tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife gets Picked Up in a Hotel Bar

Wife gets Picked Up in a Hotel Bar


Over the years, I have shared my wife, Brandie, with many men in MFM 3somes. One of the things I like most about sharing her, is that build up, the initial period of time between that moment when she actually meets the man for the first time, (and they begin to get to know each other), before they end up actually having sex. It's the flirting game, the first touches, the getting acquainted part that I LOVE to watch!

It's even better if this is all the result of a pick up, rather than a prearranged meeting with a man. I REALLY like it when I see all of this as a result of my wife hooking up with a strange guy right from the start! Most of the time when I have seen this, it was a result of us meeting some guy in the swing club we attend in Nashville, TN. This is OK, but, a man in a swingers club knows what is going on and what kind of woman he is picking up right from the start. It's still exciting to watch those first touches and the get-to-know-you game, but, it's just not the same as a pick up would be in a normal bar, or nightclub. I told my wife I would really like to watch her get picked up by a man in an ordinary bar/nightclub and watch from a distance, without him knowing I was there, until it was time for the main event. Then she could tell the man I was there and that this would be a 3some, and hopefully he would be OK with that! She was willing to give it a try, so we set out to find a place where we could do it.

We decided to try the hotel lounge of a hotel near the airport, on a weekday, when there would be a good likelihood of many traveling businessmen being in the bar. We didn't want a regular bar where there was likely to be a bunch of rednecks of all ages there. We figured businessmen would be a little older crowd, and maybe a little more mature.

We chose one that we had been to before and so we knew the layout pretty well. The bar was an oval shaped bar that had stools all the way around it. There was a dance floor at one end of the lounge in front of a small stage where they had live musical performances on weekends. Off one side of the dance floor were 2 pool tables, a dart board, and a couple of other games. There was also a jukebox located here for when there wasn't a band playing. The rest of the lounge area was carpeted floor with tables and chairs. In the back corner of the lounge, in front of the bar, was an elevated area with a railing along the front, and this area had several more tables in it. This area was there, so that the people at tables in the back could see the stage/dance floor when the place was full of people.

I also knew, (from prior experience), that when sitting at the tables on the floor, if there was a woman in a short skirt at a table on this elevated section, you could get some pretty good views from time to time, if you could get a casual glance in the right direction at the right time! Most of the time, with the lighting the way it is in a bar, you had to depend on your imagination to tell you what you might be seeing. Or, if you were lucky, you might get a fleeting shot of some white panties, or the tops of stockings, or if you were really lucky, a quick look at a bald pussy! We hoped that some time during the night that Brandie could maneuver her pick up into this area.

We made reservations at the hotel for a Thursday night, and checked in, early in the afternoon. I made a recon of the lounge that afternoon and then sent my wife down to check the area so she would be completely familiar with it. We made note of the fact that the bathrooms were just outside the lounge in the lobby of the hotel. We decided that if she needed to discuss anything with me during the evening, she could go to the bathroom, call me on my cell phone and I would just look like a businessman taking a call. If she made a call in the bar and my phone rang at the same time, we figured that would look a little suspicious. We were careful not to be seen walking around together because the lobby, restaurant, and general hotel was full of business men coming and going and we didn't want any of the potential bar patrons from tonight, to remember having seen us together earlier in the day.

That evening, about 7PM, I was going to dress in a casual suit, (no tie), and go down to the lounge. I figured I would blend in as a businessman relaxing after a hard day of sales/negotiations business. I was going to call my wife and let her know when there were at least 10 men, (not counting me), in the bar. Then she was going to come in by herself. I had no idea what she was going to be wearing, (she said she wanted to surprise me as much as everyone else).

As I was getting dressed to go downstairs, my wife was shaving her pussy and putting on her make up. The thought that she was making her pussy smooth in the hopes that some "other man" would be touching it in a few hours, made my cock twitch and begin to grow in my pants! She was still naked when I was ready, so with a passionate kiss, and a feel of her smooth, freshly shaven pussy, I left her saying as I left, "I hope we both have fun tonight and enjoy this game. I want you to be relaxed and as "easy" as you want to be. I want to see my wife being an "easy slut" tonight for some man to "pick up" and have his way with!" She laughed and told me she was going to play the game as best she could and that she was getting excited about it, that she thought it would be fun.

