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Wife Gets Payback


Early on in our marriage, my wife Amy surprised me one night by hiring a stripper for my birthday. The stripper was supposed to be sort of like a joke. She didn't hire the best looking girl. A lot of our friends were invited over for a party and then all the guys decided to go down stairs. That is when the stripper showed and I was directed to the middle of the room. After her show, everything died down and we all went back to the party. When everyone was gone, Amy asked if I liked her present. I told her not to ever forget it because I never would and would return the favor.

A couple of years went by and I figured it was time to pay her back. When I planned on getting her a stripper, I decided I wasn't going to get her an ugly one, I figured that would let her off the hook. On the night of her birthday party, I had invited some couples over and when the guy arrived, all of us guys went to a friend of mine's apartment.

I had set up a camera without anyone knowing so I could record the fun. As I would later learn, the guy took his time and really gave the girls a show. He started by getting Amy in the center of the room, (my idea), and then proceeded to strut his stuff. When he was down to just his G-string, he moved around Amy with his crotch only inches from her face. When I asked how it went Amy just said that he danced to a few songs and took off most of his clothes. She didn't elaborate on everything so I had to watch the tape.

After dancing around her for a while, Mike, stood Amy up and slid the chair out of the way. He then motioned for Amy to lie on the floor. As she started to, Mike stopped her when she got to her knees. When Amy realized what he had done, she was eye level with his crotch. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and started thrusting his covered cock towards her face. By the look in her eyes, Amy was really enjoying it and would playfully stick out her tongue or open her mouth really wide. When this had gone on for a few minutes, Mike layed Amy down on the floor and proceeded to get on top of her. Without instruction Amy, spread her legs as Mike got on top of her. He then started rubbing his crotch next to hers. Amy was getting hot, and she actually reached around and started grabbing his ass.

When Mike had been there about an hour, he immediately jumped up and said that was the end of the show.(another of my ideas) I wanted Amy to get all hot and bothered and then cut off.

Later that night when we were in bed, I asked Amy about the party and she said that the stripper was nice. She then, without a word, went down and sucked my dick like she had never done before. She was insatiable that night and I knew I had to watch the tape the first chance I got. When I did get to watch it, I found out why she was so hot. That is when I formed my next idea.

I called Mike a few days later and thanked him for the show. I told him about how hot he had gotten Amy and he surprised me by saying that he had to remind himself why he was there. It seems he had gotten very horny himself and really wanted Amy. When he told me that, it just opened the door. I told him I wanted him to come back out but this time it would just be Amy and myself. I said that I didn't want to hire him, instead, I wanted to watch him in action. He asked how far to let it go before he stopped and I told him he could go all the way. I also asked him if he had a friend that might be interested in coming. He immediately said yes, so we set it up.

I told Amy that a couple of friends were coming over on Friday so not to make any other plans. Amy was totally shocked when we opened the door that night and Mike and Tim walked in. We talked for a while and then I broke the ice by telling them that I had a video we could all watch. Amy's mouth fell open when the tape started. After it was over, I looked at Amy and told her she had left some parts out of her story that night. She couldn't say anything, she knew she was stuck. I then told her that I had invited Mike over for another show and that Tim would also be dancing as well. I started the music as Mike and Tim moved Amy to the middle of the room. As they both started dancing and removing their clothes, Amy just sat and watched without saying a word. After a couple of songs, I told Mike that I wanted to see the "floor" show again.

He stood Amy up and moved the chair. Again as he was helping her to the floor, he stopped her on her knees. As she was staring at Mike's crotch, Tim was behind her and had removed his G-String. Tim approached her from behind while Mike was moving her head. When he gently turned Amy's head to where she could see Tim, Tim's cock brushed across her face. I forgot to mention that Tim was a black man and his cock must have been 11 inches. Amy could do nothing but stare at the monster.(she had never seen a black cock before) Tim's hands replaced Mike's on Amy's head and he started thrusting his cock towards her. Every once in a while he would touch her lips with his cock and Amy was in a daze.

By the time Tim turned her back around, Mike was in the nude and his cock was sticking straight towards Amy's face. Mike told her that he heard how hot she was the night of the party and that he knew that it was his cock that had gotten her that way. Amy just shook her head as he started the same motion of moving his cock to her face. He moved close to where his cock was touching her lips. He didn't move it away though, instead he told her to take his cock in her mouth. Slowly, Amy opened her mouth and I watched as Mike's cock went inch by inch into her mouth.

My cock was rock hard from the show and I took it out and started jerking it. When Amy saw me, she knew that I approved and she started really sucking on Mike's cock. She put her hand on his cock and started jacking him while she bobbed her head up and down. Mike was in heaven as Amy gave him one of her excellent blow jobs. Amy must have sensed he was nearing the brink because she stopped moving and slowly took the cock from her mouth. She then turned her attention to Tim and without a word, sucked as much of his black cock as she could get in her mouth.

While she was busy sucking Tim, Mike started removing her clothes. Her panties were the last thing to go and when they were off, Amy knew what to do. She repositioned herself onto her hands and knees. Never once letting Tim's cock out of her mouth. Mike got in behind her and gave her pussy a couple of licks to make sure she was good and wet. He positioned his cock near her hole and slowly inserted his meat. Amy paused long enough to look around at Mike. She then looked at Tim and told him straight out that she wanted him to cum in her mouth.

Tim looked at her and told her that she had better get to sucking. I watched as Mike fucked Amy from behind while she sucked and sucked on Tim's large black cock. Tim would be the first to lose it. After Amy's great blowjob, he announced that he was ready to cum. Amy removed her mouth and started jerking his cock an inch from her mouth. As he came, Amy opened her mouth and I got to see stream after stream of his cum jet into her open mouth. Not long after he had filled her throat, Mike said he was about ready. Amy told him that she had tasted Tim's spunk and now she wanted to taste his. When he was on the brink, he pulled out and Amy turned around just in time for Mike to unload on her waiting tongue. After she had swallowed all of his cum, she told the guys that she would clean their cocks for them. As she sucked on their cocks she was moaning loudly.

Amy decided that she wanted to do more than cleaning and proceeded to give them both another sampling of her wonderful blowjobs. Alternating between the two, she brought both of them off and again swallowed every drop of their jism.

After Mike and Tim had gone, I then told Amy that I had finally paid her back. She looked and said that she thought the party was her payback. I told her that is what I wanted her to think but tonight was actually my payback. We fucked the rest of the night and have since had a lot more experiences.

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