tagInterracial LoveWife Goes Black...

Wife Goes Black...

byDevil Dog©

Wife Goes Black & Doesn't Go Back

Melanie and Rob are a young married couple in their early twenties, married for only 2 years. The two were like polar opposites, so much so that virtually everyone predicted a divorce within 3-4 months. She is a stunning raven haired beauty with emerald green eyes. She brims with confidence and is perpetually positive. Melanie adores the night life and just socializing in general but still remains fiercely faithful and loyal to Rob, even though the opportunity presents itself literally on a daily basis. Melanie is irresistible with her dark, exotic beauty. Her tits are large, round and firm. Her ass is definitely the most enticing thing about her physically, it's so perfectly round and it flares out from her hips in such a way that it looks like she's always waiting to be probed or penetrated from behind. Of course Melanie, having a latent exhibitionist streak dresses to highlight her assets, tight hip hugging dresses, short skirts for example.

Her husband Rob on the other hand is a quiet, easy-going guy who prefers spending quiet evenings at home with his highly desirable wife. Unlike Melanie he despises going to clubs or wild parties. Being a small guy, standing at 5' 4", 2 inches shorter than his wife and weighing no more than 140 lbs soaking wet, Rob is certainly no physical threat. On top of that he has low self esteem and is easily intimidated. It's not uncommon for guys to hit on or ask Melanie out right in front of him, sometimes brazenly groping her ass and breasts undercover of a dark, smoky bar or club. Melanie has always up to this point coldly rejected such bold advances.

The phone rang and Melanie answered it on the second ring. She could see on the display that it was Rob calling from work, again. He'd been calling all day trying to talk Melanie out of going out tonight but to no avail as she'd been really looking forward to tonight and had even marked the event on her calendar.

"Hi baby." She answered while applying her mascara. Emphasizing her already long lush eyelashes, giving her eyes a sexy, dark, smoldering look.

"Hey muffin. I was thinking instead of the party we could go to New England for the weekend, just like we always talk about, what dy'a think?" he asked, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"SIGH!" Melanie was clearly annoyed by the suggestion. "NO! I've been looking forward to this party forever! Just give it a chance, it'll be fun, baby." she snapped with clenched teeth.

"Muffin, please! Why don't we ju..." Rob started to plead his case but heard Melanie humming to the dance music that was blaring in the background and realized there was no point in fighting it.

"Oh and baby, don't forget to pick up my dress at the cleaners." Melanie interrupted.

"Yes muffin, I'll be home at around 6:30 or 7." Rob replied with a somewhat defeated tone of voice.

"Thanks baby, love ya." She said sweetly.

"Love you too, muffin."

To the casual observer it's obvious that Melanie wears the pants in the relationship, to some extent she may abuse her control over him. For years she dated alpha male types that dominated her but with Rob, she was the one in control and she loved that about him. This even carried over into their sex life as well. Since Melanie has been with Rob she's become a very selfish lover. Sex for the most part consists of Rob eating Melanie's pussy followed by intercourse if she’s in the mood for a fuck after the mandatory, thorough licking. On special occasions like Rob’s birthday for example, Melanie will go down on Rob but is quick to tell him not to get too used to the idea. Rob understands they are a physical mismatch and that she is not necessarily as attracted to him as he is to her. It has always been this way and he's been grateful as Melanie has got to be the ultimate trophy wife. In a sense they're perfect for each other; Melanie is insatiable when it comes to having her pussy eaten while Rob never gets tired of eating her delicious, hot slice.

Melanie had been sipping wine all afternoon while getting dolled up; she was beginning to feel a bit tipsy. She felt that familiar tingling stirring between her legs, she felt like she was on fire. Wine always made her horny. Melanie couldn’t help but rub her inflamed labes and diddle her clit. She glanced over at the clock. Rob would be home in about 10 minutes. Her finger dipped inside her moistening pussy and she inadvertently gasped, her touch felt electrically charged. She temporarily fought off the urge to diddle herself to orgasm but her burning, aching desire would not be denied. She couldn’t wait for Rob to get home now as minutes seemed like hours. She admired herself in the full length mirror. She looked so elegant in her black, shiny heels. Her long, shapely legs clad in nylon leggings that reached up to the middle of her thighs were slightly spread apart. Her hand was under her black lace panties which were perfectly complemented by the matching black lace garter belt that held up her leggings. Her large firm breasts longed to be freed from their lacy, black constraints. Her radiant, shiny, long black hair was styled in formally up & a few whisps of baby soft hair caressed each side of her face. Melanie’s gorgeous eyes were glazed over and almost shut as her hips swayed and undulated in response to the feverish, frantic hand massage she applied to her burning pussy. As she continued rubbing her clit her knees felt weak and almost buckled as a wave of sexual pleasure rocked her body.

