tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhy Leili Hates Witches Ch. 03

Why Leili Hates Witches Ch. 03


Why Erila Hates Other Witches

Steam billowed from the mountains in steady pulses. Seeping up through the pines, every few miles another steady sequence of steam rose into the air, giving the mountains a peaceful, living look. Viewed from above, the mountainside would have looked like a group of massive beasts breathing calmly in the winter cold. Seriously, though. Who the hell is getting this kind of view? It's like some kind of omnipotent viewpoint just travels around to set the scene for stories.

Perched in the high valley between two round topped mountains, a sleepy looking town was beginning to get back to business after their collective lunches. Shopkeepers called out their wares while the various inns cleaned and advertised their services. Such was the scene that two haggard looking travelers viewed from their campsite on a peaceful winter's day. Okay seriously, who is going out of their way to paint this idyllic picture? It's starting to bug me.

Under a small overhang of rock just high enough to stand under a handsome, blue haired, and naked man stuffed some kindling into the hot ashes of last nights fire. As the heat caused the kindling to light he quickly stacked enough wood to get a small fire going. While the fire built up he squirmed his way back into the blanket he had shared with the red haired woman last night. The two sat quietly, side by side in the blanket as the smoke began to turn to flame.

"You really think this is necessary?" Prince Kierdis asked, dubiously eyeing the town half a day's walk away.

"We have no money left. Foraging is barely cutting it. Plus, we've been traveling outdoors and having steamy, sweaty, sex for a month. Yes, I think a job and a bath are absolutely necessary." Leili said.

"Not getting stabbed in my sleep is absolutely necessary too." The fugitive prince grumbled.

Leili could understand why her lover was nervous. Walking straight through town in broad daylight was something he hadn't done very often since fleeing the assassins and bounty hunters who sought to kill or capture him. According to what Leili had teased out of him over pillow talk, he was an ocean and most of a continent away from where he started. Even if his enemies were tracking him by airship, keeping tabs on a man traveling mostly through wilderness, and purposely moving through dangerous areas away from the skylanes would have been a tall order. Considering that, and the odor she feared they were exuding, a stop in civilization should be safe. Still, Leili knew her bedmate would need some convincing/bribing to see things her way. Subtly, Leili shifted her way into Kierdis' lap. She was instantly rewarded with a tap between her thighs as Kierdis swelled beneath her.

"Besides, we're way off the beaten path. We definitely lost those cultists. Traveled through two mountain passes in the dead of winter like a couple of desperate idiots. If none of that convinces you this will be worth it then I submit this for your consideration..." Leili said as she spread her legs and slipped him inside of her. "Private. Rooms."

Kierdis responded in the affirmative, at least that was how Leili chose to read his vigorous pumping into her groin. Leili gasped as her back arched of its own accord, her head tilting to give Kierdis a better angle to nibble at her neck and ear. Kierdis' strong, rough hands clutched at her breasts, kneading them with the exact amount of firmness Leili liked. While Leili was technically doing this as a bribe to get her way, a small voice in the back of her head reminded her that she was probably enjoying this more than he was. Although he may be a prince, Kierdis was still a man, full of desires that competed with his good sense.

Soon Kierdis brought his other appendages into play. Thick tentacles with smaller cilia sprouting from them began to tease and envelop Leili's flesh. Having asserted his control over the side effects of his curse, Kierdis had become rather adept at using the nimble phalli to drive Leili wild. As delicate cilia teased and tickled her nipples and clit, Leili surrendered herself to the embrace of the stronger stalks as they lifted her up out of the blanket. The fire was going strong now, creating a pocket of warm air as Kierdis hefted Leili's naked body into the morning light. Kierdis seemed to enjoy just looking at Leili's nudity, and Leili had found the sensation of being watched exciting to her as well. Without resisting, Leili allowed Kierdis to turn and spread her so that he could view every inch of her, before some of his more purpose built tentacles began to caress her erogenous zones. Fondled over every inch, she felt herself dragged back onto Kierdis' shaft as he began pumping in earnest. Leili allowed her moans to escape freely in the morning air as Kierdis brought her to climax several times.

