tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWicked Game Ch. 12

Wicked Game Ch. 12


Shane checked his watch for the fifth time and shaded his eyes against the sun as a tiny black dot in the sky descended and became a small airplane. Jaime. The Piper Cub taxied to a halt and as the small doorway opened and the ladder put into place, Shane tried to calm his pounding heart as Jaime Scott jumped onto the tarmac.

Jaime was still overwhelmed by the flight. He had never flown on such a small plane and to be allowed to sit in the cockpit for part of the flight was just phenomenal to him. Now, he felt his earlier nerves return. The nerves he’d had yesterday when he’d carefully chosen a wardrobe that he thought Shane would like. The nerves he’d had last night when he’d carefully shaved most of his body, hoping that Shane would like it. And the nerves he now had as he saw Shane’s eyes and wondered if his heart was in them.

“Hey!” Shane grabbed his best friend in a masculine embrace, softening the contact at the end when he pulled back. Jaime’s trademark black hair fell to his shoulders in shiny waves and curls, framing his square-jawed face and blue-green eyes. But despite the beauty of his face, Shane found himself staring at Jaime’s lips. “How are you?”

“Fine. How about you? Having a good time?”

“Yeah. It’s been … interesting.”

“I see.” Jaime took his bag from the pilot with thanks and followed Shane to the limousine that waited them. Gone was the easy play, the comfortable manner that they’d always had and in its stead was tension and uncertainty. For three years, Shane had been his confidant, the only person that had ever taken the time to listen to his hopes and dreams and the only person that cared enough to make sure they were accomplished, or at least heading that way. Was he about to lose that? “So what’s going on?”

Shane was having a hard time sitting so close to Jaime. He knew what lay beneath the baby blue Polo shirt and khaki shorts that he was wearing. Jaime had a magnificent body, a little on the thin side, but sculpted from his weightlifting obsession. Shane had noticed more than once the large rose-colored nipples and the thin dark line of hair that led to his heavy cock and balls. “I’m not quite sure where to begin … “

The limo ride took 22 minutes and it took another 15 minutes to get into Jaime’s room. In that time, Shane filled him in on the details of the scavenger hunt, ending with his transsexual encounter the night before. Jaime just stared at him, wondering who the hell this person was. “So you’re gay now?”

“No. I was always gay. I just never … acknowledged it.”

“What’s going to happen when you go back to school? The coach isn’t going to like that.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far yet.”

“Jesus, Shane! In one fell swoop, you’ve just ruined your life and your sports career!”

“Is that what you think?” Shane’s eyes bored into Jaime’s. “Do you really think that I’ve ruined my life?”

Jaime had the feeling that Shane was really asking him something else. “Yes.”

“Oh, so I should just go around the rest of my life, denying my true feelings?”

Again, that feeling. What was he saying? Jaime’s cock twitched and his nipples hardened. “No, I don’t think you should deny your feelings.”

“Okay.” For a breathtaking second, the entire world stopped. Shane’s lips were on Jaime’s and his hot tongue was pressing into his mouth, wet and demanding. Jaime was too stunned to respond and stiffened. Abject disappointment filled Shane when he pulled back. “I’m sorry.” He muttered, standing quickly. “I’ll see you later.”

Shane was gone before Jaime had a chance to regain his senses and beg him to stay. He was still stunned at not only his friend’s actions, but at the intensity of feelings that had accompanied the contact. Who would ever have thought that a kiss, a mere kiss could evoke such feeling? Now that he knew where he stood with Shane, he could focus on building this relationship into something they couldn’t forget.


Ashley grinned at Kelly Jo and Kevin as she stood in their bedroom. “So we’re going to hit the beach?”

“Absolutely. Let’s have some drinks and enjoy rubbing suntan oil on each other.”

“Okay. Let me get my bathing suit.”

“Hurry up!”

Ashley laughed and stepped out into the hallway. What a wonderful place this was! Miles of crystalline sand lay waiting for them, the sky was deep blue and the water was a tint of teal that she’d never seen before. It was all so beautiful. And now, she was going to lay on that beautiful beach with her lover and her brother … Kevin. She had been thinking about him more and more. Their relationship had been steadily changing in the last few days. He had started talking to her and always included her in any activity that he and Kelly Jo did. The only thing they hadn’t shared was sex. She hoped that that wasn’t far off …

She used the card key to enter her room and was surprised to see a young woman sitting on her bed. “Um, what are you doing in my room?”