“BZZZ…BZZZ…BZZZ” The apartment buzzer startled Melanie out of her sexual trance.

“Shit!” Melanie was annoyed by the sudden interruption but composed herself as she walked to the intercom.


“Muffin, it’s just me, I locked my keys in the car, let me in please?” Rob explained, sounding frustrated with himself.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, such blatant stupidity doesn’t usually go unpunished around here.” Melanie teased in her sultriest voice.

“Yes, mistress. It was stupid of me to lock myself out of the car and I beg your forgiveness.” Rob played along with her sexy game.

“Very well, 50 boot licks to start and we’ll see from there what other fitting punishment is necessary. Now get up here on the double, I wanna hear you running of that flight of stairs you insignificant, little wretch!” She commanded coldly.

“Yes, yes, right away mistress.” Rob stammered.


Rob opened the lobby door & rushed up the flight of stairs as fast as he could holding high in the air her dry cleaned dress fresh from the cleaners so as not to drag it on the carpeted stairway. Finally arriving at their door, Rob was tired and out of breath. The door swung open from inside and Melanie towered over him in her high heels. She slammed the door behind him and grabbed him by the ear.

“I’ll take that from your filthy little paws now, MUTT!” she barked as she took the dress from him & hung it on the coat rack, she could be a real super bitch when she wanted to be.

Melanie dragged her slave boy by the ear to the bedroom. Rob squinted in pain until she pushed him down at the foot of the bed, on the floor of the bedroom. God she looked superbly sexy in her lace lingerie. He couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful, full triangle bush clearly visible through the lace fabric of her panties. Melanie kept it trimmed in a perfectly, neat triangle, just the way he liked it. Her perfume scented legs stood ominously over his cowering, little frame.

“Gimme 50 licks on my right shoe, MUTT!” she ordered.

Rob began licking her leather shoe as ordered; he was at 10 licks when she lifted his chin with the toe of her other shoe.

“Better yet…lick my CUNT.” Melanie barked with a condescending, belittling voice.

Melanie slipped out of her wet panties and flung them aside. Kneeling in front of her, the slave boy cupped her ass and planted a burning hot kiss on her inflamed labes. He savored the sweet, musky womanly aroma of his female oppressor. His tongue hungrily yet tantalizingly trailed down the length of her slit. His tongue suddenly darted deep inside her pussy for the first probing lick. Melanie’s legs almost gave out as she neared orgasm.

“Ooooh…Mmmm…Uhhh!” Melanie moaned as her head involuntarily rolled from shoulder to shoulder. With her fingers entwined in Rob’s curly hair she mashed and ground her cunt hard against his mouth and chin, smothering her eager slave boy.

Melanie fell back into a seated position on the bed still clutching Rob’s head. Melanie’s sweet, tangy juices dominated his taste buds as he sucked her labia while flicking and circling his tongue around her clit. Orgasms came fast and furious as Melanie bucked wildly against his tongue and mouth rarely giving him time to breathe. She literally was fucking his face.

After several face flooding orgasms Melanie finally pulled away from Rob’s penetrating tongue which had electrified her on so many occasions before. Her pussy was sensitive to the touch now as she stretched kittenishly on the bed, purring her approval.

“Oooh baby, you eat my pussy so good!” She purred softly.

Rob’s hard-on was raging in his pants and would not be denied. This large lump and his pants did not go undetected by Melanie as she playfully licked her lips in an exaggerated fashion. Rob fished out his angry looking hard-on from his fly. His cock was only about 4 ½ inches rock hard, but as it jutted straight out of his open fly it seemed more impressive somehow. Melanie slowly sank to her knees, his aching, rock hard cock was mere inches from her lips. She gazed longingly and timidly up into his eyes as she stroked his shaft. Rob loved it when she played innocent and she was playing the vulnerability thing to the hilt.

“Do you want me to suck your big, hard cock?” Melanie asked in a low, whispery voice.

