Wicked Interrogation

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Two night elves interrogate a tauren prisoner.
7k words
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A request featuring Maiev, Tyrande, and a tauren from Warcraft.


It wasn't much of a fight. We tracked them for hours, watching and surveying, and when the time was right, we struck. Vile and barbaric as they are, the Horde are not suited for forest combat. Nor, in my experience, any combat, but this is even more apparent within Ashenvale, where their burly forms and superstitious natures work against themselves. After ascertaining their numbers, capabilities, and likelihood of reinforcements, we lured them to a predetermined destination with the help of wisps and skilled scouts of our own. Once they arrived at the ambush site, they stood no chance against us.

A single volley of well-aimed arrows cut them down, the release of nightsabers scared even the bloodthirsty orcs, and a treetop ambush from above ensured their swift and justly deserved demise. Within only a minute or so, perhaps two for a conservative estimate, twenty-one orcs, tauren, and trolls lay slain upon the forest floor. There was only one survivor that remained, and he was taken prisoner without much resistance.

After tending to our wounded (a list of each member and their condition is listed upon the back of this document) we searched their corpses and found little of worth besides armor and weapons. Recommend melting down and repurposing all of it save for whatever may be used by our worgen allies.

Sentinels Melyria and Shyela Frostshadow are keeping watch over the corpses in the case of a Horde search and rescue party, and will be replaced with Sentinels Thenysil and Avana before daybreak. The prisoner is a young tauren male. Uncooperative. Unwilling to divulge any information besides his name (Rohak). Approximately eight feet tall, four-hundred pounds. Brown fur. No distinguishing characteristics. Further interrogation required.

Dictated by Warden Maiev Shadowsong and transcribed by Kathrena Winterwisp.

"No casualties?" Tyrande asked, flipping over the parchment and inspecting the backside.

"No," Maiev said, and a smirk crossed her face. "None on our side."

"Good." The High Priestess paused. "Although it does seem as though they grow bolder, despite your many successes."

"I won't claim to understand the minds of beasts, but perhaps they seek a war of attrition."

"Perhaps." Tyrande contemplated for a moment, nodded, and then stood up. "Thank you for the report, Maiev. I'd say you should take some time to relax, but we both know you wouldn't listen." She waved a dismissive hand. "Feel free to do whatever you wish with the prisoner."

Maiev turned and made her way out of Tyrande's quarters. She felt good. She always did after a successful battle, but there was something else other than joy, excitement, and leftover adrenaline flowing through her. Fighting was how she got her kicks--most of the time--but occasionally she got an itch that could be scratched by one thing and one thing only: fucking. Of course the issue with this was the lack of available men; the Sentinels were exclusively female, and so finding a satisfactory partner wasn't easy.

As she walked to the building in which the prisoner was being held, she contemplated things further. She had chosen to exclude in her report the size of the tauren. Not his height or weight, but rather the one prominent feature he had hanging between his thighs like a third leg. The beast wore nothing but a scrap of cloth that was so flimsy it could barely even be called a loincloth, and while she had seen tauren appendages before, this one was different. Not only was it larger than normal, but she felt an intense hunger for it. A pull, or, more disturbingly, an attraction.

Naturally this was due to her recent state of mind, her hunger for cock, but the fact that she was having indecent thoughts towards a tauren annoyed her greatly. They were a race only slightly better than orcs and trolls, fully capable of the same brutality the greenskins were known for. Lusting after one was unthinkable, no matter how impressive his manhood.

Although it certainly couldn't hurt, she thought. Even if he is the enemy, he'll likely be dead by tomorrow anyway.

Upon arriving at the prisoner's quarters, the guard standing watch saluted her. "Take a break," Maiev ordered. "Half an hour."

Once the guard was dismissed, she stepped inside, her boots echoing upon the stone floor of the prison. The tauren's cell was small, or rather, he made it look small given his enormous frame. If she had to guess, she'd estimate that he was slightly larger than the average member of his race. He was sitting with his back to the wall, and when she entered he glanced at her only briefly before turning his attention back to the floor of his cell.

"Come to your senses yet or are you still playing the part of a stubborn fool?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips and eyeing him through the slits of her helmet.

"My name is Rohak."

"Fine." She shrugged and unclasped her cloak, tossing it onto a nearby table.