“Megan and I just came to visit.” Matthew closed the door, quickly stepping behind her and clamping a hand over her mouth before she had a chance to scream. “I promised you to Megan as a gift.”

Megan arose from the bed, a dark bottle and a square of gauze in her hand. “Lights out, little one. When you awake, we’ll have some fun.”

The acrid scent of chloroform filled Ashley’s nostrils and everything went black.


Mmmmmm …

Kevin’s hands felt heavenly, the broad fingers sliding over her flesh and rubbing the fragrant oil into her skin. His hands moved solidly across her back, roaming lower until he met the firm globes of Kelly Jo’s ass. She felt his gentle fingers maneuver downward, kneading the thick muscles, then slide into her oil-laden crack, finding her super-sensitive asshole and teasing it with circular strokes. She bit her finger to keep from moaning aloud at poolside. Kevin’s hot breath in her ear was enough to trigger an orgasm and her sphincter muscles gripped the tip of his finger.

“Mmm, that’s sweet, Kel. Do you know how much it’s taking me not to spread your legs and suck you right here?”

“Yes.” Kelly Jo gasped, shuddering as his fingers moved lower, dipping into her bubbling cauldron and finding the pussy juice hot and steaming. “I feel the same.”

Kevin raised his fingers to his mouth and gave them a long, satisfying suck. “We could always go back upstairs … “

“I already thought about that.” Kelly Jo sighed. “But we can’t fuck all day. I’ll be sore.”

“I know.” His husky whisper sent chills down her spine. “But I can lick all day.”

She grinned. “I bet you could.”

“Want to try me?”

“Maybe a little later. We have to wait for Ashley.” Kelly Jo turned sideways, gazing into her brother’s eyes. “Kevin, I know that you said that you could share me with her but … do you think you could love her?”

“Love her? What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, Kev.” Kelly Jo touched his hand. “Could you make love to her like you make love to me?”

Kevin thought about it for a long moment. He knew what his answer would be because he’d thought about the question long before Kelly Jo had given it life. He could easily fall in love with Ashley. Maybe he already had. He looked forward to seeing her bright but shy smile and he so loved what he saw in her eyes when she looked at Kelly Jo. Lately, he’d been imagining sex with both of them, having two lovely bodies to ravish, two hearts to hold in his hands.

“Yes.” He said softly. “I could.”

Kelly Jo just looked at him for several moments. “You already like her, don’t you?”

Before he could answer, Nathan came by, admiring Kelly Jo’s bikini-clad body. “Just wanted to tell you that our benefactor has arranged for a special dinner this evening. Eight o’clock, in the Crystal Dining Room. Tell Ashley, will you?”

“Sure.” Kevin smiled, returning to his duty of oiling his sister’s nubile body up as Nathan departed.

“I wonder where she is.”

“Probably taking a nap. You wore her out last night.”

Kelly Jo grinned. “I can’t help it, Kev. I really love that girl. That’s why I asked about your feelings.”

Kevin gave his fingers a quick dip into her asshole again, licking his lips at her body’s reaction. “I could love her, Kel. As long as I could always love you, I could love her, too.”


The sun’s shadows were long as they streaked the floor, Ashley noticed as she struggled awake. Her body ached and as her tongue brushed against the dry cloth gagging her mouth, her memory returned with a vicious swiftness, along with a smarting slap from the glassy-eyed girl who she knew as Megan. Her grin sent chills coursing down her spine and her heart painfully hammered in her chest when Matthew strode into her line of vision.

“Hello, Ashley. Long time no see.” Matthew smiled at the tears that filled his wife’s eyes. “Aw, look, Megan. She’s so happy to see me that she’s crying.”

A naked Ashley moaned in despair, wriggling her hands which were secured behind his back. “Please.” She pleaded, the word muffled against the gag.

“She said, please. Maybe she wants you already.”

Matthew smiled into Megan’s eyes. “You are so perfect, dear Megan. I wish I’d met you before I met this bitch.” He punctuated the last word with a nasty smack on her exposed ass.

“I wish you had, too.”

“You’re still willing to become my toy?”

“Oh, yes!”

“And my wife?”


“Good. Then she’s all that stands in our way, pet. We can kill her, dispose of her body and you can move into my house and take her place.” Megan’s eyes shone with power and lust. “Think you can help me do that?”

