tagInterracial LoveWife Gets Pregnant Ch. 03

Wife Gets Pregnant Ch. 03


This is chapter three to "Wife Gets Pregnant" Chapters one and two were posted in early 2004. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to continue the story, however, shortly after I submitted chapter two, I became very ill, which led to open heart surgery. Now that I am in the final stages of recovery, I am going to finish this story as well as writing other stories. Feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

It should be noted that this story took place from the early sixties to the early seventies. During this time, hardcore cuckolding and humiliating was, for the most part, unheard of. Also, STDs was not a threat, and HIV was non- existent. According, the major threat of going bareback was impregnation.


For Ann and I, it seemed like an eternity before Friday evening finally arrived. However, when it did, it was well worth the wait. Ralph arrived about a half hour after we got the kids to bed, and like Wednesday night, the action started immediately. The big difference was that everyone was more relaxed, especially Ralph. After the normal greeting at the door by Ann, and the hugs and kisses, she took Ralph by the hand and headed toward the bedroom. She then looked back at me, and said, "We are going to the bedroom to fuck, are you going to come and jerk off while you watch?

With that I was, as before following close behind them bringing up the rear, and letting them know that I didn't want to miss a stroke.

Everything went much the same as Wednesday night, except, in my opinion, it seemed to be a bit hotter. I guess that can be attributed to the fact that everyone was more relaxed and enjoying themselves until everyone was so fucked out we were ready to drop. At that point, there was a little different twist originated by Ann. She looked at Ralph and asked if he could spend the night. Ralph immediately looked at me for my input. I thought it for a minute and expressed my concern about sleeping arrangements. I could, of course sleep on the couch, however, how could we explain that to the kids as they always get up early. Ralph suggested that maybe we should do a rain check and think things out better. We could always do it at another time if we plan ahead. We both looked at Ann, and she agreed.

At that time, we set another date for Ralph to come over Sunday night. Well, Sunday night was just as hot if not hotter than the other fuckathons. During one of the fuck breaks, Ralph said he had something he felt Ann and I both should agree on. He was invited to a birthday party on Monday, which was a work night for me. He would like for Ann to be his date for that party if it were possible. The first thing Ann said was that she would have to arrange for a baby sitter, and she said that she was unsure if she could on such a short notice. Ralph said that he would pay for the sitter and give her a five dollar tip if she could. Ann said that she would make contact with the sitter before she went to school the following morning. Then she went on to say that it would be necessary for her to meet Ralph some place other than our house, in that she didn't want the sitter or the kids to see him picking her up at the house. I told her that I would come home from my navy job for dinner before I went to my part time job, and could drop her off at the club. Everyone agreed that would be great.

Well, before I went to work on Monday, Ann made contact with the sitter and set everything up for six that evening. I dropped Ann off at the club and went around the corner to my part time job. I was in the store only about fifteen minutes when Ann and Ralph showed up and informed me that they were going be heading out to the birthday party. I ask Ralph what time is he going to have my wife back. He asked me what time I had to close. I told him, depending on the business, anytime between midnight and one in the morning. He said he should be able to have her back before I closed.

Well, as it turned out, I got a call from Ann at around eleven saying that her and Ralph were just leaving the party which was only about ten minutes away. Then she ask if it was alright if she went to Ralph's for a drink, and if I could pick her up there since it would be on my way home. I readily agreed.

I had customers till one AM and it was almost one thirty when I finally locked up and headed to Ralph's to pick up Ann.

When I got there Ralph answered the door in his robe, and invited me in. Ann had just started getting dressed when I knocked on the door. While Ann was getting dressed, Ralph handed me the money for the baby sitter. I tried to refuse it, but he insisted, saying that it was his idea and he was a man of his word.

She told me on the way home that she really did enjoy the party, and most especially with Ralph introducing her to everyone as his girlfriend. She said that early on when Ralph introduced her to a white couple, she caught the lady looking at her wedding and engagement rings. She got Ralph to one side and asked him if he wanted her to take them off. He told her no, that when he caught them looking at them, it made his dick hard. She went on to say that she really did enjoy being out in public with Ralph in that he seemed to be very proud of her and always made her feel wanted as he showed her off.

I asked her about what happened when they got to Ralph's house. She said that they started fucking as soon as the door closed behind them and continued for the two plus hours until I knocked on the door. I told here that there should be some good cream pie for me when we get home. She said she wouldn't have it any other way.

