tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Tammy Ch. 06

Wife Tammy Ch. 06


Tammy was relaxing by her pool in the privacy of her fenced and well maintained yard. She was wearing her bright orange sexy bikini. It was the same suit she had worn when Paul first took her on that day that had changed her life. It had started out where she thought he was going to rape her. It ended up with Tammy begging him to fuck her. That day had turned her from being a loving, conservative wife and mother into being a submissive slut.

She had been tanning when she heard her front door bell ring and she hurriedly grabbed her short white robe and ran to the house as she pulled it around her and tied it at the waist. She hadn't expected anyone and moved to the front door. Quickly looking down, she saw she was covered to some extent although her legs were fully exposed and the hem of the robe came just to the very tops of her thighs. Her feet had on the usual 3 inch sandals she always wore by the pool. She opened the door and was surprised to see an attractive woman standing there who looked somewhat familiar but Tammy was not sure who she was.

"Hi, Tammy," she said with a smile and Tammy noticed how really sexy this woman was as she stood there in tight cut off jeans shorts and a tank top that ended just below her big tits. Her legs were long and tan while her dark brown hair hung around a very pretty face. She was tall even without the very high strappy heels she wore.

"I think I know you, but I'm sorry if I can't place you right away," she told the woman.

"That's okay. I'll remind you if I can come in for a minute," she said as she moved past Tammy and entered the house. Still confused, Tammy closed the door and turned to follow the woman into the living room. She sat down on the big couch and crossed her long legs and smiled up to Tammy.

"What is this all about," Tammy asked with a puzzled look on her beautiful face.

"I thought you would have recognized me if I sat on this couch like I did several weeks ago. You licked my cunt while my boyfriend, Paul, fucked you like a whore," she said calmly and with a little wry smile.

"Oh, my God, I do remember you now. What do you want," Tammy asked with a slight tremble in her voice.

"I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I wanted to see you when you were alone. This way I can get to know you better without competing with the others for your attention," she grinned up at the stunned woman.

"Listen, that day was a mistake. I really don't do anything with women. I just got too carried away that time. They forced me," Tammy attempted to explain to this hot looking brunette.

"You didn't have any trouble fucking Paul and that kid who mows your lawn, now did you. You fucked my boyfriend right in front of me you whore," she said with a more demanding and confident tone.

"Please, Miss, that was a mistake."

"My name is Dee, you married, cheating slut," she spit out at Tammy who was suddenly afraid of this very confident and aggressive woman.

"Look, Dee, please....." she stumbled over her words as she tried to avoid the obvious control this woman was exerting over her. Dee suddenly stood up. With her heels she was about 3 inches taller than Tammy. She looked down at the sexy blonde wife who stopped talking and just waited for Dee to say something.

"Shut the fuck up, Bitch. Today I give the orders. Now take that robe off right now," Dee said raising her voice and with her hands on her hips.

"Please, don't make me do this," Tammy whined. It was the wrong thing to say to a woman who didn't like to be disobeyed. Tammy's head spun to her right from the swift slap to her left cheek that Dee delivered. The crack of the blow resounded in the room.

"Take it off you fucking whore," Dee spit out the words like a gun going off.

Tammy's face stung and a tear formed in her left eye as she reached for the belt to the white robe and pulled it free. She shrugged it off her tanned shoulders and threw it off onto the chair beside them. Dee looked down at her and began to walk around her like a piece of prized meat. She took in the sexy blonde's body from all sides. Tammy stood still. She felt humiliated and afraid and for a reason she could not comprehend, she was also sexually stimulated. The orange bikini was almost transparent and Tammy's hard nipples were very evident to the other woman. She also felt the now familiar tingling in her pussy and knew it was getting wet. She was ashamed, humiliated and aroused.

"Your nipples are hard, you slut. Take your top off and let me see them," Dee demanded from behind her.

Tammy knew she had no choice and took the thin covering away from her aroused tits and exposed her hard nipples to Dee. Dee reached around her and took the big tits in her hands and then pinched and pulled on the firm nipples. Tammy gasped at the feeling of being manipulated like this and felt Dee push her body firmly against hers. Tammy rolled her head back until it rested on the taller woman's shoulder. One of Dee's hands dropped down to slide inside Tammy's thin bikini bottom. Her finger slowly moved between her wet pussy lips, teasing the blonde beauty.

