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Why I Write Erotica


Some while ago I was reading contributions to the 'How To' category here on Literotica and I came upon one, and I cannot recall what it was about now, but what I do remember is that its author claimed never to be in a state of sexual excitement when writing. Rather, he claimed, he was too busy seeking the right word, the mot juste, to allow arousal to get in the way. Whilst I commend this dedication to writerly duty, I do not believe a word of it.

I write erotica with the express intention of becoming excited and when I am writing erotica I am always writing with a full erection. I have to resist the desire to masturbate, or to masturbate all the way to climax, while I am writing, for with orgasm, the creative urge is dissipated.

I have ideas for stories at all sorts of times. It could be the memory of an experience, or the memory of an experience I wanted to have, it could be the thought of a particular person, one with whom I have had sex, or one with whom I wanted to have sex, or it could be someone I see one day as I am going about my business. The ideas tumble about in my mind at idle moments and take shape and sometime I find I am ready to write and so I prepare myself to write.

I write at night. I have an odd ritual too. I always shave my cock before writing. I take a bath and shave off my pubic hair. It excites me to do so and relaxes me and help to create the mood in which I write best. When I am ready to sit down to write, I start by looking at pornography. My choices of what to look at are determined by the kind of pornography I like, which is amateur, and the theme of the story. It is also directed by the story's theme and even more by the story's main character.

If I am writing a story about a mature woman I look at amateur images of mature women. If my story is about a transsexual I look at images of transsexuals. If my story is about 'trashy' woman, I seek out pictures of trashy looking women. My themes are of course determined by my real life interests. Most of my stories have some basis in experience and fact. That means that in writing them I am re-living past experiences, or re-imagining them as I have come to wish they had been. My 'Yvonne' series is about a real woman who was my friend's mother and who is really called Yvonne, but the whole thing is fantasy. The Lady Grotesque series was based on a woman I saw at a cinema shortly before I began writing the stories. The My Teacher Trashy Liz story is true.

The curious thing is that it is the writing of the sex scenes that least excites me, though that is not to say that my cock does not remain hard and twitching when I am writing them. However, it is the build ups and the moments of inspiration while I am writing that turn me on most and I often have to stop writing and wank myself, though without allowing myself to reach orgasm, and then continue.

When I reach a point where I need to stop writing; when the fountain of inspiration has run dry, or when I need to sleep, or when I get so turned on that I have to stop and masturbate all the way, I sit back and imagine myself with the story's protagonist, and I am fucking some lovely over ripe mature lady, or in the middle of a three or foursome with some choice trashy ladies from the wrong side of the tracks, or sucking on some delicious shemale's cock, and I rub and pull and stroke my cock until my cum spurts out over my stomach. I am meticulous about keeping my keyboard clean!

I have no advice to give about writing. I simply write. And I write erotica because it excites me to do so. It also excites me to imagine that one of my stories may excite someone somewhere in the world. I do not think that writing to excite myself is a dereliction of writerly duty and I find creative writing types a bore. Finally, I cannot believe that I am the only contributor to Literotica who writes erotica to turn him or herself on, and I hope to read others' accounts of their experiences of the writing process and why they write erotic stories. If you don't want to write something to post on the subject, you can always mail me through the site.

So, dear Literotica friends, may your writing make your cocks hard and your pussies wet!



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