Maiev spent half an hour grilling him to absolutely no success whatsoever. She'd learned nothing other than the fact that his manhood had a head like a fist, and it liked to peek out of his loincloth whenever he shifted in his seat. Even under threat of death or bodily harm the tauren didn't speak a single word. She wasn't surprised. Savage though the Horde may be, they were also fanatical, willing to die for their cause. It would have been admirable if not for the specific cause that they served.

Sighing, Maiev stood up and made her way towards the exit. Rohak, whose name by this point had been drilled into her head after constant repetition, was useless to them. If he wasn't willing to speak, there was no point in keeping him alive, and as such she had little choice but to recommend execution. Tyrande needed to be informed before that was carried out.

Stopping herself at the doorway, she glanced over her shoulder and caught the tauren looking straight at her. Strangely, his eyes were lowered, and she came to the shocking realization that he was staring at her ass.

Sure she'd checked him out before, but she hadn't expected him to do the same to her. And although she wore a heavy ensemble of plate armor, the cheeks of her ass were clad in little else but a tight pair of leather pants, stretched taut over her impressive rump.

Without her cloak her ass was in full view, large and round, jutting out obscenely, and clearly carrying more than enough meat to catch the attention of a tauren. All of her exercising, combined with good genetics, had sculpted Maiev into a superb example of the female form. She was a large woman, tall and muscular, thick where it counted, with hard abs and a slim waist that flared out into a wide pair of grippable hips. When she trained she trained to fight, but in the process of tempering herself for war she had developed a body simultaneously built for fucking. Moreover, it was obvious that the tauren agreed. Not only had she caught his eye, but she could see his cock stirring and shifting beneath his loincloth like a monster awakening from slumber.

Blinking away her surprise, Maiev exited the jail just as the guard from earlier returned. Exchanging a nod with the woman, she made her way back to Tyrande's quarters, still shocked over the fact that an oversized bull had been leering at her ass. Ridiculous thoughts raced through her mind, and that itch from earlier returned, more demanding than ever.

Maiev was so taken aback that she didn't bother knocking on Tyrande's door, and when she opened it she was greeted by her second surprise of the day.

Lying upon a short table was Tyrande, face down and glowing with oil as two goblins, one male and one female, rubbed and kneaded her muscles. She was utterly naked, and as Maiev watched, the goblins' hands roamed over the High Priestess' body, squeezing at her breasts, massaging the cheeks of her ass, and dipping between the cleft of her thighs.

A massage? By goblins? While nude?

Maiev shook her head, clearing her thoughts. What the hell did she know about massages? And other than these two goblins there probably wasn't a living soul within three days' ride that could do the job they were doing. It was odd, but not entirely irrational.

"Your Grace," she said, startling the goblins and drawing their attention.

"Yes?" Tyrande purred, not bothering to roll over or get up.

"The prisoner remains uncooperative." Her eyes darted back and forth between the goblins and a number of pink vials of oil situated upon a separate table. "I see no reason to keep him alive, and recommend execution."

"I recommend showing off this ass more often," the female goblin said, giving Tyrande a light slap on her behind. It jiggled slightly, and her greedy green hands slipped between the valley of Tyrande's bubbly cheeks. "Would you like a massage next?" she asked, looking at Maiev with a look that unsettled her.

The male goblin slapped the female goblin over the head, but before Maiev could question the two Tyrande spoke again.

"You said he was a tauren?" she asked as if nothing had happened.


"I see." She pondered things for a moment before standing up. "Let's try one last time to convince him then, shall we? They tend to be more receptive than orcs."

"I don't believe he can be convinced to speak... but I will help you if you wish to try convincing him again."

After retrieving a big bag that looked like a bush with handles and throwing on a diaphanous gown that was far from decent, Tyrande left the goblins and lead Maiev back to the jail. Dismissing the guard once again, they strolled leisurely into the damp building, down a flight of stairs, and into the prisoner holding room where Rohak resided.

He was lying upon his bed when they entered, and stirred from what had likely been a light slumber upon hearing their footsteps.

"Greetings, tauren." Tyrande stepped up close to the bars of his cell while Maiev sat down on the table and watched, expecting nothing less than a one-sided conversation. Some prisoners were too stubborn and fanatical to talk, and in her opinion it wasn't worth the time and effort futilely butting heads with bull-headed prisoners. But she didn't mind humoring the High Priestess' desire for a peaceful and more lucrative outcome.

