tagAnalWhy Black Women Love Black Men

Why Black Women Love Black Men


My name is Damika Jenna Brown but everybody calls me Sweets. I stand six feet five inches tall and weigh three hundred and seventy five pounds. In this life, I love two things, rough sex and contact sports. In that order. Back in the day, I was quite the athlete. I played football for Brockton Community High School and Bridgewater State College. And I slept with a lot of the big guys on these schools varsity football teams. These days, I'm a professional Sumo Wrestler. I wrestle against both men and women in the sacred ring. Yes, big women are now a part of the Professional Sumo Wrestling circuit. Deal with it because we're not going anywhere. And this is what I do to have fun, folks. I'm a big Black woman with big tits, wide hips and a thick, round ass. And I like my sex nasty, thank you very much. I mean, is there anything better than hot raunchy sex?

Right now, I'm on my hands and knees, sucking the eight-inch, uncircumcised Black cock of a big Black man named Forrest Wilson. He's a state policeman living in the city of Boston and we've been pals for years. I come to him in his South End apartment whenever I need some sexual fine tuning. This five-foot-eleven, bulky and chubby Black guy really likes big women. Especially big Black women like myself. It's cool to know that we big Black women have our admirers. I was beginning to think that the skinny females of the planet all the fun.

I love going down on a brother. Especially big Black guys like Forrest. He's got the most delicious cock and balls I've ever seen. And he knows how to use them. I suck Forrest's dick until he cums, then I drink his manly juice. A lot of females don't like to drink cum but I don't have that problem. I absolutely love the taste of male semen. Especially a Black man's sweet masculine juice. That's why they call me Sweets, I guess. I suck Forrest's dick until he gives up the last drop. Then he's ready to fuck me. I turn around and spread my plump ass cheeks wide open. Forrest smiles and rubs his big Black cock against my asshole. I absolutely hate it when he teases me like this. I want him to stick his big Black cock up my ass. My hairy Black pussy is already wet with anticipation.

Forests wants me to beg him for the dick. I am not too proud to beg. You see, I'm desperately addicted to anal sex and he knows it. I can't get off any other way. Vaginal sex does nothing for me. Forrest pushes his big Black cock into my asshole, and I sigh in relief. Finally, there's a big Black dick in my ass. I beg Forrest to fuck me harder. The big Black man caresses my rump while sliding his cock deep into my asshole. I don't like the whole love-me-tender thing. Rough sex is what I like. Forrest finally stops pussyfooting around and rams his dick deep into my shit hole. Almost balls deep. I gasp in shocked pleasure. Oh, yeah. His big dick feels good in my asshole. I roar at him, telling him to spank my fat Black ass and fuck me. Laughing, Forrest promises me to do exactly that.

Forrest grabs a handful of my long Black hair and yanks my head backwards while slamming his thick Black cock deep into my asshole. There is something to be said for a man who knows how to fuck a woman properly. Forrest is such a man. He spanks my big round ass hard, leaving it stinging. I back my fat ass up, grinding it against his groin. He thrusts his cock even deeper into my asshole. Forrest tells me how much he loves sodomizing big Black women like myself. I love it when he talks dirty. He calls me a ghetto slut and a big-booty ho while sliding his big Black cock in and out of my asshole. I like it in and out. I want his cock to stretch my asshole until it's permanently dilated. I want him to tear my ass up. It's the only way I experience sexual pleasure these days because my vagina is completely numb. Forrest smacks my ass and delights in the way I make my booty clap while getting fucked in the ass. Yes, folks. This big Black woman knows how to do the booty clap. Even during anal sex. It makes mad women jealous and drives men wild. Seriously. I recommend it to any woman who's trying to keep her man happy by sexing him down. The booty clap move during anal sex is difficult to master but it's not something your man is likely to ever forget.

Black and Hispanic women know about this move. White chicks don't even know its existence. That's why Black and Hispanic men keep coming back to us. Forrest is really hammering me now. He's sliding his cock up my asshole like it's nothing. I tell him to fuck my fat Black ass like he's paying for it. Sometimes, the things that come out of my own mouth absolutely and positively amaze me. Forrest rams his dick up my butt hole, going balls deep. I start to scream but no sound comes out of my mouth. That's because I've been stunned into butt-fucking nirvana.

Forrest's big Black dick fills my asshole completely. It's packed so tight but I couldn't squeeze a fart even if I wanted to. And that's exactly what I like to happen. With a move executed using muscle control most men didn't even know some women have, I squeeze my anal walls and they in turn put the squeeze on Forrest's dick. I tell him to cum because I want to experience the rush of his manly seed deep within my asshole. Forrest hesitates. He doesn't want to cum yet. That's too bad because I got to have what I want. So my ass squeezes his dick harder. Groaning, he shoots his load deep inside of me. We scream in unison as his cock unleashes wave after wave of hot manly cum deep within my asshole. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Slowly, Forrest squeezes his cock out of my asshole. And I accidentally squeeze out a fart. Forrest laughs, and smacks my ass. I laugh too. Hey, no shame between fuck buddies. Besides, Forrest loves it when I fart after getting fucked in the ass. I put my clothes back on, and tell him I'm seeing him the next time I'm in town. He's okay with that. We have a good arrangement. We're both working African-American professionals. He needs some booty and I need some dick. We take care of each other's needs. It's purely sexual between us. Life is good.

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