tagLoving WivesWife Makes a Cuckold

Wife Makes a Cuckold


I could see Jan was troubled when she walked in the door. For one thing, she was dressed in a manner I had not seen for some thirty five years. She had on a short, all leather black skirt, and a rather sheer, almost see-through blouse. As she stood before me I was troubled by the glistening moisture on the insides of her still beautifully shaped upper thighs.

"You don't appear to be yourself, my dear spouse." I asked gently.

"I feel horrible about what I have done and yet, glad that I did it." Jan muttered.

"What do you mean by the contradicting sentiments?" I questioned.

"Jack, I have made you a cuckold by what I have done, and I know it will be very hurtful for you," she testified, "but I wanted to satisfy a deep, long-term, curiosity before I was beyond finding the satisfaction."

"You have cuckolded me?" I stuttered with the sense of punch in the gut. "How could you? Who with? Why now, after all these years and raising four kids?" I continued.

"We have not been sharing a very healthy sex life for the past several years and I have had an aching from many years earlier. I was a virgin when you captured my heart in college and yours is the only cock that ever danced inside my vagina. I had a need to experience another man -- one with a cock large enough and thick enough -- who would stir a lust that I sense that I missed." Jan sobbed.

"I have felt that you were getting the short end in our lovemaking." I answered in a sympathetic response.

"That is part of it, Jack, I discovered this afternoon just how small you really are in male equipment. Yet, you always communicated love in our sex and you gave me emotional fulfillment that no well hung gigolo could ever provide. I love you very much and am very upset with my slut behavior that will cause you pain." She offered in turn.

I could not argue her point and the discussion of sex, even as the image of some hulk pounding her pussy until it was swollen and dripping his spunk had my puny penis throbbing.

"I did bring you something so that you could share in my afternoon of debauchery." Jan commented as she opened her purse on the dining room table. "Sit here in the chair and let me turn you on, maybe."

As I sat in the chair right in front of her, she took her white lace panties out of the purse and stretched the extremely damp undergarment over my head. They had the familiar fishy smell and had not yet lost the sticky texture of a large amount of ejaculation. Jan was testing to see my reaction to this total affront to my sense of manhood and my position as her man. She wanted to know if this humiliation would arouse me or anger me. When she placed her left hand between my legs and felt my surging erection, she had her answer.

"Janet thought my cum stained underwear would get you going, and she was right." Jan chuckled.

"What does the office slut have to do with what happened today?" I asked.

"Janet set the entire thing up with Hector, a new employee in the IT department. She knows all the big dicks at the City. When I unloaded on her about my missing sexual experiences, she took it upon herself to take me over to the magnificent orgasm side." Jan explained. "I am going to drop my skirt and sit in this chair and spread my legs apart. I want you to get down on your knees and lick what little is left from my satisfied slit and the insides of my thighs." She softly commanded.

The dynamics of the moment had certainly shifted. I had a need for some sexual action of any sort and complied with her wish without question. The first thing I noticed when she dropped her skirt was that she had shaved all her pubic hair. There was still semen oozing from the inners of her cunt. I licked from the spot between her puffed labia and her anal opening and used my tongue as a scoop when I pressed it inside her pussy.

"It really makes me happy that you are accepting your cuckold status so willingly, Jack" Jan cooed.

"I don't know why I am in this position," I mumbled with the warm, tangy mix of her sex fluids and some unknown stud's sperm-filled spunk starting to slid down my throat. I never had eaten my wife out after I had come inside of her. I had always had the desire, but never could follow up on the feeling.

"Jack, get naked for me now and let me tell you about this afternoon. I want to see how hard you are and I will consider allowing you to fill me with your own white sperm sauce." Jan gently ordered.

I stood up and removed my shirt, trousers and boxer shorts. I was very self-conscious about the size of my stiff erection. The clear droplets of my precum started to drip to the floor.

"You can't be more than five inches. You are a fine person, but such a little guy where it matters sexually." She commented sarcastically.

"It still feels good to be hard in front of you." I countered as I got back down and covered her moist mound with my lips and pushed my tongue as deep as I could manage.

