Who Shaves The Barber

byadam applebiter©

Suzy writhed under her lover, her tits feeling as though on fire as Kimmie pinched and pulled at her nipples. Mr Holmes always brought out the butch in Kimmie. She lifted her hips, wanting more of the latex stretching her. She mumbled urgent encouragement against Kimmie's open mouth and bucked hard against each thrust, contriving to slam the bulbous head of the dildo against her cervix. She squealed.

"FUCK ME!" She yelled, bouncing on the mattress under an onslaught from Kimmie's hips. "Fuck me hard!"

"Oh Baby." Kimmie whispered. "You've got such a hot, tight cunt." Kimmie would never use that word but, as Mr Holmes, she liked the verbal slap effect. "And you love a big cock filling it, don't you?"

"Yes... Ooh... Fill me. Fuck me!" Suzy squirmed as Kimmie pumped her.

"Ask nicely." Kimmie commanded, speeding up her long strokes, pulling almost out then driving in deep.

Suzy knew what was expected. "Please fuck me, Wilson... Please!...Aah!" She sighed as her cervix got battered by the latex cock again. She could feel the stretched walls of her pussy throbbing around the shaft and the warm stirring that presaged her first orgasm. "Please...fill me...Fill my CUNT!" She almost screamed as she felt Mr Holmes' head press through her cervix. Christ! It felt big. It always did. She felt the hard balls press against her crotch and knew she'd taken it all. Kimmie paused for a moment and Suzy caught her breath.

"Yeah, Bitch. Take it all." Kimmie growled. She started to stir Suzy's juices with slow circles of her hips against Suzy's butt. She propped herself up and watched as Suzy took over control of her own tits, kneading her flesh and twisting her own nipples hard. They were long and livid now and so tender that even light touches made Suzy gasp. Suzy was in no mood for light touches and her ungentle caresses made her breasts ache and burn. She moaned and gasped as her orgasm approached. Kimmie watched with lust, grinding the huge rubber cock inside Suzy's body harder as she made Suzy come.

"Oooh!....Yes...Yes...YESSSS!" Suzy hissed as her back arched and her climax rolled through her body with the unstoppability of a tidal wave. She sunk her teeth into Kimmie's shoulder to stifle the screams as her spasming muscles gripped the dildo and her orgasm reached a crescendo. She shook with ecstasy as one orgasm crashed into another and still a third before she slumped back on the bed, glossy with perspiration, breasts heaving as she fought for breath. Kimmie's shirt was dark with their sweat and its clamminess was pleasantly cool against Suzy's skin as Kimmie rested back down on top of her. The dildo was still rooted in Suzy's sopping wet hole.

Gently, Kimmie started to ease the rubber toy out.

"Not yet, Wilson." Suzy barely breathed. She wrapped her arms around Kimmie and held her close, feeling the huge dildo still inside her.

Kimmie nuzzled Suzy's neck, very conscious of her own pussy's heat and the pressure of the dildo harness against her groin.

Suzy purred and snuggled close, feeling little aftershocks of muscular contraction around Mr Holmes. She wondered if she'd ever be lucky enough to have a real cock behind her bellybutton, instead of rubber. It must be awesome, she thought, to feel a cock like that unload inside her womb. Maybe one day...

Suzy's arms relaxed and, ever so gently, Kimmie eased out of her. As Mr Holmes flopped onto the duvet cover, Kimmie watched with satisfaction as Suzy's gaping pussy slowly contracted back, juices trickling out and down her ass crack.

"It's a good job I don't fancy the Professor." Suzy said, with a grin. "I don't think Mr Holmes would all fit in my ass, but I know you'd try real hard."

Kimmie unbuckled the harness and tossed Mr Holmes onto the floor. "Ever seen the back end of a baboon? A prolapsed rectum looks just like that." She made a face of disgust. "Best stick to fingers."

"And tongues." Suzy reached for Kimmie's crotch, sliding a hand sideways between her thighs and drawing her closer.

"And tongues." Kimmie agreed. She squirmed around and threaded her legs under and over Suzy's, bringing her achingly neglected pussy down against Suzy's sloppy labia.

"Kimmie-Kimmie likes rimmie-rimmie!" Suzy chanted with a sing-song lilt. Her hips rotated against Kimmie's, pressing crotch to crotch.

"You love it too, you dirty slut." Kimmie slipped a hand underneath their gyrating butts and teased a fingertip into Suzy's asshole.

