tagLoving WivesWife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 04

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 04


I laid in bed awhile before I could go to sleep. I had just had a romp with Mr. Weller’s grandson and his college room mate. Then Greg, the man in my life, and I enjoyed what I call real love making.

Living in the apartment inside Mr. Weller’s large mansion was very comfortable. Soon, Joan will be moving in with me to occupy the second bedroom. Mr. Weller wants me to go to the office to learn about the company’s business. Joan will take on more of the romancing duties with the company’s business associates. I told her we had to keep Mr. Weller sexually satisfied, too. He is a very nice widower, seventy years old and occasionally wanted sex.

I spent the next two days at the office working with Gladys. I received a call from Joan that she was in the big city and directed her to my apartment. That night we had a reunion, talked about old times and our future. She was ready to make a lot of money and drop her panties anytime Mr. Weller arranged a date for her with a business associate. The idea was to flaunt sex to assist in getting contracts for his company.

The next day Mr. Weller returned from his business trip. He said he would walk down the hall from his bedroom to our apartment that evening before retiring. I knew what that meant. I was wondering if he would like Joan and maybe take her to bed instead of me. Wait and see.

That evening when I arrived at the apartment, Joan was fixing dinner.

I said, “Mr. Weller will be down to see us later this evening. You will have a chance to meet our boss. I think he is a very nice old gentleman and you will like him. You’ll find sex with him is no big deal. He usually likes to cum between my tits.”

Joan responded, “I plan to make a good impression on him because I want a high paying job like you have. If he wants me tonight, I’ll try to give him the best sex he ever had.”

Later that evening, there was a knock on our door. I yelled, “Come on in.”

Mr. Weller was dressed in a robe and house shoes. I introduced him to Joan and his eyes lit up as he looked her up and down. I think he was impressed with her beauty.

He said, “My, my, but you are a pretty girl. You could be a real asset to my company.”

I then said, “Mr. Weller, would you like to sit down and have a drink?”

“No thanks, I’ve already had a couple.”

Mr. Weller continued to look at Joan as if he couldn’t believe he could have sex with a girl that pretty.

He looked at me, “I assumed you briefed her on her duties.”

“Yes, she understands. Would you like to take her in the bedroom, or do you want me?”

“I’d like Joan to go with me.”

Joan got up, took Mr. Weller by the hand, led him into her bedroom and shut the door.

I decided to go in my bedroom and turn on the TV and operate the hidden camera in her bedroom. I also turned on the VCR to record their activities. I thought Joan would like to see it later.

I watched the TV screen to see Mr. Weller undress Joan, then kiss her nipples before getting on the bed. Mr. Weller kissed her lips and I could see Joan take his cock in her hand. She went down on her knees to take it in her mouth to finish getting it hard.

Then I saw them get on the bed with Mr. Weller on top. His cock was soon in her, but then he rolled her over on top without letting his cock slip out. She rode him for awhile until he said he wanted to fuck her tits. I was expecting this because he likes to cum that way with me. Finally, he was shooting cum on her neck and chin. She tried to open her mouth to get a little, but it landed mostly on her lower lip.

Mr. Weller seemed rather pleased when they came back to join me in the living room.

He said, “Joan, you are very sexy. I want to hire you full time to entertain my business contacts. I’ll be the one to tell you who, where, and when to entertain. I’ll offer you $75,000 a year plus clothing and other expenses. You can live here rent free. If you are instrumental in helping get a contract, you may receive a bonus. Already, Julie has received a big bonus.”

Joan smiled very big, “Oh, thank you Mr. Weller. I’ll do my best.”

After Mr. Weller left, I called Joan into my bedroom to play the tape I just recorded. Joan was astounded that she had been taped.

I said, “You can study this and maybe improve on your technique. The next time I entertain someone here in the apartment, maybe I’ll use your bedroom and tape myself.”

Joan responded, “I am a little upset about being taped without my knowledge, but guess I don’t mind`. I’m going to be paid good money. Mr. Weller does seem to be a nice old gent. I agree with you that sex with him is no big deal.”

During the next couple of weeks, Gladys and I worked on the proposals for a very important multi-million dollar contract. Mr. Weller told us that if our company was awarded the contract, we would get a large bonus.

