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Wife Shows Off on the Sidewalk


Here's a story about my wife and I discovering her exhibitionist streak. This story actually goes along with another story I have published on Literotica, titled, "Brandie's Exhibitionist Streak". Near the end of that story, I mentioned my wife walking outside our motel room in some lingerie. This is the story about that event.

My wife, Brandie and I, had been spending the weekend in an Adult Motel. It was a pretty cool, sleazy place, with an adult bookstore attached to it, up front near the office. The TV in the room had dozens of channels on it, but they were all porno flicks.

At the time, my wife was in her latter-30's, I was just about 30. My wife stands 5'7", has blond hair, a pretty face, 38C tits, long sexy legs and a gorgeous ass. I was still an active duty GI and she was working for a photographer. We were actually on a business trip for her boss.

We had met only a couple of years before, and at the time, we were both married to other people. Brandie and I had an affair and we fell madly in love, very quickly, and a good part of the reason for that, was that the sex we had together was absolutely fantastic! Brandie was the most sensual woman I have met. She was more into sex, enjoying it more than any woman I had ever had sex with, and she was without a doubt, the best piece of ass I had ever had! When I met her, Brandie had a pretty good wardrobe of sexy street clothing; short skirts, revealing blouses, sexy, tight fitting pants, and the best selection of sexy shoes of any woman I had ever known. She also had a large assortment of sexy lingerie; stockings, garter belts, nighties, teddies, skimpy thong panties and lacy bras. I loved her wardrobe and it fit her personality. Brandie was an extrovert. She loved to party, have fun, and she loved the attention of men, which she got, wherever she went!

As she and I got better acquainted, spent more time together, went through our separate divorces, and eventually married, I figured out that Brandie was a bit of an exhibitionist. She didn't know it, or recognize that, in herself, but the way she dressed when we went out to nightclubs, was, beyond SEXY! She definitely dressed to get men's attention, and it always worked. And, she enjoyed that attention! When I made her aware of this, she told me that I was crazy. She wasn't an exhibitionist, she was just a normal woman, who dressed to be pleasing to the opposite sex.

I told her, "Yeah, to a certain extent, that's true. But you go just a little bit farther than many women do. You dress just a little bit sexier. Your skirts are a little bit shorter. Your pants are a little bit tighter. Your blouses a little more revealing. Your makeup, hair, finger nails, toenails, shoes, clothing, etc., are all always pushing the "slutty" line. The way you present yourself is a little sexier, and sluttier, than the average girl. Which is why you get so much male attention when we go out together."

During the first several months of our relationship, I bought her any sexy outfit that she wanted. The sleazier, the sluttier the outfit was, the better I liked it. I encouraged her to dress even sexier than she already was when I first met her. I bought her lots of sexy lingerie, G-string and thong panties, skimpy bras that hooked in the front, stockings, garter belts, anything that when she put it on, even if it was under her clothes where no one was going to see it, that made her feel sexy. I encouraged her to wear a little more makeup, brighter lipstick, and fluff her blond hair out a bit more. I bought her sexy shoes and jewelry, making sure that she had a couple gold anklets.

In those days, when we first got together and first got married, we use to go out to nightclubs and party almost every night. During the week, it might only be for a few short hours, on the weekends we were out til the clubs closed. Every time we went out, I encouraged Brandie to dress as sexy, as revealing, as slutty as she dared to, and I loved it! I loved taking her out to night clubs and having men staring at her all night, sometimes even trying to hit on her while I was gone to the bathroom, or at the bar away from her. I loved showing her off! Then I would take her home and fuck her brains out while I talked to her and told her about all the men, who had been checking her out all night, who would love to be fucking her right now, like I was. She always seemed to respond to that kind of talk with a heightened enthusiasm for sex, and bigger orgasms! It turned her on.

