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Wife Fucks a Stranger on TV


When we first started dating Clare, who is now my wife gave me the best sex of my life. We would make love for hours in every possible position. It was hot, steamy and fun. Over the last three years things have naturally tamed down a bit but we still have a normal sex life but I certainly can't complain.

Clare is a beautiful, 30 year-old woman. Italian-looks, athletic build with sumptuous breasts, a stunning ass and an amazing pussy with muscle control that a Bangkok ping-pong girl would be envious of.

Before I knew Clare, she had had some wild times at university. By all accounts she enjoyed sex and had her fair share of partners. One of my many fantasies was for her to, on occasion have sex with strangers and for me to watch. We talked about this and in a fantasy world she liked the idea, but in reality that was possibly a different thing. We have a two bedroom apartment near the centre of town, an easy walk to many bars and clubs. My suggestion was for Clare to go to a club and pick up a guy and come home and fuck him. Clare sportingly played along with the idea saying she would see how she felt when she got to the club, so we set a date for the following Friday.

In our bedroom I set up two small cameras, hidden unless you knew where they were. One in the bed head and another capturing the whole room from the corner. I cabled these through to the spare bedroom and linked them up to the TV so I could watch the action.

The following Thursday came up and not much had been said up to that point. Then Clare asked if I was sure about this, as it was my last chance to back out. I thought she would have probably been the one to back out so I nodded and said I was sure and told her how much I loved her.

Friday morning and Clare called in sick for work while I headed out, butterflies already in my stomach. She told me there were a few things she needed to get ready. When I got home I saw what she meant - she looked so hot. She had spent the day getting her hair and nails done and was now standing there in a tiny new black dress that hardly came to below her waist. She had stockings and heels and a smile on her face as she saw me go instantly hard.

"Hi Honey," she said still smiling, "hard day, I see," now looking at my crotch. I tried to say, "you look amazing!" but only managed to mutter as I lurched towards her plunging cleavage. "Ah, these aren't for you tonight! Remember?" she laughed and pushed me away.

We had a light meal as I certainly couldn't eat much and Clare seemed pre-occupied. We finished our meal and Clare told me it was time for me to go to my room. As she closed the door, she blew me a kiss, winked and said "I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you tonight!" I replied and smiled back.

The next few hours, I was on a complete wreck. My heart was racing, my ears stretched, waiting for the door to open. Would there be one set of footsteps or two? Finally, I heard the key in the door and two sets of feet, Clare laughing and a man's voice.

I was glued to the TV, waiting as they appeared, first Clare then the man. He was tall, dark and handsome - just like she liked them, with broad shoulders and chest, short black hair and a chiseled jaw.

Clare pushed him back onto the bed and stepped away to start a very slow, teasing strip. She faced away at first and swayed her ass slowly raising the back of her tiny dress to show the bottom of her ass, now perfectly framed by her lacy stocking tops and the bottom of the dress. The poor guy had an expression on his face probably similar to mine when I came home. She slowly turned around to face him, the front of the dress just covering her pussy and slowly raised it showing that she not only had no panties on but also that she had shaved that morning and was completely bald. His jaw dropped further. Now she pulled the dress off and stood there in just her stockings, bra and heels. As I mentioned, Clare has great breasts and her C cups were almost bursting out of the lace of the bra.

Working quickly now, Clare removed his shoes, socks and trousers pausing to admire the tent she had caused in the front of his boxers. He had unbuttoned his shirt and was now lying back as my wife removed his boxers. The look on her face was now anything but disappointment as she held his shaft and ran her tongue along the ridge to the top, pausing to flick it with her tongue so gently before another long lick. He collapsed back as she expertly sucked his balls while working the shaft and head with her hand before engulfing as much of his hard cock in her mouth as she could.

Clare looked directly at the camera in the bed head and gave a wicked wink, her mouth bulging with stranger's cock. I had been on the edge of coming since they came home and could hold out now longer, letting my cum fly into the first of my pile of towels. A few minutes after he also came and Clare swallowed every drop. She hardly ever does this for me claiming it tastes salty. Obviously, she was loving it!

She now licked him clean and slid her body up his so she was sitting on his hard stomach. He looked dazed and satisfied as she reached around and undid her bra letting her breasts fall free. She now bent over him and gently lowered each breast to his mouth so he could suck and lick her hard nipples. Before putting her mouth to his in a deep, long, grinding kiss. His hands were now wandering freely as he slid one down her belly, past her landing strip and caressed her mound while the other felt her firm ass. Breaking out of the kiss he rolled my wife onto her back and slid down, kissing her neck, breasts, stomach, thighs before giving her the gentlest of kisses on her pussy. I could see her tremble all over. Clare loves receiving oral sex, so the show was going to be good!

Holding her silken thighs wide he started with one long lick, then started flicking his tongue across her clit. Clare writhed in pleasure, her juices soaking his chin and mouth. As she neared climax he slowed deliberately holding her back, keeping her on edge. Once she couldn't take any more he sat up and smiled. "You are not allowed to cum yet." he commanded. Clare whimpered some more but he climbed onto her with his now hard cock against her opening. "What do you want now?" He asked teasingly.

"Fuck me!" my wife whimpered.

He stroked the head of his cock against her clit. "I can't hear you. Tell me what you want!"

"Put your big cock inside me and fuck me!" she managed to command between pants. "Ooooooh, Goooood - fuck yes. Fill me with that big cock of yours!" as he began to slowly put his cock in. My wife raised her hips, pushing against his slow thrust as she held his sides pulling him in.

I watched the monitor as she put her stockinged legs around his back and he began to fuck her. Slowly at first, before hitting a rhythm slapping his pelvis against her landing strip. Clare was delirious. Her new lover had taken her so close with his tongue and now she was getting royally fucked with his big cock. On the TV she now put her heels over his shoulders.

"Ooooooh!" she whimpered, "that is soooo deeep . . . . and soooo goooood. . . . ooooooh, oh, oh, ooooooh yes. . . . oh my God. . . . of fuck. . . . yes!. . . " Her nails dug into his back as she arched. The pent up sexual tension flooded her body as he continued to thrust deep into my wife. Even after she came he continued to fuck her, deep and hard while reaching around and squeezing her breasts. I have never managed to get Clare to come from intercourse alone, but the sexual high she was experiencing must have put her well over the threshold.

He withdrew, spun her onto all fours and started fucking my wife again. Clare lifted her head, looked straight into the camera and licked her lips. Her face was pure sex, - hot, sweaty and in the middle of being well fucked.

She held that pose looking into the camera. I could see her breasts swinging back and forth and his testicles slapping her mound. They both started to groan. Their bodies working unison, their breathing becoming faster and heavier. Clare started to wail, quietly at first as her climax built. She then started to scream as they came together violently, Clare face down biting the pillow while he thrust deep filling her with his load. I came instantly spraying the TV before I could get a towel in place.

They collapsed, soaked with sweat in each other's arms and kissed as if to a job well done before falling asleep. I fell asleep too, worn out even as a spectator.

He left early in the morning before I woke. Clare came in wearing her little black dress and sat on the chair opposite the bed.

"Wake up, sleepy," she whispered. I turned to face her. She smiled beautifully and slowly crossed and uncrossed her legs. Between her lips a thick, white line of cum oozed.

"Happy?" she asked.

"Very," I answered.

"Me too," she laughed.

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