tagLoving WivesWho Ever Said Love was Easy?

Who Ever Said Love was Easy?


I guess we didn't have to get married but we decided to anyway especially after Andy found out she had a bun in the oven, just after our summer vacation. It just seemed like the right thing to do. We were serious about each other, hell we were living together, and we'd talked about marriage but I figured we'd wait until we were both a little more settled. However, after talking about it, I figured a fall wedding was in order that is if we didn't kill each other first.

Living with each other is one thing, but actually getting married would take our relationship to a whole new level. Now if she got pissed about something, she just couldn't walk out and be gone for a couple of days, we would have to sit down discuss the problem and act like a couple of adults, or try to anyway; that was the deal we reach a couple of months ago.

You see Andy had a fiery temper that came out of left when you least expected it. More than once we split up for a week or two because of it, but some how we always found our way back together. When she moved in with me we made a pact that we wouldn't go to bed mad. However, I guess that if you weren't physically in the apartment, that agreement was null and void.

The last time was about two and a half months ago, just before our vacation. We were saving for a weeklong summer vacation in the mountains of Tennessee. Her friends had rented a three-bedroom cabin on a lake and between us and another couple, we'd each have to pay a third of the cost plus food. We'd both agreed not to touch that money but as I heard, after the fact, there was this high-end shoe store going out of business that had prices to die for. The shoes and boots were fifty to seventy five percent off and I guess Andy went a little nuts.

Why is it, when a woman spends a ton on money on sales items, the first thing out of her mouth is, "look how much I saved." I guess I'll never understand that type of reasoning.

When I saw the four pair of shoes and three pair of boots I never gave it much thought; that is until the end of the month.

"Andy, did you take four hundred dollars out of our vacation fund?"

"I took it out a couple weeks ago when I went to that shoe sale. I didn't have enough to cover what I wanted so I just borrowed a few bucks from it."

"Four hundred dollars isn't a few bucks and we have to give Dan and Carol the money in less than a month, why didn't you say something?"

"Steve, the sale was too good to pass up. I must have saved us at least a thousand dollars," she said smiling. "That's where I bought that pair of hooker boots, you know the ones I wore last week with just red thong and half bra. The ones you say would give a dead man a hard on."

"I just wish you would have told me a head of time, now I'm going to have to switch money around to cover it."

"Steve, its not all your money it's my money to. You're talking like I went into your wallet and cleaned it out, lighten up a bit will you."

"You were the one who asked me to watch our money because you couldn't save a dime before. From now on, just ask me when you need any money, that's all."

"Steve, I make as much as you do, and I don't want to have to beg you for a couple of extra dollars when I see a good deal. I get paid Friday, I'll pay back the damn money," Andy said a little louder than when we started this conversation.

"That money also has to go for our monthly bills and food, or did you forget about that?"

I guess I should have just let it drop, but Andy was the one who made me responsible for our joint finances because she was always overdrawn. But now, it had gotten ugly.

"Jesus fucking Christ, if I could return the stuff I would but I can't it was on sale. Keep it up and that'll be the last time you ever see those boots again," she said digging in her heels.

Open mouth insert foot, because what I said next was just plain stupid on my part, but it was suppose to be something of a joke; but it wasn't taken that way.

"Talk's cheap, if you don't wear them for me, I can always find some ho that will."

The explosion could be heard two hundred miles away, as they say on the news about this disaster or that. All I know was that the front door almost came off its hinges when Andy left. The guy across the hall and the girl in the apartment next to ours wanted to know what happened but I just said we'd had a little disagreement.

"Hell, I'd hate to see what an argument between the two of you would look like," she said trying not to laugh.

Andy was gone for four days, a new record for her. She never even tried to call me, which was another first for her. After two days, I sucked it up and tried to track her down without much luck. Either everyone was playing dumb or they really didn't know where she was, which I found hard to believe.

Thursday night I came home and found her packing a bag. She didn't have a clue I was in the doorway as I watched her lay out two complete work outfits and put them in her overnight bag.

"Where do you want the rest of your stuff sent?" I said as she jumped at least a foot.

