tagIncest/TabooWho's in My Room?

Who's in My Room?



Nice and showered, the sweet scents of shampoo and powder, my wet hair in little ringlets on my shoulder. I step into my room to get ready for work - my first job after graduating high school - and thoughts of meetings and the presentation that is due by Friday. Pull on my panties, silk along my long slender legs, slide a dress over my head.....


a hand at my back is pressing me against the window while the dress is still up over my head making me stand there. I can feel the dress lifting and I let your hands fall to my side, being held hard against the glass.

Now, if people look they can see me in panties and nothing else.

What the hell??

All I have on are panties, pink cotton, a little V at the front, and then this voice asking me to bend over a chair telling me to pull the back of my panties down my thigh and 'let me look at you, at that shining pussy, at your hole.'

"Spread your legs," just these whispers, and then I can feel a nose tickling up between my legs. I can just feel his warm breath, and then - mmmmm - the flat of his tongue lapping me, front to back, can feel little puffs of his breath repeatedly blowing on me.

I hear, "I love you on my breath," lapping until I am quivering, pulsing. Can feel My little cunny clench, my thighs tighten.

His voice, "You told me that just the right breeze can make your day,"

"Mmmmmm." Blowing on me once more. The coolness tingles up my spine.

"You know, I wonder what it is like to feel something that would be in me pulsing and not just all around me quivering," these whispers behind me. His breath touching me, and he is fingering me now as these whispers, words wash over me. I can't keep from squirming.....

"Hold still!!"

This finger pushing into my ass, "Ohhhhhhh" an involuntary growl and I drop my head down into the chair, am biting my lips I can't keep from moaning out, feeling how I tug at his finger as he presses deep up inside, then out again. Until I am wet there too.

"Mmmmmm," god he has me bent over so far, open so wide.

"I can see that pink pearl between your legs," he says and I can just about feel it growing hard, itching, wanting attention.

"Maybe I will lick you there - if you are good." Fuuck.... I can't can't stand it any more. I am panting, cannot catch my breath.

A large hand is lifting me up now and pressing me into the glass again, "Open your legs," and I slide them wide, hold myself open, can feel a cock pushing up inside at the same time.

Pressing myself against the glass now, how did we get here? I'm looking out the window, is anyone seeing me, watching me; my breasts touching the smooth glass, hands flat. Sun is setting and the lights all on in the house, windows open they can hear my moans too as he fucks me from behind, as my whole body lifts from the floor with each thrust.

My breasts pressed flat into the glass and my hands grasping the windows frame.

But nobody can see him. He is *invisible* to them. Just me up here in my room, and this window. My mouth leaving lipstick smears. The glass feels so warm, it is hot outside.

He keeps fucking me, pounding in me. God he is hard, so hungry. I feel my pussy opening with each thrust and I let him, yield, give in.

I am tipping my ass back, open my legs meeting each thrust, feeling him fill me, feel his balls touch my ass, bending myself reaching back with that perfect ass and my thongs in a neat little pile near my foot. Letting Him do anything to me.

"I have to go," I mouth between pants, feeling myself being lifted from the floor, "I have to....." hands digging in, reaching around my hip fingering my clit, until I am screaming against the glass, "ahhh....ahhh.....ahhhh" pushing back against his chest, knees buckling and I am this doll being held up, can feel myself being filled with cum. This orgasm running through me, pure pleasure, so good it hurts.

His seed, spunk, I can feel every pulse. All slippery inside, he squeezes out and his cum sprays the window, I can see it there, touch it, am smearing it with my fingers, getting all wet and sticky. God we smell delicious, cum running down my legs.

And his whisper, "Don't turn around. I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere little girl." I am smiling, coy, crumpling down to the floor, crawling over to my bed, up onto the mattress and lay flat.

"Hmmmm, hmmmm."

He's still there, watching me lay down, sprawling my arms up over your head, my long hair wild tangles. Almost sleeping now as he's running his hands over my body, soft as silk. I think of the powder I applied, can feel it dusting me beneath his finger tips. Such soft touches now.

My small frame, he is rubbing my feet, this lovely sigh. Touching up my calves, touching me everywhere. I jump at certain intrusions, but remain supine, turning myself lightly only to give access to my breasts, as he is tracing circles on my nipples and back down the small of my back curling his fingers around my narrow waist, holding my hips pulling my legs apart....

He is settling himself between my legs, leaning over me, and brushing the hair from my back kissing my shoulderblade.


My eyes open slightly, not even attempting to see him, as this dream smile comes over me feeling his cock, hard again, sliding up along my thighs, leaving this little trail of cum.

I know what is coming...

"Mmmmm," I purr out, "I don't know why I let you do this. We're going to get caught one of these days."


Please let me know how you liked it. Email me. Give me ideas, little snippets. When have you felt invisible, invisibly loved, had an invisible lover.

You are the reason I write.

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