tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Taken Against Her Will

Wife Taken Against Her Will


I smiled as I watched my wife bend over the pool table. I smiled not only because I knew my wife would probably miss the shot, but also because I had a great view of her luscious butt cheeks as they peeked out from underneath her very short pleated skirt.

My wife of 26 years old, delicate, petite and very beautiful was a rank novice at pool but a seasoned professional at turning me on. The billiards clicked as she took her shot, the ball missing the hole by a good three inches. Her pouting face turned to mine, and I grinned. It occurred to me that she had probably never even been to a pool hall before, at least not since I had met her. That would probably account for the fact that she had dressed a little too scantily for my liking at such a place. An ultra-short mini skirt and a button down shirt that was not buttoned just tied between her 34 C breasts, she did not wear a bra and had a blue thong on that peaked out every so often, did little to hide her petite figure from the prying eyes of beer-swilling male patrons. I had noticed with no small amount of discomfort that Alexis was attracting a little too much attention that night, but I shrugged it off. After all, she wasn't for sale...

"I guess I'm no good at this silly game", she brooded. I smiled at her encouragingly. "It just takes some time, honey. Why don't I go get us some drinks?" she asked.

"Ok" I nodded. I walked to the other side of the pool hall and ordered two beers. As the barkeeper popped off the caps, he eyed me curiously. "That's a mighty pretty little lass you got there, buddy" he grunted. Once again I felt that uncomfortable twinge as I acknowledged another man's appreciation of his wife's beauty. "Glad you think so", I lied. The bartender handed me my drinks. "Do you mind me asking you a question?"

"I guess not" I replied. How could I mind if I didn't know what the question was? "Why did you bring such a pretty lady to a place like this?" I frowned. "What do you mean?" "Well, in case you hadn't noticed, this place ain't exactly the opera house. You might want to be a bit more careful with your woman".

Careful? With my woman? I felt naive. "What are you trying to tell me, that somebody is going to attack her??" I handed over a tenner. The barkeep made change. He waved an expansive hand around the room. "Look at how many guys are here tonight. Must be over fifty or sixty, at least. They ain't exactly white collar, you know what I mean?" I had to agree. I had noticed as they walked in that the majority of the male patrons - heck, all the patrons were male - were unshaven, unclean, unattractive or a combination of all three. I had also noticed the unpleasant smell of unwashed bodies from time to time, but I had kept it to myself. Another person's hygiene - or lack thereof - was none of my business.

"Look, there goes one of them now". The bartender pointed over to where my wife was standing and talking to a stranger. I hadn't noticed him approach my wife. I swiftly made my way back to her, cursing my stupidity. As I neared her the man turned and walked away. I handed her a lukewarm beer and searched her face for any signs of distress. "Who was that?" I asked nonchalantly.

"I don't know" she replied. I didn't like the tone in her voice. "What's the matter honey? Did he bother you?"

"No...Not exactly". I was puzzled. She was blushing. "What did he say to you?" I demanded.

Alexis paused uncomfortably. All at once she blurted "He propositioned me". I flushed with anger. "What did he say?!" I asked again.

Alexis was clearly troubled by talking about this. "He said he wanted to share me with his friends".

I put my arm around her. "I'm sorry, honey, I shouldn't have left you alone like that. Do you want to go home now?"

"No" she replied. I was mystified. "You're obviously bothered by what he said, honey. Why don't you want to go?"

She hesitated. "It wasn't the question that bothered me..." her voice trailed off." Well, what did then?" Clearly something wasn't right here. She looked guiltily at him. "It was my reaction that bothered me."

I was still puzzled. "What was your reaction? You didn't tell him you'd DO it, did you?"

She shook her head. "No, of course not. But inside..." her voice trailed off again. "Inside what?" I demanded. "What were you thinking?"

She paused. "Inside... I think I wanted to."

I was so stunned I practically dropped my beer. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Before I could respond, the man who propositioned Alexis walked boldly back up to us. His face wore a sneer. "Well, honey, what do you say? Ready for some action?"

Alexis said nothing. I just looked at the man uncomprehendingly. My, precious, petite wife had actually admitted to me that she wanted to - had actually CONSIDERED - making love to another man. Not just to another man, but to other MEN! How could this have happened? Why would she want to look outside of our relationship for sex? I stared at my sullen wife and I knew things would never be the same.

