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Wife Could Be Pregnant


Rosa was feeling depressed as she watched her husband, Ron, packing his suitcase. Ron often had to take a business flight to another state and she didn't like to stay by herself. If she had a child, she wouldn't be lonely while Ron was gone, but Ron could not get her pregnant. They had applied for a child through an adoption agency, but it might be years before they received one.

When Ron had his suitcase at the front door ready to leave, he looked as cheerful as he could to say, "I'm ready to go. It will give you something to do by driving me to the airport."

"I know, but this house is very lonesome when you are gone. I can be with you a little longer by driving you to the airport.

Rosa was very quiet on the way to the airport because there wasn't much to say. She was wondering what she would do when she returned home.

Once they arrived at the airport, Rosa said, "Why don't you park in the short term parking lot and I'll walk in with you?"

Rosa accompanied Ron while he checked in to get a boarding pass, then they walked to the security gate where she could go no farther.

Ron tightly hugged Rosa and kissed her. She hung on to him as if she didn't want him to go.

Rosa sadly said, "I'm going to be very lonely while you are gone."

"And I'm going to miss you too. Go to the library and do some reading. Also, you can go to a movie. Right now I have to leave or I may miss my plane. I'll call you later," Ron said in the best cheerful voice he could muster.

Rosa stood and watched Rom walk away and disappear. She walk down the hall to a coffee shop. What was she going to do? She was tired of reading books and she didn't like to see a movie by herself. She watched the people going up and down the walkway.

Just then a man carrying a brief case sat down at the table next to her. Rosa thought he was rather handsome and a little older than herself. He looked rather distinguished with his graying sideburns. She wondered if he was from another city and visiting here, or was he getting a coffee before going home to his wife.

She glanced away and back to him just as his eyes met hers. He asked, "I just arrived. Can you tell me what the weather is like outside?"

Rosa was surprised that he spoke to her. She finally organized her thoughts to say, "Oh, it's just cloudy outside, no rain."

"Guess I don't need my raincoat. That's nice since I forgot to bring it."

The stranger continued to ask Rosa about the area and city. He finally induced himself as, "George."

By now they seemed to be having a pleasant conversation. Then he said, "I need to get a taxi to take me to my hotel."

Rosa was enjoying the pleasant conversation with him. She blurted out, "I have a car in the parking lot, I could drop you off." She could hardly believe she said that. He was a complete stranger, maybe a murder, or rapist. What was she getting herself into. But she had blurted out the offer for a ride, now she was stuck with it.

George got up from the table, look lovingly at Rosa and said, "That's very nice of you to give me a lift."

They walked into the parking lot and got in her car. Their conversation continued while she was driving. She was beginning to think she was glad she offered the ride. When they arrived at the hotel and George had his luggage, he said, "I'm going to be having dinner here tonight by myself. It would be my pleasure if you would have dinner with me.."

This also surprised Rosa and she didn't know what to say on short notice. . She didn't answer immediately. She thought about her lonely house and having to eat dinner alone.

She smiled at George, "That's very thoughtful for you to invite me. Yes, I would like to come back for dinner. What time?"

"Make it about seven tonight."

"I'll be here."

Rosa went home and began thinking. She was a married lady. She had affairs before her marriage to Ron, but had been faithful to him after their marriage vows. Of course, she had no intention of getting in bed with this stranger, so what was she worried about. She could go to his hotel dining room, eat dinner, enjoy the conversation and drive back home. That would be a fairly innocent evening and she wouldn't have to be bored at home. She definitely decided to keep the dinner invitation.

Later that day she started dressing for dinner. She couldn't decide what kind of clothes to wear. There was a blouse that showed much of her breasts, but she didn't want to look too sexy or too conservative. She decided on a blouse that would give a glimpse of her breasts, the kind that makes a man wonder what the rest of her breasts would look like. Then she picked a skirt that hugged her hips rather tightly. A pair of high heels would be good. She wasn't too concerned about underclothes because George wouldn't see them. But she felt rather sexy and decided to wear thigh highs with some throng panties. Should she wear a bra? She tried on the blouse without wearing a bra and noticed the bumps of the nipples didn't show very much. However they could easily be seen. What was she trying to do, seduce him? No, definitely not, but she did want to look a little seductive. She decided to skip the bra. She would be out with a strange man and wanted to look nice. Would she be a prick teaser? No she didn't want that, but she did want to look desirable.