Suzy took her lead from Kimmie and reached under to return the favour, wiggling her ring finger two knuckles deep in Kimmie's ass and grinding her pubic bone faster against Kimmie's clit. She could feel their mingling juices oozing over her hand and onto the bed. She pulled her finger out to make use of the natural lube, easing two fingers back into Kimmie. She could feel the temperature between them rising and lay back flat so that her other hand was free to rub over both their clits.

Kimmie bucked against her, desperate for her own orgasm. It wasn't long arriving and Kimmie wailed as her insides trembled, spasmed and contracted, squeezing hard on Suzy's fingers and drenching them as she came and came. Flopping back on the bed, she let her finger slip from Suzy's ass and felt Suzy's fingers ease out of her own.

"I needed that." Kimmie said, still panting.

"You're never gonna try Mr Holmes, are you?" Suzy crawled around to cradle Kimmie's head against her bosom.

"Boys have never been my thing. Mr Holmes is your therapy, not mine."

"C'mon! You know you love fucking me with it."

"Sure I do. I love watching you take it. I just don't feel the need to have my pretty little butterfly impaled on that thing. Are you cured of your perverse desire for Wilson Prendergast now?"

"I don't know. Ask me again, tomorrow night." Suzy's eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Tart!" Kimmie snapped.

"Dyke!" Suzy retorted

"Exhibitionist wanton!"

"Butt Slut!"


"Lover." Suzy repeated, kissing Kimmie before extricating herself from the tangle of limbs to go to the bathroom. Name-calling was a frequent game for them and always ended the same way. It was their thing: their way of not saying "I love you."


After the weekend, Suzy took a call from Michael, the shyest of last week's bachelor boys.

"Suzy Stewart." She answered her phone.

"... Miss Stewart, it's Michael...Michael Loftus. Wilson gave me your number... You cut my hair last week?"

"Oh, Michael. Yes. How did the wedding go?"


"Good. What can I do for you?"

"Well, its my cousin's birthday next week and... Look, this is a bit unusual. Feel free to say no..."

"I always feel free to say no, Michael. What's unusual?"

"My cousin... you see, he used to be a real jock, but he's quadriplegic... A skiing accident. And, well, with it being his thirtieth birthday-"

"You thought you'd buy him a haircut?"

"Exactly. I think he misses the attention of pretty girls since his accident. And since his whole life now is look but don't touch-"

"No problem, Michael. When were you thinking of doing this?" Suzy didn't care about the guy's disability. Not having to dodge surreptitious gropes was a good thing in her line of work.

"Well, as soon as possible I suppose."

"Well, I'm free tomorrow afternoon. Would that suit? Or Wednesday, quite late."

"Tomorrow would be great... Er... Do you mind if I bring the camcorder along again?"

"Silly boy!" Suzy almost laughed at his timidity. "Of course not. It's a birthday present after all. He should -- You didn't tell me his name."


"William should have something to remember the occasion by." And you'll get another good eyeful. She thought. "What's the address?"


Suzy listened to the gravel crunching under her shoes as she carried her bag up the driveway to William's front door. She pulled the old fashioned bell and listened to the muted ringing inside the house.

Michael answered the door, already looking flustered and she was still dressed.

"Hello again." She smiled warmly and stepped past him into a long and rather gloomy hallway.

"Hello." Michael closed the door carefully. He heard a soft thump behind him as Suzy put her bag down. Turning, he saw her reaching for her poppers.

"Where shall I put this?" She slipped off her uniform and held it out to him.

"I-I'll hang it up for you." He took the lilac garment from her.

"Just one moment." She stopped him as he was about to walk past her. Suzy hooked her thumbs into her panties and yanked them down to her ankles, stepping out of them. The balled up the white cotton undies and tucked them into the pocket of her dress. "There. Now you can hang it up." She gave him a totally innocent and completely non-sexual look, quite at odds with her nudity. Michael gave up trying to think of some response and went to the cloakroom with her clothes.

When Michael returned, Suzy was standing by the front door, bag in hand, waiting. "This way, please." Michael beckoned, opening the nearest door and gesturing for her to go in. She made a point of coming within a hair's breadth of brushing her nipples against him as she passed.

"You must be William." Suzy spoke to the young man in a very high backed electric wheelchair. She could see that he must have been very handsome before breaking his neck. His hair was light blonde and his blue eyes moved freely over her body.

"And you must ... be Suzy." William could only speak when he was breathing out. Suzy wasn't surprised because she'd seen Christopher Reeve after his accident. "Michael has ... told me all about ... the bachelor party."

"Did you see the video they made?" Suzy struck a pose in front of him, letting the poor guy enjoy the view.

"Not yet. Michael ... said it would spoil ... my surprise." His gaze had settled on her bare crotch. Suzy knew why.