The stranger turned to me. "Hey, buddy, would you mind sharing your girl with me and a few of my buddies? We promise we'll treat her real nice." He grinned a very wicked and evil smile. I wanted to hit the man, but instead I just stared dumbly at him. Why was my wife saying nothing? I grabbed her arm. "Honey, you aren't seriously thinking of doing this, are you??"

She just looked at me and said nothing. Her face was flushed a crimson red, her breathing labored. Why didn't she answer me? She couldn't really be thinking of going through with something like this! The strange man piped in again. "C'mon, buddy, just me and a few of my friends. We won't hurt her, I swear it! Here, I'll give you twenty bucks for her".

My heart sank as Alexis said nothing. I knew she was turned on, that she wanted to have sex with total strangers. Blind rage coursed through my veins as the reality of the situation hit home. I was consumed with fury. I couldn't think straight as raw anger flooded me. "Fuck it, take her, do whatever the hell you want to her I don't care if she even comes home with me!" I scowled.

The stranger smiled. He tossed the twenty at me, and grabbed Alexis's arm. "Thanks buddy! C'mon babe let's do it!" Three other men rushed up and grabbed Alexis, picked her up, and carried her over to a filthy mattress that lay in an unused corner. In two seconds flat her shirt was ripped from her torso and left shredded hanging from her arms but exposing her perfect 34 C breasts. The men shed their pants with alarming speed, and the closest one jumped onto the mattress by her head. He unceremoniously pushed his penis into her open mouth as his buddies held her arms down. The stranger pulled out a large pocket knife and cut her mini skirt down the middle letting it fall to the sides and grinned down at her tiny blue thong. "Let's see what we got here boys!" he yelled with evil glee as he roughly ripped her tiny thong from her hard petite body. He was greeted by a delicate smooth-shaven little vagina that twinkled light off its slickness. "Fuck, yeah!" he grunted. A second later his unshaven face was buried between her legs, his tongue frantically exploring Alexis's cunt.

I rushed over to where she was pinned down. I stared down at her wide-eyed face as her mouth was stuffed with hard cock, I could see her choking and struggling to breath as the guy buried his cock all the way into her mouth and held her nose closed for long periods. She looked as shocked and surprised as I did, but there was nothing she could do about it, I am sure this is NOT what she had in mind. I pleaded with the stranger. "Hey, man, forget it! Just let us get out of here". The stranger pulled himself from Alexis's pussy and growled at me. "Fuck you, buddy, a deal's a deal!" His face disappeared once again between Alexis's legs. I begged the man: "Look, I'll give you a hundred bucks right now if you just let us go!" The stranger said nothing. His tongue was too far up Alexis's pussy to respond, and what's more he didn't care. He began to lick furiously at her asshole. I tried one last time to reason with him.

"At least take her to a hotel room! You can't just do it here!!" I cried. The stranger frowned up at me. "The deal was, twenty bucks for her. I didn't say nothin' about where we would fuck her". He smirked. "Or WHO would fuck her or what we would do with her when were finished fucking her, you said she was ours and you didn't care if she came home with you...you will regret those words".

I was frantic, but I knew I could do nothing. Worse still, I saw that all the other patrons had noticed what was going on and they were approaching to watch the show. Some already had their cocks out and were jacking off as they watched my small, petite wife be raped and ravaged.

"Hey", one of them called out, "can we have some of that, too?!" Again the stranger paused. "Sure guys, fuck her any way you want! This guy here sold her to me for twenty bucks!" I flushed with shame as the burly men laughed at me. How could I have done such a thing! It was unforgivable. I looked on helplessly as more and more men approached my helpless wife to touch her, to grab her, to pinch her, to obscenely fondle her breasts...or any other part of her body. I cursed myself. She hadn't even agreed to this! For all I knew, she had wanted to go home but was too embarrassed to say anything. How could I have allowed - even AGREED - to let this happen? And little did I realize the worse was still to come.

By now Alexis was surrounded by over a dozen men as they held her down and groped lewdly at her petite little body. Two men on either side of her had pulled her legs practically up to her ears, allowing the stranger total access to her cunt and ass. He pulled away, revealing a slippery wet vagina and a puckered wet little asshole, poking out for all to see. The stranger turned to me. "Now I'm going to fuck her pussy. What do you think about that, asshole?"

