tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWicked Game Ch. 05

Wicked Game Ch. 05


Nathan found Kevin at a small table in the rear of the bar, slugging back a beer. He approached the table, stood for a moment and waited for acknowledgement. After a few minutes, Kevin looked up at him, his eyes red and glassy.

“May I sit down?” Kevin gestured for him to sit and Nathan took a chair, his eyes on the young man. “Are you all right?”

“No!” Kevin spat, sucking more beer back, anger pinching his features. “I’m not fucking all right!”

“Mr. Marcus, we are in a public place. If you can’t control your temper, maybe it would be a good idea for us to go someplace more private.”

Kevin stared at him for a long time, wishing his ire upon the driver but relented, realizing that his behavior was childish. “Sorry.”

“I’m not sure what I can do for you, but your sister asked that I come and find you.”

“What for? Why does she care?”

“She’s your sister, Mr. Marcus. She cares about you.”

“No, she doesn’t.” Kevin swallowed, finishing the beer. “She’s a whore!”

“I don’t think that’s fair, Mr. Marcus.”

You don’t think it’s fair? Who the hell care what you think?”

“Women are not subjected to the same standards as we are, even though they should. If a man sleeps with more than one woman, he’s a stud. If a woman sleeps with more than one man, she’s a whore.”


“You know what I’m saying, Kevin. I know you’re not that drunk.”

“No, but I’m trying.”

Nathan ordered another round and sat back with his Canadian Club and Pepsi, his eyes on Kevin. “What is it about Kelly Jo that makes you so upset?”

“I don’t know her any more!”

“Forgive my language, Mr. Marcus, but that’s bullshit.”

Kevin stared at the black man, heat rising in his face. “What the fuck do you know?”

“Don’t think that just because I’m a limo driver, that I don’t know things. I happen to know a lot about human nature.”

“Just what is it that you think you know?”

“I know you love your sister.”

“Wow.” Kevin took a long drink. “You’re a great rocket scientist, Nathan.”

“No. I know you love your sister.”

Kevin’s eyes darkened with rage. “You don’t know anything!

“I know more than you think I do.” Nathan took a long sip of his drink. “Kelly Jo is a very beautiful woman.”

“I know that.”

“And she is an adult.”

“I know that!” Kevin shouted, then took a breath. “I’m really sorry, Nathan. I don’t mean to take it out on you.”

“I know you don’t, but you have to face your feelings or you’ll lose her.”

Kevin took another drink and looked out across the dance floor, his beer cold and his brain hot.


Kelly Jo’s breath was warm against her neck and Ashley awoke giggling. She felt like a million dollars, her pussy cream dried and sticky between her thighs and Kelly Jo’s soft body plastered to her back.

“Good morning.” Kelly Jo hugged her from the back, kissing the nape of Ashley’s neck. “How do you feel?”

“Fantastic.” Ashley turned in her arms, touching her face with her fingertips and her lips with hers. A thrill raced through her at Kelly Jo’s ardent response. “Even better since I’m here with you.”

There was a knock on the door and Kelly Jo arose, slipping on a robe and answering it. Nathan stood outside and she invited him in. He gave her a warm smile and offered one to Ashley who still lay under the covers.

“I see that this wasn’t just a task for you two.”

Ashley blushed and Kelly Jo sat next to her, rubbing her back lightly. “No, it wasn’t.”

“So are you an official couple now?”

Kelly Jo looked at Ashley who blushed a second time and intertwined fingers with her. “If she’ll have me, yes.” Ashley’s eyes filled with tears and she gave Kelly Jo’s hand a squeeze, nodding happily.

Nathan’s smile widened, then he noticed the camera. “May I take the camera?”

“Yes. The tape’s inside.”

“I was authorized to offer you an additional $1,500 if you would do it again, but I can see that it won’t be necessary. I’ll just give you the money. It’s obvious that you’ve already earned it.” He gave them each a stack of money. “Congratulations.”


There was another knock on the door. This time, Kevin came in, looking the worse for wear. Nathan handed him a thousand dollars and silently departed, camera in hand. Kevin turned to his sister and the girl in the bed.

“So you did it?”

“Yes, we did.” Kelly Jo leaned down and pressed a kiss to Ashley’s pink lips. “And we plan to keep doing it.” She turned to her brother. “Ashley will be going home with us when this is over.”

“Home with us?”

“Kelly Jo, I don’t want to be a problem.”

“You aren’t a problem, Ash. Not to me.”

“So I have no say in the matter?”

Kelly Jo nodded. “Not unless you’d like to find another roommate.”

Kevin’s heart crumbled as he watched the play of affection between his sister and Ashley. It was obvious that they had come to care a great deal for each other in the short spanse of time. But how could he stand to watch them love each other when all he wanted was to love Kelly Jo.