Soon after, Kierdis reached his own satisfaction within her and the two sat down to cuddle atop the blankets. Kierdis used his hands to pull their cookware out of their packs and started making a simple breakfast to tide them over till they reached the town. His tentacles continued to nuzzle against Leili's skin, seeking out every nook and cranny leaving her skin slightly damp as they passed. She didn't mind the warm sticky sensation of the residue they left behind, but a curious thought occurred to her. Kierdis often used the extensions of his body as if they were extra penises. If that was the case, why were they constantly covered in a sort of mucous?

"Hey Kierdis, which would you say your tentacles are more like: fingers? Or dicks?" Leili asked as they ate. Inwardly she winced at her use of crass language towards royalty. For his part, Kierdis seemed oddly comfortable with his life outdoors, away from the comforts of a palace. He also had a bit of a foul mouth when distressed or annoyed himself, as if he had learned to speak as a commoner then replaced his diction with the lofty lexicon of nobility. Leili decided that would be her next questioning thread.

"Neither, they're much more like tongues." He said casually as he ate his helping in a few swift bites.

"What?" Leili said, suddenly conscious of all the areas of her body the topic of discussion had caressed/groped/penetrated/coated in what may in fact be royal spit. Leili abandoned her original plan for questioning and hesitantly explored this new ground. "Can... you taste with them?"

"That's primarily how I know what they're doing. I can't keep track of that many things with my two eyes fixed in one direction. It's hard to explain, but I can taste how far away from me they are. I can taste what they grab for me, what's near them, whether it's alive or not. Within a certain distance I can always tell if someone's around me, useful stuff for a guy being targeted, and more besides. I don't know if you'd call it taste but they pick up other things too. Like fear, hate, happiness..." He cast an affectionate glance over his shoulder. "Love."

"Wow... that's..." Leili stammered, shocked and somewhat ashamed as logical conclusions fell into place.

"Don't bother, I already know... well, 'taste' what you're thinking about. I don't feel or taste anything through the big one. He's kind of a hitchhiker. The only thing I ever get from him is some vague feelings that are like super simple thoughts. Kind of like hunger or needing to pee, real basic wants and needs. He seems to like what's going on in your posterior. I'm very appreciative myself, but there's tastier spots to be had on you." Leili was completely stunned by this onslaught of honesty. She wasn't disgusted so much as uncomfortable with this new information about what he had been experiencing during their dalliances. Kierdis pressed on, as if this information had been annoying him while internal and he was dying to spit it out and be done with it.

"A lot of things have changed since you came along too. My normal skin can taste the same way the tentacles do now. I used to have to eat twice my normal portions to keep going. Like I was eating for two as a pregnant woman would say. Ever since you and I became intimate, it's like the mere proximity of you is filling." Kierdis said, his honest and affectionate expression made Leili blush as she found herself unable to keep his gaze. Kierdis laughed. "Heh! I wasn't actually trying to be poetic and whisper sweet nothings to you. I meant that literally. That's why I've been giving you the lion's share of what we forage."

Leili had, in fact tried to get Kierdis to eat more, but he had always passed on anything larger than a light meal for himself. That being true, he never seemed to get tired before her, and had shown himself to be capable of incredible feats of strength.

"Is that how you resisted that gravity spell when it had you at six times your weight?" She asked, curious about their encounter with the cult of Raepalus the lewd. Kierdis smiled a smug grin and curled his arm in a flexing motion. Leili was treated to a smorgasbord of masculinity bulging before her sight.

"Nope." He said simply.

Leili couldn't help but giggle at the chauvinistic bravado. Her disquiet at the revelations of Kierdis' unusual circumstances melted away as she laughed. Her own hunger sated by the meal her lover had made for her, Leili's mischievous brain decided on a new line of queries. Still nude, she laid back and stretched, noticing with delight the way Kierdis seemed unable and unwilling to take his eyes off the way her chest pouted forward as she did so. Subtly she settled down and spread her legs in a clear invitation.

"You still hungry?" She asked. Kierdis prowled forward on his hands until his face was above her groin. He looked deeply into Leili's red eyes with his royal blue ones.

"I could eat."