"Janet set me up with Hector down in the basement storage room at 4:30. He has worked for the City for a couple of months, and worked his way through college as a stripper and a whore for rich ladies. When Janet took me into the room he did not utter a word. She walked over to him and unzipped his pants and brought this huge piece of meat out for me to see. She held it like it was a roll of salami. She said come and taste him. My heart was pounding and my cunt was as wet as I have ever been. I almost broke and ran. I walked over to where they were standing and went down on my knees. I was in a lust filled fog. I held the head of his penis; he is twice as big as you, and HE WASN'T EVEN HARD!! When he was in my mouth I could feel his veins pulsating as he began to stiffen. I was literally gagging and there was no way he was going down my throat. By the way he was breathing I could tell he enjoyed what I was doing. He placed his hands under my arms and lifted me up. He is extremely strong and he placed me on some paper boxes. My panties were off before I knew it and he was probing my pussy with the tip of that monster of cock. I can only describe the sensation of that cock sliding up inside of me, filling me up so completely, as magnificent." Jan relayed the fucking she received that afternoon.

I reached down and began to stroke my engorged dick, as I was bursting with burning sexual needs from her description. My face and tongue could not get enough of the fluid remains of Jan and Hectors sexual communion.

Jan continued, "I came not long after he got his hips in motion and plunged that cock so deep within me. I was about to cum again when he exploded an immense amount of sperm inside of me. It poured out of my cunt and down my legs and ass. I don't know if I ever felt you cum inside me, but if I did, it was nothing like Hector. It was like being fucked by a bull. He is about six foot five, and I think very muscular. He never removed any of his clothes, so I don't really know. When he pulled out he wiped the stream leaking out of his cock head on my panties. I used them to get some of the creampie dripping between my legs. As I lay there feeling so sexually satisfied, and so very much a slut, I thought you might enjoy wearing them when I got home"

"I appreciate being in your thoughts right after you had been fucked so well by someone other than me. Wish I could have been there to root you on." I sarcastically commented

"Well, as you enjoy watching porn, tomorrow you will have a ring side seat for an encore presentation." Jan informed me.

I lifted my head up from cleaning out her swollen vagina to say "How is that again?" I asked.

"We are going to have an orgy barbeque, except you won't be shooting your puny load." She said. "Are you still hard?"

"Like a piece of wood." I said.

"I am truly sorry about what I did to you, but you seem to enjoy it as well as me." Jan stated.

She had me lay down on the floor. She then straddled my face with her beautiful pussy cruising across my face. I caressed her clit with the tip of my nose. She leaned forward and took my sensitive cock head between her lips. She then slowly stroked the shaft with her right hand. The pleasure from my cock head swept through every inch of my body. That point of no return moment soon took place as the muscles in my legs tensed up and I became completely rigid. I buried my tongue as deeply as I could inside her warm vagina. She straightened up a bit to watch my prostate cocktail flow forth, gently working my little fella' with her right hand. My testicles bunched up tight as I exploded in orgasmic delight.

"Wow." Cooed Jan, "You hit me on my cheek with your spunk. That caught me by surprise. There is more goo down here that I was expecting. Time for a snack."

She bent forward, lifting her pussy off of my face and scraped a glop of my ejaculate from my stomach. She then inserted her loaded index finger into my mouth. She smiled as she watched my face for reaction. I did not enjoy the texture of cum, but the taste was fairly neutral.

"I'm going to see that you get a nice diet of male juice from here on out. Most of it will not be coming from you."


I awoke early Saturday morning after sleeping still nude on the floor next to our bed. Jan wanted me on her side of the bed down on the floor. She wouldn't let me clean up so I had the crusty remains of my ejaculation, smelling a bit fishy. I was able to get some work with my weights and then shower and clean up. After making coffee and reading the morning paper, my new slut wife finally arose from her slumber. As she sat down to her coffee she asked, "Jack, why are you wearing jeans and a shirt?"

"It's the way I dress on Saturday morning." I said.

"Please remove them. Janet will be here soon to really clean you up." She commanded.

I felt a hot wave sweep over me at her dominating behavior. Jan had never been this way and it was giving me an overwhelming rush of arousal. By the time I had removed my shirt and unbuckled my belt there was tingling in my balls and my cock was swelling. When my jeans hit the floor I was as hard as a rock.