The day arrived to present our proposal to the visiting company’s team headed by Mr Wilson, the CEO. We met at the Holiday Inn’s business conference room. Mr. Weller, Gladys and I spent the day explaining and discussing the details of our proposal. By the end of the day Mr. Wilson hesitated on giving the contract to us.

The meeting was halted for a break before dinner. Mr. Weller and I went up the elevator together. Mr. Weller said, “It’s a tough sell. Julie, I suggest you use your charms on Mr. Wilson.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

Once in my room I changed out of my business clothing to put on a low cut, sexy looking dress. I then went down for cocktails and dinner. I noticed Mr. Wilson took a long look at me as I approached the large dinner table. He suggested I sit by him. During the evening Mr. Wilson and I became rather chummy. We both were getting rather tipsy as he kept ordering more drinks.

Mr. Wilson said, “Why don’t we go up to the room for another drink.”

“That would be very nice, but I still have the contract on my mind.”

“Your proposal is very good, but I need more time to think about it.”

I responded, “You know we’re giving you a better deal than the other companies.”

Mr. Wilson looked down at my cleavage, “That is true. Maybe I should sign.”

I looked seductively at him, “You won’t regret it.”

“OK, where are the papers.”

Mr. Weller and I watched him sign the contract. Then Mr. Wilson said, “Alright, let’s go have a drink in my room”.

I estimated Mr. Wilson was in his middle forties and was rather handsome. Sex with him would probably be more exciting than the seventy year old gents I’ve been with.

Once in the room, he didn’t waste much time. He kissed me, then started removing my clothes.

When my bra was removed, he said, “They are beauties. I thought they would be.”

He helped me removed my panties, then undressed himself.

We shared sexy kisses, then he nibbled on my breasts while I held his hard cock. He moved his head down to my crotch. I spread my legs wide allowing him to lick my slit then suck on my clit. I thought he would continue to lick me there, but he moved my butt in a position where he could lick up the crease of my ass. His tongue continued going up and down my pussy and ass. He began kissing and licking all around my butt. Then he kissed and licked my body all the way up to my breasts where he began feasting like a baby.

I relaxed and let him enjoy himself with my body. He kissed down my body again, licking my inner legs all the way to my feet and back up to my pussy. No man had ever done this to me before.

I softly whispered, “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, but I want to love your beautify body.” He continue kissing and licking me from head to foot. I was feeling rather sexy and I know my pussy was juicy.

He rolled me onto my back, moved his body between my legs, pushed my legs up and back toward my head, then rammed his cock fully in me. He fucked me like a wild man until he loudly groaned as he shot spurt after spurt in me. When he relaxed and pulled out, his cum flowed out of my pussy on to the bed. He rolled over onto his back fully spent.

I decided I should say something, “We made a mess on this bed. We need to move to the other bed if we are going to stay in this room.”

He groaned and slowly said, “Let’s get in the other bed and go to sleep.”

Soon he was sound asleep while I quietly laid still and pondered what had happened today. Mr. Wilson did sign our contract after I agreed to come up to his room for the night. Mr. Weller was happy about that. Mr. Wilson got his kicks from kissing and licking my body from head to toe, then he cum in my pussy. Now I should qualify for a big bonus. I assume he will want more sex when we wake up in the morning. After that, I’m out of here back to the every loving arms of Greg, my true love.

We woke up with the sun shining through the window. Mr. Wilson bounded out of bed and said, “Let’s take a shower together.”

We both stepped in the shower where he used soap to fondle my breasts. I washed his cock and balls as I assumed he would like it. After we dried off, he picked me up and carried me to the bed. He softly laid me down and proceeded to kiss me starting with my lips and going slowly down my body all the way to my feet. He rolled me on to my back, spread my legs very wide, and pushed my legs up until my knees were on my breasts. The crease of my butt was spread as wide as possible to expose my ass and pussy. He began vigorously licking my ass and pussy as if he couldn’t get enough of me.

After a few minutes of devouring my pussy and ass, he laid on his back and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

That rather surprised me, but I knew I was here on company business to make him happy. I moved my tongue down his hairy chest, took his cock in my mouth while playing with his balls.

He said, “Do it all around me down there.”

By that I assumed he wanted me to lick his balls and ass. I think this was the first time I every did what was called, “Around the world”, kissing and sucking.

As my tongue licked his balls and moved up over his ass, he really moaned with pleasure. I concentrated on his ass and balls while jacking his cock for a couple of minutes. This caused him to shoot cum all over me and the bed.

