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Whole Lotta Love


NOTE - this story is written as if told by a woman from the London area, using local language and modes of speech. I think it adds authenticity - I knew several 'Janices' and 'Melanies' in my younger days, and it's how they would tell it.

The band Black Widow really existed, and did have a stage show (in their early days) in which they 'sacrificed' a naked woman onstage. The rest is entirely fiction.



It was all Janice's idea. She says to me "I got tickets for the Black Widow gig at the Rainbow on Friday. You wanna come?" I was surprised that she didn't want to take her boyfriend Dave, but she said "He ain't interested. He's off to Manchester for the footie. Tell the truth, I stopped fancying him. But I tell you what. I don't half fancy that Kip Trevor, what sings with Black Widow. He can sacrifice me any time."

Back in the early seventies, Black Widow was getting a lot of interest because of their black magic stage show. They used to get a girl on stage, get her to strip off and pretend to sacrifice her with a big knife. Janice wasn't sure whether the girl was always the same one or whether they just got someone out of the audience. It all seemed a bit creepy to me, but I liked their music and I'd never been to a proper gig at a proper theatre before, so I said yes.

My mum and dad didn't like me going out to things like gigs, but after I turned 18 and I'd done my 'A'-Levels, I was pretty much free to do what I liked during the day and I'd told them I was staying over with Janice on Friday, so that was that sorted. I asked Janice what I should wear and she said she was going in her new mini-dress. I wore my tie-dyed t-shirt and my purple velvet mini-skirt. We must have thought it was Top of the Pops rather than a rock gig -- God we were green in those days! We got in easy enough, and I got us two Bacardi-and-cokes at the bar -- they were bleeding expensive! Then we went in. Janice had got tickets in the stalls -- the Rainbow wanted everyone sitting down. We sat through the support band -- I think they was called T2, and all I remember was that the drummer sang -- and then there was like an interval.

During the interval, they played a lot of rock music that was popular at the time, including 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin. "I love this song" Janice said, jiggling about in her seat. "It's quite rude if you listen to the words."

I listened, and I could tell that it was about sex -- all that 'way down inside' stuff, and 'I'm gonna give you every inch of my love'. I didn't understand what Robert Plant meant when he says at the end 'I'm gonna be your back-door man'. I was a bit green in those days -- well, I was still a virgin. Most 18-year olds were back in the 70s.

When the band came on stage, everyone sort of rushed to the front, and Janice and me got wedged-in right by the rail, so we was looking up at the band. I could see what Janice meant when she said she fancied Kip Trevor. He came on in these really tight trousers and no shirt, with long dark hair hanging down to his shoulders and these big, smouldering eyes. He pranced around the stage and you could see his muscles and his hair flailing about and the sweat sort of gleaming on his body under the lights. Lots of their songs were sort of about black magic. I didn't know anything about that sort of thing -- and I reckon they didn't either -- but they kept getting in all the papers; well at least the ones my mum and dad read. If they'd known where I was that night they'd have had a fit!

Anyway, Kip Trevor keeps looking at me and Janice, like he's eyeing us up, giving us the come-on. We're lapping it up -- like I said, he was really fit and we were so dizzy from the Bacardi and the atmosphere. I'm sure there were people around us smoking pot, so we probably had a bit of than and all. Then they get to 'Come to the Sabbat' -- their big finale. Kip announces he needs a young maiden from the audience to be his sacrifice for the evening, and I felt goosebumps going up and down my body. I was thinking 'Please don't pick me' but at the same time wanting to be picked.

Then he jumps down into the orchestra pit, comes straight up to us and says 'You -- you are my chosen one,' pointing straight at Janice. Janice sort of squealed and put her hands to her face, then Kip and this other bloke just lifted Janice over the barrier.

I called out "Janice!" afraid that I'd be left on me own and also dead jealous that she'd been picked and not me. I noticed Kip look at another bloke and nod in my direction, and the next thing I know, he's lifting me over the barrier. They're taking Janice up on stage, but the other bloke -- suppose he was a roadie or something -- keeps me in the pit.

Up on stage, the lights are all going funny -- green and red and lots of smoke. Kip is looking at Janice, and says into the microphone "And what is your name, my pretty?", then pointing the mike at her. When Janice says her name, Kip says "I shall call you Jardis, the White Witch." Seems he didn't think that 'Janice' was mysterious and black-magicky enough or something.