I turned my head away. I couldn't look. The stranger would have none of that. "Grab that fucker, boys, and drag him over here so he can have the best seat in the house!" Two burly men grabbed my arms and pushed me onto my knees. They grabbed my neck and pushed it to within inches of the stranger's cock, which was dangling precariously close to Alexis's open cunt. I knew it was useless to resist. The stranger turned around and laughed down at me. "Stupid asshole. I would never have sold my wife for twenty bucks. Not for anything!" He turned back. "Watch as I fuck your precious little wife's pussy and then we will teach you both a lesson!"

I would have given anything to be somewhere else at that moment, but I was as helpless as Alexis. I realized that it was the stranger's intention not only to fuck her, but to humiliate the both of us and worse. Try as I could, I could not pry my eyes away from the stranger's swollen penis as its head made contact with Alexis's open pussy. Made contact with her vagina. And then it slid inside.

That was it. I was watching another man fuck my beautiful young petite wife. My wife, the woman I pledged my life to, was being entered by another man's penis within inches of my face and it was my entire fault. Within two strokes the stranger was all the way in, his penis glistening with Alexis's slippery juices. He began to stroke deeply, pulling out until his bulbous purple cockhead almost fell right out, then slamming it home with unbridled fury. His balls slapped loudly at Alexis's distended asshole. Her vaginal lips clung sexily to the stranger's penis on the upstroke, then disappeared back inside as he rammed it unceremoniously home. Slurping noises could be plainly heard as the stranger rammed into Alexis's tight pussy that had only been fucked by me. And I had an unprecedented view of the whole spectacle. As he was fucking her he reached up and wrapped his big hands around her throat and started choking her, cutting off all of her air supply. This really made her buck and struggle and caused the man to fuck her even harder. "STOP IT!!" I shouted "YOU ARE GOING TO KILL HER". He turned to me and smiled evilly, "Should have thought of that before you sold her to me you stupid asshole." As she continued to fight and try to breath.

Within 5 minutes the stranger's balls began to contract as he neared orgasm. This was the moment I truly feared, the moment that was supposed to have been reserved only for me, hopefully for the rest of my life. This stranger panted uncontrollably. "Fuck yeah, I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come. I'm gonna come up your wife's pussy! Arrrrgh!" His penis plunged deep. His hip bone smacked against Alexis's, then stopped. I watched as the base of the stranger's rigid penis contracted continuously, and I knew this stranger was coming inside her. Pump after pump of his hot sperm shot into Alexis's womb, filling her to the brink of overflow, filling up her vagina with hot sticky cum. During all of this her struggles had weakened until she lay limply, I wasn't sure if she was dead or just passed out. All I know and much to my dismay, my cock was rock hard from watching her get fucked and choked. Finally, it was over. The stranger pulled his slimy prick from Alexis's pussy and a stream of sperm rushed out of her hole, coating her asshole with white goo. He let go of her throat and you could see bruises on her neck, but I could also see her chest start to rise and fall she was only knocked out. He turned to me. "Thanks, you stupid fuck. Thanks for letting me fuck and choke your whore wife". He turned to the others. "Fuck her, guys!"

The men let go of me as they queued up to get a crack at my wife's still passed out body. Their goal had been fulfilled any how they had forced me to watch my wife get fucked by another man. I stood up and walked over to her head. Three men were working on this part of her body, taking turns jamming their rigid penises into her mouth all the way to their balls. I knelt down, my face barely a few inches from hers. "Are you okay, honey?" I asked.

Alexis did not respond. Her mouth was so full of hard cock and she was still passed out. Her eyes were open but rolled up in her head and had glazed look as she was face fucked by some unknown man's penis. The other two were holding her head steady as number three pumped his cock ruthlessly into her stretched mouth. They didn't want to have sex, they just wanted a hole in which to stuff their cocks and unload.

I looked around and was very concerned for Alexis's safety, even survival. Men surrounded every part of her exposed little body, grabbing roughly at her breasts, tweaking her nipples raw, rubbing their penises against her skin, trying to stuff their fingers into any hole they could find, mauling any and all parts of her they could reach, yelling filthy names at her as they jacked themselves off in sadistic pleasure... Again I turned to her stuffed face. Her eyes were now focused, tears ran down her face smearing her make up as she sobbed and struggled weakly. I gulped. "Are you okay, hon?" I pleaded. Her wide eyes looked helplessly up at him as her mouth was used shamelessly for another man's selfish pleasure.