“No, I don’t want another roommate. I love you, Kel. Whatever you want, I’ll go along with.” He stood and walked to their side of the bed, giving her a hug. “Welcome to the family, Ashley.”

Ashley accepted his embrace, thanking her lucky stars that she had answered that invitation.


Beverly Johansson awoke to the bright morning sun, feeling happy and excited. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d awakened feeling like this. Last night had been a dream. Dinner among the twinkling lights of Atlantic City with two handsome men in attendance. Shane was turning out to be a good friend and she would never have thought that in a million years. He was not the type of person she would have chosen for a friend, but then, she was learning that a lot of things she’d previously thought were wrong.

On the other side of the bed lay an array of magazines, all featuring big women. Shane had insisted on buying them when they’d passed a book store and she was floored to see so many selections, all featuring big women! At first, hatred for her mother burned fiercely within her. She thought of all the opportunities that she might have had but James had talked her out of her anger. Everything happens for a reason, he’d said. Maybe she wouldn’t have been mentally prepared to handle that kind of life. But, oh! She was ready now!

James. He was an odd sort. He was a TV personality so every facet of his life was polished and publicized. The first day, he had seemed not to want to have anything to do with her because of her weight. But she had noticed a change in him. A very subtle change in the way he looked at her. She wondered if he was as lonely as she was. Probably not. As handsome as he was, he could have his choice of women. Maybe she was next on his list of conquests. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t quite believe that. Maybe it was because he hadn’t paid much attention to the other girls.

A knock on the door broke her reverie and she pulled on a robe. James stood there, his black and silver hair combed to perfection, matching with his dark blue blazer and creased khaki pants.

“Good morning.”


“I just stopped by to see if you were going to breakfast.”

“I was planning to. Just being lazy, I guess.”

James smiled. “No harm in that.” He paused. “Well, do you want me to wait or meet you downstairs?”

“I’ll meet you downstairs. It shouldn’t take me too long.”

“Are you sure? I’d be glad to wait.”

She knew that he was just being nice. “That’s all right, James. You don’t have to.”

His shoulders seemed to slump a little. “Okay. See you.”

Beverly shut the door and started to dress, her mind on other things when she noticed something peculiar.

Her pants were loose. She’d lost some weight.


The next task arrived at lunch, accompanied by a plate of cold shrimp and oysters. Nathan set the plate down and stood back, watching James open the envelope and the others listen to his words.

“By now, you should have had a wonderful lunch and are ready to accomplish your fourth task on the scavenger hunt. The fourth task is to parade naked through the hotel. Simple task? No. Kelly Jo, Ashley and Beverly must be chosen to accomplish this task. The reward for each participant will be $3,500 dollars, with $1,250 for the non-participants.” The women glanced at each other. “No proof is required as Nathan will be trailing the ladies. You must undress in the lobby and walk through the entire hotel, including the casino and the dining room. If you follow the instructions, you will receive the money immediately.”

“No way!” All eyes turned to Beverly. “No way I’m going nude in front of all these people!”

“Won’t we get thrown out of the hotel?” Ashley asked. “Where will we stay then?”

“But it’s $3,500 dollars, girls!” Kelly Jo spoke up. “It’s just flesh.”

“That’s easy to say when you’ve got a lot less of it!”

“Oh, Beverly, you’re still beautiful!”

“Yeah, 210 pounds of beautiful!”

“I say we do it.” Kelly Jo said. She gripped Ashley’s hand supportively. “Will you do it with me?”


Kelly Jo and Ashley turned to Beverly. “Come on, Bev. The three of us can do it.”

“No way!”

“Oh, Bev. Please?” Ashley begged.

“Ashley, I don’t even undress in front of my mother! You think I’m gonna undress in front of all these people?”

Kelly Jo turned to Nathan. “Can just the two of us do it?”

“No. It must be the three of you and if you choose not to do it, you forfeit the money and you will be asked to return to your homes.”

“You mean, if we don’t do this task, the scavenger hunt is over?”

“Yes, Miss Martin. Everyone will be asked to leave.”

Ashley and Kelly Jo again turned to Beverly, whose face bore an understanding of their circumstances. She didn’t want to go home. Not back to her mother. Not ever. As scary as that thought was, another thought eclipsed that. Shane, James and Kevin were all here. They would see her naked. She suddenly felt nauseous and took a swallow. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

“I am authorized to offer you an additional $1,000 apiece if you allow the gentlemen to undress you. Kevin must undress Kelly Jo, Shane must undress Ashley and James must undress Beverly.”

“Fine with me.” Kelly Jo said, moving towards her brother.

“I’m okay with it.” Shane answered for Ashley and everyone laughed heartily, except Beverly, who still stood, looking like a deer in the headlights. She wanted to scream. She wanted to cry. She was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t even speak.

