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Why I Write Incest Stories


I got this interesting e-mail from this guy named Jeff who told me that he had read a bunch of my stories on Literotica and, after remarking how much he liked them, he asked me if I ever had any of the incestuous experiences like the ones I describe in my stories. That got me to thinking.

First of all, it was very complimentary to me as a writer for him to think that my stories seemed that realistic to him as a reader to make him wonder whether or not they were true. But, to answer his and anyone else's question as to whether or not any of my "incest" stories are based on actual experiences in my own life, the answer is no, I haven't. I did have a brief sexual affair with someone--I, of course, won't say who--who was related to me only by marriage, so, technically, that doesn't count. As for any of my blood kin, as they say in Arkansas, I've never known any of them in the biblical sense nor, apart from a few cousins and aunts, do I wish to "know" them in that manner (trust me, I don't!).

So why, you might ask, do I write these kind of stories if I've never had these kind of experiences and don't even desire to hav have them?

You know, that's a damn good question!

Speaking for a writer's standpoint, I fashion myself as a cross between Stephen King and the Marquis de Sade. I'm not sure how accurate that is or if I'm just suffering from delusions of grandeur, but that's how I like to describe my writing style (readers, naturally, may differ in opinion!). So, therefore, I like to shock people and am always trying to push the boundaries of what is considered by this society to be normal and/or acceptable (within legal limits, of course). As for how I can write so explicitly about something that I myself am not personally involved in (and, to a large extent, don't wish to partake in), a writer doesn't have to actually be involved in something to be able to write about it. I mean, I also write explicit horror fiction (which Literotica readers got a taste of after reading my story "A Slave for Halloween"), but I'm not a practicing Satanist or belong to the occult or anything like that. So, when I write a story about incest (be it straight or gay), that doesn't mean that I've had the incestuous experiences that I describe in my stories.

Are you with me so far?

So, whenever you read one of my incest stories, keep in mind that it's just that: a story, a piece of fiction. Now some, in fact, many in this society may criticize or condemn me for writing such stories since, by this society's standards, it is beyond--some, of course, would say way beyond--the limits of "acceptable" behavior. And, to a certain extent, I would actually agree with them (but that, of course, shouldn't mean you can't write about it!). But, if one were to look around, they would find that incest images seem to be everywhere in popular and not-so-popular culture.

For instance, in the classic novel "Flowers in the Attic," of which you can still buy at virtually any bookstore (and was even made into a mainstream movie), author V.C. Andrews writes a very explicit sex scene between brother and sister. In the aptly titled movie "Spanking the Monkey," a son winds up in bed with his mother (and I don't mean to sleep!). An episode of the popular TV sitcom "Friends" featured a closer-than-usual relationship between brother and sister. In another movie called "Close My Eyes," there are numerous explicit love scenes between the two main characters, who are also brother and sister, throughout the movie. The works of William Shakespeare, the ones you read in high school, are filled with incestuous situations. Even the Bible has a rather graphic story in the book of Genesis--which, of course, is the first book of the Bible--about a man named Lot who takes his two daughters up to the mountains where they both get him drunk and have sex with him so they can become pregnant. And, of course, who can forget actress Angelina Jolie publicly pronouncing her "love" for her brother and sticking her tongue down her brother's throat out in public (on more than one occasion, I might add!). So anyone who wishes to criticize or condemn me for writing these kind of stories might do well to take a long, hard look and see what's around them, if you know what I mean!

Before I go, I would like to send a personal message to the asshole who e-mailed me and bitched to me about my story "Bobby & Grandpa," saying how a story like that should be in the "gay" section since, of course, "heteros" like himself don't want to read stories like that. Well, Mr. Hetero, if you are so offended by stories like this, then what the hell were you doing reading it in the first place? Oh yeah, one more thing: If you read my stories, please do me a favor and vote on them even if it's a vote of "1".

Until next time, dear readers!

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