We both went to the bathroom to clean up. He said, “You are really wonderful. I would like to keep you for awhile.”

“I’m glad you are so pleased with me.”

He responded, “I’m taking three days off for a vacation in the Bahamas. I want you to come with me. We can have a lot of fun together just being beach bums.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that. I didn’t want to go with him, but I didn’t want him to get upset and become a problem for Mr. Weller. I was hired to make him happy.

I had to respond some way to his proposal. “I don’t think Mr. Weller will let me off from work.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll tell him I need your help on the contract for the next three days.”

I knew I would lose any argument with him, then said, “I’m sure Mr. Weller would agree, so when do we go?”

“You go home and pack your clothes. Be sure to bring along a sexy bikini. I’ll have one of my employees pick you up in a couple of hours and escort you to the airport. In the meantime, I’ll arrange for the tickets. Give me your address and phone number.”

There wasn’t much I could do except drive my car home and pack.

We checked into the hotel in the Bahamas and went up to the room. He held me in his arms to kiss me.

He pulled back to look into my eyes, “You are very beautiful and I’m going to love your body all over. I can hardly wait. Let’s take a shower together.”

I was glad he said that because I knew he wanted me to lick and kiss him all over. For the next hour we were on the bed with our tongues kissing all parts of our bodies. This time he sucked my clit long enough for me to have a good orgasm. Then he fucked me for awhile. When he was tired of that, he wanted me to lick his balls and ass while I jacked his cock until he cum. Again, his cum splattered on our bodies.

I enjoyed most of the activities during the three days we were there. I wore my bikini on the beach as we loitered around. At night we danced, then went upstairs for more sex.

During the last day we were there, we met a young American named Joe about my age roaming the beach. We three had drinks and ate dinner together. It rather surprised me when Mr. Wilson invited him to come up to our room after we had finished several drinks.

It didn’t take long to understand what Mr. Wilson wanted us to do.

Mr Wilson asked, “Joe, don’t you think Julie is very sexy.”

Joe looked embarrassed, “Well...., Yes, she is very pretty and I would say sexy, too.”

Mr. Wilson blurted out, “How would you like to fuck her?”

“Do you mean you want me to have sex with your girl?”

Mr. Wilson laughed, “Hell yes. Go ahead, let me see you undress her.”

I knew I couldn’t object, so I waited for Joe to respond.

Joe reluctantly walked to me, turned me around so that he was facing my back. He proceeded to untie the knot at my back to let my halter top fall to the floor.

Mr. Wilson said, “Turn around so he can see your tits.”

I think Joe was a little embarrassed for me, but we all had quite a bit to drink and I didn’t mind. Since he was going to fuck me anyway, I thought I might as well cooperate.

I said, “Take off my shorts and panties, then let me help you take off your clothes.”

Mr. Wilson said in a demanding voice, “Get on the bed and let me watch his cock slid in you. Joe, lie on your back and let her ride your cock.”

By now Joe’s cock was very hard and ready for action. He laid down as requested while I sat up on top of him. Since we didn’t have any foreplay, I was a little dry but we soon had his cock fully buried in me.

I started to slowly ride him. I noticed Mr. Wilson was now naked and had his hand on his cock. I was riding Joe faster causing him to moan a little. I could tell it wouldn’t be too long before Joe would cum in me.

Mr. Wilson moved to the edge of the bed while jacking his cock. It was pointed straight at me and I began to suspect what he intended to do. Just then Mr. Wilson started yelling as his cum was shooting directly at me. Big gobs were landing on my breasts and on down to my stomach. Joe’s body was jerking and hunching up to me as he pumped cum in my pussy. I kept riding him as Mr. Wilson’s cum was oozing and dripping down my body.

I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned to the main room, both guys were relaxing and talking about how good I could satisfy them.

Mr. Wilson said, “Let’s have another drink while we give Joe a chance to get hard again.”

I knew we didn’t need anymore more to drink, but I sipped a little of mine to be sociable. Joe was looking at my naked body and soon had another hard on.

Mr. Wilson looked at me to say, “Julie, I want to watch Joe fuck you in the ass.”

I was a little upset at this request, but I didn’t have much choice. I smiled at the two guys and said, “Lucky I brought along some lubricant in my luggage. Let me get it.”