James took her hands, drawing her eyes to his. “People will point at you. People will laugh at you. People will make animal noises and call you names. You already know that this will happen because it’s happened to you before. So, in your mind, you know that it will be nothing new. It will just be something to endure as you already have.”

Beverly took his words into her mind, ruminating over them. He was so right. She had been pointed at, laughed at and called names. The more it happened, the more she learned to insulate herself from the ridicule. Or else she would either have been crazy or in jail for killing one of them. But this would be naked. They’d be able to see every bulge, every ripple of her fat. Could she endure that?

“I’m scared, James.”

“I know you are. I would be, too, but think about what we talked about last night. The modeling.”

During last night’s dinner, while looking at the magazines, James had pointed out the girls’ attitudes to her. They were queens, princesses. At least that’s how they portrayed themselves. With supreme confidence. Supreme confidence.

Beverly gave his hands a squeeze. “Okay. I’ll do it.”

Nathan smiled. “Good. Let’s head to the lobby.”

The lobby was teeming with people, some arriving for hotel stays, some walking through to the casino. In a few moments, all of their eyes would be on the three women. Nathan took them to the farthest corner and told them to begin.

Kevin turned to his sister, his hands shaking as he raised them to the buttons on her blouse and Kelly Jo was surprised to see this. He was nervous? Suddenly, everything made sense to her. Kevin’s in love with me! A spurt of adrenaline tightened her chest as she looked at him through new eyes. All this time …his extra protectiveness, his attention, his jealous anger … she trembled as his fingers connected with her skin, the blouse sliding from her shoulders. She wore no bra so she knew that he was trying his best not to look at her breasts but failed miserably.

James had undressed hundreds of women in his life but never had he been so affected by the sight of flesh as this. Beverly had exquisite breasts, large and heavy, capped with dark chocolate nipples that quickly hardened in the air-conditioning. He set her bra and shirt on the chair and reached for the waistband of her pants. She stopped him, tears glistening in her eyes and he reached up, cupping her cheek, willing his strength into her. For a long moment, they just gazed at each other, then she released his hand, allowing him to continue.

Ashley stepped out of her pants, steadying herself on Shane’s shoulder. She noticed his hesitation as he saw the scars on her thighs. He turned her around and she closed her eyes, realizing that he was looking at the scars on her back thighs and buttocks, now exposed as he pulled her panties off.

“Ashley … “

“Shane, please don’t ask.”

She saw the anger in his features and was happy that it wasn’t directed at her. “All right, then I’ll only ask this. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m wonderful.”


“Well?” Kelly Jo said with a smile. “As Tone Loc says, ‘Let’s Do It.’”

Kelly Jo led the way, Beverly and Ashley close behind. Gasps of outrage erupted behind them commingled with snickers and outright laughter. Beverly felt her face grow hot and kept her eyes faced toward the floor. Ashley quietly walked beside her, giving angry looks to anyone who dared to laugh at them. The managers stood behind the front desk, mouths hanging open and guests gawked blatantly.

The worst was the dining room. Patrons booed and some even gagged as they waltzed through. “Put some clothes on!” “Pew! Who ordered the tuna?” “Look! Bacon on the hoof!” Kelly Jo fought to keep her smile and reached back to grab Beverly’s hand. Beverly was grateful for the support, especially when Ashley grabbed her other hand. The chefs and kitchen staff cursed at them, citing health and cleanliness rules but let them walk through unmolested.

Next was the casino and catcalls and whistles followed here. Beverly was surprised to see some admiring looks thrown her way, not only from men, but from women who wished they had the balls to do what she was doing. She raised her head, her smile widening and her spine straightening. When they reached the pool, people actually clapped for them.

Kevin, Shane and James were waiting for them at the loading dock and the girls were grateful to slip into the robes they provided, just as the hotel’s security detail arrived.

“The manager would like to see you.”

“Tell the manager to prepare the bill for rooms 210 thru 216. And let him know that this will be the last time we utilize his establishment.” Nathan said, then turned to the group as the two uniformed men left. “Congratulations, ladies. You have successfully completed your fourth task.” As he spoke, he handed a brick of cash to each person. “You may take this money and leave now or you can join me in Lake Tahoe.”

In one voice, the group said, “We’re staying.” And everyone noticed how loudly Beverly’s voice was.

“Okay. Go to your rooms and pack. We leave in an hour.”


He was so mad that his hands were shaking.

He had seen her. After three days of scouring Atlantic City, he had finally found her, only to be humiliated by seeing her walk naked through the hotel. He couldn’t believe it! She belonged to him! She was his property to use as he wished!

And then, to see her with that other woman, fuck! That was hot! He had never thought that she’d be interested in women so he’d only concentrated his attentions on involving other men. But now … he could bring his whores home and fuck them both! His cock hardened and he smiled. His prick missed her mouth, missed painting her tongue with his cum, missed the tightness of her asshole.

He’d get her back. And this would be her final lesson.

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