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When Silvia and I first started going together, many of her friends thought us a strange couple. I guess I'm just an average Joe, some might say a slight build nothing spectacular. Ah, but Silvia was a stunning large woman with large breasts and a big round rear end. It was love at first sight for me but it was not until after I had inherited my grandparent's money that I was able to land my bride. We honeymooned in Italy as my wife desired. We would party every night and even after I was, too tired and had to go to bed, my bride would stay on dancing and having a good time. Sometimes she would be out all night (how could she dance all night like that?) and when she came back to our room she would be spent with her poor face all flush and just exhausted. We had little chance to make love but I thought when we get back home we will have time.

They say that no happy marriage is 50/50 and I believe them. Someone has to take charge and someone has to submit to allow for the ebb and flow of day-to-day relationships. My marriage, and at least I think it is a happy marriage, is more like 90/10, that being me with the 10%. If my bride merely mentions a thought or desire, it becomes my goal in life to achieve this for her. Of course, she knows this and many times, she asks for things just to test me, to see how far I will go to please her. Once she sent me out after midnight to find a special pie that she wanted. I searched for two hours all over town before I found it, and when I brought it home, she told me she changed her mind and threw it in the garbage. Yet the more she asks for, the more I want to give her. I believe my wife thinks of me more as a servant boy than a husband and yet this thrills me as I wait for the chance to please her in anyway.

My life took a different turn after a night of love making where my performance did not meet my wife's standards. She told me that was it; she was through with my little equipment and my amateurish way of using them. She then informed me she was going to find a lover to give her the satisfaction she deserved. Everything she said was right, how could I think, that I could ever be man enough to please her. The very next night she had a new man in our bed and I had to sleep in the guest room. I say sleep but I never closed my eyes, I heard her moaning and then screaming his name all night. I will never forget that first time and the way she kept yelling 'I coming, please don't stop, I'm coming'. She had never said anything close to that when we made love so I knew that I had lost her forever.

After that first night we settled into a new routine, if her lover were not coming over she would let me sleep with her. She told me right away she would never let me put that 'tiny thing' inside her again. Although she would let me please her orally from time to time, and I did receive great pleasure from this especially if I could coaxes a climax out of her. Sometimes in the middle of the night, her lover would call to say he was coming over. I would then have to help her 'freshen up' as she anticipated a night with him and I would have to dread a night in the guess room. One night as I again lay in the tiny extra bed we kept in our guest room, I was thinking about the humiliation of listening to my wife in my bed making love to someone else and yelling his name for the world to hear. Yet instead of getting mad, I was being turned on. The more I thought of this man pleasuring my wife almost right in front of me the harder my dick became. I started playing with myself and then when my wife screamed 'I'm coming' I did too. That night I learned my place in life, I did not deserve to make love with my wife.

Soon after that night my wife started enjoying being cruel to me. I don't know if her lover got her to do this or she did it on her own but she would belittle me every chance she got. She would say things like "If you were a man you would be able to clean this toilet better" or "I know you can't fuck but you would think you could learn to eat pussy." Sometimes she would just slap me, of course, this would make me cry, and then she would laugh at me. One time she said "I might as well cut your balls off you sure aren't using them."

She then started calling me in to our bedroom after her lover left to clean up all of the cum he had deposited in, on and around her. How could one man have that much sperm in him? She would have me lie on the bed usually in a pool, and then she would sit on my face with my nose in her little rose bud and my tongue in her pussy. She would watch me play with myself as she told me how much better her lover was than I was. I would always cum and she would tell me I was so much of a mouse that I even came like a mouse.

The strange thing is with all that has happened in my marriage I still feel like I'm the luckiest man in the world.

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His wife fucked him over his entire marriage and still he has hate and nasty comments trying to make up for his hundredth cuckolding! He found lout his wife fucked him over his entire marriage when shemore...

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another cocksucking WIMP posting dumb cuck SHIT.

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