“Anything you want, master.”

Matthew pulled Megan to him and crushed her lips under his, drawing a healthy amount of blood, which she obediently licked away, a dazed smile spreading her features. “Good. Then I think we should begin.”

“Yes, master.”

“What do you think we should do first?”

“I think you should fuck her.” Megan moved around behind her, observing the way that Matthew had hog-tied the woman and reached between her legs to give her ruby-red pussy lips a tender stroke. Ashley tried to wriggle away but couldn’t move. “No, wait, master. I think you should baptize her first. After all, it has been awhile since she drank your precious cum.”

A wicked grin split Matthew’s face. “Yes, I think you’re right. Oh, Megan, once again, you are so perfect!”

“May I have the honor of preparing your fountain?”

“You may indeed, lovely girl.”

Megan dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants, cupping his balls as she pulled his half-hard cock out of his pants and began to lovingly apply her warm, wet tongue to it. She loved the tangy smell of his unwashed skin, the acidity of his flesh and the roughness of his shaved pubes rubbing her slobber-covered chin and lips raw. She didn’t care about the pain it caused or the discomfort that she had to suffer through. She only saw the perfection of her actions in his dark eyes.

The first time he’d taken her in Tahoe, she’d cum, even though she cried. She had cried for the loss of her virginity and for the violence of the action. He had rested for awhile, then began his assault anew. He pinched her nipples and chewed on them until they were bright red and nearly bleeding. He left bite marks all over her body; deep, livid marks that made it clear that she belonged to him. Then, he did something that no one else had done. He had worshipped her.

His hot, furtive words assailed her ears and she heard things that she’d never heard before. Matthew told her how he was going to fuck her; how he was going to shove his hard cock into her tight pussy and slam into her until she was crying. He started by putting his mouth on her ravaged cunt and snaked his tongue between her tender lips, dipping into her bloody maw. She immediately forgot the pain. The sensation of pleasure was so strong that she passed out the first time she came on the tip of his tongue.

And Megan never forgot that. When he’d released her, she was convinced that she was in love. She took the pills he offered and allowed her to fuck her in any orifice and drank his cum whenever he wanted. He proclaimed her as being perfect. That’s why she was on her knees, looking up into his face and giving his smooth-veined, fat-crowned cock the licking of its life.

“Oh, Megan, my pet, you’re gonna make me cum too quickly.”

Megan moved, pulling Matthew forward by his penis so that they were directly in front of Ashley’s bound body, then slowly took her master’s prick into her throat, inch by maddening inch. Matthew groaned, his body shaking as he silently cursed her for knowing what he liked and what would set him off.

“Oh, God … YES!”

Ashley didn’t have a second to scream. Matthew’s red-hot prick was shoved into her mouth and Megan’s fingers pinched her nose shut so that she had to swallow. The smell and taste of cum brought her bile to her throat and she fought the urge to vomit. The sight of Matthew’s face as he achieved his orgasm was vile enough without having to drink his foul essence. She tried to cough but Megan wouldn’t let her. Finally, Matthew was done, his cum spent, now curdling in her stomach and Megan arose to be blessed with his gentle kiss.

“That was the first time I ever did that for you.”

Matthew licked his lips, trembling as Megan led him to the other bed. “It won’t be the last.”

Ashley turned her head and threw up, the taste of her husband in her mouth and the fire of hope quickly dying in her soul.


The theme was a beach party in the old-fashioned style of the James Bond movie, Thunderball. Ladies were asked to wear floral dresses and the men to wear linen pants and floral cotton shirts. A stack of straw hats perched on a welcoming table along with sets of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and hand-woven sandals.

Beverly had gone shopping. She had to. She had lost two dress sizes and nothing she had brought fit her any longer. She took special time to fashion her hair and apply just a bit of makeup because she had a feeling that things were going to ramp up with James. She was over her fear of being hurt. She came to the conclusion that if she didn’t take a chance, she might never be able to rid herself of her dreaded virginity and experience a night of passion with an experienced man. She wanted to be able to say that she had tasted love, if even for a fleeting moment. She wanted James to be her first.

She was almost done when there was a knock at her door and she opened it to find James, holding a beautiful white lily. “Hi.”

“You look fantastic.” James complimented with a smile.

“And you brought the finishing touch.” As he watched, Beverly took the lily snapped a good length of its stem off and tucked it into the corner of her black waves. “Thank you.”