When I entered the bar at 7PM, there were already 6 men, 2 couples, (looked like they could have been business men and women teams, or maybe business men with their wives), the bartender, and me. The couples were sitting at tables off the front of the bar, 3 men were sitting at another table, and 3 men were sitting at the bar, apparently by themselves as none of them were sitting together. I decided to let the place get a few more single men in, before I called my wife. I took a seat on a stool at the end of the bar, with my back, towards the dance floor and ordered a beer. My cell phone rang in my pocket. I answered it and my wife was on the other end. She was anxious to know the situation. If anyone could over hear me, I wanted it to sound like a business call so I said something like, "Well, I've got 6 possible. Two pairs, and I'm waiting for some others.", trying to sound like I was giving someone a sales/business report.

She understood and asked me some questions like were any of the guys cute. I laughed and told her she would have to be the judge of that for her self. Wondering what she was going to be wearing when she came down, I asked her, "What's your "presentation" going to look like?" She said, "Presentation? Oh! You mean what am I going to be wearing?" I said, "Yes." She said, "You'll just have to wait to see. But, I'm sure you'll approve", and then she gave a little giggle. Then she said, "Well, when there's a few more guys in there, let me know." We hung up and I drank my beer.

By the time I was about done with my 2nd beer, several more men had showed up and there were now, more than 10 single men, sitting in small groups at tables, a couple of guys together at the bar, and others sitting at the bar by themselves. I phoned my wife and told her, "I think it's time for you to see what you can get going on that deal." She said she'd be right down and we hung up.

A few minutes later my wife walked into the hotel lounge and took a seat on a bar stool on the front of the bar about halfway down the bar from where I was sitting, on the end. When she walked in, she turned more than a few of the single men's heads and I think that one of the men who was with a woman, tried to casually sneak a peek without his partner knowing it!

My wife is early 50's, but easily passes for early 40's. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'7" tall, long sexy legs and feet, 38D tits, and a very nice ass! I'm not going to tell that old tired lie that some men tell when writing a story about their wives, "My wife is drop-dead gorgeous, with a perfect body that a 20 year old would kill for!" Come on! My wife is 50ish and her body isn't what it used to be when she was 20! But, she's still a VERY attractive woman with a good figure and her legs really are fantastic! She easily turns heads, especially when she's dressed...LIKE THAT!

My wife was wearing a white silk blouse with a plunging neckline and it had a see through nylon area on the front that exposed every bit of her cleavage and even showed off her lacy white Frederick's push-up bra that just accentuated her nice tits! If that wasn't enough to get your attention, she was wearing a VERY short black skirt that had a slit on both sides of it. Her gorgeous legs were covered with very high quality, sheer black stockings, that I knew had to be thigh highs or garter stockings. When she sat up on the barstool, the already short skirt rode higher up her thighs, and the slits on the sides exposed the tops of her stockings and gave a glimpse of her tanned thigh. When she moved a bit, you could see a garter strap once in a while. On her sexy feet, she wore a pair of red high heeled sandals with straps around the ankles. Through her sheer stockings you could easily see her red painted toenails and the delicate flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle. Just below the tattoo, was a heavy gold anklet, that shown brightly anytime it caught a ray of light. The total outfit she had chosen made her look, VERY sexy, nearly "sluttish", but yet classy and fashionable at the same time! She was dressed classy enough, but just sexy enough, that it was obvious, that she was NOT a common "lounge lizard" prostitute, but just a very attractive woman, out on her own to have some fun!

As my wife mounted her stool at the bar, she showed more than just a bit of bare thigh above her stockings. This didn't go unnoticed by the single men on that side of the bar! Brandie ordered herself a margarita and fished some money out from her purse. This was to be the 2nd to LAST drink she would have to pay for, the rest of the night! As soon as the bartender sat her drink down and took her money, one of the men from down at the other end of the bar, got off his stool and walked down to stand next to my wife.

