tagLoving WivesWife Takes on Black Sailors

Wife Takes on Black Sailors


My husband and I lead a very active sex life, we often discuss swapping, but really only in the heat of passion, it is soon forgotten after sex.

However that was until my husband left for a week’s conference away.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m no slut, but after I tell you my story I will let you decide.

On the second day of him being away, kids at school, I was enjoying my private time.

We have a small collection of porno films, so feeling rather horny; I decided to put one on. I got out my favourite dildo and went to work. Well it wasn’t long before I had myself fully engorged by my dildo, watching some sweet little girl getting her pussy fucked hard by a big black cock, as he shot his load deep into her this sent a nice little orgasm through me.

Now normally that would see me through the day, but while I carried on with the housework, I kept thinking how the black guy in the film was pounding the girl’s pussy.

I decided to get out of the house and go for a drive into town, maybe a little shopping might do the trick.

Browsing through the shops I started noticing guys in uniforms, and not only that many were black, I could not believe it a war ship was in town and there were hundreds of sailors in town!

The thought came straight back into my head and every guy I saw, reminded me of that damn video.

Okay I thought sit down, relax, and get a coffee. Which I did, but it did not help, sitting opposite me were 2 big, black guys in uniform. I tried not to stare, but found myself fixated with them, and they noticed me.

It wasn’t long before, the older of the two guys got up, and headed over to me, at this stage I was in a complete panic, what did he want.

“ You looking for some company baby” he said.

“ Um, well not really” was all I could spit out.

“C’mon honey, we only got two days, how about me and my friend here buy you a drink?”

“Well, okay but only one, my husband is expecting me home”. I thought if I tell them that then that will scare them off. No luck, he suggested a small bar in their hotel. I knew the place and thought it is fairly nice, so at least I will be comfortable with that.

Well the hotel was only a few hundred meters, so we set of. I’m sure there were people staring at us, why?

We arrived at the hotel, and no sooner had we that they bumped into at least another seven of the friends.

We sat around the bar for what seemed like ages, I was the only female, and I must say was very flattered with all the attention the boys were giving me.

There was some music playing, and one of the younger guys asked me to dance, well by this time I was well on the way to being drunk, I stood and walked to the dance floor with him.

The next ten minutes were a blur, I remember dancing, hands on my ass, him nuzzling at my neck, and the guys all cheering.

When the dance finished I excused my self and told the boys I had to visit the ladies room.

As I entered, I looked at myself in the mirror, god what was I doing, I need to get out f here. Before the thought had time to be acted on, the young fellow entered the room, “you can’t come in here,” I screamed.

“But baby, just checking too see if you’re okay”

I was still looking into the mirror as he moved in behind me and pushed his groin up against my ass.

“What do you think you are doing?” I yelled

But he didn’t answer; he reached up and pulled on my tits, and started to kiss my neck.

This was starting to turn me on, but I resisted the urge.

“Come on baby” he said. The feeling of him kissing my neck, and the feeling of the growing bulge pressing up against my ass, “what the hell” I thought, no one will ever no.

I ground back into him, he took that as a go ahead. He lifted my skirt, and pulled my knickers to one side, “ you got one sweet little pussy their baby” he said. I felt a finger slide into my now wet cunt, then a second, god I just wanted him to fuck me now.

Then I heard his zipper undo, and then the nudging of his cock head as it slowly guided it into me, he was fairly big, as I felt a twinge of pain as he entered and slid it deep into my cunt till his balls hit my ass.

He started pumping, he wasn’t gentle, he pounded away, but that’s what I wanted, “fuck me, fuck me with that big black cock” I yelled.

“You little white whore, you like black cock, huh, you want me to fuck you hard?”

“Yes fuck me hard, give me all you got” I said, god I never spoke like this to mu husband but here I was getting pounded by a black guy, and screaming at him to fuck me harder!

It wasn’t long before he started rapidly nailing me until I felt him lose his load deep inside my pussy walls. He stayed still for a minute, then his limp cock slipped out. I had my eyes closed at this stage, still facing the mirror, as I was just about to reach down and pull up my knickers, I felt him starting to enter me gain, shit I though he’s hard already, I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe it, it was a different black guy, he slammed his entire length into me before I had a chance to protest.

His cock was bigger than the last, and I felt it was going to tear me in half, he grabbed my tits with both hands, and lifted me up, and bounced me on the end of his cock.

He soon too came and pulled his cock out before he shot his load all over my back.

Once again as soon as he pulled out there was another cock to replace it, but this time he didn’t want my cunt, I felt him insert his finger into my cunt and scooped out some of the cum that was filling me up, and rubbed it around my ass crack.

Then I felt him rubbing his bulbous cock head on my little opening, the without a word the head of his cock popped into my anus, he let it sit there for a few seconds then pushed another inch or so in, “be gentle with me, but fuck my ass, and do it now”

He slid in another inch or so, and did this for a few minutes an inch at a time, until I thought my ass was full and couldn’t take anymore, I felt his balls touch my ass, this guy must have had 10inches of cock, and I was well and truly stuffed all the way up my ass.

“ Now fuck me, fuck my little ass hole, tear me apart with your big black cock,” I screamed.

And fuck he did, he banged my ass so hard it shook the bathroom, and just as a orgasm rocked trough me his cock grew another two inches as he blew the biggest load of cum into my ass. As he pulled his cock out my ass popped and cum dribbled out, he gave me spank and said “next”

There were at least another seven cocks in my holes that day, I sucked a few that blew into my mouth, another up my ass and some deposited their loads into my pussy.

I left the hotel well and truly sore.

Now every time we watch that video I think back to my sailor boys fuck fest.

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Any woman that would let 10 men have her up 12 inches and probably thicker than a can of red bull is ruined for a normal except for fisting. I would not want a gangbang spouse that I couldn't satisfymore...

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