When we got home, Ann quickly took the baby sitter home and returned and jumped in bed where I was waiting for her. She wasted no time in straddling my face. While I ate her cum filled pussy, she gave me an earth shattering blowjob. After which, we both went into a deep sleep for a few short hours.

The next nigh was my night off from my part-time job. Therefore, I was home before five in the evening. Upon arriving, Ann already had dinner on the table. After dinner, and the kids went out to play, Ann said she would like to talk to me. She said that Ralph called during the day, and he too enjoyed being with her the night before. She further said that he expressed a desire for them to go out on dates on a regular basis. I asked her just how would they go about that. She said something similar to last night. I suggested that, instead of going out on my work nights, why not go out on my off nights and I could take care of the kids. Then she asked if she should meet him some place, or have him pick her up at the house. I told her I saw nothing wrong with him picking her up at the house. Then she asked about the kids when he picks her up before their bedtime. I told her that I would keep the kid occupied either in the back yard or in the back bedroom during the time he was picking her up. She thought for a minute, and said that should work.

Now that we had that settled, she said that Ralph had asked if he could come over later tonight since it was my night off. I told her that I thought it was a great idea that I would love to have another helping of fresh fucked pussy. She laughed in a smirking kind of way and went to the phone and called Ralph and told him that I agreed for her to go out on dates with him on my nights off, and furthermore, he could cum over tonight and give her a cum supercharge with his big black cock. Then she was silent for a moment. Then she said, "wait I will ask him." She turned to me and said, "Ralph wants to know if we can go out tonight." I asked her what time. She went back on the phone and asked Ralph what time. She then told him to wait and turned to me and said he could be here in an hour. I said that would be fine and that I could have the kids busy in the back room. She told him to make sure he called just before he left so we could take care of the kids.

After she hung up the phone, I told her to sit down, we needed to talk. I told her that since she was having an obvious ongoing affair with Ralph, and fully intended to get pregnant by him. Then even after she was impregnated, had full intentions on continuing the affair on a regular basis, sooner or later, the kids were going to see him and wonder who he was. She agreed and said she had thought about it but didn't know what to do. I told her that maybe it may be a good idea to invite Ralph over for a Sunday afternoon BBQ soon and tell the kids that Ralph was our good friend. Then when he was around, they wouldn't give it a minutes thought. She said, "I love you, no wonder I married you, you are so smart."

Ralph called just before eight and said he was on his way. Accordingly, I kissed Ann goodnight and got the kids busy in the back room.

Ralph picked Ann up as planned, and didn't bring her home until after two AM.

She woke me and told me about her night while she was undressing. She said that they went to a club that was patronized primarily by blacks. She said that she felt so honored that Ralph spoke so highly of her as he introduced her to everyone as his girlfriend. She said that almost everyone she was introduced to looked at her rings. She said the each time that she caught someone looking at her rings, she got a twinge in her pussy, knowing that person knew that she was giving her married white pussy to that wonderful black man. She said, "in fact, she was enjoying all the attention and dancing so much it was midnight before she knew it.

At that time, they headed back to Ralph's house and fucked until almost two AM.

With all that said, she discarded the last of her cloths and straddled my face, giving me her fresh fucked pussy while she gave me a blowjob.

This same situation was repeated the following Thursday night, only it started at six PM rather than eight. This gave them time to stop by Ralph's for a good fuck before they went clubbing.

Of course, when she returned home after spending the final two hours at Ralph's before coming home, I got my normal ration of cream pie after she recapped the events of the night.

The next night, Friday, I went straight from my navy job to my part time job. After I was there for about an hour, I got a call from Ann. She said, "Boy, do I have a story to tell you."

I said, "Now you have my attention."

She said that the next door neighbor lady who we had not met to that point, introduced herself as Betty and that her husband's name was Mike. She went on to say that Betty had obviously had been watching the activity-taking place at our house. She said that she had seen a black man visiting a couple of times and then she saw Ann get in the car and leave with him a couple of times. Bottom line was, Betty wanted to know what was going on. Ann said she just felt a mischief streak hit her and just point blank said, Oh, that is my boyfriend. Ann said that she thought Betty's chin was going to hit her knee. That is when she told Betty that she was going to have his baby. Ann told me that from that point on that Betty was all questions. She said, "as a matter of fact, that was over two hours ago and she just left a few minutes ago. After she told her about going to have Ralph's baby and the questions started, they left the yard and went into the house and had a glass of tea while talking. I said, "Well, what was the outcome." She said, "that my dear husband will have to wait until you get home. However, I should warn you not to be surprised if you find yourself getting fucked when I am out on a date.

To be continued...

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