After she had dressed and admired herself in the mirror, she thought she still retained her youthful beauty. She was ready to go.

She drove to the hotel and saw George in the lobby. George got to his feet to greet her.

"It's so nice to see you. You look beautiful."

"Guess I do look better than this morning when I was wearing jeans. Thank you for the complement."

"You deserve it. You are a beautiful lady. I noticed you are wearing a wedding ring."

"Yes, when I met you this morning, my husband had just left. He will be back tomorrow evening."

"I'll be here for one night, too. I'm sure you see my wedding ring. I get lonely by myself in a strange city."

The evening dinner slowly progressed as they seemed in no hurry for it to end. They lingered over a cocktail before ordering, then stayed for an after dinner drink. When that drink had been consumed, George suggested, "I'm enjoying your company so much, let's move to the cocktail lounge for another drink."

Rosa hesitated. Should she go home? If she had another drink she might not be able to drive home. If that happened, she would take a taxi. When she came to that conclusion she said, "That will be nice. I like talking to you. It's still early and I'll be bored if I go home."

Rosa and George were comfortably settled in the cocktail lounge with a drink There was a small dance floor. Rosa felt comfortable in his arms as they danced. She closed her eyes and left it up to him to dance where ever he wanted to dance. This wasn't her husband, but she felt close to him. She knew the drinks were making her feel dreamy. If she was completely sober, she would be going home, but she didn't want to go home.

About a half hour in the cocktail lounge and two drinks, George said, "Rosa, you are a very sweet lady and I like you."

Rosa dreamily responded, "You are a nice guy and I like you too, but I need to go home."

"I don't think you can drive right now."

Rosa wasn't thinking logically because she said, "I don't want to go home to my empty house. I assume your room has two beds. Just let me go to sleep in your spare bed."

George held her, looked into her eyes, and kissed her. She readily accepted his kiss.

She then realized what had happened, "I shouldn't let you kiss me. I'm married to Ron."

George responded, "I'm sorry if I offended you. You are so lovely that I couldn't help it. Your lips are so delightful and you are very sexy."

Rosa dreamily said, "Your kiss was very nice."

George took the hint and kissed her very deeply, then said, "Let's go upstairs."

George had his arm around Rosa as they rode the elevator. She began to have second thoughts. She knew she should leave, but she wanted to go on up to his room and lie down. The elevator door opened, they walked down the hall, he inserted the key and they walked into his room. She looked around to see two beds. She thought she would be safe now and sleep by herself.

Just then, George faced her for another long sexy kiss. She melted in his arms. She knew then she would not sleep by herself.

George realized the drinks were affecting her. "Rosa, let's sit down on the edge of the bed."

She clung to him as they moved to the bed. Instead of sitting, George guided her to where she was lying on her back with her feet hanging off the side of the bed. He sat down beside her and lean forward for their lips to mesh in a very sexy kiss. Her arms encircled his neck to pull him closer to her.

When the kiss was broken, she looked into his eyes to say, "I should get up and sleep in the other bed."

Rosa knew what would happen if she continued to lie on the bed with him. She liked his kisses, but she shouldn't have sex with him. .

George softly said, "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, but you are so lovely that I want to make love to you."

Rosa was so relaxed and comfortable with George leaning into her for another long kiss. She felt there was no longer any use to resist. Again, her arms circled his neck to pull him tighter to her.

George looked into her eyes again and said, "I know you are not wearing a bra. All evening I've noticed the shape of your nipples pushing out your blouse. Now I've going to kiss them."