Anyway, the next thing that happens is that the band starts up this rhythm, and Kip starts this chant, and the audience sort of joins in. And then Kip hands his microphone to some other guy and throws a big black cloak around Janice and turns her around to face the back of the stage. Two blokes then hold the edges of the cloak out like a screen, and Kip says something to Janice and starts doing something. I noticed one of the roadies go off to the side of the stage, and I seen that he was carrying Janice's dress. They'd been undressing her, right there on the stage! I couldn't believe it!

Then they dropped the cloak back around her and turn her back to the audience. I can see she's nervous -- perhaps a bit frightened. She's got this sort of crown on and some weird make-up on her face, and she's covered from the neck to the floor in this long cloak. And Kip's dancing around her, and the chant breaks into 'Come to the Sabbat', and the lights are all flashing in time to the music. Then when they get to the final bit he just quietens everything down and there's just the drums and a lot of people chanting 'Come, come, come to the Sabbat, come to the Sabbat, Satan's there!' over and over again. Then the roadies come back on stage with like a big round table with a thing called a pentagram painted on it. They put it up behind Janice. Then Kip says something to her and she lifts her arms up and above her head.

The cloak opens up, and underneath she's starkers. I can see she's embarrassed, a bit scared and pretty turned on. The crowd just roared, and she told me later that was what made her stay where she was rather than running away. Then they leaned her back against the table top and there were these straps that they used to tie her wrists and ankles in place as they slowly leaned the table back onto the stage. It wasn't quite flat -- it sort of sloped up the stage so the audience could see Janice strapped onto the table. The top rotated, and they turned her around, and I thought 'glad that's not me -- everyone can see right up her crack'.

Then Kip suddenly leaps out from the side of the stage, and he's waving this bloody-great knife around. And the chanting gets louder again. And I kept thinking 'no, please don't hurt Janice. How am I ever going to explain this to me mum and dad?' Of course, the knife's made of rubber, but you can't see that from the audience, and after a lot of prancing around and running it over Janice's body, with all the chanting going on, he lifts it up, points it between Janice's tits and brings it down. All the lights go out, Janice screams and I faint.

When I come to, Janice is leaning over me, wearing the cloak and crown and stuff. "Wasn't that amazing? Looks like you missed the best bit. Don't think you saw Kip untie me and carry me off to the side for a snog and a grope. I think he really likes my tits. Anyway, we're both invited to the back-stage bash, come on!"

We watched the two encores from the side, then headed back to a sort of lounge area behind the stage. Kip arrived, covered in sweat and kissed Janice again, groping her tits as he did so. "Hmmm, my dearest, wickedest Jardis!" he sort of chanted. "Wait for me while I shower, and then you can be all mine!" Someone offered us a joint. I didn't smoke, so I just took a puff and almost choked. Janice, who did smoke, managed to look a bit more sophisticated, and took several long drags on it.

When Kip got back from the shower, Janice had finished the joint and we were already on our second drinks -- but it might have been our third, 'cos people just kept topping them up. The roadies had brought about a dozen girls backstage, and I began to realise what we were all there for. I tried to get to Janice to see if we should leave, but by then she was busy snogging Kip. Then the flute player came over to me.

"Hi. I saw you faint in the pit when Kip did the sacrifice thing. You OK? What's your name?"

He seemed nice, so I told him I was Melanie, and that I was fine. He glanced at my tits -- they were pretty obvious in my tight t-shirt, and Janice had persuaded me not to wear a bra -- and smiled. (I'd had enough of people talking about Melanie's melons, so I was glad he didn't say anything). He said his name was Clive, topped up my drink with some more Bacardi, and asked me what I thought of the gig. We chatted for a few minutes before he asked if I'd ever been to a backstage party before. I said I hadn't and he smiled and said he was sure I'd enjoy this one.

