tagLoving WivesWife Needs More Than One Man

Wife Needs More Than One Man


We had discussed swinging many times, but never went through with it. One night, my wife and I were having really hot sex and we began talking seriously about swinging. Jody is 39, 5'4" tall with a perfect body including a pair of luscious 38" breasts. She's a hot woman with long, luxurious bright red hair. There is a nice little tuft of red hair just above her pussy lips that looks like fire. I'm 40, 6' 170, with a nice 7 ½" cock that my wife calls "Stupid." She says, "Come here stupid, I'll show you where to go" and he goes wherever she guides him.

Just as I found her "G" spot with my hard dick, and she was working up an enormous orgasm, I whispered in her ear, "Let's do it honey, let's have an orgy. We'll get you a guy with a gigantic cock to fill up that sweet pussy."

"Oh, yes! I want two cocks in me. I want big cocks. I want to suck more cock and taste more cum," she screamed as she reached a crescendo. "Oh, fuck me Jack, fuck me," she moaned, just as I shot my load into her sweet, wet cunt.

As we began to calm down, Jody said, "Jack that was the biggest and best orgasm I've ever had. Oh, I'm still quivering."

I told her it was because of the thoughts in our head about having sex with others.

"Well," she said, "If just talking about it and thinking about it can give me a cum like that, what will happen if we really do it? Will the top of my head blow off?"

"Well," I said, "We will soon find out, won't we."

"You took advantage of me," she said as she gave me an elbow in the ribs. "You know I would agree to anything when I'm cumming."

"Yeah, but you really want to just as much as I do, don't you," I asked?

"OK," she sighed, "how are we going to find someone?"

"Leave that to me dear," I assured her.

The next day, I made up an ad for the swinger magazines and was about to mail it when Jody came home. I showed her the ad and she agreed with it, but said, "That's great honey, but hold off for a few days, I think I may have a couple I know from work."

On Friday of that week, Jody got a call from her girlfriend from work. She and her husband, Jim, were eager to join us, but there was a problem.

Jody explained that Trixie was in the National Guard and was called for duty overseas and she had to leave today. She had no idea how long she would have to serve. She and her husband were very disappointed. Then she said something that nearly floored me.

"Trixie said she wouldn't mind if we shared our bodies with her husband, since we had made the arrangements anyway and she would rather him get it on with us than someone she didn't know."

"You mean a threesome," I asked? I have a bi side and Jody knows it. She kind of likes the idea that I can go both ways. The proposal was really beginning to interest me.

"That would be unfair to you though, wouldn't it," she asked? "I would be getting most of the action."

I looked at her. She was getting hot talking about it. "I'd love to see you get fucked and pleasured by another man," I said. "You never know, I might get lucky with this Mike too."

"I don't think so," she said. "Trixie made it clear that Mike doesn't go that way.

"What the hell," I said, "I can always jack off watching the two of you. Let's do it."

We joined Mike in seeing Trixie off. She waved from the bus, "Have fun you lucky bastards, I'm going to keep the world free, but you better be ready for me when I get back."

Mike came back to the house with us. Jody sat between us on the ride home. She held a hand on each of our thighs and squeezed our legs. She was in her glory. Mike had his arm on the back of the seat, kind of hesitating. I knew he didn't know where he stood at that time.

"Go ahead Mike," I said, "you two are going to get into it soon, might as well start now." Mike put his arm around Jody and she cuddled up to him as she began rubbing my cock through my jeans.

When we got home I told them to go ahead into the bedroom. I had some calls to make and would come in to watch later. They walked into the bedroom, Mike's hand on Jody's nice ass and her arm around his shoulder. I spent about a half hour on the phone and then went into the bedroom.

They were still into foreplay. I think Jody was waiting for me. Mike was sucking on one of Jody's luscious tits, taking the hard nipple in his mouth and savoring it. He was on his stomach and Jody was feeling his ass. I sat on a chair and removed my tie and loosened my pants. I made myself comfortable, except my cock was beginning to swell and wanted out. I unzipped and let stupid hang out.

I watched as Mike moved his lips from her breasts and kissed her on the mouth. They kissed open mouth with eagerness. I could hear the slurping noises their lips and tongues were making. After a while Jody said, "Will you eat me Mike? I love being eaten." Without a word he sank to his knees beside the bed and pulled Jody's legs over the edge. Gently he spread her legs wide and moved his big hands up her inner thighs until he reached her pretty red haired pussy. He spread her pussy lips open and I could see how hot she was. Her juices were oozing out and dripping down toward her asshole. He started from her ass crack and licked her juices up and into his mouth. Jody was squirming and moaning with pleasure.

