tagIncest/TabooWhole Famn Damily Ch. 01

Whole Famn Damily Ch. 01


Abstract: Two days before his sister's wedding, Paul awakens to find all the women in his family transformed into hyper-sexualized versions of themselves. The whole family seems to be living a waking fantasy as sexual tensions escalate and taboos disintegrate. Contains elements of sci-fi/fantasy, incest/taboo and group sex.

Essential Dramatis Personae:

Paul: Narrator. 26-year-old graduate student. Second of four children.
Anthony. 28-year-old civil servant. Oldest of four children.
Ted. 24-year-old lieutenant in the US Army. Youngest brother.
Cassie. 22-year-old private in US Army. Youngest child. Getting married in two days.
Elaine. 55-year-old housewife. Mother of the bride.
Austin. 60-year-old attorney. Father of the bride.
Bridget. 27-year-old attorney. Cousin of the bride (mother's side). Only child.
Liz. 52-year-old teacher. Aunt of the bride (mother's side). Widow. Elaine's sister.
Allie. 56-year-old housewife. Aunt of the bride (father's side). Austin's sister.
Jake. 25-year-old publishing assistant. Cousin of the bride (father's side). Older of two.
Mark. 19-year-old student. Cousin of the bride (father's side). Younger of two.
Mack. 58-year-old financial consultant. Uncle of the bride (father's side).

Chapter One

Something wasn't right. I'm not sure how I knew, but from the moment I woke up that morning, three days before Christmas, I knew the world was off. I felt detached: my brain was clouded but my thoughts clear. I felt as though I were walking on air. The world around me wasn't entirely real. When I blinked, the world shimmered, shifted, for but a fraction of an instant, just before my vision disappeared.

So perhaps I should have been prepared for what happened when I went down to the kitchen. But I wasn't.

My mother was at the stove, cooking breakfast. My aunt sat at the table, a mug of coffee in one hand. Normal enough, right? Except my mother and my aunt bore no more than a passing resemblance to my mother and my aunt, as I knew I should remember them. They were different women, with only a few core features similar enough for their intended identities to register in my mind.

My mother wore thigh-high leggings and a steel gray dress. Her ass was practically hanging out as she leaned over the stove. Her ass was big and round, but relatively firm. You couldn't fit her cheeks in your hands. Yet her waist was much slimmer than it ought to have been. Her heaving breasts were obvious even from behind. I'd never considered my mother an unattractive woman, but this woman was built from lustful dreams.

She wasn't really my mother. There was no reason to feel guilty about the rush of blood to my loins then. Could I help it if this woman who had my mother's hair, height and little else was rapidly arousing me?

Aunt Liz looked even less like her true self. My aunt was in better shape than my mother, but the woman who was sitting at my kitchen table was in better shape than most teenage girls. She wore a tight floral pattern t-shirt and even tighter mini-skirt. Her skin was firm, her age suddenly reduced by a decade or more. A noticeable bulge extended forward from my mesh shorts as I took in the transformed members of my family.

Even stranger was that neither my aunt nor my mother appeared aware that they looked different, nor of the raging hard-on I was sporting. We ate breakfast, talking about plans for my sister Cassie's wedding as though everything were normal.

I shamelessly stared at the both of them, but that also went unnoticed. I couldn't figure out what was going on, or what the rules were. If I could get away with sporting an erection and staring at them, what else could I get away with?

As I ate my eggs and tried to build up the courage to figure out the answer to that question, my sister and my younger brother came down the stairs. My brother looked about the same as usual, perhaps a bit more built. My sister was a bit different, but not as much as my mother and aunt were. Of course, she was young and beautiful to begin with. In fact, the over-sexualized version of her (if that's what these were) pretty much only differed from my sister in that her complexion was fair as crème and perfectly smooth, and she was a touch slimmer.

She wore tight black shorts and a red tank-top, both clinging quite tightly to her voluptuous figure. She was not as full-figured as mom, nor as athletic as Aunt Liz. She was a dark-haired fair-skinned hourglass with lips that had me ready to drool.

And somewhere in the last ten minutes, I'd decided not to even think about how guilty I knew I should be feeling. My sister actually still looked a good deal like my sister, but none of this felt real anyway.

My Aunt Allie and my cousins were due to arrive tomorrow. I wondered if this strange dream would still be going then, and if I'd get to see a sexed-up version of my other aunt, or if reality would have restored itself by then.

My mother reminded my sister of all the chores she had to run that day, my sister "yeah, yeah, yeah"-d her, and to all appearances it was a normal morning at my house. But I did notice my brother was as aware of the changes as I was. He too could not stop staring at the women of our family, although he was being more discrete than I'd been earlier. Perhaps he hadn't figured out that I was seeing it too.

