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Wife and the Tutor


Tracy and I have been happily married for 15 years, with 2 kids (a 12 year old girl and 6 year old boy). At least I think the word "happily" applies -- let me explain. First, some background on us. We met in college and married early in our careers after college. I am an accountant and she was a teacher until kid number 2 came along at which time she stayed home with the kids. We both grew up in pretty conservative, religious homes and we were both virgins when we started dating. In the early days of dating and marriage, we had an active and exciting sex life -- we kissed, caressed, sucked and fucked in lots of places -- it seemed to be more exciting if we were doing it somewhere we weren't supposed to, like in a park or mall restroom. I remember a great blowjob she gave me while we were looking at a model home. But it has waned over the years and now every once in awhile we have some amazing sex but not on a regular basis. I am an average looking and average build guy -- about 5 feet 10 and 175 pounds. I have decent size penis of about 6.5 inches long but not too thick. Tracy is about 5 feet 4 and carried maybe 10-15 extra pounds, but in the right places and she looks great and still gets lots of second looks from guys. She has short black hair and light blue eyes. She has very nice tits and wears a 36C bra.

Like I said, the sex life has slowed down-it is a rare occasion these days when I get any kind or oral sex, although I still love to give it her. According to her, she just doesn't have the same interest and desire for sex now that we are older. We stay busy keeping up with the kids. And lately, maybe the last 3 weeks or so, we have only had sex one time and it was basically just me ramming her pussy for a few minutes without much response. Not real satisfying for either one of us. I figured we were in a rut and would work out of it in time, like we have in the past. That is, until I came across something on her computer. I normally use my laptop from work but sometimes when I leave it at work I use her home desktop computer. I am a big sports fan and when I was using her computer to check my fantasy football team I came across her internet explorer history for the last week and got curious -- so I looked at the websites she had been perusing. I was surprised to see several hits on what appeared to be adult websites about big black dicks and small white chicks. I clicked into a few and found some pretty explicit pictures and sample videos. Why had Tracy been looking at these for several days this last week, I wondered? Several years ago I found something similar -- had seen from her history she had checked out some adult sites but it was only a couple. When I asked her about it then she said was just curious to see what kind of stuff was out there and how easy or hard it was to find. She was concerned about what our 12 year old (then 8 or 9) would come across -- we now have a separate computer for the kids with software to block adult and obscene sites.

Then I thought about our daughter's tutor -- our 12 year old was struggling with math in the beginning of 7th grade, so we hired a tutor recommended by the school to help her a few nights a week at our home. Reggie was the tutor helping her -- a twenty-one year old college student who did great working with kids. He originally had been off at a bigtime college on a basketball scholarship but blew out his knee ending his basketball career. He was a point guard so not too tall -- probably 6 feet 2 and about 190 pounds. He was a very mature and respectful guy for his age and over the last few weeks we had seen significant improvement in our daughter's grades. I knew Tracy was pretty friendly with Reggie while he was over but thought nothing of it until then. I also thought back to the early days of our marriage and some of the role playing we would do -- there was a phase we went through where pretended I was a black guy with a really big dick. She seemed to really get off on that for awhile. I had mixed feelings and emotions as I thought about all of this -- was Tracy interested in black men or Reggie? I was feeling hurt and jealous but at the same time I noticed my dick was getting hard and I was strangely excited by this prospect. I decided not to confront Tracy about the websites -- I was probably overreacting anyway. But I would just keep a close eye on everything.

Reggie was coming by for a tutoring session later this evening at 7:30PM. I was bringing our daughter home from volleyball practice which ended at 7PM, so we would be cutting it close. Practice ended a few minutes early and we made it home by 7:25PM. I noticed Reggie's car was already in the driveway. No big deal, he was just a few minutes early. We walked in through the side door that leads into the kitchen and then saw Reggie and Tracy pop up pretty quickly from the couch in the family room. I could hear our son playing upstairs.

"You're home a little early, " Tracy said, seeming a little bit flustered and I noticed her clothes seemed a bit crumpled.

"Yeah, practice wrapped up a little bit early," I said, while carefully assessing what may have been happening right as we got home. I noticed Reggie had what looked to be a pretty big bulge in his pants and I also noticed one Tracy's shirt buttons was undone.

So everyone went about their business -- Reggie worked with our daughter, my wife retired to her computer and I watched some sports on TV and spent some time playing with my son. I was now convinced something was going on but I still did not say anything about it and was curious to see where this would all lead. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. That night when Tracy and I were in bed I made a move to caress her backside and to my surprise she responded. She was very wet and I wasted no time in sticking my very hard dick into her and pounding her hard. She was much more vocal than usual saying "fuck me, fuck me harder!" She then told me she wanted it from behind. "Do me from behind," she said. I thought about the last couple of images I had found in her internet history -- white girls taking big black cocks from behind. She turned over and got on her hands and knees and offered her shapely ass to me. I grabbed her hips and thrust my still throbbing cock into her pussy and she immediately had a huge orgasm. She was still ready for more and was pushing her backside against me to me with each my thrusts. I lasted only about another minute and came deep inside her.

"Wow," I said, "that was pretty intense. What's got into you tonight?"

But she was already half asleep and not interested in talking.

The next day at work I could not stop thinking about how hot the sex was the night before. I decided to go home for lunch with some hope for a repeat session with my wife. The kids were both in school. When I pulled up to the driveway a I got weird feeling in the pit of my stomach as Reggie's car was there in the driveway. I quietly entered the side door into the kitchen, trying to stay quiet and see what I would find. Tracy and Reggie were talking and sitting on the couch. I crouched behind the kitchen sink (standing you could see into the family room from the kitchen) and listened to figure out what was going.