After about five minutes of this Jody let out a screech that she was cumming. I saw him widen his tongue and put pressure on her cunt and worked his hardened tongue upwards toward her clit. Just as he wrapped his tongue around her little bud, Jody let loose with a tremendous orgasm. "Oh, wow, oh, wow," she kept saying, "it's so good."

Mike moved up on top of her and resumed kissing her while she calmed down. After she stopped trembling, Jody said, "I have to return the favor."

She moved down and took a kneeling position and brought her face up to Mike's cock. This was the first time I got a look at Mike's meat, since he had been facing away from me. I was amazed. That was the biggest prick I have ever seen in my life. He was hard as a rock and at least 10 or 11 inches long. Jody could only get half her hand around it.

I said, "Jody, are you going to be able to take that monster?"

Jody said, "I'm sure as hell going to try."

"Good girl," I said. I moved my chair closer so I could get a good look.

Jody didn't start sucking right away. She had him spread his legs wide and got her tongue down to his puckered asshole. She's very good at reaming. While stroking his monster cock, Jody stuck her little tongue into his asshole. Mike let out a low groan. She began to lick her way upward to his big ball sack. Taking one ball in her mouth, she licked and sucked on it till it was soaked with her saliva. She did the same with his other ball. Then, she opened her pretty mouth and began to suck gently as she moved her mouth up the underside of his throbbing cock. She repeated this heavenly torture several times, sucking all the while. When she got to the very sensitive area just under the head of Mike's cock, Jody took her time and sucked and licked the area. Her eyes were shut and she was kind of swaying while caressing his cock with both hands, Jody was making love to Mike's cock. I don't know how he was holding back. He was moaning loudly, mumbling something like, "Mmmm, that's so good, the best ever." Then, Jody decided it was time. Moving herself upright, still on her knees, Jody began to lick Mike's big cockhead. She put her tiny little tongue into his piss hole and sucked out all the pre-cum that was in there. Her lips opened wide as she engulfed the helmet into her mouth. Not going any further, she sucked it and licked it with her tongue. I could see her cheeks concaving with her sucking motions.

"Oh, I can't hold it any more," Mike groaned, "I'm gonna cum soon."

Jody turned her head and caught my eye. She winked and turned back around. Then, knowing that I was watching closely, Jody went down further and further, without stopping until she had Mike's cock all the way in her mouth up to her throat. There was about three inches left. She tried to take him into her throat, but gagged and backed off a bit.

"Jody," I said, "take a deep breath and as you go back down, relax your throat muscles. You can do this."

Once again she winked at me. I watched her take a big mouthful of air, then down she went. Mike's big cock sank deeper and deeper into Jody's mouth. I saw her throat muscles spread as she kept going down. Then there was kind of a very brief stall as the head of Mike's cock forced its way into Jody's throat. Then she was there. Her nose was buried in Mike's pubic hair. "Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh," Mike was yelling. Jody gave a little half spin to her head and began to back off rapidly. As she was pulling off, I saw her eyes widen in disbelief as Mike's sperm began flooding her mouth and shooting down her throat. Jody backed only halfway off and began breathing heavily through her nose. She looked at me and, with his cock still in her mouth and still filling up with Mike's cum, she started to say, "Wow", but as she did, Mike's cum began running out the sides of her mouth and dripping down her chin.

After licking Mike's cock clean (it was only about eight inches now) and lying down on the bed, she said, "I didn't think I could do it." Mike and I both complemented her.

"I couldn't have done it if you hadn't coached me honey," she said to me. She turned to mike, "I came twice as I was sucking you." Mike, still breathing heavy told her she was the best, the very best.

I said, "I know."

I don't know how I managed to save my load, but I did. My cock began to slack of to a semi-hard. Jody was playing with Mike's cock, gently sucking and stroking it, hoping to bring it back to life. I went and made us a drink. When I returned, Jody had Mike's big cock standing up again. We relaxed and enjoyed our cocktails as Jody continued to stoke him. She couldn't keep her hands off it.

After they rested a while, Jody said, not to anyone in particular, "If I could take that monster in my throat, I guess I can take it all in my pussy."

Mike began to turn and mount her. She stopped him. "Oh, no," she said, "you're not shoving that thing in me that way. I have to have control." With that she pushed Mike down on his back and she mounted him. Jody gave the head of Mike's cock a few licks to work up some saliva, and then began rubbing the head of it up and down into her pussy lips. "Mmmm, this is going to be good," she said, smiling.