"Steve you scared the hell out of me. I just need to get away for a couple of days that's all."

"Andy if you leave tonight we're done, so if your serious about packing your going to need more than an overnight bag that's for sure," I said walking away.

"Steve, I said I just need a day or two, that's all I heard," as I walked down the hallway to the living room.

I turned the television on but as usual there was nothing on the hundred or so cable channels. I waited for Andy's next move. I'd decided that I wasn't going to put up with her attitude any longer, which meant we were either together or apart, nothing in between. The lease was in my name, so I knew I wasn't going anywhere.

I must have waited for a damn hour before I made my way back to our bedroom. I didn't have a clue if Andy was packing up all her stuff or was putting back the two outfits she'd laid out.

As I walked through the door I found her under the covers with her arms crossed behind the back of her head.

"I was giving you ten more minutes and then I was coming and find you. Sometimes you really are dense," she said pulling the covers back on my side of the bed.

I suppose it would have been smarter to have a serious conversation with her, about her out bursts, taking off for days at a time and not letting me know where in the hell she was, but the little brain in the head of my dick kept telling me that makeup sex would solve all our problems. And it did but only for a while.

At around five foot nine and about a hundred and thirty five pounds, Andy was no little girl. Even though I was a couple of inches taller than her, when she wore her shoulder length brown hair up and had on heels; she was every bit as tall as I was. Many a night we'd wrestled on the bed, her trying to pin my arms down. I'd always let her get just so far before flipping her over and taking full sexual advantage of her, and tonight was going to be no exception.

After slipping under the covers she garbed me, kissed me with a lot of tongue and then flipped me on my back. She straddled my waist, shoved her tongue half way down my throat as she tried her best to hold my hands down over my head. For once I let her take charge, just to see what she had in mind.

Moving her pussy back and forth over my dick made me hard in no time flat. I could feel her warm and wet pussy coating my dick as I pushed up against it every once in a while.

"Does my baby want a little relief," she teased as she rubbed a little faster and a lot harder.

My dick was as hard as it was going to get as I waited for to push forward towards its head. When she started to pull her pussy back, I pushed up and my dick slipped right into her.

"That was a little sneaky," Andy said as she continued to hump me putting my hands on her breasts. "I can't do it all, you're going to have to do your share now," she said closing her brown eyes and concentrating on her lower movements.

Andy didn't have big boobs or nipples. She was maybe a thirty-six b-cup but she loved her nipples played with. At just over a quarter of an inch long, even after sucking and twisting them her nipples hard were petite at best; but they were sensitive. She would moan and offer one then the other until they were almost blood red. When I was finally done with them and went looking for another item to play with, she would take over rubbing her own breasts and nipples.

She did however have one hell of a long clit. She liked to call it her baby penis. Soft it was just under a half inch but erect it was almost three quarters of and inch and as thick around as a pencil. She loved me to lick and suck it, and when we were screwing she always wanted me to massage it especially when she was on top.

Tonight Andy wanted it hard and deliberate. She ground her pussy onto my dick trying I think to take the top layer of skin off. With one hand I played with her nipples as the other one milked her clit. Besides her heavy breathing Andy was normally quiet but I could always tell when she was ready to let go. Her pussy muscles would tighten up and she'd grab both breasts and squeeze her nipples as she climaxed. Tonight, after we'd both climaxed, she didn't let up until I was soft and had fallen out of her cunt.

Thank God she wasn't on the rag. We never had sex when it was that time of the month, however it never stopped her from asking for a little oral stimulation on her clit. I got so good at it; I could get her off in less that fifteen minutes and that included me undressing. She always recepicated though and thank God wasn't at all shy about swallowing. I was just over seven inches and she had no problem taking me all the way up to my pubes. All in all, we had a great sex life; if Andy could just control her temper she'd be almost perfect.

"I needed that tonight, it was just what the doctor ordered," she said letting out a deep sigh as she wiped the sweat off her face depositing it on my chest as she now twisted my nipples. "You know, you would look so hot if you just let me wax your chest. A hairless chest is so sexy."

"Never going to happen. There is no way you're going to get within a hundred yards of me with hot wax."

