tagLoving WivesWife Rewards Husband's Doctor

Wife Rewards Husband's Doctor


I am Neena, wife of Raj. It was Sunday morning. We arrived at the hospital at about 7 am in our car. I was not in my senses. My husband Raj was badly hurt. His breathing was erratic. I feared for his life. The previous evening he fell down from a height onto a chair, in our house and hurt himself. Since then he had an acute problem. Our family doctor visited that evening and gave some medication but his condition deteriorated through the night. We had to rush him to the hospital next morning.

A team of doctors examined my husband and opined that my husband needed immediate operation. They said his life was in danger. I was desperate. Hospital staff rushed my husband to the operation theatre. I heard from junior doctors that the surgery was quite complicated and took almost five hours. They assured me that the surgeon performing the operation was Dr. Saxena, who was an experienced and an expert surgeon. I absent mindedly heard them and closed my eyes most of the time praying to God during the operation. I saw the surgeon coming out several times, to organize various things, giving various commands to the nurses and attending staff. I was impressed with his energy and attention to detail in ensuring success of this surgery.

After the surgery, the surgeon came out of the theatre, removing his gloves and said to me smilingly, "Mrs. Raj, you are very lucky. You brought your husband just in time. Had you been late even by half an hour, perhaps, he could have lapsed in coma and the case would have been beyond reasonable possibility of survival."

For the first time that day, an expression of relief appeared on my face. I folded my hands in greeting and blurted out with a mixture of excitement, happiness and surprise, "Oh! Sir! So! You are the famous Dr. Saxena! I am so glad to see you. How is my husband?"

"Yes, he is OK and will be fine," said Dr. Umakant.

I could not control my tears. I saw how well Dr. Umakant had organized the pre and post surgery procedures and I had learnt from the nurses, how well he operated my husband. I was very grateful to Dr. Umakant, who tried hard to save my husband.

During the first three or four days so many junior doctors, nurses, patients' relatives visited our room in the hospital asking for how my husband survived such a serious accident. The news of my husband's miraculous survival circulated in the hospital like wild fire. Everyone came and told us how Dr. Umakant, through his hard work and expertise, took my husband out of jaws of death.

When I met Dr. Umakant after the operation, I told him that, but for his untiring efforts, my husband could have collapsed. It was only due to his untiring and genuine efforts that my husband survived. He smiled back and told me that he did nothing extra. What he did was his duty as a doctor. However, I knew that Dr. Umakant had put in marathon effort. Dr. Umakant did not act, as any normal doctor would have done. He went far beyond that.

About five hours later, Dr. Umakant came to visit my husband Raj in the special room; we got from the hospital, to check how he felt. My husband Raj was asleep. I woke him up. Raj opened his eyes and saw Dr. Umakant smiling. It was a wonderful smile. Dr. Umakant's teeth were nice and uniform. He was indeed a very attractive man. He took my husband's hand in his and said, "I am Dr. Umakant Srivastava, You are a very lucky man to have survived this accident. Your wife was very worried and was praying all through. Her prayers have worked."

My eyes were moist. The doctor tapped on my shoulder in genuine sympathy and said, "Your husband is ok now and will be normal in about four weeks. However, he must take complete rest for at least three weeks. During this period, you must take good care of him. If you have any problem of any kind, do not hesitate to come to me. I am always available" The doctor then called me outside the room and gave me instructions on post surgery care and what food to eat, what medicines to be given etc.

I found the events overwhelming. Sincerity and skilful surgery by Dr. Umakant was like a windfall of blessings amongst the catastrophe that faced us. Dr. Umakant's gesture touched my heart. I caught his hands in genuine affection and told him, "Dr. Umakant, I am indeed extremely grateful to you for what you have done for us. Dr. Umakant felt embarrassed by my emotional expression.

My husband quickly learned from the hospital staff and me; what Dr. Umakant did to give a new life to him. I told my husband that but for Dr. Umakant, I would have been a widow. Raj nodded his head, took my hand in his, and smiled.

