tagBDSMWicked Ways

Wicked Ways


Inclined to wicked ways, he walked up behind her and covered her eyes with his hands, smiling as she dropped the leash in her hands in surprise.

"Oh - who's that?"

"Just call me sir," he grinned.

"Yes, sir."

"What have you been up to in my absence?"


"And what did you buy me?"

"An orangutan: he's called Borneo."

"I don't have much use for an orangutan."

"I could have the cook bar-b-q Borneo for your tea then?"

"I'm sure I'll find something less callous to do with him," he chuckled.

"Good, I wouldn't want the servants to spend all day plucking the ape for you. You could give him to Clint Eastwood?"

"There you go...give Clyde a playmate."


"Good girl"

"What have I done to deserve such praise, sir?"

He pondered that for a moment and moved his hands from her eyes to her hair, stoking her slowly and thoughtfully, before eventually declaring: "Nothing yet."

"I hope that the service to be rendered warrants the praise then, sir."

"We shall see," her agreed tugging her hair and pulling her head back, until his lips found hers.

"So we shall, sir," she simpered, surrendering dizzily as the fingers of one of his hands plucked at her hair, while the other trailed down to her throat. He pressed his fingertips lightly against her flesh, exploring her pulse, as his lips captured her mouth in the longest kiss she had ever entertained. He warmed to her as she released a muffled moan, while his body pressed against her back.

"I can make muffled groans without even moving my lips," she smiled, when he eventually released her.

"I'm sure you can," he commented briefly, pressing his lips against her cheek and standing up straight once more, still pulling on her hair.

"It's a good thing I take vitamin C supplements or your pulling would have my hair out in clumps."

"I am glad of that. I have never had any desire for a balding pet and yet..."

"And yet what, sir?"

"And yet, it's a handy way to control you, dear. If I pull down on the hair, my other hand on your shoulder, I might even force you to your knees."

"I'll set Borneo on you, sir," she warned with a grin: "Him or the fire brigade."

"I'll just put you between me and Borneo," he laughed

"Would that make me Sumatra?"

He shrugged, disinclined to comment and content just to admire her geography. She looked up into his eyes and then down at the floor, deciding finally to kneel, if only to keep him happy.

"Good girl."

"Yes sir," she grinned and tugged the leash that lay on the floor next to her, getting Borneo to kneel next to her for good measure.

"You keep Borneo away from me...whether he is on his knees or not," he chuckled.

"But sir," she laughed, "look at that tongue sir - doesn't it tempt you?"

"I'm afraid not; what about you?"

"No -- I'm not keen on the animal kingdom."

"Me either."

"The beast in man is enough for me. I shall have Borneo taken to the kitchen for papayas."

"That's better," he smiled having summonsed a servant to tug the ape from the room, absent-mindedly stroking his fingers through her hair once more, fingertips teasing her scalp.

"Forgive me for the distraction, sir."

"I suppose I'll let it go this time."

"Where will you let it go, sir?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"No amorphous drift please sir," she hinted and shuffled back away from him. "Please be cool, calm, collected and controlling or it's back to executive domineering 101 for you, sir."

"I see you're going to put up a struggle," he said grimly.

"I was just testing your metal. And perhaps trying to support your chosen direction?"

He looked down at her and untied the sash on his robe, flicking the garment open in his haste to divest himself of the belt.

"Oh my - is that ALL for me sir?"

"Perhaps...but certainly this is for you," he smirked and tied the sash around her neck, forming a make-shift leash and collar.

"You offer me such gifts, sir: a sash and a flash."

"Indeed," he grunted as he secure the make-do leash.

"Is it time for walkies sir? Or even crawlies?"

"Only if you stay on your knees," he growled irritatedly.

"I had no mind to move from this position, sir."

"You will move or I may have to tug you to where I wish you to be, girl," he grinned and began to walk towards a couch, pulling on the leash, urging her to follow on behind him.