“Yesss! Sssst s-s-suck it good.” Rob hissed.

Melanie spit on the very tip of his raging, pulsating cock and lubricated it with her hands until it was covered in her saliva. She easily engulfed his entire cock til she felt his balls against the fabric of his pants. It took everything Rob had not to shoot his load right there and then as she slowly sucked back til only the very tip remained in her mouth. A string of saliva joined her lips to His twitching cock as she went in again on her next down swing. Every muscle in Rob’s body tensed and he felt the mother of all eruptions welling up in his balls as they contracted.


“FUCK! Who the hell can that be?!” Rob growled.

Melanie released Rob’s cock from her mouth and got up to answer the intercom. Rob’s stood dumbfounded with his palms out facing toward the ceiling. He watched quizzically as she strode out the bedroom.

“You’re gonna answer that?!” Rob grilled.

“I told Lisa and Hector to come over for drinks before the party.” Melanie explained, seemingly oblivious to Rob’s frustration and disappointment.

Melanie buzzed open the door without even checking who it was then she quickly threw on Her shower robe. She waited at the door, looking through the peephole til she could see her friends emerge.

“They’re kinda early aren’t they?” Rob snapped, putting away his sorely neglected and disappointed cock which was only now beginning to limpen.

“Oh…stop being such a baby!” Melanie replied.

Melanie opened the door as soon as they came into view and greeted them warmly. Rob was not as close to the couple as Melanie but greeted them politely and put on his charm hat. Melanie knew both Lisa and Hector from college. They graciously brought some fine chilled wine and a bottle of scotch.

Melanie excused herself long enough to finish getting ready. Her hair and make-up were already done except for her lipstick being a bit smudged, she reapplied her lipstick and put her dress on. Rob entertained the couple in Melanie’s absence as they opened the bottle of wine.

Lisa was a beautiful woman herself. She had long wavy blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She stood about the same height as Melanie with a similar body. Hector was a dark, Latino man who spoke with a heavy Hispanic accent. He had a strong, muscular build and was obsessed with baseball. It was quite clear that Lisa and Hector could only relate to each other on a physical level and not ever on an intellectual level.

As the night wore on, Rob was already feeling woozy, slurring his speech. He shouldn’t have dipped into the scotch so gung-ho like, especially on an empty stomach. Melanie looked ashamed of him at times as he made foolish remarks that seemed absolutely hilarious but only to him.

“I teenk joo betta slowdown on da dreen-king mine.” Hector suggested.

“Wut joo can’t keep up wimmee mine?” Rob replied, mocking Hector’s accent. Rob laughed at his own witty comeback.

Hector clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he faced the ladies who were chatting incessantly at the table and had overheard the obnoxious reply. Lisa gasped in shock, she had never seen Rob so out of it. Infact, Rob rarely got drunk and certainly not stupid drunk. Melanie reassured Hector that Rob didn’t mean anything by his comment; he just had a little too much to drink. Hector grudgingly agreed not to inflict any bodily harm on Rob for now.

Rob clumsily poured himself another scotch and spilled half of it on the coffee table. Melanie abruptly got up and grabbed the bottle from Rob’s hand.

“That’s your last drink tonight, Rob! You’re cut off!” Melanie shirked angrily.

Rob mumbled something under his breath about being cut off before he started drinking. Only Melanie knew what that meant and she glared at him coldly. Lisa by now was calling a cab and giving out the address to the dispatcher.

When they arrived at the party they host asked if Rob was gonna be OK. He could barely stand and his speech was barely audible and easily drowned out by the loud, thumping music.

“He’ll be fine; he just needs a place to sit for awhile.” Melanie assured confidently.

The crowd was loud and rowdy which consisted mostly of football and baseball jocks. This was Melanie’s old college crowd. Rob felt ill as the foursome weaved through the dense maze of people. Lisa, Hector and Melanie acknowledged people they knew in the crowd, exchanging pleasantries while they passed. Finding nowhere in the house for Rob to sit they walked out onto the back patio where there was a scattering of 10 or so people. They plunked Rob down into one of the available lawn chairs. Rob felt like he was melting into the chair, trying to focus on the blurry mass of people before him.

“Will you be Ok sitting here by yourself for a while, baby?” Melanie asked as she gently brushed his hair back.

“Ugh, yeah I think sho.” He grunted, his head nodding almost immediately after answering his wife.