"My, there is life in 'tiny' this morning!" Jan said, laughing all the while.

"You have made a change and it turns me on, love." I said.

"If I didn't need to get to the store I'd have you beat off right here and now. I liked making you cum last night, especially when you hit me in the face. Sometime soon I would like to have a room full of swinging dicks shoot all over me, just cover me in white, creamy spunk. Just think, billions and billions of sperm swimming all over my tits in search of an egg." She proclaimed.

This was such a switch from the Jan I knew. Thirty years ago I had a glimpse of this sex crazed slut when we first enjoyed each other's genitalia. Jan couldn't quite get enough, and I felt she craved more satisfaction. Here she was catching up for lost time.

After she showered and dressed and was heading out the door, the City's in-house slut arrived. Janet was attired in extremely tight shorts and a see-through white blouse and no bra. Her breasts were smallish, but her nipples were rigid and showing off proudly against the blouse. She wasted no time making her comments about my penile insufficiencies and chuckling at my nudity. She hustled me off to the shower to rid me of most of my hair growth. She lathered my nude self and proceeded to sweep away all of my greying growth. As she lorded over my prone body she began to shave my pubic hair, she commented:

"Can't say that I've ever handled as puny a prick as yours is. Even your 'ball sack' appears undersized. I believe I can get your entire male parts in my mouth at once."

"Have a go at it." said I.

With that she rinsed all the foam from my crotch and moved her mouth on top of my cock and nut sack. She caressed the underside of my sack with her tongue and then received my growing rod to the back of her throat. I drew in a deep breath as pleasurable waves came over me. My legs started to feel weak and wobbly. At that moment Janet completely ruled me. She owned me. I began to wonder if Jan would be ok with this scene in our shower. Janet had proven her point, but had my genitals alive with pleasure from her mouth and tongue. I wished that I could pile-drive my cock as deep within her cunt as I could. She allowed my scrotum to slip from her lips as she concentrated on sliding her lips up and down my shaft. In a few moments she had my entire, now hairless body, rigid from the sensations coming from that spot on the underside of my little mushroom head. That spot that she was bathing with her tongue was the current center of my universe. Janet was the empress of my universe. When she took my full five inches inside her mouth, I coated her tonsils with spurts of prostate cream. The release was completely draining. I was relaxed totally, and laid still with my eyes closed just listening to my heartbeat.

Jan finally came back with her new slutty outfit. I chose to keep quiet about the most satisfying body shave ever. It might break the spell that she was living in. I was preparing the steaks for the grill. We had a nice back deck, with a portion screened in for those insect filled summer nights. Janet had put a thin thong on me and inscribed C-U-C on my left ass cheek used the crack of my ass for part of the letter K, and O-L-D on my right cheek. The two women could not contain their glee at Janet's creativity. My cock had chosen the moment to play like a turtle and curl completely up inside. It made the very tiny patch of material over my crotch to appear empty. The two of them had more giggles with my pathetic appearance than the inscription on my ass.

By the time Hector showed up I had grown tired of the humiliating taunts thrown my way. Hector looked the part of the stud gigolo. He was 6'5", had a muscular build, and plenty of thick black hair showing forth from his partially unbuttoned shirt. Like the two sluts in the kitchen, he had on tight shorts, which highlighted the large bulge between his legs. I had started to grill the steaks out on the deck when he arrived. The deck is not visible from either of our neighbors because of the curve on the cul-de-sac. My sad appearance was only visible to those within the house. Hector was a pleasant enough as we made small talk about the city government and computers and other unimportant matters. We avoided what had occurred yesterday and why he was here in my house today. He smiled as he asked about the inscription across my ass cheeks.

"That is Janet's handiwork." I told him. "And I really don't know her at all. She also gave me a full body shave and a magnificent blow job, to boot."

'She is very talented with her lips and tongue," He said, "I have enjoyed her talents myself."

"So, she is like an agent for your services?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, she has been lining up events and clients for my skills since my college days." He replied.