As the interrogation continued, minutes crawled by, dull and fruitless. For the most part she simply observed while Tyrande asked Rohak questions, only cutting in to make subtle threats that she knew would get them nowhere. Maybe they were pointless, but it made her feel better at least.

After twenty minutes she was both bored and hot, and so she stripped out of her plate, leaving herself clad in a cheap mageweave shirt and leather pants. Rohak looked at her, and then Tyrande turned to do the same.


Tyrande shuffled over and leaned in close, her voice a barely audible whisper. "Have you noticed something?"

"How much of a waste of time this is?"

"No. Our prisoner is attracted to you."

Maiev snorted. "If that's the only information you've gleaned from this interrogation I think it's time to call it quits and begin his execution."

"Hold on," Tyrande said. She was closer now. So close that her breasts were pressing lewdly against Maiev's own ample cleavage. "See how he reacts to us? We can use this to our advantage."

She shook her head, sending her long ponytail swaying. "I am a warden, not a whore or a showgirl. Nor do I see the benefit of--"

"I'll replace your shirt," Tyrande interrupted.

"You'll wha--" Maiev gasped as Tyrande grabbed ahold of her shirt and tore it in two. Her breasts, firm and purple and each a good handful, tumbled out, jiggling and wobbling before growing still. "Are you insane?!" she shouted, reaching up to cover her tits.

"Just follow my lead," Tyrande said, uncinching her gown and allowing it to drop to the floor. Her hands swatted away Maiev's arms, exposing her breasts again so that she could grab them, squeezing and kneading them while the tauren watched, his face finally displaying more than apathetic resignation.

"This is ridiculous!" she muttered, stifling a moan as Tyrande brought her lips to her nipples, alternating between the two and leaving a trail of saliva.

Crazy as it was, she had little right to deny the High Priestess. Or at least that was the justification she used to go along with it. Soon enough she was moaning openly, her body hot and needy. Her hands felt the smooth skin of Tyrande's body, caressing the other woman's hips, feeling at the muscles of her back, the swell of her ass cheeks, and the wetness tucked between her legs underneath a little tuft of green hair. They pawed at one another, exchanging open-mouthed kisses, growing more and more desperate for pleasure as the seconds ticked by.

There was flesh and oil beneath Maiev's fingertips, the firm but soft body of Tyrande still coated in massage oil. It inflamed her desire, and so when Tyrande pulled away, she almost objected. She needed more than just a quick fondling.

"Come," Tyrande said. "We will extract the information from him directly."

She wasn't initially sure what the other woman meant, but caught on quickly when Tyrande opened the tauren's cell and stepped inside. Rohak was chained to the wall atop his bed, barely capable of movement, but he sat straight up with his attention transfixed upon them and his cock semi-erect. It pushed aside the loincloth, leaving him for all intents and purposes naked.

Tyrande kneeled between the tauren's huge legs and looked back at her. Nervously, she followed suit, settling onto her knees and eyeing the massive appendage dangling way too close for comfort. She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it when Tyrande's hand did the unthinkable: it grasped Rohak's manhood, her slender fingers coiling tightly around the tauren's ridiculous girth. The one hand was matched by a second, and then, to Maiev's amazement, the High Priestess began to stroke up and down, one hand over the other. She brought his cock fully to life, jerking him off until he was hard as iron and dripping pre-cum that only aided in her skilled handjob. After a short time, she stopped and looked at her, a sly smile on her face.

"You're the warden here," Tyrande said. "Give it a try."

"I don't think..."

"Go on."

She looked at Tyrande for a moment, then up at the tauren who was just as bewildered as she was, then back down to his cock. Slowly, reluctantly, she brought her hands to his shaft, placing them right below Tyrande's. Sharing a nod, they began a synchronized movement of hands, an up-and-down rhythm that had the two elves stroking every inch of Rohak's hulking cock. To her surprise, giving a double handjob was a lot easier than expected, and after only a few tentative strokes they were working his bullcock like the two of them were an expert duo at an Orgrimmar whorehouse, making the beast grunt and huff and struggle against his chains.