I'm not sure how it started, but we suddenly seemed to be snogging. He kissed much better than the boys at school, and I was really getting into it, so I didn't mind when he put his hands on my boobs. When he started trying to take my t-shirt off I was a bit surprised, and I was going to tell him to stop, but I looked around and there were girls everywhere with their tits out and more. Janice had lost her cloak but she still had the crown on, and it seems like the roadies had brought the table backstage and Janice was lying on it. Kip was lying on top of her, and he was naked as well, kissing her boobs and running his hands over her body. I could see she had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying what he was doing.

I realised that I had to either get up and go there and then or stay and join in. Before I could decide, Clive slid a hand up my thigh and inside my knickers. The touch of his fingers between my legs felt so strong I must've nearly come. I'd only ever done that once with a boy -- Kevin Price, who I thought was the handsomest boy in the class -- and he was so rubbish at it I ended up going into the girls toilet and doing myself. Clive was a lot better -- a lot! And he got his hand under my t-shirt and started stroking my nipple with his hand, and it all felt so good I remember thinking "sod it, it's got to happen sometime so it might as well be now."

Well it wasn't too long before me t-shirt and knickers were off and Clive got his clever hands -- musician's hands -- working on me. I was so excited. I loved the way he sucked on my nipples. They've always been very sensitive, and if a guy plays with them the right way for long enough, he can make me come. Clive was also stroking my slit pretty well, and I was on cloud nine. Then he stopped sucking my nipple and slid down between my legs. When he licked my clitty, I went berserk. I don't know that I've ever come that strongly since, but it was unbelievable! It was so strong I nearly passed out again, and it seemed to go on for hours.

When I opened my eyes, Clive was looking down at me with a nice smile on his face. "Looks like you enjoyed that!" he says to me.

"Yeah -- it was pretty mind-blowing" I think I said.

"Good. And talking of blowing" he says, and he stands up and peels off his tight velvet loons. And this -- thing -- was standing up there, right in front of my face. And then I got a bit of a shock. I'd held a boy's dick in my hand before -- Mark Ellis got me to wank him off once - but I'd never really seen one this close up, and Clive's seemed a lot bigger than Mark's. He just says "I think it's time you blew me."

I said something like "I don't think I can do that." Partly I was afraid, but mostly I really didn't know what to do. I thought he wanted me to blow on it, or something like that.

I was almost relieved when he said "Just open wide and give it a nice suck. Look -- your friend Janice seems to be enjoying it."

Sure enough, Janice was on the table with Kip kneeling over her face, and he seemed to be having sex with her mouth. Janice's hands and legs were strapped to the table, and I was afraid of what else they might do to her. (I found out later she'd asked them to do the straps up -- said it felt like she really was being sacrificed and made her really randy).

I sort of opened my mouth a bit and just sort of kissed the head of Clive's -- well, at that time I called it his 'thing'. He just guided me, got me open wider, kept sliding it in. Well, at first I nearly choked, and he kept telling me to open wider, to cover my teeth. It all seemed so difficult. But he kept stroking my hair and telling me how pretty and sexy I was, and it started to feel not so bad. I saw there were other girls around the room doing it with other guys, so I just sort of copied them. Clive seemed to enjoy it, 'cos he was making all the right noises.

Then he said "OK Melanie. I think it's time we put my nice hard cock inside you, don't you? I think that's what you're really here for, isn't it."

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised, but when I finally realised that it was going to happen I was suddenly afraid. I told him I wasn't sure, which really meant I was scared to death. He said "Come on, Melanie. You're not a virgin are you?"

"No" I lied. Of course I was. So was Janice, or at least that's what she'd said, but when I looked over at her, Kip was on top of her, thrusting with his tight little bum, and she was gasping every time he did, so I guessed that was no longer the case!

"Well then, what's stopping you, Melanie? You're such a sexy girl, I want you, my cock wants you, I think every guy in the room wants you. I made you come. Now it's only fair that you do the same for me."

I sputtered something about not wanting to become pregnant. He just grinned and said he could deal with that. He reached for his trousers and pulled out a rubber johnny, tore it open and gave it to me to put on him. I had no idea what to do, and I was having a hard time trying to put it on him, so in the end he put it on himself. Then he laid me back on the sofa and opened my legs. He rubbed his hand up and down my slit and stuck a finger inside me, which felt very good. He told me I was very tight, but just to relax and he wouldn't hurt me. To be honest, I was so confused, not to mention drunk, that I didn't know what to say or do.