“I’ll come back to check on you later.” She said kissing his head.

A few hours later when the party had died down some and the volume was at a humanly tolerable level again, Rob suddenly was jolted in his chair accidentally as someone rushed passed him. When he opened his eyes he focused on a couple next to the tool shed only a few feet from where he sat. They were partially hidden in a dark corner out of sight from the rest of the crowd but very clearly visible to him as he looked down, he could hear them talk but he could not quite make out what they were saying. It still appeared to everyone that Rob was still passed out

As Rob’s vision focused, he could see that she had dark hair worn up and was wearing a short cut black dress and nylon leggings. Could it be? Was this his muffin? His heart sank as he tried to glimpse at her face to confirm but her head was thrown back too far for him to see her clearly. He watched as the tall, massively muscled black guy kissed and sucked her dainty neck. When the girl laughed he immediately recognized it as Melanie’s laugh. She seemed to put up a faint resistance but her body language showed she really wanted this. Her hand stroked his balled head while he passionately kissed her neck and ear lobe, her other hand rubbed was tucked underneath the crotch of his pants, massaging his balls.

Rob’s heart shattered into a million pieces as he watched his beautiful Melanie allowing herself to be ravaged by this strange and menacing black man yet he could not look away. He was compelled to watch and see how far she would allow this to go. The black guy suddenly stopped kissing her and held her head with both hands; looking straight into her eyes he said something but Rob didn’t hear what. Melanie seemed to wilt as he gazed into her eyes. Suddenly Melanie sank down to a squat position still cupping and fondling his huge bulge. The black guy looked very intently down at Melanie as she returned his gaze seemingly in a trance and started unbuckling his belt. His pants quickly dropped to the ground exposing a humongous black cock. Melanie was agape. His cock had to be at least 10 inches long and 3 inches around. He stroked Melanie’s carefully coiffed hair and thrust his hips forward so his cock brushed up against her lips. She tentatively grasped the base of his horse-like cock and licked the dewdrop off the flared brown head. She spit all over it until it glistened in the moonlight. Her pretty mouth strained to swallow as much of his cock as possible. Rob was transfixed, horrified by what he was seeing, his faithful, loyal wife sucking a strange man’s cock at the drop of a hat. He suddenly felt his own organ coming to full attention, much to his dismay. Jealousy and rage coursed through him as he realized how easy it was for this strange, black guy to get a blowjob from his wife while he would practically have to beg for the very rare privilege of a blowjob.

“Mmmmph…mmmpph…mmm!” Melanie’s muffled moans began to attract the attention of others nearby; soon there was a small gallery of people watching.

Melanie’s used both hands to pump his 10 inch piston while her lips and tongue worked back and forth the rest of his length at a frenzied pace. What a dirty scene, her beautiful ass and black panties exposed as her short dress rode up over her hips as she squatted before him. Her lovely head bobbed purposefully up and down his lucky shlong. Slurping, gagging and coughing briefly interrupted the peep show. Melanie took a few seconds to catch her breath again, the brother’s big strong hand still holding a handful of her hair. As soon as she regained her breath the brother immediately fed his sopping wet cock to her drooling mouth. It was clear he had taken over now as he roughly fucked her accommodating mouth. Melanie’s hand diddled her cunt as she let him invade her mouth. She was completely at his mercy as his already feverish pace quickened, Melanie cupped his contracting balls and scratched them gently.

“AAAAH YEAH! Aaaah…aaah!” The Black guy growled, sounding like a lions roar. Everyone must have heard that Rob thought. He felt his face flush as fear and panic were setting in.

Melanie’s mouth instantly filled with jets of hot spunk, overwhelmed it dribbled out the sides of her mouth but she continued sucking his cock til he pulled away. Melanie stood up to kiss him on the lips. This black guy had her so hot or horny she rubbed her pussy against his muscular leg going up and down purring like a cat in heat. Soon his cock was springing back to life and she bent at the waist to suck it back to a full erection again. His huge cock thwopped out of her attentive mouth and she back herself against his throbbing cock. Melanie’s wetness was allover her ass and inner thighs and he slowly penetrated her inch by inch. The deeper he entered the weaker her legs got, the black guy easily supported her weight, holding her by the waist. Her tight pussy squeezed against his massive, pulsating cock as he began thrusting harder. Melanie’s moans turned into whimpering and purring with sheer ecstasy.

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