What they were doing was filthy and obscene. Taboo, even. But she had to admit that it felt good to get her hands on a nice hard cock. Especially one as masculine as this. She watched it curiously as she stroked up and down, admiring its size and extensive length. With its smooth leathery sheathe and silky pink skin, not only did it look different than what she was accustomed to, but it felt different as well. A small part of her even liked it.

Pre-cum oozed from the tauren's flared, oddly shaped cockhead, mixing with their fingers and coating his tool with a fine glossy sheen. It flowed fast and free, and when Tyrande bent her head to press her lips against the tip, Maiev's mouth fell open in shock.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

Lewd slurping noises was her only answer, and when she saw Tyrande's throat undulating she realized the High Priestess must have been swallowing whatever pre-cum was being jettisoned into her mouth. The scene before her was a hard thing to process. Had Tyrande done this before, or was this just a spur of the moment mistake? Better yet, what was she doing? Kaldorei matriarch or not, surely jerking off and servicing a tauren prisoner wasn't an order she had to follow?

And yet her hands kept moving, up and down with long strokes, not once faltering. Tyrande, who continued to suckle so hungrily upon Rohak's cock, did not cease the movements of her hands, instead jerking him off while she sucked. The two of them pumped the tauren's manhood in perfect harmony, and when Tyrande opened her mouth wider to accommodate the entirety of his bulky, bull-like cockhead, this time Maiev said nothing. She watched as the other elf went deeper and deeper, amazed when she finally stopped with nearly half of Rohak's cock buried down her throat.

Maiev swallowed, and realized for the first time that she'd been salivating. Not only that, but her clit throbbed. She wanted what Tyrande was having, and a whole lot more.

Tyrande pulled back, revealing inch by inch of thick tauren meat as it retracted from her mouth like a magic trick. Pink, glistening with saliva, and as big as her forearm, it seemed to take a handful of seconds before it was totally free. And when at last his cockhead slid from her lips, the matriarch looked up at Rohak, a sly but imperious expression on her face.

"Are you ready to talk yet?" Tyrande asked. Her hands stopped jerking the prisoner off, and Maiev followed suit.

His bovine face looked troubled. "I..."

Maiev's long ears perked up. It wasn't much, but that "I" was more than she'd gotten out of him.

"Help me help you," Tyrande continued. "Or we're done here."

He remained silent, but when she moved to stand up he suddenly blurted out, "What do you want to know?"

Tyrande turned to look at her expectantly. A little flustered, Maiev cleared her throat and asked what she'd been wanting an answer to this entire time: "Is the Horde planning an attack?"

"No... not that I know of," he said. "We were checking to see if you'd built up any additional forces within a six mile radius of our encampment."

She held back a grin. Now they were getting somewhere. It had only taken jerking him off and sucking his dick to get it out of him.

"How many scouting parties, including yours?"

"I... can't answer that."

"Unless we 'help' you some more," Tyrande said. "Is that it?"

He nodded slowly, and so Tyrande gestured towards the tauren's shaft with her chin. "Your turn, Maiev."

She swallowed, partially because she was nervous, and partially because she was still salivating so much. Mustering her courage and throwing to the wayside what she understood as right and wrong, Maiev gripped Rohak's ridiculous shaft and guided him to her plump lips. She kissed his mighty bullcock, smooching the bulbous head and issuing forth her tongue to lick at the strange nub of his urethra. It stuck out like a tiny protrusion, and when she lapped at it a stream of nectar poured out and graced her tongue. Between his natural flavor and the pre-cum flowing from his cock, he tasted slightly earthy, spicy even, but not at all unpleasant. In fact, it was quite good. Whether this was due to his diet or just how tauren tasted she wasn't sure, but she was enticed to go even further.

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she devoured his cock, slipping her dark purple lips over his flared tip and continuing onwards. Rohak's cockhead brushed against the roof of her mouth and proceeded down into her throat as she took in more and more of his length, struggling to match Tyrande. It wasn't easy, but between her determination, stubbornness, and cock-sucking skills that she was proud of, she succeeded in taking just as much tauren meat into her gullet as Tyrande had.

Any more and it seemed like her throat would burst, so she pulled back, slowly, savoring his dick just as much as he was savoring getting a blowjob from one of his captors. Maiev didn't care about his pleasure, but she was enjoying herself more than she'd ever admit. Horde or not, he had a fine dick for a walking talking bull, and she intended to enjoy it as much as possible.