"How could I not follow such a cute behind, sir," she giggled as she padded across the floor as required.

He stopped in front of the couch and gave her a moment to catch up with him, before he turned to face her and sat back on it, leaning into the cushions and making himself comfortable. Then he smiled and tapped the floor in front of him, indicating that he would have her crouch and look up at him. She sighed, wishing that she had a comb for her mussed up hair. He tugged her leash a little and shifted on the couch, deliberately letting the robe fall open.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed.

"Is something wrong?" He murmured, raising an eyebrow rather artlessly.

"You appear to be on display, sir. You may frighten the maids when they bring refreshment."

"I gave them the day off. Today, you are my refreshment, girl."

"Then you may frighten my sensibilities."

"I doubt that."

"Do you?

He nodded and stared possessively at her.

"Am I a slut then in your mind?"

"No, you are as open-minded as I desire," he grinned.

"Okay," she shrugged. "I wouldn't want you getting the wrong impression or catching a chill, wonderful though your equipment is."

"No, I feel fine," he reassured her and pulled on the leash a little more.

"A productive afternoon in prospect then?" she queried and advanced unresisting, until her face hovered millimeters from his naked leg.

"Yes indeed," he confirmed, moving his knee just a fraction so that it touched her cheek, as he leaned forward and allowed his finger to trace the shape of her eyebrows. She leant forward obligingly and kissed the top and then the inside of his knee, before glancing briefly between his thighs and then down at the floor, holding still to contemplate the patterns of the wooden flooring.

"Why are you looking down at the floor?"

"I wanted to give you the opportunity to lead, sir, and permission is needed to look up as a rule," she murmured, before adding as a submissive afterthought: "though, of course, you make the rules."

"You have permission to look at what you wish, pet," he determined, pushing his robe out of the way and loosening the sash around her neck a little in a rather business-like fashion. She remained crouching and looking up at him, nodding at his liberality.

"I'd like to see something of yours though, girl."

"Something of mine, sir?"

"Yes. My robe is open..."

"Ah! You men - so visual," she understood and reached down to tug at her T-shirt, but finding the sash obstructed her. "It's hard to take off a T with this sash in the way."

"Of course," he sympathised and, reaching over to the side table, knocking a newspaper onto the floor next to her. She gazed uninterestedly at the headlines as he pulled a drawer open and grabbed a pair of scissors, her attention only returning to him as he snipped the blades open and closed meaningfully in front of her face.

"Not my T shirt, sir - I'm not rich!"

"I'm not asking...if you please me, I'll buy you another one."

"It seems as if choices are limited, sir."

"Yes it does," he agreed and handed her the scissors, watching an impish smile spread across her face as she cut a frieze of little paper men in his newspaper.

"Do I have to cut the shirt myself?" He said, impatiently tapping his fingers on the wooden arm of the couch as she giggled softly and looked regretfully at her favourite T.

"I'm waiting, girl," he declared as she drew the blades to one side and began to snip carefully along the seam, revealing her side and the pale brassiere beneath the fabric. "Ah, that's better."

The material fell away, leaving her flesh on display as she knelt there before him, having handed him the scissors and holding still once more, while he returned them to the draw.

"Yes, that's much better," he smiled, his eyes roving over the newly exposed skin, the mounting excitement that he felt, making his stare quite unrelenting.

"Are you feeling any chills, girl?"

"The warmth of your gaze offsets the chill, sir."

"Good answer, pet."

"Do I get a new T-shirt yet?" she pouted

"Not yet and no pouting allowed," he decreed, tugging on the sash again.

She choked a little and then smiled wanly.

"And now...the brassiere!"

She reached behind her and unclipped dutifully, catching the cups as they fall and holding herself in modestly before him.

"Very good."

"It seems to serve your need, sir."

"Indeed...Let the garment fall to the floor."