"If you want me to stop doing this, just tell me, bitch," Dee whispered in Tammy's ear. Dee's tongue teased her ear and sent shivers down the helpless woman's body.

"No, Dee, please don't stop," Tammy moaned as Dee worked her needy cunt and tits. Her hands reached down and back to hold Dee's hips so she could steady herself as Dee continued to play with her aroused body.

"Now I need these bottoms off you, Tammy. You want to take them off for me don't you? You want to strip for me don't you?" she teased the blonde slut in her arms.

"Yes, I want them off," Tammy moaned as her hands took the waist of the thin material and dropped them down her tanned legs to her shoes. She then kicked them away as Dee released her and turned her around.

"Now strip me," Dee told her and Tammy immediately took the hem of her tank top and pulled it up over her head. She was braless and Tammy's eyes fell to the big firm tits in front of her. She then put her hands down to the metal button of the skin tight shorts and pulled the zipper down. Grabbing the edges of the denim shorts, she pulled them down to Dee's ankles and helped her step out of them.

"On your knees to take my thong off," Dee ordered her and Tammy squatted down and took the thin black thong and pulled it down her long shapely legs. Her hands felt the soft flesh as she pulled them off over her shoes and threw the wispy garment to the side. Dee stood above her with her incredibly toned body and long legs and firm breasts. She only wore the sexy strappy heels and nothing else. As she looked up at this dark haired beauty, Dee reached out and took her head in both hands and pulled her mouth to her smooth bare cunt.

"Eat me, slut," she said softly as Tammy pushed her face into the waiting pussy in front of her and snaked her tongue out to seek the moist slit between her shapely legs. Dee moved her feet apart to give Tammy more access and was rewarded by the insistent, probing tongue she recalled from the day the men forced Tammy to do this as they fucked her.

But today was different. Today, Tammy was aroused because of Dee's body and not because of the men with their hard cocks. Both Tammy's hands reached around Dee's thighs to hold them as her face buried itself between the legs of this woman who was dominating her. Dee watched as the blonde woman used her mouth and increased the tongue movement along the full length of her wet cunt lips.

"Stand up," Dee told her as she grabbed Tammy's hair to pull her to her feet. The blonde looked like she was in a sexual trance and Dee pulled her face into hers and kissed her. Their tongues dueled with each other and Dee tasted her own sex juices on Tammy's tongue and lips. Breaking the kiss, Dee went to the couch and sat down with her legs spread open. Tammy immediately got back down on her knees and buried her tongue inside the demanding woman's cunt.

"That's it, baby, use your tongue on me. Oh, yea, suck my cunt," Dee said as she was feeling the incredible technique this blonde slut was using on her. Dee's hips were grinding into Tammy's face as her clit was sucked and bathed by this sexy cheating wife.

Dee scooted up and to the side so she could lay flat on the couch and Tammy's mouth followed her into this new position. Dee pulled on her legs and Tammy looked up to see Dee motion for her to get her legs up on the couch over her face. Tammy did this and lowered her cunt onto Dee's face and immediately gasped as the dark haired beauty attacked her needy pussy with her practiced mouth. Dee's hands reached down and took both Tammy's breasts and pinched hard on her nipples.

"Oh, yes, please," Tammy gasped as she felt the tongue work her needy cunt along with the sudden hard treatment of her sensitive nipples. Looking down, she saw Dee's wet pussy below her and dropped her mouth once again to her sensitive slit. She continued to tease her and licked her and sucked her clit.

Both woman moaned and gasped and sucked as their hips moved against the other's face. Tammy had her arms wrapped around Dee's legs as she worked her closer to orgasm. Her hands squeezing Dee's firm ass as she attacked her. Tammy's cunt was moving up and down on Dee's tongue. She was fucking down on her sexy face and then they both were exploding and cumming and screaming as their orgasms hit them and they continued to move against each other. It seemed to last for many minutes as the feelings rocketed through them and they convulsed and spasmed and their bodies went rigid. Pulling her mouth away from Tammy's cunt at last, Dee gasped for air and released the nipples from her death grip.

"Turn around and get up beside me," Dee told her and felt Tammy pull her mouth and body away from her and move up with her back against the rear cushion of the couch. Dee moved to allow her room and then lifted up so Tammy could lie under her. Their legs were in between each other and their thighs pressed into each others sensitive cunts. Dee took her blonde hair in her grip and moved down to kiss Tammy on her open mouth. Their tongues sought out each other and they tasted the sex juices on each others lips. After finally breaking the kiss, Dee looked down at this beautiful blonde wife.