Suddenly the penis in her mouth pulled out as it neared orgasm. Its owner barked down at her "Open your mouth Bitch!" He smacked her hard across the face and then pulled her jaw open with his free hand and pumped thick white streamers of cum all over her face, nose, cheeks, and into her open mouth. This caused the man on the other side of her face to orgasm too, his sperm mixing thickly with the first man's. Alexis said nothing as she let them cum all over her face. Her eyes remained fixed on mine as stream after stream after stream of syrupy white sperm splattered over and over and onto her, coating her delicate features thickly with their white frosting mingling with her tears. I had witnessed my wife's cumbath.

Two more greedy penises replaced the others as the men continued to use Alexis's mouth hole for their pleasure. I stood up and walked around the group of men to her torso. No point in trying to talk to her, her mouth was obviously occupied. Her pussy was being fucked by the third or fourth man since the stranger, and it was a dripping mess. Several other men who couldn't wait had blown their loads all over her body including her belly, breasts and legs. The man in her pussy grunted and pulled out. This one was different from the rest. He didn't just want to cum inside her pussy, he had other plans. His right hand whipped over his rigid penis as his left hand reached over and parted the delicate lips of Alexis's pussy, holding them wide open. Men on either side of her prone body aided him, their groping hands pulling and stretching her little pussy until it looked like a gaping cavern. His face was a picture of intense concentration as he stared into the depths of Alexis's spread hole. He took very careful aim as his orgasm approached, pointing his cock dead center. He kept this up for a full minute until he could hold back no more, and thick creamy jets of mucus blasted from his penis onto (and into) Alexis's gaping pussy. His orgasm was intense, lasting 20 or 30 seconds as he coated my wife's porcelain pussy and asshole with heavy doses of white frosting until it was a blobby, creamy mass. The next man took his place and started fucking her pussy hard, I froze as I noticed something inexplicable: I watched as Alexis's chest and belly began to quiver, and then shake as she arched her back, pushing her pussy up to the man. So that was it. Undeniable proof. She had had an orgasm from her rough treatment and my cock was raging as I pulled it out and started stroking it. I had witnessed my wife's carnal enjoyment at being used and abused by total strangers.

I began to wonder how long Alexis had craved something like this, had fantasized and wished for a group of men to deeply fuck, humiliate her and abuse her. How many times had I been making love to her, thinking I was pleasing her, when in fact I had nothing to do with it? When it was the thought of her being the center of attention of a massive and unruly Gang rape that was really making her pant and squeal with delight as she came? As these unpleasant thoughts were filtering through my brain, the group decided they wanted to take Alexis a different way. They lifted her up and flipped her over as someone ducked underneath her and lay down on the mattress. Then they lowered her swollen pussy onto his rigid cock, cum running down her legs. Three more hefty members were immediately presented to her face, grabbed her by the hair and started deeply skull fucking her. It was then that I saw the stranger approach her. He had an erection again, his penis still dripping from the juices of his previous orgasm. The stranger leered happily down at the spectacle. He was thoroughly enjoying the sight of my wife being so thoroughly fucked. A demented _expression crossed his face as he reached out and slapped Alexis's ass cheek hard.

A loud *crack* resounded throughout the room, and Alexis froze, cock in mouth, as if stung by an electric shock. *Crack* the sound filled the room again as the stranger beat Alexis's ass. He began to work up a rhythm, first slow, then faster and faster. His slaps approached 2 per second as he took sinister pleasure in humiliating my wife in front of everybody. Red welts of the stranger's open palm began to appear on Alexis's ass cheeks as he spanked her hard. The men resumed skull fucking. I had to wonder if she hadn't secretly fantasized about this sort of thing, too. Another man, obviously inspired by the scene, reached over and stuck one, then two, then three fingers in Alexis's poor little asshole. He jammed them in and out as fast as he could. Soon another man approached her, and they were taking turns wedging their fingers into her stretched anus. The stranger smiled at his work. The man underneath her came and crawled out and the stranger stopped the next in line saying he had an idea. He then grabbed his belt of his pants and it had little metal studs on it and began to smack her ass and her pussy as hard as he could with it the little metal studs digging into her flesh as she screamed around the cock in her mouth. After about 5 minutes he stopped her ass and pussy were black and blue with mean looking welts all over it.

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