Mike took hold of his cock shaft and started to help her. Jody smacked his hand, "I'll handle this," she said.

I moved my chair close to the bed and got my face right near the action. I was fascinated watching Mike's huge cock as it disappeared into my wife's pussy. Jody eased herself down on it slowly, stopping occasionally to readjust her cunt muscles. After a few minutes I saw her beautiful red cunt hair become mingled with Mike's jet black pubic hairs. I looked even closer and watched Jody's juices oozing out of her pussy and wetting the base of Mike's cock.

Once she had all of him inside of her, Jody lay on his chest, crushing her breasts against him. She began slowly raising her ass until Mike's cock was almost all the way out, and then she let herself down onto it as it slid all the way in again. When their pubic hairs met once again, Jody let out a scream, "Oh, heaven, Oh, Ohhhhh," as she convulsed with her orgasm. She rested against Mike's chest and said, "I've got another one in me, I'm going to cum again."

She laid her head on his chest and looked at me. We kept eye contact as she came again. I almost came with her. I had taken my clothes off and my cock was throbbing. I was afraid to touch it for fear I would shoot all over them. Jody saw my condition and whispered to Mike, "Would it be alright if my husband fucks me up the ass, I love to be fucked in the ass?'

Mike was beyond reasoning at that point. He said something like, "don't care."

Without hesitation I approached the bed. With my hands I spread my wife's lovely ass cheeks and rimmed her with my tongue.

"Hurry honey," she said, "I want to cum with you in my ass."

My 7 ½ inches was rigid. I pressed against her and inserted the head of it into her tiny, puckered asshole. Then, I waited for her to relax her ass muscles. As I felt her asshole loosen, I began easing my cock into her. When I had it all the way and my balls were caressing her ass cheeks, I stopped and enjoyed the feeling. I felt Mike's large cock against mine, separated by a thin layer of tissue.

"I can feel your husband's cock," Mike said.

"Wait, stay still," Jody told him. "Honey," she said to me, "ease your cock in and out."

I knew what she was doing. I did as she asked.

"Hey," Mike said, "I can feel his cock going in and out of you."

"How does it feel," Jody asked?

"Not bad, kind of nice," Mike said.

Then Jody said, "Honey, stop for a minute." I did.

"Mike," Jody said, "slide your cock in and out of me." He did.

"I can feel myself stroking him," Mike said.

"How does it feel," Jody asked?

"Oh, hell," Mike said, "Am I becoming bisexual? I love it!"

"OK," Jody said, "I know we're all ready to cum. Let's just all let it go at the same time. Ready? Move!"

We all began working ourselves back and forth. Mike and I got together and we both thrust into Jody at the same time. As he pulled out, I pulled out. As he pushed in, I pushed in. Jody was being rammed from front and back.

"I'm close, I'm very close," Jody said.

"So am I," Mike said.

"Me too," I said.

Jody was first. "Ahhhh, ahhhh, Oh, wow," she screamed.

Mike shot next. "Mercy, here it comes, oh, oh, oh, ahhh."

Then it was my turn. I had been holding it so long. I shot a hell of a load. I could feel my cock shooting and shooting, like it was never going to stop. I must have pumped a hell of a load into Jody.

"Don't stop," Jody screamed, "I'm cumming again, ahh, ahh, this is amazing,"

We stayed together as all three of us eased off our tremendous orgasms. We still stayed together. Jody kissed Mike, I licked Jody's ear and caressed her breasts. She turned her head around and kissed me. She whispered, "thank you, to me."

It was time to pull out. We did it reluctantly, our juices running out of Jody's ass. Then, we all lay there on the bed, gazing at the ceiling.

It was Mike who spoke first. "Trixie will never believe this. I don't even know if I can explain it properly."

Jody said, "Jack had wanted me to do this for a long time and I was very hesitant. I remember that it got me so hot talking about it. I was not disappointed. It was amazing."

Mike said, "Jack, I know you are bi, but you never forced yourself on me. You allowed me the pleasure of your wife and I really appreciate it. When I felt your cock inside Jody, it was weird. I wasn't turned off by it. In fact, after a while it turned me on more, if that's possible. You know, Trixie won't be back for a long time. I think I owe it to you, Jack, to at least try it with you. It will be a really new experience, but I think I will like it.

Trixie was gone for six months. Mike, of course, told her in his letters what we did. When she came off the plane, and after she embraced Mike and kissed Jody, she wrapped her self around me. "I can't wait to get together with you two," she said. "I have a lot of catching up to do."

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