"Did you like that, Tammy," she asked.

"It was incredible. You made me cum so fucking hard. I can't believe how hot you made me," she said looked into her dark eyes.

"So you want to do this with me again don't you," she asked.

"Yes, I do. Anytime you want me," Tammy said, confiding how much she enjoyed this surprise afternoon meeting.

"So next time I won't need to force you to suck my cunt, is that right," Dee teased.

"I never thought I would feel like this with a woman, but you excite me so much. Your body is so sexy. But I loved the way you were rough with me and forced me to do what you told me to do," she confessed.

"Are you my slut now too, Tammy. I know you're a slut for that lawn kid and for Paul, but you are my slut now too aren't you?" she asked.

"Oh, fuck yes, I'll be your dirty slut anytime, Dee," she almost moaned through her lips. It was obvious that Tammy was beginning to get excited all over again.

"Get up, I need to get dressed, I have to get over to the mall and get some new shoes," she said rising up and searching for her clothes. When she was back in her clothes, she went to the door with Tammy beside her. She turned to the still naked blonde and pushed her forcefully with her back against the front door. Dee leaned in and kissed her hard and shoved her tongue between her red lips. Tammy moaned as she felt Dee pinch her nipples very hard as their faces were tightly pressed together. Then the kiss was broken and Dee pushed her aside and walked out to her car.

About two days after the sudden meeting with Dee, Tammy was having a second cup of coffee in her kitchen after getting the kids off to school when the phone rang. She said hello and waited for the person to speak.

"Hi, Miss Tammy, what are you doing this morning," Jimmy's voice startled her.

"I am here having a cup of coffee and relaxing after the kids got off to school. I am surprised that you are calling. You never call me," she said.

"I was just wondering what you were doing. Tell me what are you wearing today," he asked.

"I haven't gotten dressed yet. I am just wearing the short silk summer robe that I wear around the house. It's tied at the waist with a silk belt," she answered honestly.

"What do you have on under the robe Miss Tammy," he asked.

"Just a pair of black silk panties and nothing else," she said as she began to feel the beginnings of arousal.

"Open your robe up so your big firm tits are exposed," he told her.

"It's opened Jimmy and my breasts are exposed and so is my panty covered pussy," she told him as she looked down and saw her naked body.

"Are your nipples hard yet," he asked.

"They're getting really hard and sticking out," she breathed into the phone.

"Put the phone on speaker and put it down on the table. Then take your nipples between your fingers and pinch them hard and pull them out," he told her.

"Oh, yea, that feels so good," she replied as she followed his instructions.

"Take your panties off, Miss Tammy," he told her.

There was a rustling noise on the phone before Tammy responded.

"I am naked now Jimmy," she told him. Her voice was soft and had a needy whine to it.

"Good, I like you without any clothes on, Tammy. I like to look at your hot body. Do you like it when I see you naked Miss Tammy?"

"Yes, I want to be naked for you Jimmy," she replied with an urgency and craving that was now very evident in her voice.

"What do you want me to do to your sexy body, Tammy?"

"I want you to fuck me. I need your cock inside me. I need you so bad, Jimmy," she said to him as she sat there in her kitchen and listened to the teenage lawn boy. She knew how desperately she was addicted to him.

"Good, I like it when you're honest with me. Now listen carefully because I have something that I want you to do for me, Tammy slut," he told her.

"Yes, tell me what you need me to do," she replied. Tammy was thinking that he had some hot phone sex in mind but she was soon to learn her true fate for today.

"I have told my friend Trevor to drop by your house soon. He has two of his buddies with him and I told him they could all use you for the next two hours," he told her in a soft calm voice.

"Jimmy, please don't do this to me. I want you baby, not your friends. Please Jimmy," she pleaded to him into the phone.

"Also," he said ignoring her plea, "he will give you some money for me so he and the two other guys can use you my slut for the morning. I will be over tomorrow to pick up the money at 4pm. You understand me don't you, slut?"

Tammy felt like she had just been punched in the stomach. He had arranged for these black boys to come to her house and to have her. But worse, he was collecting money from them to do it. He had whored her out. She was devastated by this realization.

