tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhy Me? Ch. 01

Why Me? Ch. 01



That was the predominant thought in my head as I trudged out the back door and into the parking garage. It had been a long week and I was eagerly anticipating my wild night -- mint tea, mystery novel and my cat. What some might call boring, I call bliss. Two whole days, all to myself. No last minute deadlines, misplaced files, raving bosses, or late night overtime. I was going to stop at whatever grocery store was still open at this hour, pick up a frozen pizza, and head straight home.

As I headed towards my car I noticed that despite the almost complete lack of cars in the garage, there was a black panel van parked on the driver's side of my little red hatchback. A vague sense of uneasiness swirled through me and I briefly contemplated going back inside to ask the security guard for an escort.

"Oh, come on." I muttered under my breath, "You've been reading way too many trashy books. Get your imagination under control and just get in the damn car."

I grabbed my keys out of my purse and slid into the gap between the van and my car, squinting in the dim light to make out the keyhole. I jumped a mile when I heard the sound of the van door sliding open behind me and I had just long enough to curse myself for ignoring my own intuition when a bag was roughly pulled over my head and strong arms pulled me backwards into the van. I screamed, kicking and flailing, trying desperately to pull the bag off, hurt my attacker, anything. I swung blindly and felt my fist connect with flesh, producing a satisfying thud. A man's voice cursed and suddenly there was another set of hands pinning down my legs while the original pair got a better grip on my arms. I heard the sliding door slam as the person by my feet began to attach something to my ankles. I tried to kick, but the hands were too quick for me and I soon found each ankle encased in what seemed to be some sort of cuff. The process was repeated on my wrists as I continued to scream and struggle, hoping desperately that there was someone nearby to hear.

As soon as the cuffs were secure on my wrists I felt them being pulled over my head and attached somewhere behind me. At the same time, my ankles were being spread and attached to opposite sides of the van's ceiling, spreading me open and causing me to panic even more. My shouts of protest were drowned out by the sound of the van engine roaring to life as we started to move, causing my weight to shift against my outstretched limbs. I heard one of the men chuckle as a hand began to caress my thigh.

"No, no, no, please..." I began.

"Shut up." he responded. "When we want to hear you speak, we'll tell you. In the meantime, if you'd like to avoid being gagged I suggest you keep your mouth shut."

I whimpered softly as the hand resumed exploring my leg while another began to unbutton my blouse. I gritted my teeth to keep from protesting as I felt the cool air on my naked skin and then gave a muffled squeak as I felt cold metal sliding up between my breasts. There was a soft "snick" sound and I felt my bra part in the center, exposing me to their gaze.

"Nice tits." One said.

"Yeah, I figured she had a good pair on her. Little slut like her, bet she loves having them played with." the other replied. I gasped as I felt fingers grasp a nipple and begin to twist and squeeze it roughly, sending a weird mix of pain and pleasure flooding through me. The fingers moved to my other nipple and gave it the same treatment before I felt a sharp pinch on the first one accompanied by a rush of sensation. I moaned and struggled against my bonds as the men laughed again.

"You like the clothespins, huh slut?" one of them asked as he applied one to my other nipple, "Just wait til you find out where the last one's going."

I cringed as I felt the cold metal on my body again, this time at my waist. They cut my skirt off, then finished cutting off the remnants of my blouse and bra, leaving me in just my panties and heels. I felt fingers tracing lightly down my mound, brushing over my clit and making me flinch. As the fingers got lower I came to the horrifying realization that I was wet. "No!" I thought, panicking again. "I can't be, I can't be liking this. This has to be a fear response, I can't enjoy this!"

The man traced the outline of my pussy lips with his finger and made a scolding noise. "See, I told you she was a slut. Soaking wet, and we haven't even finished stripping her yet. If this makes you wet, you're going to love what we have planned for you, little whore. "With that, he sliced my panties off and brutally thrust a finger straight into me. I cried out and tried to arch my back to get away from him, but the other man slapped my tits sharply. "Hold still, we know you want this." he said.

I lay there, legs splayed obscenely, still blinded by the bag, clothespins on my nipples, as the first man began to finger fuck me. He thrust first two, then three fingers into me, using his thumb to roughly rub my clit as he did so. His partner was twisting the clothespins on my nipples and occasionally slapping them, overloading my brain with alternating waves of pleasure and pain. I felt my pussy begin to spasm around his fingers and I moaned, fighting to ignore the feelings.

"Come on little slut, come for me. I know you want to come all over my fingers like a good little whore." the man taunted me. I writhed and gasped, struggling uselessly as the combination of fear, adrenalin, pleasure and pain sent me screaming over the edge into an orgasm.

I felt the fingers being pulled from my pussy and wiped off on my stomach. "Nice tight cunt." He said, "I'm looking forward to fucking it later. In the meantime though, I don't want you to get too bored." I felt something being shoved into my pussy and then attached to the floor. The vibrations of the van traveled up the length of what had to be some sort of dildo and straight into my pussy, causing it to twitch despite my recent orgasm. I could feel every bump, every turn, and I moaned. "Oh, of course. How could I forget my promise to you, slut?" the man sneered. I felt his finger stroke my clit once, and then I screamed as the clothespin was snapped down onto it.

"Told you you'd like it."

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