To Leili's delight the area they were in was a local secret for having a good bath in the various hot springs. That, and the local adventurers guild post, made this a perfect spot to stop and brush off the trail dust. While Kierdis may have been perfectly fine traveling overland and subsisting on what he could trap or fish, Leili had begun to miss the comforts of civilization. Those comforts required money, though, and Leili knew how to find work in new locales.

Being wedged between the rounded peaks, the town proved easy to navigate. The entrances to both sides of the pass were walled off, leaving the interior full of forest and large impressive rock formations amidst pools of graceful steam that promised a good night's bath. A single main street full of stone buildings leading to the town keep was the only interruption to the lamp lit paths leading to the various inns and dwellings inside the pine forests. A cluster of guild houses dominated the street just before entering the city square. Leili headed straight for the one with the familiar crest of the adventurers guild and opened the door.

Leili's optimistic smile morphed into an expression of utter disgust. Although older than the previous iterations, Leili would recognize that purple hair and "know-it-all" smile anywhere. A witch, looking like a more mature version of Leili herself with purple hair and eyes gestured towards Leili and Kierdis as they stood in the open doorway.

"Speak of the devil! Here they are now..." The witch said as if finishing a sentence. Leili was halfway through making a crude gesture and forming a retort against the predicted destiny that she knew was imminent before she was was blocked by an impossibly large man.

"You're hired, come with me." Said a gruff, no-nonsense voice as the brute pushed past Leili and Kierdis and grabbed them both by the collars of their cloaks. Leili was dragged along mercilessly, but more impressive was the fact that Kierdis seemed unable to resist the bearded fellow who was forcefully walking back the way they had come. "Simple job. Goblins have been making trouble, grabbed a woman. We kill the goblins, rescue the woman, you get paid. Use those blades much?"

"More than you make polite requests, I'd wager." Kierdis said as he finally extricated himself from the man's grip. The Prince kept pace with the large man. Something in the martial gait both men adopted must have won the brute's approval as he grunted something approximating a laugh at Kierdis' statement.

"How bout you, Red? That wand for show or can you cast in a fight?" Nothing but pure business came out of this man's mouth it seemed. Leili reckoned that actions would speak louder to this bulwark of brusqueness than any words. Faster than she could have said 'yes' her wand was out and casting. A streetlamp burned a rainbow of colors in response. The brute seemed satisfied and continued his shop talk, "Woman was taken into one of their rapin' holes. I'll charge in and rescue the captive. Blue, you watch my sides on the way in, then block the entrance behind me. Red, you hit them with something to slow or kill them, whichever hits the most the fastest. Once I have the woman we run back to town before nightfall. No heroics, no mistakes, no muss, no fuss."

The three of them were already proceeding out of the gate Leili and Kierdis had entered moments before. On an intuition, Leili looked over her shoulder as she walked. The purple haired witch stood waving goodbye to her with that annoying smile on her face. Leili fumed as she quickened her pace to keep up with the men.


Inside a cave, Erila, cult priestess of Raepalus the lewd, was struggling against the binds on her wrists and ankles. Confused, and enraged the cultist struggled to think of a way out of her predicament. She had a grand destiny to achieve, after all. The prophecy said she would surpass her elders in the cult hierarchy and usher in the awakening of Raepalus. She had been raised as a virgin orphan among the purest sect of the cult of Raepalus. Taught from a young age that rape and domination was the natural order of the world, she had adhered to the tenants of the cult and distinguished herself amongst her peers. One day, she knew, those that raped the world with their so-called "just rule" and "social contracts" would be forced to see the truth by her hand. Then she would have her virginity taken by the purest force in the universe. She had saved herself and worked so hard to see such an outcome, only to be denied in the eleventh hour.

That red haired woman had ruined everything! After using up the last of her stamina crafting a spell to return her to the ground at less-than-fatal velocity, she had thought she was going to freeze to death with her protection spells drained. Passing out in the cold wasn't the worst way to die she had thought as her consciousness drained into an eternal nap. Except she had woken up. Warm, bound, and spread. This may not be the worst way to die, but it was definitely up there.