I handed the lubricant to Mr. Wilson, then got up on the bed on my knees. He squeezed out a big gob and started pushing some of it in my ass with his fingers. I glanced around to take another look at the size of Joe’s cock. It wasn’t the biggest I’ve ever had, but I knew it would stretch me.

Joe was behind me and started to slightly move his cock up and down over my ass. Then I could feel him push to put pressure on my hole as the head began to enter.

I said, “Take it slow!”

He pulled out and rubbed the head around to smear the lubricant on it.

Mr. Wilson impatiently said, “Go ahead shove it in. She can take it.”

Joe started pushing causing me to groaned in pain. His cock was bigger than I really liked.

I loudly responded, “Pull back and try again. Go slower.”

He responded to my plea. Then he pushed in until it felt like he was fully in me. Maybe he wasn’t because I could feel him going even deeper. Once in, I was more comfortable after I tried to relax. When he started slow back and forth movements, Mr. Wilson said, “Fuck her faster.”

This caused me to look around to see Mr. Wilson jacking his cock. He moved around to the other side of the bed where he would be closer to me. I assumed he wanted to cum on me like he did before. Joe started fucking me faster and I could feel that he would cum soon.

Just as Joe groaned and yelled while he was flooding my bowels with cum, Mr. Wilson’s cum started shooting at me. He wasn’t very close, but some of his cum hit my back while most of it landed on the bed.

When the two guys simmered down and I cleaned up, Mr. Wilson said, “Joe, it was a pleasure meeting you and we had fun together, but it’s time for you to leave.”

Mr. Wilson and I slept in the other bed.

The next morning Mr. Wilson wanted sex. We showered first to have clean bodies for Mr. Wilson’s favorite sport of kissing from head to toe. He seemed to be obsessed with my ass and pussy. This time he finished by fucking me doggie style.

Mr. Wilson kissed me goodby when our flight landed at home base. He wrote a check for five thousand dollars as a tip and said I deserved all of it.

As we parted, he said, “Julie, if you every decided to quit you job with Mr. Weller’s company, I want you to come work for me. Whatever he is paying you, I’ll give you more.”

I arrived at my apartment to be greeted by Joan. She said Mr. Weller was wondering when I would return. I called the office to notify him that I had Mr. Wilson well satisfied and very happy. He said, “Thank you, Julie. You’re getting a bonus of seventy five thousand dollars for getting Mr. Wilson to sign the contract.”

“Thank you, Mr.Weller.”

He commented, “Tonight I’ll come to see you to personally thank you.”

I knew what that meant. He was ready for more sex.

After I hung up the phone, I asked Joan, “Did Mr Weller have sex with you while I was gone.?”

“Yes, one time. Maybe he likes you better, or maybe he wants to alternate with us.”

Whatever the reason, I’m making and saving plenty of money. I want to save at least one million before I resign from the company and maybe marry Greg.

After my experience for three days with Mr. Wilson, it was nice to see Mr. Weller again when he entered our apartment. I thought he was easy to get along with and sex with him was pleasant.

Mr. Weller wanted sex with me instead of Joan. He fucked me until I had an orgasm, then he fucked my tits until he splattered cum on me as usual.

Two days later, Mr. Weller invited Joan and I to attend his seventy-first birthday party. It was a small dinner party at home with his family. His son and daughter were there with their spouses and grandchildren. This was the first time I had seen his grandson, Clark, in quite awhile.

While we were having cocktails before dinner, Clark quietly approached me, “I’ve missed you. Do you think we could have time for a quickie.”

I laughed, “No Clark, not at this time. We can’t leave the party.”

The presents from his family were opened after dinner. They were not expensive gifts, but he seemed to like what they gave him. Joan and I felt bad because we didn’t bring a gift. We both hugged him and wished him a happy birthday.

While I was hugging him, I whispered in his ear, “Come to our apartment later and we will give you our gift.”

Joan and I left the party when it started to break up. We went upstairs to our apartment to prepare for Mr. Weller’s visit. We both undressed, then put on our sexiest nighty to await his arrival. We talked about things to do for him. We wondered if he would like to watch us do girl to girl stuff. We weren’t really lesbians, but we could give it a try. We knew some men liked to watch.

When Mr. Weller came in our door, we both hugged and gave him a sexy open mouth kiss to warm him up.

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