After we finished eating, my mother wasted no time in convincing my brother to drive my sister to the mall and wherever else she had to go to run her errands. My brother sighed, looked as though he were about to complain, and then swallowed his thoughts when my mother stared at him. Her appearance was drastically different, but this version of my mother could lay a silent guilt-trip every bit as well as my actual mother could. My aunt volunteered to go with them, though whether it was because she thought my sister needed help or just wanted to be a part of the preparations, I couldn't have said.

After they left, my mother told me I should go make sure my older brother was up. She had separate errands for him to run too, and she didn't want him putting them off all day. Knowing my brother, it would take him a couple of hours to fix himself breakfast (he wouldn't eat anything my mother made without a lecture about how bad it was for you), get dressed, and actually leave the house.

As I climbed the stairs to my brother's room, I heard my cousin's giggling coming from inside. I stopped and waited a few moments. Anthony and Bridget were always closer than any of the other cousins, except maybe me and Jack. But there were friendly sounds and then there were friendly sounds. I didn't think my brother had just told a particularly good joke.

I knocked on the door. After a few moments and some hushed whispers I couldn't make out, my brother asked who it was.

"Just making sure you're up. Mom says you should have breakfast and so on, she wants you to go pick up your tux and so on before too long."

"How soon?" he asked.

"No later than noon," I said. A full two and half-hours away.

He made a loud huff. "Whatever. I'll be ready."

More whispers.

"Why don't you come in? We're just hanging out," Bridget said.

Now that was weird. My brother never wanted to include me on anything, and it sure sounded like they were busy doing something they wouldn't want interrupted. But my curiosity won out over my better sense, and I said okay and opened the door, curious to see not only whether my cousin had changed the way the rest of the women in the family had but whether there were telltale signs of their "hanging out".

Yes and no. Bridget did not look her normal self, but neither was in a particularly obvious state of disarray.

But my cousin was not exactly dressed for hanging around, watching tv in her cousin's bedroom. She was dressed for the bedroom though, that was for sure.

She wore a tank-top, panties, thigh-high stockings, and a heels. Like my sister, she looked basically like she usually did, but a little more toned, and her complexion was perfectly clear.

My cousin had always been thinner than I liked my women, but she was undeniably a beautiful woman. She lacked the curves the rest of the women in our family had. I doubted if she was a B cup. But she still looked pretty appealing sitting there half-naked, one slender thigh crossed over the other, a little peek of her panties showing.

Anthony, like my younger brother Ted, was a bit fitter than normal but otherwise looked pretty much the same. He was only wearing his boxers.

The television was turned to the news, telling me they'd obviously quickly changed the channel. Or had been watching a dvd. My cousin was into current events, but not my brother. Being informed never seemed as important to him as being tan or being fit.

"Anything new in the news?" I asked with a straight face.

"Man, why the fuck you think they call it the news?" my brother said. "Dipshit."

"True," I said. I think my brother actually believed I was being serious.

I sat on the floor and watched the news. My brother sat next to my cousin, his arm behind her on the bed, but not quite touching her. They asked me what everyone else was up to, but didn't really pay attention to the answer before my brother broke off into a story about something his roommate had done last weekend that was apparently very funny, although why it was so humorous was lost on me.

After a minute or two they began whispering again. Sitting only a few feet from them, I still couldn't entirely make out what they were saying. But I did catch Bridget saying, "oh, he won't care, I guarantee you."

My brother didn't argue, but neither did he ask me if I minded whatever it was they were talking about. A moment later, I had my answer, as my brother produced a joint, lit it up, and passed it to Bridget.

Well, fuck it, as long as we're being open. "So what were you really watching?" I asked after they both started giggling at nothing in particular.

They stared at each other in silence.

Bridget pulled the remote out from under the pillow. "Just this," she said, and turned the dvd back on.

The screen went blue as she changed to the input channel before the movie came back on. Then a woman in nothing but high-heels filled the screen, as two guys filled her. Bridget turned the sound down low so we could barely hear the woman moaning about how she loved being double-fucked.

"Funny as hell, isn't it?" Bridget asked.

"Yeah," I said. But despite the giggling a few moments ago, neither was laughing.

I could tell from where I was sitting that my cousin was getting a little wet. And suffice to say, my brother appeared to be enjoying the movie too.

"You don't mind? This isn't too much for you?" my brother asked. His hand, meanwhile, crept its way across Bridget's thigh towards her crotch.

"Just because I watch what I say around the family more than you doesn't mean I'm straight-edge," I said. "Some people know how to be discrete."