"What would you say if I stopped waxing my pussy and let the hair grow out?"

"Babes, I'd just munch through the hair until I found that clit of yours and the rest would be history," I said with a laugh. "Besides, with a full bush you couldn't wear that tiny thing you call a swimsuit. If it got caught between your lips, it would look just like a piece of dental floss in a jungle of hair."

Life was pretty good after that night. She controlled her temper somewhat and we were both looking forward to our week off. If she just wasn't so damn bossy and did what I wanted we'd have no problems, well that's what I told her anyway.

"Steve, you can't always be in charge, you're the one who wants this to be a partnership there has to be some give and take."

"Andy, you're right," I told her giving her a tender kiss. "From now on, it's going to be your job to give and mine to take, that'll works for me," I said running away as she started to chase me.

The cabin was beautiful. It was on a lake and set in a ravine at the base of two tree covered mountains. The lake was clear enough to see the bottom, but the water was ice cold, way too cold to go swimming, for me anyways.

Andy and I took the loft bedroom, Dan and Carol the one off the deck by the hot tub and Ken and Randy wanted the one in the back, something about her making enough noise at night to keep everyone up.

"You guys want another beer?" I asked Dan and Ken.

"Naw, Carol gets pissed when I have too much to drink before dinner," Dan said finishing up what he had left in his bottle.

"How about you Ken?"

"I'm ok, I'll nurse this one until the steaks are done. I plan on having a glass of wine later anyway."

"Well I'm having another," I said walking back into the kitchen.

"Steaks done yet?" Carol asked.

"Not quite yet, give us about ten more minutes."

"Tell Dan I don't want him drunk at dinner tonight," Carol said going back to making the salad.

"Dan, the boss said to cut you off, no more alcohol for you buddy," I said in a sarcastic tone as I made the sound of a whip cracking. "I guess someone's a little whipped," I said with a laugh.

"Steve, you're not even married yet, talk to me six months after your married; then I'll see how high and mighty you are."

"Rhonda gave me all the pussy I could handle until I said I do, then it was if you don't do this, I won't," Ken followed up with. "I swear to God sometimes I think she says no just to piss me off, but if I get too upset, I don't get a whiff of it for a week or so."

"Well that's not how it's going to be with me," I said pumping up my chest.

"All right big guy, what are you going to do if she says no? Pout, yell, threaten to go out and get some strange stuff? I tried all that, nothing worked," Ken told me as Dan nodded in agreement. "Just for once I'd like the upper hand. I don't know what I'd do with it, but I'd just like to say when and how much for once," Ken said.

"These three, along with the rest of the sorority, were thick as thieves in college. No one, I mean no one got in between them, they saw to that. Even before we got married, if they had something planned, I always had to change my plans; it sucked," Dan added.

"Well, everything is almost perfect between Andy and me. She does have one flaw though, her temper. However, after the last time she exploded and booked for a couple of days I put my foot down. She's either with me or not," I said making my point.

"Yeah right, she spent those four days with Rhonda and I," Ken said. "She said you were going to have to get on your hands and knees and beg her to come back. You're saying that didn't happen?"

"Ken, I told her that if she left again, I was going to pack her shit up and send it to her. The apartment is in my name so I wasn't leaving. You just have to be firm with them and not take their bull shit."

"Spoken like a true single guy. Wait until she says you can't go to the land of milk and honey, you'll change your tune," they said now laughing at me.

"Aren't you guys done with those steaks yet?" Carol yelled out the door. "You burn them I'll have your ass Dan," she yelled.

"See what I mean?" Dan said giving her a mock salute.

I think I drank mine and Dan's share of the beer that night. Rhonda cut Ken off at two glasses of wine with an evil look when he went for glass number three. Andy had two glasses herself and I noticed that Carol and Rhonda were also feeling no pain.

"You guys are in tonight," I said giving them a thumbs up. "Get them softened up in the hot tub and they'll be putty in your hands."

After dinner I was the first one in the hot tub beer in hand. Carol and Rhonda joined me shortly there after and after ten more minutes the rest joined us. The water felt great and with the sun setting behind the mountains, it was just like being in one of those travel brochures.