At that moment my wife stepped out on the deck in a get-up I never would have imagined. Her skimpy blouse was tied off right below her "D" sized breasts, so her skin was bare down to her pelvic region. The tiny short shorts only gave cover to her butt, and amounted to an oversized G-string. She surprised me by going up to Hector and kissing him like he was her lover returning from war. Hector placed his right hand gently on the back of her neck and his left firmly on her right breast, her nipple obvious between his middle fingers. Their passion brought a queasy, uncomfortable feeling from within me. Jan's right hand was gripping the bulge in Hector's shorts.

Janet came out on the deck to this scene and walked over behind my awestruck self. She slid her hand over my little appendage, rolled the thong down to the floor and asked,

"Does this scene do anything for you, Jack? I think maybe I can lend a hand."

Janet went over to the passion scene and unbuttoned Hector's shorts, unzipped and slid them down to his ankles, exposing his pelvic snake. Except for porn videos I had never seen a penis of such magnitude. The dorsal vein was prominent and extended about a third of his flaccid length. Semi-soft he was longer than I was erect. Jan slid down his athletic frame and took his cock with both hands. While one of Jan's hands covers my erect cock completely, she could not cover his, now stiffening cock, with two hands. She licked all around the swelling mushroom head as Hector drew in a breath from the pleasure emanating from her tongue. He appeared thick as well as long. I noticed the size of his scrotum, as his balls dangled between his legs. Jan was only able to get half of him in her mouth before gagging.

Janet whispered to me, "Really gets you going, doesn't it? Your wife of thirty five years is about to get plowed by a cock so immense?"

Her words gave impulse to a warm wave of arousal throughout my body. The anticipation of watching Jan get fucked by this hulk, right out here on our deck, had registered deep within my sexual self.

Hector was now stiff and extending out at least eight inches from his pelvis. Jan continued to caress and stroke him and lick and suck on as much as she could swallow. He took off his shirt and appeared like a Greek god. He had excellent muscular definition from head to toe. He bent forward and slid his hands under Jan's arms and lifted her up with no show of effort. In fact, her legs were still bent at the knee. He placed her on the glass table just behind her and slowly moved his hands down over her breasts to her shorts and slid them over her hips and down her lags. Her pussy was smooth and glistening with the moisture from her arousal. He ran his fingers up and down her slit, probing as if he were measuring. Jan's expressions kept changing, revealing the pleasure she was experiencing from Hector's exploration. I had to grab one of the bar stools we have on the deck as Hector placed swelling cockhead against Jan's eager labia. With a deliberate pelvic motion about a third of Hector's pole slid inside of my wife with a wet, slurp sound. It was a sound that would repeat itself in rhythm for at least twenty minutes. Along with the slapping sound of Hector's nut sack against her ass. I could feel the heat rush to my face as I now had an erection extending a full five inches. Soon I had had a stream of clear precum oozing out the tiny mouth of my tiny dick. I felt even smaller than usual as a full sized cock, almost twice my length, was plunging in and out of my love's cunt, a cunt that I had always considered my private domain. Jan was so thoroughly enjoying the deep fucking she was receiving, a fact that was apparently giving me great pleasure that I dealt with the negatives.

"Hey, cuckold, your wife needed this badly. Her puss is very tight. I can't enter her completely." Hector uttered in a halted fashion between his forceful thrusts.

"Keep going fast." Jan pleaded from her momentary lover.

The noon day sun and his physical exertion had Hector completely covered with sweat. His thick, black chest hairs were completely flattened out.

Jan brought her hands up to her temples in a fist and looked like she was in pain and about to burst into tears. It was her trademark right before she exploded in the throes of orgasm. Jan came with a screaming release that I don't know if I had ever heard or seen. Hector was grinning in delight, proud of his sexual capabilities. He seemed to relax the pace of his piston-like movement and looked straight up to the blue sky while his scrotum was tight and flat against his crotch. He controlled his verbal recognition of what changes his body was about to experience, probably because he was used to the process. The most obvious sign of what was taking place inside of my wife's vagina was the overflow of white creamy sperm sauce sliding down her ass cheeks. Hector paused a few times, pushing forward as deep as he could penetrate. When the major shots were completed, he slowly withdrew. His cock was covered completely in ejaculate and Jan's vaginal juice. Janet was quick to get down on her knees and had as much of Hector in her mouth as she could manage.

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