For the first four days, Dr. Umakant regularly visited our room twice a day. This was a great boost for me. I developed complete confidence in him as doctor. I would not trust anyone else and insisted on Dr. Umakant's advice for all treatment related issues; small or big. I also realized that he went out of his way and devoted a great deal of his time and attention to the treatment of my husband in preference to his other duties. He worked tirelessly to treat my husband's rehabilitation and recovery related issues.

My husband Raj felt greatly obliged by Dr. Umakant's prompt, tireless and sincere attention to him. Raj is emotional and very affectionate. He held my hands and said, "Neena, if ever there will be an opportunity, I would love to repay this debt to him."

There was one thing about Dr. Umakant though, which I found strange. I was puzzled to see Dr. Umakant in the hospital through the day and night. He never appeared to be absent. I checked on this with the hospital staff and learned that he and his wife had some serious problems. For the last few months, Dr. Umakant did not sleep in his house. He would sleep somewhere on a patient's empty bed or on the stretcher in the hospital. He would do extra duty hours just to forget this pain. The management was quite pleased with that. He went to his house only to change clothes. Usually, he ate in the hospital canteen.

I was disturbed hearing this. I felt a tinge of pain realizing that such a wonderful, decent and loving person was undergoing such tension. I felt a surge of sympathy. I felt like helping him get over this situation. However, I did not how I could help. My respect and feelings for Dr. Umakant increased considerably.

When my husband Raj, learned of this, he told me, "Neena, when you go home today, please bring that inflatable bed with you on your way back from our house. I would ask Dr. Umakant to come and sleep in our room on that bed. Our room is air-conditioned and he can sleep here in comfort. I do not want him to sleep in patients' beds or on the stretcher in the night."

I went home every day in the morning from the hospital, for about three hours to freshen up, cook and set up the house. When I returned from home that day, I brought the inflatable bed with me in the car. The bed was compact and comfortable. When deflated, it would become small and easily portable. We could deflate and tuck it away when not required. When we needed to spread it, we would inflate it with a small compressor, which was a part of package.

In the hospital, I slept on the sofa cum bed provided in the special wardroom. There was just about four feet space between my husband's bed and my sofa. We decided to spread the bed between Raj's hospital bed and my sofa. That night, when Dr. Umakant was going to sleep somewhere, Raj insisted that Dr. Umakant should sleep in our wardroom on our inflated bed.

Dr. Umakant politely declined the offer saying, it would not be proper. Raj rejected this and said that Dr. Umakant was not violating any rules, as he was not on duty in the night. After a lot of haggling, when Raj stubbornly refused to accept no as an answer, Dr. Umakant had to agree. That night he slept on the inflated bed. The bed when inflated was at the same level as my sofa. One could easily roll over form one bed to the other. It was almost as if Dr. Umakant and I were sleeping on the same bed. My husband's bed was slightly higher.

My husband usually expresses his grief and happiness by touch. He is a touch person. In the night occasionally, my husband hung his hand, touched Dr. Umakant's hand and affectionately moved palm over Dr. Umakant's face. Dr. Umakant reciprocated my husband's affection and squeezed my husband's arm. I liked my husband's gesture. Following him, I also extended my arm in the night and moved it over Dr. Umakant's face and hair. He reciprocated it with the same affection and squeezed my arm.

This became a routine and for the next three weeks, Dr. Umakant slept with us in our wardroom. By that time, we were quite free with each other. In the night, as we slept, occasionally I would take his arm and put it under my head to show my affection. Raj would usually have his one arm hanging in the night to touch Dr. Umakant. Dr. Umakant also would extend his arm to touch my head or arms affectionately or accidentally. However, I never felt that he ever attempted to touch me with any sexual intention.

I liked Dr. Umakant as a male. He was attractive in a sexy way, yet very decent. He was tall, strongly built, lanky and smart, had an attractive hairstyle and an excellent reputation as a good surgeon. He was always smiling, in spite of his problems. During our stay in the hospital, when I returned home, I cooked things of Dr. Umakant's liking and brought them from home every day to the hospital for him to eat.

I felt a particular feeling for him in my heart that I could not understand or analyze. His height, casual attire, polite manners, charming smile, careless hairstyle and eagerness to help; bowled my heart over. I felt that perhaps he also developed some kind of mildly sexual attraction for me. I noticed him occasionally stealing glances surreptitiously at my breasts and sometimes at my shapely hips. Sometimes, I thought that he jolted when I touched him or he touched me accidentally.