I heard him introduce himself and ask if she was alone. She said yes and then went into her cover story that we had prearranged. She told him that she was in, from out of town, to visit a girlfriend, who was a nurse and was working the 3rd shift at a local hospital. She was staying in the hotel because she didn't want to stay at her girlfriend's house with her girlfriend's husband there, all night alone. She didn't think that would be proper. In the morning, she and her girlfriend were going shopping and would spend the rest of the weekend together.

Brandie was sitting far enough away from me that I could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation. This guy didn't look to me to be my wife's type. He had a receding hairline and looked like a soft as butter businessman. I didn't think that she would be interested in this guy. They made some more chit-chat, but she didn't really give this guy any incentive to think that things were going any further, so he never sat down on the stool next to her. In fact, he asked her if he could buy her next drink, and she told him, "Thanks for the offer, but I got it covered." She knew if she let him buy her a drink, he would think she, "was his", and she'd never get rid of him! The guy finally took the hint, thanked her for the conversation, and went back to his own stool.

My wife finished her drink and ordered another. As she sat taking a sip every now and then, and looking around the bar, I knew she was checking out the available men, and they were definitely checking her out, trying to figure out what she was all about! Then Brandie slid down off her barstool, in the process, showing off another generous portion of bare thigh, tops of stockings and garter straps, she told the bartender to save her drink and she walked out towards the bathrooms. A few seconds later, my phone rang. My wife said, "I feel like a chunk of meat in a tank full of piranha fish!" I laughed and told her that's the way some people are when trying to "close a deal". She laughed, and said, "It's kind of cool though! I feel like some of those guys are trying to fuck me with their eyes!" I asked her, "Is that idea getting to you?" She said, "Yes!" Then in as low a voice as possible, so as not to be overheard, I asked her, "Are your panties getting wet?" She said, "What panties? I'm not wearing any, but yes, I am getting wet and HOT! It's exciting to be the center of attention of so many men and know that they all probably want to fuck you!"

At the mention that she wasn't wearing any panties and the thought of her getting up and down on that bar stool, showing all that leg in that bar and now knowing that her cleanly shaved pussy was uncovered just inches up under that skirt, I felt my cock twitch and begin to grow in my pants, again! I asked her if she thought she saw any "possibles", and she responded that she saw a couple of guys who she thought were pretty good looking. I ended the conversation with a louder voice now, "Well, I'm excited to see how this will turn out. Talk to you later."

We hung up, and a few minutes later my wife reentered the hotel lounge. As many pairs of eyes watched her, she walked over to the bar, picked up her drink and moved across the room, through the tables on the floor, up the 2 steps to the elevated area, and took a seat at a table at the railing along the front of that section. The way she was sitting, (kind of sideways at the railing), no one was going to get a "peek" up her skirt, but she was showing plenty of leg through the slit on the side of her skirt and you could see some bare thigh above her stocking along with the strap of her garter when she moved just right.

One of the men, who had been sitting at a table with 2 other men, came up to the bar and stood next to me as he got another drink from the bartender. In a low voice he said to me, "Did you see the way that gal is dressed? No woman dresses like that unless she's ready to fuck!" I laughed, told him that yes, I had noticed and I agreed with his assessment that the gal "looked like she wanted to fuck"! Then I added, "And she looks VERY fuckable to me, indeed!" He agreed with me, and told me that his 2 buddies and he were trying to figure out what she was all about. I responded with, "Well, it looks to me like she's looking to get laid!" Again he agreed with me, and then he took his drink back to his table.

When my wife was done with the drink she had at her table, she made eye contact with the waiter and motioned to him that she would like another. The bartender mixed another margarita, salted a glass and poured the drink in. Before he could pick it up and walk up to my wife's table, another man, who was sitting at a table by himself, stepped up to the bar, paid the bartender for the drink and delivered it to my wife. He walked up to her at the railing without going up onto her level. He handed her the drink. They were too far away for me to hear what was said, but I assumed he introduced himself. I also found out later, that he told her the drink was on him, she graciously accepted it, and then they made some small talk.