"How does that feel, Tracy, " I heard Reggie say.

"Mmmmm, your fingers feel long and good. Let me see your big cock again. So I can finish what I started yesterday," I heard my wife say.

"Here you go, baby. Suck my cock again!" Reggie told her. I could not believe my ears! Was that my wife talking that way? I heard slurping noises and had to get a look. Reggie's pants were pulled down and Tracy was completely naked. I stood up a little bit and could see Tracy's head bobbing up and down on a very large black dick. It must have been at least nine inches long and very thick. She had both hands on his dick one on top of another but they only covered less than half his length. Her mouth was being stretched to take in that monster. He then lifted her hips up so that he could lean back sitting on the couch and eat her pussy, basically holding her upside down as she continued to devour his big dick. He was holding her up by her hips and sticking his long tongue into her pussy. He then inserted one of his fingers into her asshole. Her hips were bucking as she enjoyed what he was doing and she was trying to push her ass up while at the same time keep her mouth down gobbling his monster cock. "Ummmm Mmmmm," came from my wife as she was getting pleasured while having his dick stuffed in her mouth. This went on maybe another 15 minutes and the Reggie picked my wife up and walked to the bedroom -- my bedroom with my bed. And Reggie was carrying my wife there.

"Okay, Tracy," said Reggie, "now I am going to fuck your brains out with my big cock!"

"Give it to me, Reggie," my wife requested.

"I have to warn you that you not going to be able to enjoy your husband's dick anymore, not after you had a big black cock fucking you."

"Fuck me, now," I heard Tracy demand.

I snuck up to the door of the bedroom and had a good view of what was going on. I should go in and stop this but no I was sitting there with my hard cock in my hands while I watched to see what would happen next.

Reggie positioned Tracy on her hands and knees on the bed with her ass facing him as he stood behind her. She and he were facing away from me so I had a great view of him entering her from behind. To get her ready for his big cock, he was finger fucking her with three of his long fingers and she was pushing back on his hand hard.

"Here is comes, babe." He pushed his big head into her pussy and she responded with "ooooohhh." Then he pushed in about 4 more inches and gave her a few seconds to adjust to his girth. "Ahhhhh Yeeeaahhhhhh," came from Tracy.

"Is this about as deep as your husband goes?" asked Reggie.

"Yeah," she cried in pleasure, "but you are much thicker!"

He then started to slowly pump his big cock in and out and Tracy responded to the motions. She came almost immediately.

"You are taking my dick really well -- I have about 7 inches inside your pussy." Then Reggie thrust all the way in and Tracy screamed in pain or pleasure or both.

"Ohhhhhh Fuck Yeaahhhh!" Tracy screamed. "Fuck me with your big cock!"

"You love my big dick don't you Tracy!" Reggie asked he felt her pussy squeezing his big cock. "You are nice and tight."

"Yesss, I love your big black cock!. Keep fucking me hard!" She said between gasps of pleasure.

Reggie obliged and continued pounding her pussy. I could not believe she took his whole dick and my dick could not have been more hard as I watched my wife get slammed by this black guy. This went on for about 10 minutes with nonstop responses and screams of pleasure from Tracy. But Reggie was still not done. He pulled out and lay down on the bed and Tracy straddled him and started to ride his big dick sticking way up in the air. I could not believe how deep in must going inside her belly. She was bouncing up and down on him, facing him while he played with her bouncing tits.

"That's it, girl, ride my cock!"

"Yeahhh, I love riding your big dick!" Tracy responded. "Oooooohhh that feels great!"

This went on about five more minutes and Tracy must have had about 10 orgasms during all of this fucking. Reggie told her he was cumming and shot his load up into her belly.

Tracy slowly got off him and Reggie said "Now suck my dick, Tracy."

Without hesitation, she reached down and grabbed his still very large cock and started to lick and suck it clean. In a few minutes he was rock hard again. Amazing, I thought. While she continued to suck his dick he caressed her ass and then stuck two long fingers right up her asshole. She flinched a little but did not take her mouth off his dick. "I am going to fuck you in the ass now," Reggie told her. He added another finger to open her up.

She lifted her head from his penis and protested, "I don't do that. I've never done that and you are too big."

"Don't worry, we'll take it slow. You don't know what you have been missing." Then he positioned her on all fours and knelt behind her and inserted his glistening dick right into her ass -- 3 inches went in right away. "Ugggghhhh. Shit," cried Tracy.

"Hold on there, girl, just give it a second," Reggie encouraged her.

He gently pushed in and out and she started to move with him and grunt with pleasure.

A few more inches and the same slow process. Tracy was into now. Yeahhh. That's pretty good. Do me in my ass."

Reggie only put about 7 inches of his cock in her for this first ass fucking. He had several fingers in her pussy as well and she came several times before collapsing on the bed exhausted. Reggie pulled out and walked over to the bathroom to clean up. I ducked away and realized I needed to make a decision. He would be leaving soon and my car is now in the driveway. I decided to leave and not confront the situation. What was I going to say? Uh, I enjoyed watching Tracy get completely fucked over by Reggie? I went back to the office. I called home and Tracy answered. "Hey babe how has your day been?" I asked.

"Oh, it's been great. How about you, dear?" she asked.

"I'd say it has been a very interesting day. You sound a little tired -- everything okay?"

"Yeah, I got in a workout a little while ago and it really, really wore me out."

Really, some workout, I thought. "Okay, well, see you this evening."

And I went back to figuring out what the hell to do next.

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When wimps can't write, they go cuck or racist, this idiot did both. Just pathetic.

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