"Please, you can't do this to me. I am not a whore, Jimmy. You can't sell me to them like a cheap hooker," she said as forcefully as she could.

"Don't tell me what I can't do with your body, you fucking slut," he shouted into the phone. "I own you and you know it. Tell me who owns you Tammy?"

"Please, Jimmy, not like this. I'm begging you. You know how I need you but please don't sell me like this," she pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Who owns you, bitch," he snarled at her.

"You do, Jimmy. You own me," she sobbed.

"Get ready and put yourself together because Trevor will be there any time now," he told her and then hung up.

Tammy slumped forward as she sat at the small table in the kitchen and wondered how she had sunk so low as to allow this young teenager to degrade her like this. She was a respectable woman but she also knew that her submissive personality was gaining control of her and with it she had permitted Jimmy and others to control her. She sat there with her robe opened. She was basically naked, with no panties and just heels on her feet when she heard a solid rap at the back sliding door. Looking up she saw Trevor standing there with two other black teens behind him. He was smiling at her from outside and she could hear him tell her to come open the door. Tammy went to the door and flipped the lock. She then stood back as Trevor walked in and stood in front of her. His eyes roamed her exposed body and the smile never left his face.

"Hi, Miss Tammy," he said reaching out and softly stroking her face and lips with his thumb. She knew then that she would let him and his friends do whatever was required by their friend Jimmy.

"I have some money for you," he told her as he put the envelope into her hand, thus sealing the deal. She turned and walked to the table and placed the money on it.

"These are my friends, Luke and Jamal. They also paid for you and Jimmy said you would be real nice to all three of us," he said reaching for her and pulling her into his hard chest.

"Yes," she said softly as he firmly pulled her body into him. His lips dipped down and sought hers and his mouth was soft and warm as it met hers. She could feel his tongue touch her own as her body was once again betraying her and becoming aroused.

He turned her around so her back was towards him and his mouth remained on hers as their tongues dueled in urgency with each other. Then there were other hands on her body and her exposed breasts were being touched and squeezed and her nipples hardened in these hands. All three of them surrounded her helpless and aroused body and she gave herself up to the sensations that were building within.

A mouth was now on one of her tits. It sucked and licked at her hard nipples while another hand dropped lower to caress and stroke her bare pussy with his fingers. She was wet from her earlier conversation with Jimmy and now she heard the soft wet sound as his fingers entered her and began to move in and out of her needy body.

Along with the fingers she suddenly felt a tongue begin to tease and lick her swollen clit and Tammy opened her legs to allow him more freedom at the core of her sex. Trevor pulled away from her mouth and dropped the robe off her shoulders leaving the excited mother with nothing on except for her black heels.

"Do you like this Tammy," Trevor asked her, "your cunt sounds so wet."

"Oh, yes," she moaned, "eat my cunt. It feels so good."

She was getting close to orgasm as she bucked her hips onto the face of the boy who tongue fucked her cunt. But suddenly he withdrew his mouth and fingers from her and she felt empty and incredibly excited.

"That's enough, it's time you got some hard cock and earned your money," Trevor said as Tammy opened her eyes and saw that all three boys had stripped naked and were hard and ready for her.

Trevor pulled her over to one of the kitchen chairs and he sat down and turned her facing away from him. His hands guided her hips until he began to pull her down on top of his big hard cock. She was very wet as his cock head opened her up and then he pulled harder and impaled the sexy housewife onto his hard black dick.

"Oh, fuck," she cried out as he bottomed out and began to push her up and down on his cock. She matched his pace and was moving with him. Once again she felt herself hurdling toward an orgasm. A hand was in her hair and she looked up to see another large black dick in front of her moaning lips. She automatically took in into her mouth and began to suck him as her hips hammered down onto Trevor. Even with her mouth fully stuffed, she was moaned continually as these two boys worked on the whore they had just paid for.

Jamal was beside them and had her nipples in his hands and was pinching and pulling them. He pulled her off Luke and shoved his cock into her mouth and used her hair to pull her face forward and back. Tammy reached up to grab Jamal's cock and jerk it hard while Luke used her mouth. Her orgasm was only moments away and the deep strokes from Trevor were more than she could handle as she screamed around the cock in her mouth and her cunt exploded with his driving meat so fully stuffed inside her. Jamal pulled out of her screaming mouth as she was convulsing in the throws of the climax that consumed her body.

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