She obeyed, hands to the floor as she leant forward. She watched the widening of his pupils interestedly as the garment slid from her chest, leaving her breasts unveiled. He opened his legs wider, once more pulling on the leash, bringing her head between his knees.

"Nice thighs sir," she said, looking up at him cheekily. "You seem quite well preserved."

"Thank you. I do try," he responded dryly.

"Believe me, sir, prehistoric blue iguanas have nothing on you," she giggled

"I think I have some talents that they don't."

I think I have some talents that they do have, sir."


"They hide under rocks - I can hide under your rocks, if you like sir?"

"I think I like that," he chuckled

"Do you like this, sir?" She teased, licking his inner thigh softly.

"I certainly do," he sighed quietly, a smile spreading on his lips, his eyes half closed as she pushed her hands onto the top of his thighs and massaged slowly upward, licking ever closer to the apex of his need.

"I really think you're heading in the right direction, pet," he grinned as wisps of her hair touched the erect member that awaited her caress. His leg tensed a little, then relaxed as his chest began to heave, drawing each breath faster than the previous one.

She kissed the soft, fleshy pad of his thigh and turned her face towards the heart of the matter drawing-in breath and then breathing out slowly, so the warm air assailed his manhood.

He stared down at her, his eyes half-lidded and his heart beating faster.

"Does sir want the indulgence of this girl's mouth?" she breathed softly, turning her head upwards so as to be fully attendant upon his wishes.

"Yes he does," he nodded, tongue sliding out to wet his now very dry lips. She copied his gesture, her tongue following his moistening as she leant forward and blew softly once more. His skin seemed to glow with anticipation.

Her attention focussed on his engorged sex, while she closed the distance between her mouth and the head of his erect cock. She smiled to herself as she observed his erect member swaying from side to side, like a cobra stiffened and ready to spit its venom into the centre of her mouth.

He moved his leg against her flank, gently stroking her side as her mouth teased him. She knelt further forward and curved her back, accentuating the swell of her breasts as she raised her head to lick the underside of his engaging cock, feeling him shudder as first contact is made. His breath caught in his throat as he watched the connection and felt the warm, wet muscle against his sex.

Then, remembering to breathe once more, he slowly released his breath in a series of quick gasps, coinciding with the sheer pleasure, as she lifted her tongue so that the rough underside runs back up his fine manhood from balls to cock head

"Such a well-endowed master," she purred, breaking the contact for a moment.

"You are well on your way to getting that new T shirt," he commented and she giggled happily before resuming her exploration of his enchanting geography. His hand reached out to stroke the back of her neck as she pursed her lips to let the swell of the head of his member rest on the warm portal of her mouth for a first time.

She looked back up at him as she did so. Her mouth was wide open so that perhaps he might have a vision of his cum trailing across that self-same tongue before the woman before him was too much older. He pressed forwards and watched intently as the head disappears between her lovely lips, his fingers dancing once more across the back of her neck.

Obligingly, she tightened her mouth just a little so that the fit is pleasurably tight for him, when he chose to make full use of her. He bit into his bottom lip, his finger twining into the hair at the back of her head, just behind the crown. She reciprocated, her hands stealing up to finger his balls lightly as he hovered on the edge of her orifice, hips raising just a tad as he felt her cup him.

He smiled to see her eyes lowered in homage to his need, the lashes fluttering as she awaited his first penetration, patiently, quietly, attentively. He took command of the situation, tugging her head down, guiding himself into her until her lips were spread around the base of his length. Her fingers touch the soft hairless spot just behind his balls as he did so, almost making him cry out loud.

He relaxed his hips and guided her head back up, until her lips renewed their acquaintance with the rim of his cock-head...then down again, maintaining a deliciously slow pace. Her fingers were not idle in the meantime, stroking lightly and encouragingly right up to the rim of his tight, dark nether hole, pressing him lightly there, as the palm of her hand cradled his balls and he moved within her mouth choosing the pace that pleased him most.