Eventually, I got my wife to dress even sluttier. Skirts so short they barely covered her ass. Stockings with seams up the back. See through, revealing blouses. The sexiest shoes. ANNNND...I got her to start FLASHING! She would go without any panties and with her skirts as short as they were, she would easily flash men a look of her cleanly shaved pussy as she got up, or down, on a bar stool, bent over to take a shot at a pool table, or just slid in, or out, of booth in a bar/nightclub. She wore bras that were themselves, see through, and covered them with a see through blouse, so that in the right light in a nightclub, her areola and nipples could be plainly seen. My wife was enjoying my hobby of, "showing her off"! When we went home at night, she would be so fucking horny from all the attention she had been getting all night, that we would fuck like rabbits til the sun came up!

We took the game of showing her off one step further. Sometimes we would go into a nightclub and pretend to not be together. She would go in first, then I would come in a little while later. Then she would pretend to be a single woman all night and let men try to pick her up. I would watch from within the club as men hit on my wife, bought her drinks, danced with her, even kissed her and felt her up. (One cool side affect of playing this game was, my wife could get a good buzz, or even drunk, and it was pretty cheap, because the other men would be buying her drinks all night and I wouldn't have to!) Then when I had seen enough, or some guy was getting a little too pushy, I would hit on her like I was just another guy in the club, and a short time later, she and I would leave together.

When we first started this game, Brandie was a little reserved about her interaction with the other men. I had to encourage her to loosen up, let the men kiss her. Let them feel her leg. Be as BOLD and slutty as she wanted to be. I had to assure her that it was OK with me. I wanted to see men trying to pick her up, thinking that they could fuck her before the night was over. She thought that I would get mad, or jealous if she kissed a guy, or let him feel her up. I made her understand that I was cool with it, that all of that was just part of the game. As she loosened up and started playing the part of a single woman, she really started enjoying the game. Some nights, when we finally "hooked up" and left the club headed home, she would be so horny that I could smell her wet pussy in the car, and she would sometimes be playing with my dick, or sucking me, or I would have to finger her in the car, on the way home!

So, by the time we made this trip for her boss and spent this weekend in this adult motel, my wife, Brandie, was finally realizing that she really did have an exhibitionist streak in her and that she really did like, showing off.

I won't repeat what we did at the motel, you can read the other story for that, but we had a great time having sex in our room with the curtains partially opened and putting on sex shows for men on the sidewalk outside, who would peek in through the slit in the curtains. We also discovered, that it wasn't unusual for men to stroke their cocks, out on the sidewalk, for people walking by, or while watching some sex show through the slits in the curtains at a room window. In that other story, towards the end, I made reference to my wife taking a walk outside our room in some lingerie, and here's how that happened:

The motel was all one floor, with the rooms in a large square around the parking lot, you could park right in front of your room. The entrance to the motel came through a driveway by the Office, into the large parking lot in the center of the square. So the only opening to the outside world from the center of this motel, was that one lane driveway out onto the main drag in front of the motel. This gave the motel a kind of secluded feel to it. There was a sidewalk running all the way around in front of the rooms. There was an awning that covered the sidewalk and there was a single strip of fluorescent lights down the center of that sidewalk cover, that gently lit the sidewalk at night.

We had been in this motel for two nights, and we had sex almost constantly while we were in the room, many times with the curtains partially open. On our third and final night there, I encouraged Brandie to do something a little bolder. I suggested that she put on some sexy lingerie, not street clothes, but sexy, revealing lingerie, and take a walk on the sidewalk outside our room.

She said, "Where am I suppose to go? Just walk up and down the sidewalk like I'm some common hooker?"

I said, "No. Walk up to the soda machine, (it was about 100 feet up the sidewalk from our room), get a soda out of the machine and come back."

After talking about it for a while, she finally agreed to do it. Now, we had to decide what she would wear. I had the perfect outfit in mind!

Brandie had a sexy blue teddy that had a strap in the crotch, that was so skinny, that it only had one hook and eye in it to close it in her crotch. It was also made of some sort of stretchy, shimmery, blue material, that made it shine in the light, but it was also slightly see through. She often wore this teddy out to nightclubs, but she had a jacket that she wore over it. The jacket was a shiny blue thing, that had long sleeves and was cut in such a manner that it came over her shoulders, and down across her chest, just covering her nipples, and then it buttoned with one button at her waist. In the front, it was cut sort of like a man's suit jacket would be, except that this was much more open in the front. The tail of it was long, cut sort of like a tuxedo coattail, and typically hung much lower in the back than the short black skirts Brandie usually wore with this outfit. When she wore this outfit out to nightclubs, it took very little effort for her to move, in just such a way, as to let someone get a good look at one of her tits showing through this teddy, between her coat lapels!