My cousin laughed. She spread her legs apart ever so slowly, allowing my brother easier access. "That's good," she said. "Discretion is definitely key." One hand made its way towards my brother's shorts, the other slid up her shirt and teased one of her rapidly hardening nipples. "I told him you could keep a secret. If you couldn't, he'd have been disowned by now for any number of reasons, I'm guessing."

She was right, although fucking members of the family was one of few crimes my brother had committed that I was keeping to myself. But that was obviously about to change.

Bridget puller her slender knees up to her chest and slid her panties off. She kicked them at me and they landed on my head. She giggled, but the giggle quickly gave way to contented moans as my brother pressed his palm against her mound and worked his fingers inside her.

"Mmm," she said. "Are you just going to sit there and watch, or are you going to show me what you can do with that tongue besides snap witty lines at your brother?" she asked.

I sat in shock for a moment as she got to her knees, her ass just about hanging off the bed, and took my brother's waiting cock into her mouth from the side. Just before his eyes rolled back inside his head, he gave me the thumbs up and then pointed at her bare ass.

Okay, okay, what the hell. Obviously none of this is entirely real. Why should I feel awkward about it? There was a sexy woman aiming her pussy at me, begging me to service her, so service her I would.

My thumb accidentally brushed her asshole as I worked. Around my brother's cock, she managed to mumble a sound of surprise. Clearly welcome surprise. My brother, guessing what had happened, wasted no time in reaching behind the bed to his desk and pulling out a bottle of lube without his cock ever leaving Bridget's seemingly expert handling. He handed it to me over her back.

I placed a few generous drops on my fingers and began fingering Bridget's ass with one hand, the other working her G-spot while my tongue worked her labia and clitoris. Judging by the muffled sounds she made, she enjoyed it greatly.

Apparently my brother enjoyed the moaning. He grabbed her hair and bucked his hips, thrusting into her mouth. She didn't complain or try to withdraw. It looked as though she took every last drop, because when she came up from his lap smiling, she was clean.

"Your turn," my brother said. "You've never had head like that."

He was right. I sat on the bed and presented my cock to my cousin, and she showed me skill I'd never seen. She started out slow, teasing, running the very tip of her tongue up and down the base of my cock before easing the whole length down her throat. She toyed with my balls with the backs of her nails as she worked. Every so often, she would take it all, her nose rubbing against my trimmed pubes. But mostly she worked the sensitive head, using her lips and tongue in equal measure. I was heaven.

My brother, meanwhile, was in her pussy. All the way in. And smacking her ass every few thrusts, which made her moan contentedly on my dick.

Shamefully, I didn't last even a minute. Anthony was right, I'd never had head half that good. Of course, I'd been with maybe a quarter as many girls as my brother, but I'd still thought I knew what a good blowjob was. I realized now I only knew what an okay blowjob was.

Bridget slid me out of her mouth, her lips never leaving my cock until they met at the tip. "Mmm. You boys aren't afraid of getting a little closer are you? I always wanted to try two at once."

Who was going to say no at this point?

"You're on the bottom, bitch," Anthony said.

Bridget shrugged and shoved my shoulders, toppling me onto my back. She laughed as she straddled me. Taking my rapidly hardening cock in her hand, she gave me a few pumps before guiding me into her slit. She was unbelievably tight. Well, perhaps not unbelievably, since she was a good deal smaller than any girl I'd ever fucked before. But it sure felt amazing. It took her a few seconds to get all the way on. She smiled ear to ear and leaned forward, giving my ear a playful nibble. "I'm going to milk you dry," she said. "Just lay there and let your brother do the work."

I wasn't going to argue.

A moment later, I felt my brother's legs against the outside of mine. As she worked his way into her lubricated ass, I felt the pressure against my dick, nothing but a thin membrane separating us.

Bridget lost her breath. My brother waited a moment for her to recover before working up his rhythm. With each thrust both me and Bridget shuddered. She was biting her lip so hard I thought it would bleed. She dug her nails into my shoulders, and I'm pretty sure I did bleed. But the look on her face made it clear that she loved every second of it.

It was an awkward sensation physically, to say nothing of the mindjob of having my brother's cock separated from mine by a thin part of my cousin's body. But it didn't take long to get caught up in it. I would've expected to last longer my second time, but the whole experience was different, so wrong, so overwhelming, I couldn't control myself. Within another minute, all three of us got off.

"Wow," Bridget said. "Just wow."

"We better go shower. Why don't you make sure mom isn't looking for us," my brother said. Without waiting for my response, he took Bridget's hand and led her out into the hall towards the bathroom.

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