This guy appeared to be in his 40's, was not fat, but not skinny either, didn't look like he had time to work out, but yet, he was a decent looking fellow. Salt and pepper hair, and neatly dressed in a suit. His tie was loosened and the top button of his shirt undone. I was sure that he would impress my wife. I was surprised when after a few minutes; he left and sat back down at his own table.

Someone had put some money in the jukebox and now music filled the air. More people, mostly men in suits, but a few more women too, began to fill the place up. The next time my wife needed a drink the bartender was way too busy to deliver to the table so, Brandie got up and walked to the bar to get her drink. As she stood at the bar, the guy who had delivered her last drink, (I later learned his name was Mike), walked up beside her. They were standing at the bar close enough to me that I heard the following conversation; He said, "May I pay for that for you?" My wife said, "No, you paid for the last one." He said, "No problem. I really don't have to pay for it anyway; the expense account has it covered." Brandie said, "Well then, thank you. How can I turn down a free drink?" As the bartender mixed my wife's drink and got Mike another beer, I saw Mike step slightly closer to my wife and he said to her, "You are a VERY pretty woman. Your husband is a fool to let you be out here alone." She said, "Well, I'm from out of town..." and then she went into her cover story. "So, he knows where I am, and exactly what I'm doing." She added a little smile as she said, "exactly".

The bartender delivered their drinks, Mike paid for them, and then he slid his hand around my wife's waist so that his hand was resting in the small of her back, just above her ass. (There it was! That first "touch"!), then he said, "May I join you?" Brandie said, "Sure."

Then she headed up towards the elevated area again with Mike close behind. I could see him watching my wife's ass and legs as he walked along behind her and I saw a smile on his face! I could just imagine what was on his mind! He hesitated a second as she went up the 2 small steps, they weren't real high, but it gave him a great view of her sexy legs and ass as she went up ahead of him. Brandie went to the back row of tables this time where she sat with her back to the wall and Mike took the chair beside her, on her left. My wife knew that by sitting there, whatever they did under the table would be more discreet than up front at the railing, and I would still, at least be able to see what their hands might be doing under the table, even if I couldn't see anything else more distinctly.

I stayed on my stool at the end of the bar and people watched as my wife and Mike sat at their table drinking and making small talk. I tried to watch them as much as I could without being to obvious.

At one point I saw Brandie lean closer to Mike to hear something he said, and as she did, she put her left hand on his right thigh! There it was! The first time my wife had touched her "pick up"! A short time later, I looked over, and Mike had his right hand on my wife's left thigh. I knew he was enjoying the feel of her stockings on her legs! My wife always wears the highest quality stockings so they feel very silky and smooth over her shapely legs! I also know that it turns her on, to have a man touching and rubbing her thigh/leg.

Over the next couple of hours, they made small talk, had a few more drinks, and the touching got a little bolder and more sexual! At one point, Mike turned more towards my wife and leaned in very close to her face to say something. As he did, his left hand went to Brandie's left leg and then he slid it over to the inside of her thigh! I could see him rubbing the inside of her thigh, and I imagined that he was getting high enough to touch the bare skin above her stocking, just an inch, or so, short of my wife's bare pussy! I even "imagined" that I saw my "slut" wife open her legs a bit to give him more encouragement to go a little higher! My cock was hard as a rock in my pants!

When Mike finished what he was saying, he leaned into my wife's face and kissed her. I watched as she didn't do anything to discourage him and in fact, she opened her mouth and allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth! It was plain to see, even from across the room, that this was a passionate kiss, not just a peck! Not many people paid it much attention though, as the place was about 3/4 full of people and everyone was busy with their own interests. When they broke it off, Mike got up, went to the bar and got them another drink. As he went to the bar, my wife looked at me, smiled, winked, and giggled a little to herself.

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