Completely restrained, Erila squirmed futilely. The bonds tying her wrists together above her head were made of woven leather and forced her to stand on her toes. Her ankles were tied to stakes spread far apart which left her groin wide open to the small ramp the diminutive goblins would climb to rape her. Even her pubic hair had been cleanly shaved away, leaving her body on vulnerable display for those about to take advantage. Goblins were notorious rapists, sticking their disproportional genitalia into any female they could find. Oddly matriarchal, the goblin wise women were masters of aphrodisiacs and encouraged the males under their rule to vigorously hump any humanoid they could get their hands on to death. Deeper in the cave the cackles of the crones could be heard as they fed the males of the tribe aphrodisiacs to get them ready for the night's festivities.

It wasn't supposed to end like this. How could this have happened? Had the prophet lied? Erila had come through so much and worked so hard to come this far. Was she really going to end as the backstop to a goblin orgasm? Erila should have known better than to trust someone from outside the cult. If she could only get her hands on that purple haired smooth talker, Erila swore as a virgin sacrifice of the order of Raepalus she would put paid to that pretender! . As though she had been evoked by Erila's thoughts, the prophet who had told her of her destiny walked into the goblin cave.

Erila gaped open mouthed as the violet haired woman's lithe, athletic figure approached. The Witch's gait was as casual as someone walking down the path to their own house and her bewitching face carried not a hint of the outright fear Erila was experiencing.

"Hmm. I did warn you not to rush it, but I guess fate played out the way it wanted to regardless." The Witch said, dipping the brim of her hat in greeting. She had spoken at some volume to be heard over the noise of the goblin pre-gang-bang orgy. Erila hurriedly shushed the older woman.

"Are you crazy? Pipe down or they'll hear you!" Erila hissed.

"No. They won't. I've seen this too many times to not know." The Witch said casting a bored look around the cave while she opened her traveling cloak. Underneath was a revealing set of two piece leather armor. The tight garments covered little, but Erila could sense the magical protections layered thick upon the form fitting garment.

"I wouldn't count on your prophecy being any good. Unless you want to also want to die on the tip of goblin cock." Erila spat.

"My. So convinced this is the end? I'd be offended, but I knew you'd miss the meaning behind my words." The Witch continued with a bemused smile on her face. Erila hated that look. While the prophecy had been too good to pass up, the witch always looked like she thought people and their actions were the punchline to a joke that only she got.

"Whatever. Just get me out of here so I can kill that red-headed interloper and release lord Raepalus." Erila said, squirming against her bonds. The Witch's smile disappeared and was replaced by a venomous, angry, glare.

"No. That red-head has her part to play, and is very dear to me besides. It's funny, I always know that you'll say that, and it always makes me angry anyway." The purple haired woman said as she turned.

"What? You can't leave!" Erila shrieked. The goblins in the next chamber seemed to react to the sound and Erila quickly lowered her voice. "What about the prophecy?"

"It will come true regardless. I never said anything about taking Prince Kierdis for your own. That task is for another. Your job was to surpass your elders in true knowledge of Raepalus the lewd. Your mistake was continuing to think the way those very elders have taught you. Remember, you will learn the true nature of your fallen god." The Witch said over her shoulder and began to depart. Erila's heart hammered inside her chest as she watched her one chance to escape rape and death walk out of the cave. Begging was anathema to the cult of Raepalus. Begging to be spared rape was a denial of the basic nature of the universe. Yet Erila, at the door to the fate she had been raised to accept, couldn't help herself.

"Please! Don't leave me here!" She pleaded. The Witch turned to look back at Erila over her shoulder.

"Don't worry. This isn't the end for you. Just remember what I said about your elders. See through their lies, and become dear to your fallen god." With that, the Witch strode purposely out of the cave. Erila began to tremble uncontrollably as the sounds from the inner chamber began to move her way.

No sooner was the witch out of sight than the goblins entered the chamber. The diminutive humanoids were worked into a frenzy by the stimulants they had been slamming at an unhealthy rate all morning. Every one of the green skinned midgets was naked and drenched in sweat and covered with ritual markings. The males members were all rigid, dangling grotesquely as they danced about. The genitals were as large and thick as the thighs on their legs, only the most well endowed humans could possibly compare. Veins pulsed in the swollen organs as Erila's eyes followed them the same way a rabbit watched a snake.

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