doesn't make you a real Doll. How many people wear sports hats for teams they care nothing about because it was free or cheap?" Tsao countered.

"Sanchez will test her out. That was the mistake we made with LaTeesha. Sanchez didn't put her through the proper paces."

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