I was good looking myself. I had round oval face, perky lips, long hair knitted in typical Indian style, large almond shaped eyes, height of about five feet five inches. I was quite trim not too thin, with slim waist. My breasts and hips curved out of my waist. I always noticed men around me, stealing glances to look at my body. My vital statistics were 36D, 26, 36. I was almost thirty years but looking less than twenty-five.

I was always particular about my dress. Those days, I wrapped my saree tightly around my waist and hips, which accentuated my curves. Raj liked me to dress that way. I wore tight, narrow sleeveless blouses, with back largely open or half covered. This exposed my navel and curved waistline in front and back, well below my belly button. This also left some portion of my breasts showing off above and below my blouse. Raj told me that men found this provocatively noticeable and he liked men to notice and appreciate his wife. From my college days, irrespective of how I dressed, I had learnt to accept and ignore men's lusty glances. I did not bother about their looks; in fact, I enjoyed them.

Once, when Dr. Umakant stole a glance to look at my breasts with a hidden expression of appreciation on his face; our eyes accidently met. I blushed and looked back at him with a smile. I was used to such glances and accepted them as normal. However, I saw expression of embarrassment on Dr. Umakant's face, as he quickly shifted his eyes away.

My husband did not miss our mutual attraction. However, before he had an opportunity to comment; I frankly told him one day, "I feel that Dr. Umakant may be attracted to me, as I have noticed that he stares at my body particularly at my breasts when I am not looking. I think he likes to talk to me, even if he has nothing of substance to talk about. When we accidentally touch, he jerks, as if jolted by an electric current. At the same time, I must admit that he has been always respectful and decent. I find him very affectionate. I think he is also very cute and lovable, isn't he?

My husband just smiled and said, "Look Neena, I am not surprised by your admission that you like him and find him attractive." Then laughing he added, "I am not gay, but I too find him attractive, affectionate and lovable. Moreover, he is extremely helpful to me. I think it is because of him that I am alive today. I am also not surprised that he is attracted to you. This is natural. You are very beautiful and sexy. Any young man will be easily attracted to you." There was a lusty smile on his face.

After a pause he continued, "Besides, you are aware of his problems with his wife. He is craving of a woman's love for a long time now. I am sure that at this time, he is undergoing extreme physical and emotional torture. I am aware that he is very ethical and never flirts with any hospital female nurses or doctors. As a man, I know how traumatic it is for a man to be away from physical love of a woman for so long. I think he has not had any sex for may be months. I would suggest that even if by chance, he makes any sexual advances; please do not react harshly. We are so much obliged to him. I would not want him to feel hurt."

I looked at my husband and said, "You are right Raj. I see sadness, pain and craving for a woman's love in his eyes. You have complicated the matter further by giving him a bed next to me. In the night, when he sleeps beside me; his hand touches me accidentally. Initially, I was afraid of his sexually touching me. However so far, I must admit that he has never touched me with sexual intent. I just do not understand how a man deprived of sex for such a long time, is able to avoid the temptation of touching me sexually, when I am sleeping right next to him. I find it very unusual. May be his moral ethics prevent him. May be he is afraid of offending our feelings."

All the same, I could not but notice particularly that Dr. Umakant appeared mesmerized by my round and full breasts. This is because, in spite of his best attempts to avoid staring, he stole glances at my breasts whilst we talked. I had lush, ripe and full breasts. My blouse could not effectively contain my breasts and part of it overflowed the covered fabric. He also stared at my belly and exposed body portions, when he was sure that I was not looking. Although I noticed this, I ignored it. Most of the males behaved thus. Dr. Umakant was no exception.

One night after Dr. Umakant came to our room and we all slept in our beds; my husband asked Dr. Umakant about his relationship with his wife. Dr. Umakant admitted that he had serious problems with his wife. He described his sensitive personal problems. He said that his wife was suffering from some psychological disease, which her parents had kept hidden from Dr. Umakant's family at the time of their marriage.