Then he did something that surprised me. He placed his rubber-coated cock at my entrance, arranged my legs around him, and them told me to pull with my heels. I wondered for a moment what he was on about, but he sort of held my lower legs just behind his back and pressed my heels into his bum, which pushed my thighs even wider apart. "Like that, Melanie. Just like that."

I was trying so hard to do what he said, feeling it pulling at my thigh muscles, that I didn't realise he was just trying to distract me, stop me from getting too nervous and clamping shut. Suddenly I felt him start to slide inside me, and I sort of tensed up. He just stopped and said "Easy, look at me." I did. He was pretty good looking -- probably better than Kip. He got me to breathe, then he did the heels trick again, and slowly he slipped all of his dick inside me.

I have to say that it felt big, scary, a little bit painful and very exciting all at the same time. He never really gave me time to think about it, but before I knew it he had all of his dick inside me and it felt -- well it felt incredibly naughty and wild and sexy and -- and I can't really describe it. I'd broken my hymen -- you know, that flap of skin thing -- riding a bike when I was 14. I remember I'd bled and I was really worried at the time. This time I really had lost my virginity and, thank God, there was nothing to show for it.

I'm sure Clive guessed that I was a virgin, but he never let on. He just said thinks like "Woah, Melanie, you're lovely and tight. I love it when a girl squeezes my cock like that." In those days I was sweet and innocent and never used words like 'cock', so when Clive did it, it felt even more naughty. When he started sliding back and forwards, that felt even better, even though I felt a little bit -- not exactly sore, but stretched. He kept making me do the heels thing. He'd say "C'mon, Melanie, ride me. Show me how much you want my cock inside you. Pull me in deep." It was like I was the one that wanted it and he was having to be ridden.

As it got faster and I began to relax just a little bit, I really started getting into it. He was playing with my nipples again, and like I said, I can come just from that. Then he slid a hand between us and began rubbing my clitty with his thumb. That felt really nice. Then he said "Come on my little angel, show me how you can fly. You're gonna make me come soon. Come with me."

And I did. I've spoken to lots of girls about what it felt like for them first time. Most said it was rubbish, but Clive was really good and he made me come with his cock inside me for the first time. Then he held me and kissed me a lot, and I realised I was crying. I was all sort of emotional -- I wasn't a virgin, but I hadn't so much lost my virginity as found what that hole was for.

That wasn't the end of the evening -- no, not by a long way! We all sort of gathered together in a group, most of us with nothing on. I was still wearing my velvet skirt, but I couldn't find my knickers anywhere. Janice had little red marks around her wrists and ankles from the straps, but she was full of it -- that is, really gushy about being full of Kip, and how nice his cock felt. She looked a bit strange -- probably the weed -- and she surprised me by saying how much she loved it when he was fucking her. I was a bit shocked -- I'd never heard her use language like that before. She said Kip kept talking dirty to her while she was tied down, giving her his cock in her mouth and her 'cunt', as she put it.

"You see, Mel, they're powerful, magic words. He does this sort of chant -- 'Oh Jardis, take this my rod of power into holiest of holes. Receive this my cock into your tight, juicy cunt, oh beautiful priestess of power. Let us fuck for ever, feeding our sexual energy to Asgaroth.' It's all a load of bollocks but it sounds very sexy when he's shoving it inside you." She giggled. I reckoned the weed and the Bacardi was making her silly.

Then someone passed another joint around, and this time I took several puffs. Things got more mellow, and everything seemed alright. The girls and guys were sort of all in a big huddle, snogging and groping, and sometimes more. One skinny girl, I think her name was Josie, ended up sucking Clive's dick. I felt a bit jealous, but then another guy began fingering my slit and Greg the bass player was snogging me and feeling my titties, so it all felt good anyway.

All the time the party had been going, the sound engineer had been playing back a tape of the band's performance that night. When that had run out, he'd started the tape that they used between acts, and 'Whole Lotta Love' came on. Kip jumps up and says "I love this song. I wish I'd written it." And he starts prancing around, posing and singing along, stark naked. His dick was sort of semi-hard, and it kept bouncing up and down as he was posing. We all thought it was really funny but pretty cool at the same time, 'cos he really could sing it and he was giving it a lot of feeling.

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