Using his hand, clenched around a fistful of her hair to guide her head, his breath grew ever louder as her warmth caressed him with each directed movement of her head. She licked around the soft surface of his hard sex, her jaw aching with the breadth of the fat member as it pushed its demanding male path into her surrendering lips. Her cheeks were held concave as he pressed in the current of air designed to add the utmost pleasure to each movement he made.

His free hand joined the other one, massaging her scalp and guiding her as the pace quickened, the indelicate slurping sounds accentuating his desire. Her fingers curled up and caressed his balls lightly, while her little finger teased his anus, seeking out the perineum and playing with him idly as he reared-up above her hand and popped out of her mouth.

"Use me sir," she panted. "This is what I am for. This is my purpose: my design for..."

"Sometimes words are unnecessary," he growled, his hands returning his cock to her mouth and asserting his ownership of that orifice. The interruption made him even more forceful, pressing her down so the back of her throat met the engorged head, making her gag.

Regardless of her discomfort, he held her there, sliding into her so that her throat wrapped around the sensitive head. She gasped for breath and closed her lips around him and resumed her complete focus on sucking the seeds of pleasure from his resplendent member - the fattest, largest, most immaculate cock in her existence.

Feeling for a moment that he was almost trying to choke her with his thickness, she gasped and then she remembered where she wanted to be -- servant to a cock: a cock that made her beg for permission to suckle all the way down the shaft until the head almost touched the back of her throat and made her alter the angle of her head, so that she could accommodate his need within her throat.

"That's it, pet," he groaned. "Devour my cock. Let me feel your throat constrict around it."

Her lips being otherwise occupied, she said nothing, replying to his need by spreading her mouth around that fecund shaft as he used her for his personal pleasure. Her breathing became sharp as her air passage was half blocked by the thickness of the head of his penis, sliding along the slick flesh of her throat.

She heard his breath become gasps and knelt up, holding still to await your jurisdiction as he continued to shunt his cock into her mouth, using it just as it was meant to be used. He gripped her hair in his fists.

His hips bucked faster, both of them knowing that his release was approaching, bringing his need to bear on the centre of her desires. This girl, this woman: his special cock-sucking pet -- there solely for his use - solely for the relief of his executive stress, to absorb the gooey sperm that would splash into her mouth and trickle from her lips to stain her chin and drip down onto her pert breast, marking it and her as his.

"Swallow it, pet...all of it!" He cried out, anticipating the way he was about to shoot into the heat of her body, projecting his need within her encompassing womanhood: such a delightful woman - so eager to please him and to make him feel fulfilled. How could he help but think how she would stay still as he thrust to the back of her mouth and down her throat almost causing her to choke on the warm spurts of seed that would gush into her mouth.

"Yes," he called out as he finally emptied his essence into her talented throat, coating her esophagus with spurt after spurt of ejaculate, all other movement stilled in that moment of accomplishment. . Then it was done. His body started to relax as he caught his breath slowly, feeling her nurse the remnants of his cum from the throbbing shaft. He relapsed back into silence, leaning back on the couch; breathing loudly and half-watching her look mournfully down at the tattered remnants of her T shirt.

"You definitely get that new t shirt, pet," he reassured her. ""You've earned it."

"Did sir enjoy being a little more assertive?" She smiled, leaning forward and kissing the head of his cock happily.

"Absolutely," he grinned

"Then, thank you for your pleasure, sir."

"You are welcome," he smiled. "Thank you for your mouth."

"At your service, sir"

"I think I will find many other ways to use your services."

"Are there sir? Or, rather will you?" she babbled quietly as the clock struck the hour.

"I certainly will in time."

"I should go see how Borneo is faring."

"Go then, before he starts hurling papaya at the maids as they return. And commandeer some tea for us while you are about it"

"I shall sir, but one thing at a time, please. I wouldn't want you to exhaust them and have to give them another day off too soon, given your wicked ways."

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