George slowly unbuttoned her blouse starting the with top button. Rosa closed her eyes and relaxed as she felt George unbutton each one. By now her blouse was unbuttoned down to her waist. She could feel George spread her blouse to the sides to expose her breasts. Then she felt his lips on one nipple. The feeling made her want to pull his body closer to hers. She was feeling very erotic as George continued to massage one breast while kissing the other. Then she felt his kisses go down her body to her stomach. She could feel him trying to unzip her skirt, but was having a problem with the zipper.

Rosa said, "Let me get the zipper started."

Once the zipper was undone, George pulled her skirt down and off her legs. Then he removed her thong panties. Now she could feel his kisses at her crotch searching for her pussy. She spread her legs to encourage him. George's wet tongue opened up her pussy lips to lick up and down which sent very erotic thrills through her body every time his tongue touched her clit.

Again, she thought of her husband and knew she should get up, but she felt she didn't have the will to do it. She would stay here with this handsome stranger and enjoy herself.

George moved back up to kiss her lips, then said, "I'm getting out of my clothes." Soon he was naked and back in bed with Rosa. They had been lying on the side of the bed, now they moved around in bed to a comfortable position.

Their lips met again. Rosa was wonder what George would do next. She wanted him to be the aggressor and she would cooperate. They kissed several more times causing her to feel even more erotic. She was ready to take his cock, but was waiting for George to make the move. While kissing, she could feel one of his hands roaming over her body and exploring her wet pussy. His finger was now penetrating her while his thumb caressed her clit. She wanted something bigger than his finger in her.

Then George rolled around with his head near her pussy. She assumed he wanted to do the six nine position. As yet, she had not used her hand to feel his erection. She thought a six nine position would be a good position to explore his cock and balls.

Now that they were laying on their sides, his cock was at her face. She held it with one hand and took the head in her mouth. She heard George moan with delight. She could feel George lift her leg up so that he could get his head at her crotch. That was uncomfortable for her.

She said, "Let me roll up on top of you. This position is too uncomfortable for me."

George didn't say anything, but rolled Rosa up on top. Now Rosa clasped his balls with one hand while holding his cock with the other. She jacked it a little, then deep throated him. George really became vocal with groans and moans. She deep throated him a couple more times until she heard him say something.

"Rosa, take it easy. I don't want to cum too soon. I want this to last awhile before I cum."

Rosa then backed up to swirl her tongue around the head and look at his swollen cock. She thought it looked about the same as her husband's cock. Maybe the head was a little larger. She took the head in her mouth again to explore the size and decided it was larger. George was groaning about the same as her husband does when she sucks his cock. She was wonder if his semen would taste the same. She wasn't sure if George would want to cum in her mouth or in her pussy. She would wait and let him decide when he was ready.

She was feeling very erotic and wanted an orgasm at the same time as George or before he cum. Sometimes she could have two orgasms in an evening while her husband had one.

George's tongue in her pussy was making her feel very erotic and she felt she could have an orgasm if he kept it up. It seemed to her that George was in no hurry to move to another position. Evidently, he was enjoying having his tongue in her pussy. She knew George could see her pussy and ass since there was a dim light in the room.

George's tongue kept giving her thrills and she was beginning to feel her body building up to an orgasm. She started moving her butt in rhythm with his tongue. George could sense that Rosa may be about to have an orgasm and began to concentrate his tongue on her clit. She was now grinding her pussy into his mouth when she started gasping, her body straining and surging, as she was going though a very erotic orgasm.

It took a little while before Rosa's body became very relaxed and limp lying on top of George. Her hand was still holding his cock which was pressed up beside her cheek with her mouth practically resting on his balls.

When Rosa became alert, she asked, "Do you want me to finish you off like this?"

"I would like to fuck you. Let me turn around to another position."

Rosa rolled off of George and laid on her back. George moved up on top of her while she spread her legs and pulled them up to give George plenty of room to fully penetrate her. His cock started punching for her hole. Before she could move her hand down between their bodies to aim his cock, his erection found her hole. She was so juicy that George's cock eased all the way in. She could feel his cock throb a couple of times in her pussy, so she reacted by pulsating on his cock causing George to moan. She was wondering if he was about to cum. They laid still for a little bit to relax and enjoy the erotic feeling of his cock buried in her body.