Dr. Umakant frankly told us that he and his wife never slept in one bed. His wife was sexually frigid and resisted Dr. Umakant on their wedding night. She blamed Dr. Umakant for all the negative things in their lives. In order to avoid Dr. Umakant, she always found some excuse to fight with him bitterly and managed to keep him away. Dr. Umakant felt that his wife hated him for some reason. He did not know why. At the same time, Dr. Umakant said, his wife was very respectful to his parents, served them, and did all the chores in the house as a good homemaker.

We were stunned to hear the sad tales of Dr. Umakant. As he spoke of his problems and anguish, Dr. Umakant became emotional. There were tears also in my and Raj's eyes. I said, "Dr. Umakant, I understand your problems. Please do not lose heart. Things will change. Your wife will one day realize her mistake. Please do not think for a moment that you are without a family. My husband and I owe you a great deal. Please consider us as your family."

We were all emotional. We all lay in our beds. Raj had his one arm on Dr. Umakant's face. I looked at my husband. He signaled me to move closer to Dr. Umakant to pacify him. I slid from my bed to his bed, wiped tears off his eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Instinctively, he placed his arms around me and took me in his arms. He pressed me close to him. Accidently, his one hand touched my breasts. I saw that it was almost like an electric shock for him. He jerked, withdrew and mumbled sorry or something. It was also like an electric shock for me also. However, I told him that it was ok and went back to him and hugged him closely.

This time both of us ignored his arms touching my breasts. There was a strong current flowing through my body. I was in a stupor. Dr. Umakant had tears rolling down his eyes. My husband moved his arm over Dr. Umakant's body trying to pacify him. It was sad to see a man like him in such a condition. We hugged closely and held each other tightly for some time. I gradually separated from him and returned to my bed. As I was returning, I saw hurt and apologetic expressions on Dr. Umakant's face.

The next day, I told Raj that I was sure that Dr. Umakant was physically attracted to me. I told him about Dr. Umakant's feeling my breasts and his embracing me close to him in the night. Whilst I was narrating all this; Raj quietly picked one of my hands and placed it on his cock covered under his dress. Even in that condition of his sickness, I found that Raj was having a hard on. I could experience a high velocity flow of adrenal flowing through his veins. I was myself turned on talking about Dr. Umakant. I realized that my husband was excited.

Raj stayed in the hospital for three weeks. After we returned home from the hospital, we were in regular touch with Dr. Umakant. It appeared that the environment in his house deteriorated further. Meanwhile, our relationship with Dr. Umakant became closer. Dr. Umakant became a frequent visitor to our house. He would come, check Raj for any post surgery problems, check his stitches etc. and then he would sit with me and Raj and would listen to music or chat with us.

Raj and Dr. Umakant became very friendly. I respected Dr. Umakant, yet I was very free with him. I got very excited talking to him and so was he. When he visited us, we would all sit close together and talk about all kinds of things. Both Dr. Umakant and my husband would pester me about my college experience. They would ask me if I had flirted with any boys. I would tell them of my casual flings with some boys in school and college and so on.

Raj once told me that although, I was reserved with others, when Dr. Umakant came, I became very chirpy. Raj joked and said that he felt as if I was crazy about Dr. Umakant like a teen-age girl. He laughed and said that he felt that I was in love with Dr. Umakant. I jokingly replied the there was some element of truth in it.

Once in the night during our fucking session, Raj asked me how I thought Dr. Umakant managed without a woman for so long. He said that as a man he knew how difficult it is for a man to remain without a woman for such a long time.

In reply, I said, "I feel that he is undergoing a lot of pain due to his forced abstinence. As a woman, I could see his sadness, grief and desire for sex in his eyes; despite his attempts to hide his feelings."

Raj asked me, "Do you not think that we should help him?"

I replied, "Yes, I think we should do whatever we can to help him, but what can we do?"

Raj then said, "Neena, my love, there is one simple way. If you agree, I would like to invite him overnight and sleep with us in our bedroom. I would like you to sleep between us and be cooperative. If he takes any liberties, I would like you not to hurt him. Tell me, would you not like him to have your womanly emotions and love at least for one night?"

Initially I was shocked at his proposal. Later I was puzzled. In spite of my confusion, I felt secretly excited. I felt juice leaking between my legs. I asked Raj, "Are you serious?

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