"My girlfriend left that there." Suzy glanced down at her mons veneris and the pearly pink lipstick print decorating it. "She likes to mark her territory." Suzy was all too aware how men reacted when she said she was lesbian. "Shall we make a start?" She turned her back on William to rummage in her bag for scissors, etc. "Michael, Honey, didn't you want to film it."

"Er... sure. Sorry." Michael pulled his eyes away from her pert bottom.

"Don't apologize, honey. Looking's allowed. William, does that headrest move at all? Only its in the way a bit."

"Sure. Its detachable ... Michael? Would you ... do the honours?"

Michael went behind the wheelchair and unclipped the high headrest. William's head lolled slightly.

"Are you ok like that?" Suzy looked concerned.

"For a while. My ... neck gets tired ... after a few minutes."

"Well just let me know if you feel tired." Suzy sprayed water onto William's hair and ran the comb through it. "Any particular style you had in mind?"

"I'm entirely in ... your hands." William said, preoccupied with the proximity of Suzy's perky nipples to his face.

Suzy smiled to herself as she got to work. He certainly seemed to be enjoying her. She ignored Michael moving around with the camcorder glued to one eye and chatted with William as if they were alone.

"Are all these trophies yours?" Suzy asked, gesturing to the silverware on almost every flat surface in the room.

"Memories." William replied. "Of happier times."

"I've got a certificate for hairdressing." Suzy never mentioned her true academic achievements. A naked hairdresser had to be a bit of a bimbo, didn't she? So Suzy played the part.

"And a world class ... tush."

"Why thank you, William."

"Sorry. That ... was impolite. I ... often say too ... much because I ... can only talk."

"Silly. It wasn't impolite. It's nice to be appreciated. You wouldn't believe how many guys get really shy as soon as my knickers come off." She moved around to the other side of the wheelchair. "Michael, Honey. Get lots of shots of my tush." She wiggled it suggestively. "William here is an ass man." She'd already noticed that the camera had spent a lot of time behind her anyway.

"Thank you." William smiled weakly.

"It is your birthday present. Besides, I'm a wanton exhibitionist. At least, that's what my girlfriend tells me." She moved around to trim his fringe and, on an impulse, let her mound press against his hand on the arm of his chair. She thought she detected a slight movement of his fingers but only ever so slight. She concentrated on her comb and scissors and kept her crotch pressed there for a couple of minutes. Suzy had a lot of sympathy for William. Here was a guy who must have had cheerleaders queuing up to twirl his baton and now had no hope of having sex ever again. A little touch of pussy was like his trophies -- a reminder of better times. It was actually the furthest she'd ever gone with a customer and only because she knew absolutely that it could not possibly go any further. Still, her nipples crinkled at the thought of what Kimmie would do when she found out.

Suzy finished cutting William's hair and packed up her things.

"Happy thirtieth birthday." She kissed his forehead while Michael fumbled with the headrest.

"Thank you, Suzy... For everything." His eyes flicked momentarily to his hand. There was a bright pink smear of lipstick across it.

Suzy noticed the lippie too. She glanced down at the smudged remains of Kimmie's lip print and smiled. "Any time, William. Michael has my number." It was always worth reminding customers that their hair needed cutting regularly.

In the hallway, Suzy slipped on her dress and panties, pocketed the money Michael paid her, noticing the very healthy tip, pecked him on the cheek for good measure and left.


Parked outside her next customer's house, Suzy was just cleaning off the pink smudge with a baby wipe when her mobile phone started to vibrate it's way along the dashboard, trilling for attention. She answered it.

"Suzy Stewart."

"Miss Stewart. Wilson Prendergast. Is now a convenient time to discuss the corporate contract I mentioned?"

"Mr Prendergast! I was going to call you after my next client. I have to be somewhere in five minutes." Suzy tried to hide the excitement in her voice, and not at the prospect of a big gig. He needn't have bothered introducing himself: As soon as he said her name she recognised his voice -- and her other hand was still inside her knickers, removing lipstick. She wondered if she should mention that.

"Ah. I thought perhaps you'd forgotten, or were... not interested."

"Wilson. Has a girl ever 'forgotten' to call you? And I'm very interested... in the corporate work." She hoped he wouldn't notice the pause. She also pulled her hand out of her pants, suddenly aware that she'd unconsciously been stroking herself.

"I'll let you get to work then."

"Thank you. I'll call you in an hour or so."

"I shall look forward to it, Miss Stewart." He hung up on her before she had a chance to say "Call me Suzy".