I suggested she wear this see through teddy, a white garter belt, black shear stockings with seams up the back, and a pair of black, silk, high heeled pumps, that were oh, so sexy!

My wife looked at me and said, "That's it? Just the teddy, garter belt, stockings, and shoes? No skirt? No jacket? That teddy is pretty damn see-through. With nothing over it, my tits and pussy are going to be pretty visible through it."

With a big ass grin on my face, I said, "Yup! That's it! And THAT'S the point!"

Well, she wasn't so sure she would do it, at first, but she put that outfit on and we checked to see just how revealing it was. She was sexy as Hell in it! I had seen her in this outfit many times before, as she was getting ready to go out, or when we came home from the clubs, before, or after, she had the skirt and jacket off, or on, and she was always so hot in this outfit! She walked around our motel room a bit, looking in the mirror at herself. I was standing there naked, with my hard cock showing it's approval of her outfit. She could see that the shimmery material of the teddy allowed someone to see through it and see the brown spots and nipples on her tits, and even the slit of her cleanly shaved pussy, but they weren't clear images. The strap of her teddy barely covered her ass cheeks, and in the front, it really did BARELY cover her pussy lips!

Her legs were so sexy in the shear, black stockings with the seams on the back, her feet in those sexy silky, black pumps, her gold anklet on her left ankle bringing your attention to the delicate flower tattoo on the outside of her left ankle. And the best part of the whole outfit, was the bright, white garter belt that kind of contrasted with the rest of the outfit and really brought your attention to the fact that she wasn't wearing a skirt, as if you hadn't noticed!

As my wife was checking herself out in the outfit, and I surmised she was building up her nerve to step out on the sidewalk in it, she asked me, "What'll I do if I meet some man out there on the sidewalk and he speaks to me?"

I said, "Well, that depends on what he says. If he compliments your outfit, say, Thank You. If he asks you how much, tell him $200. (I was joking about that one and laughed as I said it.) If he flashes you a badge and says you're under arrest, start crying and tell him you're not a hooker!" I went on, "Just play it by ear. I figure most guys will probably just watch you walk by. Some guys might think you're a hooker and proposition you, if they do, just politely tell them, sorry, I'm not a hooker."

I assured her that I would be standing in our room window and that I could see all the way up to the soda machine. I would be watching her all the way and if there was any trouble, I would come a running. (I was standing there naked with a hard cock, she never asked me if I would come running out naked.)

Then my wife did what I was hoping she would do, she said, "OK, I'll do it."

We both walked over by the door, I pulled the curtains back so that I could lean on the wall right next to the door and watch her all the way up to the soda machine and back. She grabbed the doorknob, took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped out, on to the sidewalk. Brandie stood there for a second, right outside the door. She looked both ways, up and down the sidewalk, and I was afraid she was going to chicken out and come back in. But she didn't see anyone, so that gave her a little courage and she started to walk past me, (peering out through our room window), and up the sidewalk towards the soda machine. As she passed me, I noticed that under the dim light of the overhead lights, you could pretty clearly see my wife's tits, and the slit of her pussy, through that semi-see through teddy!

About halfway between our room and the soda machine, there was a walkway that went between two rooms and led towards the back of the motel and pool area. Just before Brandie got to that walkway, a man stepped out of it and she almost ran right into him. I saw her kind of stutter step to keep from running into him, and I heard him say, "Oh! Excuse me.", then he stepped back to let my wife walk by. Their meeting was so sudden, I don't think that the guy immediately realized how Brandie was dressed, but as she went by, this guy looked her up and down, and he stepped out behind her, so that he could watch her walk away from him. I thought he was going to follow her, but he just leaned against the upright pole holding the awning up, with his back in my direction, and watched where my wife was going and what she was doing.

