Wicked Game Ch. 18


Jaime nearly came off the bed, groaning as Shane laved his shaft. His mouth was so hot that it gave Jaime goosebumps. “Oh, Shane. Please stop. You’re going to make me cum already.”

“Good.” Shane paused in his work. “Best to get the first one out of the way.”

Shane went down on Jaime again, using his tongue to rub against the soft underside and caress the fat crown. His stalk was fat and veiny and Shane gently let his teeth graze the tender flesh, smiling at Jaime’s reaction. He wanted to take his time but he was too anxious to taste Jaime again. Pre-cum wasn’t enough.

Jaime shivered when Shane’s mouth wrapped around his shaft and started sucking him. “Oh, God!” He could barely catch his breath as his friend rocketed him toward an earth-shattering climax. Within moments, it was on him and he shouted as his cock unleashed its fury, splashing Shane’s mouth and throat with hot, pearly cum and it took long moments more to float back to earth and smile into his lover’s face. “That was inspired.”

Shane laughed. “You haven’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Jaime pulled him down for a long, deep kiss, letting his hand gently slide over Shane’s hard cock and moaning when he liked what he found. He let Shane press him onto his back and ran his fingers over Shane’s muscled ass and smooth back, loving the feel of his skin. “I’ve waited so long for this.” He whispered as Shane kissed his neck. “I’ve dreamed of you being my first.”

Shane reached into the night table’s drawer and pulled out a small bottle of baby oil. “Would you like the honors?”

Jaime took the bottle and squirted a small amount onto his palm and lovingly rubbed it onto Shane’s prick, stroking him a few times for good measure. Shane shivered at his touch and he took the bottle from Jaime, spreading some oil onto his fingers and slipping them down into Jaime’s cleft. The first finger felt good, sliding into his tight asshole while Shane’s tongue slid around in his mouth. The second finger stung a little but Shane was still gentle, using his thumb to massage the outer ring.

When Shane slid the third finger into Jaime’s asshole, he knew that Jaime’s moan was from pain and quickly extracted them.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s hurting you.”

“I’ll get used to it. Please don’t stop.”

Shane gently slid the fingers back in, pushing Jaime back so that he could concentrate on his nipples. That did the trick. He felt Jaime’s ass muscles clench around his fingers when he sucked on Jaime’s sensitive nipples and Jaime’s cock was slowly springing back to life. God, how he loved this man! He watched pleasure play on his lover’s face and knew that it was a sight he never wanted to forget.

Jaime moaned. “Please, Shane. I need you inside me.”

Shane moved over Jaime, kneeling between his open legs and looped his arms underneath them, positioning his cock at Jaime’s entrance. “I love you, Jaime.”

“I love you.”

Shane flexed his hips, pressing the mushroom head inside. Jaime bit back a cry of pain, closing his eyes as Shane patiently waited for it to pass. And pass it did. Jaime pushed upward, signaling that he was ready for more and Shane gave it to him, sliding in to the hilt and shivering at the sensations that were tripping up and down his spine. “Oh, Jaime.” Shane breathed, looking down into Jaime’s eyes.

Jaime knew it was different when he saw the look in Shane’s eyes. It wasn’t just his first time any more. It was lovemaking. Shane released his legs, staying buried deep inside him and bent down to capture his mouth. Jaime moaned as Shane’s tongue matched the slow rhythm of his thrusts, fanning the flames of their passion. His renewed cock slid between their sweaty, oiled bodies, driving him mad with the intense friction. “Shane, I’m gonna cum again.”

“Good, ‘cause I am, too.”

Jaime came first, his hot cum spraying between them and Shane was close behind, coating Jaime’s bowels with his jizz. He collapsed onto Jaime and they laid together for a few minutes, coming back down to earth. “Oh, Shane. That was wonderful.”

“No, it wasn’t.” Shane raised up to look into Jaime’s eyes. “It was fantastic. I’ve never felt like that before.” He moved, sliding out of Jaime’s still quivering asshole and reached for something on the night table. “I want you in my life forever, Jaime. I can’t imagine going through life without you.” He slid the platinum wedding ring onto Jaime’s finger. “Since we can’t tell the world yet, let’s make sure to tell each other.”

Jaime broke into tears, shaking in Shane’s arms. “Am I dreaming?”

“No, baby. If anyone’s dreaming, it’s me.” Shane cuddled him close, kissing his tears away. “I’m dreaming about being a professional football player married to a professional photographer.”

Jaime sniffed, cupping Shane’s face. “Then let’s make our dreams come true.” He whispered, against Shane’s mouth. “Together.”

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