"I'm going to the kitchen, anyone want another glass of wine or anything else?" I asked.

Rhonda wanted another glass and Dan started to ask for another beer before Carol gave him the look.

"Screw them all," I said as I brought back Dan and Ken opened beers, a full bottle of wine and extra glasses. I handed everyone their drinks and filled the wine glasses and made a toast. "To good friends," I said touching everyone's glass.

Needless to say, by the time we got out of the hot tub no one was feeling any pain. Dan and Carol were playing footsie under the water and were the first to leave. I had to tell Ken and Rhonda to get a room. I thought they were going to do it right in the hot tub for a while, which left Andy and I alone.

"Sir did you get me drunk so you could have your way with me," Andy said licking the rim of her wine glass. "Maybe you do deserve a little something for doing such a good job on those steaks," she slurred climbing on top of me and playing with my tonsils as I undid her tiny top.

I'd never had sex in a hot tub before and it did have both advantages and disadvantages. I sat on the edge of the tub as Andy gave me a great blowjob and with Andy's legs over my shoulders I was able to give her a good tongue lashing while we sat in the tub. The actual act though left a little to be desired, we needed more lubrication. While I was in her it was great, put when I flopped out, it was a little dry getting back in. Finally I just sat her on the edge of the tub and pounded away as she wrapped her legs around me. As I've always said, where there's a will there's a way.

Everyone slept in the following morning. I slipped back into Andy's pussy before she was fully awake and knocked off a chunk before breakfast. We took a shower, changed and went down to the kitchen. Since we were the first ones there, Andy made coffee and I started a batch of eggs and sausages. Within twenty minutes everyone was up, a few looking a little ragged.

"Anyone up to climbing the mountain across the lake?" I asked.

Both Ken and Dan said they were up to it but the girls just rolled their eyes and said for us to knock our selves out. I grabbed my camera with my long telephoto lens and we headed out.

All right I'm not in as good a shape as I thought I was. It took us almost two hours to make it all the way up but it was worth it, what a view. I was cursing myself for bring my camera as it felt like it weighted a hundred pounds by the time we hit the top.

"You guys get lucky last night?" I asked.

"No luck involved. Carol was so blasted I don't think she even remembered doing it last night," Dan said with a smile.

"Rhonda remembered," Ken told me. "We did it twice and she was sore as hell this morning. She said I was cut off for a couple of days or until she felt better, such is life," he told us.

"Don't give her a choice, just put a little KY on your dick, spread her legs and go for it. What's she going to yell rape?" They both laughed at me.

I then started looking through my camera lens, snapping picture after picture. About this time I'd wished I'd brought my wide-angle lens as I thought what a great picture it would be, the cabin, lake and the mountains behind it. That's when I lay on my stomach and zoomed in on the cabin.

I could see the cabin, the deck and saw that the girls were in the hot tub.

"What the fuck?" are the only words I could think of as I started taking picture after picture zooming in as close as I could. After about ten minutes, and about fifty shots later we headed back down the mountain. It took us a lot less time going down so much so that I ended up on my ass more than once as I found I was descending way too fast.

"Guys, it's Miller time," I said as we made our way back to the cabin telling each other what manly men we were and that we deserved blowjobs for our effort. We all looked at one another and laughed.

When we got back to the cabin, we all took showers after which I set up a round of beers.

"To the toughest men around," I said as we toasted each other chugging the first beer as the women looked on. "To the hottest and most beautiful women a man could ask for," I said taking a big swallow from my second beer.

"Just what the hell are you guys doing?" Andy said with the other two women behind her.

"Just relaxing for a minute before starting up the grill. I thought we might grill the salmon and the potatoes tonight."

"If you guys keep this up, you're going to be hammered long before we eat," Andy said in a tone I recognized only too well.

"Well I hope not, because I'm hopping for a lot of loving tonight after what we accomplished today," I replied in the same tone.

"Keep this up mister, you'll be sleeping by yourself on the deck," at which time both Rhonda and Carol backed her up as the guys started getting more than a little grief.

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