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Wife And Friend At The Bar


My wife Dawn is a 32 year old mother of three beautiful children. She also the wife of men’s dreams. She has long hair, brown eyes and a smile which is never off her beautiful face. She stands 5’3” weighs 118 pounds and has large C-cup breasts.

Dawn is involved in many activities including numerous community activities. She delivers meals on wheels for the invalid in the community. She is active in the children’s school activities, assists in the local 4-H club and has ties to the local girl scout club.

I have been happily married for 9 years and have had no sexual complaints. However, I have recently become interested in watching Dawn avail herself to a man of her choosing. The relationship could be mild to torrid, it would be up to her.

While love making I have brought this topic up many times. She smiles but has really verbalized no interest as she says I fully satisfy her needs. This may be so but she absolutely loves to have her pussy eaten while I use my 8”, 2 1/2inch thick raw stud vibrator to fuck that moist pussy. I love the feeling of a stretched pussy and she loves being stretched.

As Dawn is the picture perfect wife and mother, the question was how this fantasy of mine would ever play out. The two most hopeful situations that may develop into a sexual encounter were either Dawn accepting the advances of a gentleman at a casino (many men have become very friendly in the past) or using her friend Becky as a vehicle to meet a handsome stud to satisfy my sexual fantasy.

Becky is a 29 year old with a spectacular body. She is 5’7’’ and weighs about 120 pounds. She has natural, large D-cup breasts which stand out on her thin body. She was married in her early twenties but was divorced in approximately 8 months as she didn’t like being “tied down to anyone.” Becky regularly visits the local bars and knows many people who also love to party.

Becky and Dawn go out together a couple times a month to eat, hang out and even go to the bar. I offer to stay home with the kids on these occasions so she can relax and have fun without the responsibility of husband and kids. Before she has gone out recently I have encouraged her to have some fun if a guy hits on her whom she finds interesting, attractive, etc. She has blown this suggestion off returns without any stories causing frustration on my part.

I had picked the kids up one Tuesday afternoon and was setting the dinner plates when the phone rang. It was Becky asking if Dawn was available. I told her Dawn was still at work but would be home in approximately one hour. Becky said she would call back. Dawn did receive a call back later that evening from Becky asking if she wanted to go to the bar this upcoming Friday night. Dawn quickly asked if this would be ok and I said “sure.”

Thursday night rolled around when Dawn received another call from Becky. Becky called to inform Dawn that Josh, an old friend was coming into town from Milwaukee and wanted to know if this was ok with Dawn. Dawn said she didn’t have a problem with it and they chit-chatted for awhile before hanging up. Dawn did ask if I was ok with her going out with Becky and Josh while I stayed home with the kids. I told her to have fun and keep her mind open to flirting with some handsome guy who desired her company.

Friday afternoon arrived and I had the kids eating when Dawn rushed into the house. It was about 6:30 p.m. and Dawn said she was running late. She quickly hopped into the shower and made herself up nicely. She told me Becky was planning to pick her up at 7:30 p.m. and they were going to “the Body Shop”, a local bar with dancing.

At about 7:30 p.m., not one, but two vehicles pulled into our country homestead driveway. The first vehicle was an Oldsmobile Alero, the second a Ford Expedition. In the Alero was Becky and in the Expedition were two men.

Becky came to the door while the two men stayed in their SUV. Becky told Dawn that Josh invited his roommate Matthew from Chicago to visit for the weekend. Becky told Dawn she had tried to contact her throughout the day but Dawn was working at a different counseling center and could not get through to see if there was any problem with this change in plans.

Dawn appeared a little frustrated and told me that this probably didn’t appear very proper. I asked to speak with her in our bedroom and reassured her that I was ok with her going out and really wanted her to have a good time. I had to slip in the comment to take the opportunity to dance close to whomever she found attractive at the Body Shop. She gently punched me in the chest and walked out to Becky’s car.

As the vehicles pulled out of my long winding driveway I wondered if she would open up to my suggestion. It was about 1:30 p.m. when I heard a vehicle pull up in the driveway. It was not Becky’s Alero but rather the Expedition with two bodies in the front seat. I watched Dawn get out of the passenger side and hold hands with the gentleman who had exited from the diver’s side. The gentleman appeared to be about 6’1” and about 210 lbs. They talked for about 5 minutes on the front steps and ended with his hand cupping her breast as they kissed deeply.

I quickly slipped back into bed at which time she came into the bedroom. She smelled of smoke and lightly of liqueur. I asked her how the evening went and she said “really good!” I asked if she would tell me about it and she said did I really want to hear the details?. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself but didn’t want to sound too excited.

“We went to the Body Shop for a couple of drinks and sat in the back of the bar where we could talk without the music drowning out the conversation”. “I drank two long Island ice teas and was feeling really relaxed when Matthew asked me to dance.” “Becky told us to dance and she and Josh would sit at the table to watch the purses and keep others from taking the table.” “Matthew was wearing loose pants which I pressed against while we were on the dance floor.” “I felt so young again and…… you did tell me to do this didn’t you?!”

“Absolutely” I said. “Go on please.”

