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Wife Accidentally Shows Panties


I love summer days for a number of reasons, but one of the best things about it is everyone being able to dress in warm weather clothes. I am married to a beautiful woman named Lauren that is 5' 3" and about 112 lbs. She has blond hair and a fun loving personality. She has always been very shy about wearing attractive clothes that show off her figure. Just nice classy clothes not sexy clothes. Over the years of our marriage I have bought her a number of nice dress skirts and light cotton skirts in the summer. At first she was inhibited in wearing them but she has awesome legs and I love to see the skirts on her. Last year I bought her four new skirts and tops for Valentines Day. She tried them on to make sure they fit OK and she looked gorgeous. I always love her fashion shows and this was no exception.

The skirts this season was about mid thigh, which actually made them, ride up fairly high when she sits down. This is what I love about the warm weather. I have always gotten a thrill out of getting an accidental view up a woman's skirt. I especially like getting to see my wife this way and am glad she likes the silk panties we have gotten over the years. Many of the panties are very lacy as well. I know it is funny liking this, but all of my buddies feel the same way on this subject. I think it is just the thought of seeing something your not supposed to that adds a little bit of excitement as well as all guys seem to be natural voyeurs.

We have steps on the back porch of our house and my wife will sit on the steps and watch our two small children. Standing in front of her lets you see a little bit of her panties. When the kids come up and tumble on her and mess with their drinks, she will quite often let her legs fall apart giving great accidental views of her panties. When she is wearing thin silk or her lace panties it is easy to see the outline of her bush. Her birthday was in April and I bought her some new panties from Victoria Secret. I had not seen these before but they did not have any elastic in the legs just wavy silk. About a week later she had one of the new pairs of panties on when sitting on the porch. The first time her legs spread about eight inches apart I could see some of her very light brown bush. A few minutes later she turned to the side and her legs were about 14 inches apart. The panties were pulled to the side and she was giving me an open view of her vagina. I could see her inner lips and even her clitoral hood. I was so excited. I got many views of her like that over the next month or so.

One weekend I had taken a nap upstairs and when I came down, Brent, a single neighbor friend of ours, was over with their two year old playing in the back yard. My wife was sitting on the porch and Brent was standing in front of her talking while the kids were playing. I knew he was positioned for a great view of her. Our windows are such that when it is light outside you can't see inside the house. I started to go outside but decided to just watch and see how careful Lauren would be in keeping her legs together. I watched for about five minutes and she had kept them together, so I thought she is more self-conscious when somebody other than me was around.

Our daughter came running up and kind of jumped on her which caused her legs to spread wide. She had them apart for about 20 seconds before pulling them together again. I thought it was funny that I was not the only one getting the accidental view of my wife's panties. A couple minutes later she again spread her legs wide apart as she leaned over to grab a toy and left them spread for several seconds. I started wondering which pair of panties she was wearing so I went on out to greet them. As soon as I came out Brent moved over by the house and was no longer in front of her. A couple of minutes later Brent took off and left just us there. It took a little while before the kids came and distracted her. When she spread her legs I saw she was wearing thin silk with lace on the side. Brent had to have seen the outline of her bush in the panties. In a weird way it was exciting to know that another man was getting peaks at my beautiful wife.

Over the next few months, when I would get home from work, Brent would be over frequently with their child playing in our backyard and I would watch them the same way. I know that a several times she was wearing one of the new silk panties with no elastic so he must have even seen her vagina a little bit. With him being single, I am sure he is excited to see her like this. Towards the tale end of the summer I noticed that Lauren was wearing the four new silk pairs of panties very often, which gave me many views of her vagina on our back porch. I could swear that when I was watching her outside with Brent that she was spreading her legs more often and holding them open for a long period of time. I do not know how many times Brent has come over and got to see up her skirt, but I am sure he must be enjoying summer as much as I am.

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by Anonymous10/25/17

Lots of kicks

My wife is a bit of an exhibitionist, part of what attracted me to her in the first place. Low cut tops, lots of cleavage, tight shorts, short skirts, the whole bit. Just her style.
A couple of guysmore...

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by Anonymous09/28/17

Divorced friend

Darren was a mutual friend who often came around over weekends to watch the game with us. One summer evening I noticed his attention was not on the screen and when I followed his eyes I realised his focusmore...

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