About halfway between there and the soda machine, as my wife passed a room, the male occupant of that room, must have seen her pass by his window, because he shot out of that room like he was shot out of a cannon! He stepped over to what I assumed was his car, leaned his backside on the hood and lit up a cigarette, all the while, watching my wife walk up the sidewalk. I assume that Brandie knew he saw her, and that he came out of his room behind her, but she just kept walking.

When she got to the soda machine, I saw her stop and turn towards the machine Since it was flush against the wall, Brandie was able to look back down the sidewalk, and see the two men watching her, by just turning her head slightly to the right. I saw her take that quick look, back down the sidewalk. Then she turned slightly to her left, so that she was facing away from me, and the two guys on the sidewalk watching her, and she appeared to be looking at the choices on the machine. She put the money in the slot and then taking a step back from the machine, I saw her bend way over to retrieve the soda out of the machine. I thought she was bending a bit farther than she needed to, but it gave those of us looking from behind her, a great view of her ass as she bent that far over. I could see, even from my vantage point a hundred feet away, that the thin strap of her teddy disappeared in between her ass cheeks as she bent over, exposing every bit of her bare ass to all of us watching her. When she stood up now, her ass was much more on display, than it was, on her walk up to the machine.

As my wife turned to start walking back towards me, it was obvious to me, even from my distance, that the thin strap of her teddy, had also pulled in between her pussy lips and there was just a very thin blue strip in the middle of her pussy. It looked like her pussy lips were trying to swallow the thin strip of material. If I could see all this from my vantage point, peeking out our room window, and I was farther away from her then those other two guys were, I figured they had to have a great view of my wife's ass and her now nearly uncovered pussy!

As Brandie approached the guy leaning on the car, I saw him say something to her, saw her give a quick response, and she kept walking. But then he kind of stood up, off the car, and said something else to her. I saw her stop for a moment and turn to face the guy. Then she laughed, showed him her soda can, said something to him, then turned to walk back towards our room again.

Approaching the second guy, I saw, and heard him, say something to Brandie, but I couldn't make out what he said. My wife gave him some sort of a quick and polite reply and kept walking past him. As she passed him, he turned to watch her, and I saw that he had his cock in his hand and had obviously been standing there stroking it as he watched my wife approach him, spoke to her, and she walked past him.

As my wife got closer to me, I could plainly see that the teddy strap in her crotch was pulled completely in between her pussy lips and her pussy was so exposed that she might just as well not had the teddy in her crotch. My hard cock twitched at the thought that those two strange men on the sidewalk had seen my wife's nearly naked pussy, at such close range, and in such revealing conditions. I also noticed that her nipples were standing hard and erect, and were plainly visible through the thin, see through material of her teddy. I figured that didn't go unnoticed by those men, either.

As Brandie entered the door, I turned toward her, I was about to ask her what the guys said to her, but she didn't give me a chance. As she closed the door behind her, she sat the soda on the table and shoved me in my chest, backwards toward the bed, and she said, "Get on the bed! I'm so fucking HOT, I've GOT TO FUCK...RIGHT NOW!"

As she was saying that, I backed up and laid down on the bed, she was walking towards me reaching into her crotch to pull the teddy strap out and unhook it. Then almost all in one motion, my wife crawled on the bed, straddle of me, grabbed my hard cock, slipped the head of it into her soaked pussy, and then slid herself down onto it! She started to cum almost immediately!

As soon as she was all the way down on my cock, she sat there enjoying the feeling of having my hard cock up inside her as far as she could get it, and I felt her cunt muscles start to squeeze and grab at it, massaging me. I was amazed at how hot, wet, and ready her cunt felt! Her pussy usually didn't feel this way until several minutes into having sex. But here, she had just impaled herself on to my hard dick and she was already starting an orgasm!

My wife sat there, shuddering, all over, with her head back, her eyes, closed, her cunt muscles grabbing at my hard cock like a farmer's hand on a cow's tit. She was moaning, groaning, and managed to growl out, "Oh God! That feels sooooo fucking goooood! That shit made me soooooo hot!"

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