“Well, he held me close, gently pressing my breasts into his firm chest while holding my hips.” “I felt his cock through those pants making me so aroused!”

“What happened next?”

“After the song was over we sat down at our table to give Becky and Josh a chance to dance.” “After they left we sat close together, his hand on my thigh.”

“He leaned over at gave me a gentle kiss.” “We slowly explored each others mouth, nibbling at each others tongues when he asked if I wanted to leave and go to Becky’s house?”

“ I asked what he had in mind and he told me he had an adult board game which was very fun.”

“Did you agree I asked?”

“ What do you think?- I told Matthew that Becky and Josh had to come though.”

“When Becky and Josh returned to our table, Matthew told them our plans and Becky said sounds like fun!”

“We had another drink before we left to loosen ourselves up and headed back to Beck’s house, Beck and Josh in her car, Matthew and myself in the Expedition.”

“On the way to Becky’s house we discussed what he did for a living.” “He told me he was a skilled carpenter but modeled on the side.”

“ I asked him to show me his abs and when he pulled up his shirt, his muscular stomach made me gasp!”

“I couldn’t help it but I put my hand on his stomach, I laughed out loud.”

“Why I asked?”

“Remember in junior high when you played dare me?”

“What’s that I asked?”

“The person would place their hand on the other persons leg and ask dare me and you’d progressively place your hand nearer and nearer to the crotch of the person you had your hand on.”

“Matthew also asked me why I laughed and I said dare me?”

“Matthew smiled and said yes!”

“I then placed my fingertips under the top of his pants and said dare me?”

“Matthew again said yes.”

“I undid his belt, unsnapped his pants and slowly slid my hand under his pants grasping his cock.”

This made me uneasy hearing this from my wife and I felt jealous but was so turned on I couldn’t show how I felt.

“What happened next I asked?”

“I could tell why he was a model- his cock was thick and longer soft then anyone I’d ever felt before.”

“How big do you think it is Matthew asked me?”

“About 8 inches I guessed?”

“That’s about right he responded.”

“We pulled into Becky’s driveway about 9:30 p.m. and headed inside”

“Matthew asked me to sit by him as the game was played both as individuals but partners had to pair up.”

“The questions started out mild (the truth questions) asking individuals to tell things like the first time you performed oral sex, the person you wished you had not let get away and things like that.”

“The questions progressed to stimulating (the dare questions) asking team members to kiss, touch each other and other such dares.”

“I pulled a card which told me to take my partner into the bedroom and allow them to ask one sexual favor.”

“I grabbed Matthew’s hand and lead him into the bedroom.” “I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said take off your clothes.”

“I walked over to the bedroom door and poked my head out telling Becky that the game was over.”

“Becky gave me the thumbs up sign and after going back into the bedroom heard the front door slam shut.”

“I slowly took my clothes off and when I was done helped Matthew out of his clothes.” “His cock slowly grew and it was thick and had to be about 11 inches long.” “I tried to push him on the bed but he pushed me onto my back pushing open my legs.” “I told him he didn’t have to push and spread my legs to let him have me.”

“He licked my pussy and I told him to fuck me after becoming turned on to where I couldn’t stand it anymore!”

“He climbed on top of me, grabbed his huge cock and slowly eased it into my wet pussy.”

“It felt so big but so good.” “He was very gentle and I started fucking him back.” “The pressure from his huge cock was incredible!” “We fucked for about 15 minutes when I had a body shaking orgasm.” “It didn’t take long for him to explode in my pussy.” “The cum literally flowed out of my pussy, I ran to the bathroom to get tissue to sop it up.”

“What happened next I asked?”

“We laid on the bed touching each other, kissing when he asked, “are you ok with what just happened?” “He appeared genuinely concerned about my feelings.”

“I told him this was the evening I had always dreamed of and that you didn’t have any problem with this happening…. I am correct, right?”

I told Dawn my fantasy couldn’t have been more fulfilled and that I loved her very much.

Dawn then told me they showered together and got dressed and went to get a bite to eat at a local diner.

“We talked about how we could see each other but couldn’t think of any way it could be done on a regular basis.” “Matthew told me there may be a position in the company for a foreman in the mid-Michigan region.”

“I told him if he came to Michigan I would fuck him anywhere and at any time!”

“We chit-chatted for a short time when I told him I should probably be going home now.”

“As we were driving home he held my hand, smiling, telling me how much he enjoyed the evening.”

“He walked me to the doorsteps and gave me the most romantic kiss.”

“I told him to give me a call tomorrow and I’d go out with him again, only this time I’d meet him away from the house.” “This is ok, right?”

I told Dawn to enjoy herself but asked if we could somehow tape this next meeting. She said no, kissing me stating this was her time to enjoy alone but would fill me with every detail she felt I needed to know.”

We kissed and Dawn told me she loved me for letting her develop this new friendship. It’s only been approximately two months since Matthew has returned to Milwaukee but Dawn calls him and I have found Emails detailing her expectations of their next meeting.

Dawn continues to periodically go to the bar with Becky but only comes home with smiles when I ask her how the evening has gone

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