While they were lying still with his cock soaking in her pussy, Rosa began to be a little concerned about getting pregnant with this stranger. She was not on the pill because she kept hoping her husband would get her pregnant. . Maybe she should tell this handsome man to let her out of bed so she could leave."

Before she could say anything about getting up, George started back and forth movements, letting his cock come nearly all the way out and then plunging back in. Rosa's natural instinct was to push up to match his thrusts. George became very vocal as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum in her body. The erotic feeling of his sperm filling her body and possibly making her pregnant caused Rosa to have another orgasm with him. They both were gasping for air as their bodies erotically surged during their orgasms. As they came down from their highs, they both felt exhausted

George rolled off of Rosa to lie quietly by her side. She could sense that George was dozing off to sleep. What if she got pregnant? Would that be bad or good? Since Ron couldn't get her pregnant, maybe this is her chance to have a child. This stranger was in good health, handsome, and smart. She decided it would be good to get pregnant and Ron would never know that he wasn't the father.

Both George and Rosa had a slight hangover when they woke up the next morning.

George said, "I think when we get out of bed and in the shower, we'll feel much better. Also, there is a coffee maker on the table, so I'm going to get the coffee going and it will be ready by the time we get out of the shower."

"Good idea for both the coffee and the shower," Rosa thoughtfully said.

George and Rosa stepped into the shower together to soap, wash, and hug each other. When George kissed Rosa in the shower, she said, "Let's try that again after we get dried off."

George quickly responded, "And then let's get back in bed before we get dressed."

That statement gave Rosa the idea that George wanted more sex. She said, "That's alright with me."

After they had dried off, George poured two cups of coffee and propped their pillows up against the headboard to sit in bed to have coffee. While sipping coffee, the one free hand George had began to roam over Rosa's breasts and down to her crotch. He softly said, "We had a great time last night, didn't we"

"Yes, you are a very good lover."

"Rosa, you are so sweet and sexy, I could stay in bed with you all day if I didn't have to attend a meeting later this morning."

"My husband will be home later today and I must go home."

By now they had finished coffee. Rosa reached for George's cock to squeeze it and jack it a little bit. Then she moved down in bed to love it. She took the head in her mouth and sucked. Then she lifted her head up and turned to look in George's eyes. She noticed he was still propped up with his pillow watching her. There was plenty of light in the room since it was a sunny day outside.

She commented, "Do you like watching me do this?"

"You are fantastic and very beautiful."

"Alright, I'm going to finish you off this way and you can watch if you like it that way."

She turned back to his cock, jacked it a couple of times and then deep throated him. She heard him moan. She thought she would make him moan and groan some more. She licked all around his cock, then started deep throating him, coming nearly all the way up and then back down to where his cock nearly all disappeared in her mouth and throat. Within a very short time she heard him becoming more vocal and knew he would cum very soon. She didn't want to chock, so she did not go down nearly as far and put one hand at the base of his cock to assist in jacking him

When the first long spurt came, she pulled back to where only the head was in her mouth. His cock was jerking and jumping with each spurt as she continued to jack him and take sperm. She vigorously jacked him and knew with each of his jerks, another spurt of cum was entering her mouth. She began to start swallowing. George was very vocal, although he was beginning to be a little quieter. Soon, he let out a long breath and went completely limp. She knew she had tamed this handsome man.

George opened his eyes and looked at Rosa. "You are a wonderful lady. Now it's your turn."

Rosa laid on her back while George moved into a position with his head between her legs. He clasped both of her legs with his two hands to spread them farther and push them up. Then his mouth and tongue started to enjoy her pussy.

George knew that it took a lady longer than a man to work up to an orgasm. He slowly licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. His tongue found it's way over other areas of her bottom including up the crack of her ass. There was plenty of light in the room to see her ass and pussy. Within a few minutes he could feel that Rosa was beginning to react more to his caresses. He started spending more time sucking and licking her clit which soon brought Rosa to an orgasm.

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