Call-me-slutty was more like it, she thought, looking at the crumpled tissue in her hand and feeling that familiar warmth between her legs. Well, never mind that now. If it showed, a little dew on the petals would be a treat for Mr Jenkins.

Suzy locked the car and walked up the path to ring Mr Jenkins' bell.


"You didn't?" Kimmie's fork paused halfway to her mouth.

"I did." Suzy affirmed, taking another bite of garlic bread. "Mmm. This is really good."

"Don't change the subject. What happened to boundaries?"

"If you'd seen him, you'd understand. The poor guy couldn't even move his fingers for a proper feel. I just felt sorry for him because he'd been such a jock and... well, to go from a high pussy diet to nothing but memories must be so awful for him."

"Yeah, breathing through a machine and needing nappies: no problem. But no more pussy: now that's hard."

"That's awful!" Suzy dropped her cutlery and fled the room.

Kimmie realized too late that she'd misread Suzy's motives. She was used to Suzy's exhibitionism and had naturally assumed her girlfriend had just been taking advantage of a safe opportunity to push her limits a little. Now, following Suzy to the bedroom and finding her sobbing into a pillow, she knew how wrong she'd got it. She sat on the bed beside Suzy and teased her hair away from her damp cheek.

"I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I just thought..." Kimmie's tone was contrite and concerned.

"You just thought I was playing games." Suzy sniffled. "But I wasn't, Kimmie. I wasn't."

"I know." Kimmie drew Suzy's head onto her lap and caressed her hair. "I know." Then she shut up and let Suzy cry awhile.

"I just wanted to give him some new memories." Suzy broke the long silence. "That's all it was. Just a sexy memory."

Kimmie reached down and pressed the backs of her fingers against the front of Suzy's pants. "Is this where his hand was?"

Suzy took Kimmie's hand and pushed it further between her legs, trapping it between warm denim. "There." She turned her head just enough to look up into Kimmie's eyes.

"And he couldn't do this?" Kimmie twisted her hand the right way around, cupping the crotch of Suzy's jeans.

"No." Suzy husked, fumbling with her own buttons.

"Or this?" Kimmie slipped her hand into the jeans, pressing the cotton gusset of Suzy's panties hard between her labia.


"Or this?" A finger hooked the cotton aside and slipped past it into the moist folds of Suzy's vagina.

Suzy said nothing. Her head moved almost imperceptibly from side to side.

"Or this?" Kimmie's thumb pressed against her inserted finger, pinching one of Suzy's lips. Suzy gasped as Kimmie pulled, stretching her. Kimmie, seeing Suzy's mouth open, crammed her tongue into it, kissing her roughly.

Suzy responded. Her hands pulled at Kimmie's clothes, finally extricating one breast from its cup and tweaking the perky nipple as hard as she could. By unspoken agreement, they released each other and stripped off their own clothes.

There was a brief wrestling match to be on top, which Suzy won when she managed to pin Kimmie's head between the pillows and her butt. For some reason, finding herself with a faceful of bare ass, Kimmie didn't resist.

Clinging to her girlfriend's thighs, Kimmie buried her tongue in the musky folds of Suzy's pussy, spreading her own legs as wide as possible by way of invitation and squirming with pleasure as soft lips closed over her clit.

Pick an odd number between 68 and 70. 69, right? It may not be much of a trick but it certainly felt magic. With a mouthful of pussy and a pussy full of tongue, the girls licked each other towards orgasm. It was one of those rare occasions when Kimmie came first, thrusting her hips up against Suzy's face and clinging to her girlfriend's waist, her moaning and whimpering muffled by the pussy pressed against her mouth. Kimmie trembled as her climax rolled on, seemingly forever. Eventually, Suzy let her collapse back onto the sheets, ignoring Kimmie's clit and gently lapping the nectar that glistened on puffy labia. The little aftershocks this caused, made Kimmie clench handfuls of bedding as Suzy's tongue cleaned her.

Suzy's own pussy was sopping wet too. Poised tantalisingly close to Kimmie's face, it glistened in the dim light of their bedroom. Kimmie pulled Suzy's flanks down onto her mouth, not having the energy to lift her head. Suzy sat up, planting her crotch firmly on Kimmie's face and rocking, feeling the hard bridge of Kimmie's nose against her lips. She eased forward, feeling a rough tongue travel from her clitoral hood, along her puffy slit, dip momentarily into her pussy, pass on over her perineum and tickle her anus. She held still, letting Kimmie's burrowing tongue work on her ass. Ooh that felt sexy. She slid back, dragging her pussy back over Kimmie's mouth until the prone girl was sucking on her clit like a vacuum cleaner.

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