“I … I, uh, came to see if you’d like to go down to dinner with me.”

“Nope.” She turned her back on him, retrieving her purse from the side table. “But I will go as your date.”

James felt like he’d won the lottery. He reached for her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it, then tucked it in the corner of his arm.


Shane was already downstairs but had decided to take a walk on the beach to clear his head. His whole world was in a shambles. Not only had he embarrassed himself with the man whom had been his friend for what seemed like forever but now Jaime would return to the college and tell everyone about his sexual preference. His hope of a professional sports career would be over … all in one fell swoop.

How could I have been so stupid? Did he misread the signs? Put too much hope in his feelings? He sat down in the sand, sandals hanging from his fingers as he watched the last pale fingers of sunset stroke the night sky. What would his future be like now? Another college? That might work, but he’d never be able to play football there. The rumors would surely follow him but he could at least finish his schooling.

“I wondered where you were.”

The sound of Jaime’s soft voice made his skin tingle and Shane took a deep breath, fighting to keep the sudden prick of tears from becoming liquid. “I just came out to enjoy the sunset.”


“Why not?”

“Because I would have joined you.”

“Jaime … “

“No. You left without giving me a chance to talk so now it’s my turn.” Jaime watched the change on Shane’s face and reached deep within himself for his courage. This is your chance to let him know how you feel. He heard the little voice in his head and quivered under its honesty. “Do you have any idea of how long I’ve loved you?” The despair drained from Shane’s face, leaving an expression of incredulity. “How long I’ve watched your games and ached to be the one you shared your ups and downs with? You’ve always included me in your life, but I wanted to be in your bed.”

“Jaime, I didn’t know … “

“Of course you didn’t because you didn’t wait to hear what my feelings were before you went tearing off, you asshole!” Jaime took a breath, trying to calm his anger. “When you kissed me, I didn’t know what to do. My heart was about to burst out of my chest and I felt like I couldn’t move, like I was numb because all I could feel was the touch of your lips on mine.” The intensity of the moment started to get to him, making his voice warble with emotion. “I had dreamed about kissing you for so long that I didn’t know how to react when you did it.”

Shane arose, his sun-burnished hair lifted by the same gentle breeze that blew Jaime’s dark locks into his face. He raised a hand and pushed the soft hair away from Jaime’s mouth, leaning in and settling his lips on Jaime’s.

The instant their lips touched, Shane sensed a change in the shorter man. Jaime’s dark pink lips opened and his tongue sought out Shane’s, alternately entangling and caressing the soft insides of his mouth. His arms slid around his best friend, pulling him closer and Jaime moaned against his mouth, feeling a bolt of lightning streak through him as their hard, clothes-encased pricks rubbed together.

“I want you, Jaime.” Shane’s football-callused fingers slid softly across Jaime’s lips, tracing the tender contours with the care of a lover. “I’ve never wanted you more than anything in my life.”

Jaime’s eyes filled with tears. “I’ve been so lonely without you, Shane. When you first called, I thought … “

“You thought wrong. Nothing would make me happier than to give you my heart.” Shane kissed him again, losing himself in the warmth of Jaime’s wet mouth. “Because I am so in love with you … I … “

Jaime’s soft words touched him like nothing else ever had. “You already have my heart, Shane.” His arms squeezed the muscular quarterback to him, nuzzling his neck as tears streaked his cheeks. “I so don’t want anyone else.”

“Neither do I.”

Facing the remainder of the Bahamian sunset, Shane Kingsley and Jaime Scott pledged their love to each other and took ownership of a future that neither thought they’d ever have the pleasure of seeing.


Kelly Jo knocked at Ashley’s door for the third time in the last few hours and received no answer. Her phone calls had rung unheard as well and a nagging suspicion in the back of her head was giving her nerves. Ashley would never have remained incommunicado like this. Perhaps she had become upset over the closeness of Kevin and her and had left but Kelly Jo didn’t think so. And since they’d seen her husband at the Tahoe resort, she was certain that Ashley had been waylaid.


The handsome driver turned to her, his uniform traded in for a linen vest, cuffed linen pants and a straw hat. He sipped from a glass topped with a pink umbrella and smacked his lips in satisfaction. “Yes, Kelly Jo. Why aren’t you dressed?”

“I haven’t seen Ashley since this morning and I’m worried.”


“We saw Matthew in Tahoe and I’m worried that he might have followed us here.”

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