tagLoving WivesWife Used by 4 Black Plumbers - 01

Wife Used by 4 Black Plumbers - 01


Holy fuck!! I couldn't believe it. My toilet was backed up due to me trying to flush down a bunch of towels that I had used to clean up the apartment. I knew that I probably should not have done it, but I didn't think that I threw in enough to block the pipes. I was going to have my boss over for dinner, as we were to discuss my future with the company. For a woman like myself to climb the corporate ladder, it was imperative to impress the boss when given few and far opportunities. It was only 11am, but it was a Saturday and I knew that the complex maintenance staff was off.

There was no need for me to panic yet and I thumbed through the yellow pages for plumbers. I came across an ad for a local plumbing company and dialed the number.

"Um, hello. I was wondering if I could get a plumber in here today to unclog my toilet? I've got a big business dinner tonight, and I need it to get done before 4pm," I stammered.

A nice, deep male voice responded: "Well, my staff is off on Saturdays. They're not even in the building."

"Please mister," I begged, "this is urgent that I have it done today. Can't you come over, or can't you page someone?"

"Ma'am, I can't as I don't have the truck today, one of my guys took it home for the weekend. However, I could page him, but I'll need some information first."

"OK," I agreed.

"Alright ma'am, how will you be paying for this?"

"Well…my husband left for business on Friday, and he has all the credit cards, but I can swing by the payment when he returns on Monday."

He was quiet for a second, "well, I can't do that. But I'll take a check from you, is that OK?"

"Yeah, sure," I answered. "So you'll page him for me? Can he be here soon?"

"Well, he's petrified of dogs. You don't have a dog, do you?"

"No pets, it's just me here alone," I divulged.

There was another pause again, and then he said, "OK…well, I'll page him now, and you can expect him within the hour. What's your address, ma'am?"

I gave him my address and told him thanks, that he was a lifesaver. I had just stepped out of the shower prior to the phone call and now went to my room to get dressed. I put on a tight white pair of Juicy shorts, which were comfortable to wear, and soft on my crotch. Underneath was a tiny white & thin g-string. I then slipped on a tight, white halter top which covered my breasts, but only went down about two inches past them. I'd forgone a bra, since this would be uncomfortable underneath my super tight halter top. This outfit was very comfortable, but very revealing as well. To hide all my "treasures" I then put on a large, oversized white t-shirt which went all the way down past my ass, but stopped about 1 inch above the bottom of my shorts.

Just as I was getting ready cleaning up the place, a knock came on the door. I looked through the peephole a saw a black man with a uniform on, and he had some supplies he was carrying.

I opened up the door at looked up at him and then smiled, "Hi, thanks for coming over on a Saturday," I said.

He walked in, and then all of a sudden, from around the hallway, 3 more black men stepped into my apartment. I was a little taken aback, but they all had on uniforms with a patch on the left that read: ProPlumbers. On the right side, each of them had a patch with their names on it.

"Hello ma'am," said the first one who entered. The name stitched onto his patch read: Loot.

"Well, I didn't expect four of you guys to come over," I said, "I'm sorry to bother you on a Saturday, but I have an important business meeting tonight, and well, you know, didn't want my boss to…use…a…non-…working…toilet," I finished, embarrassed.

He said: "That's OK, me and my buds were just hanging out watching some football when the page came in. So we all decided to come over and finish as quickly as possible. I had a huge party last night and me and the homies were recuperating," he laughed, "Where's the bathroom, ma'am?"

"Oh, it's that way," I answered, and pointed down the hall to the room with the light on and the shower curtain visible. He seemed really easygoing and I was glad that I had called this particular plumbing company.

Loot was about 6'2" and 220 lbs, he dwarfed me, as I was only about 5'5" and a very small 100 lbs. The next guy was really dark black and also about 6'2", but was a very fit 200 pounds with huge muscles almost bursting out of his tight-fitting shirt which had "L-Bomb" stitched on it. The next black guy was named "Andre" and was bald, but was also built like L-Bomb and looked to be about 6'0" and 190 pounds. He nodded and said, "ma'am," as he walked past me. The last guy, whose name was Nate, came through the door with a cocky swagger. He was absolutely HUGE, towering over me at 6'4" and nearly 240 pounds, but he was in-shape also, just like the rest of his co-workers, but he was black black, like L-Bomb.

"My, did you guys have to send so many…." They turned to look at me, waiting to finish, "fit, built guys, to take care of my…" I almost said the word: plumbing, but thought that it sounded inappropriate, so instead I said: "toilet?"

"Well, when boss said he heard a soft, tender voice on the other end of the phone, I knew it couldn't be anything complex that would take a while to get fixed," Loot laughed and proceeded to walk to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, he and the guys looked into the toilet to assess the damage. They looked in and noted that the water was clean, but there was very little in the bowl. Andre flushed it again, but it didn't complete its cycle as something was definitely clogging it up.

"Well, at least it's not some huge log that's blocked the flow, boys," Loot said. They chuckled and looked back at me. I rolled my eyes at them and then said: "You guys, I don't do that. I'm a lady."

Nate countered jokingly, "What? You don't have a butthole, or something?" The rest of the plumbers laughed.

"Yep, I don't have a butthole," I answered back.

"Yeah, right," Nate said in a dismissive tone.

"OK, guys. I'm going into the kitchen to clean up some. Call me if you need anything," I said and walked away. As I was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes, I remembered that I had a few magazines under the sink. These were not your typical magazines, either. They were not called "People", "In Touch" or "Cosmo". They were titled "Black Gangbang Whore", "Ass Eaters: White Women Lick Black Assholes Clean", "Black Cocks In Tight Pink Ass", "Cumshot Queens: 10 Loads Down The Hatch", and "White Girls Tongue-Fucking Hairy Black Asses - Vol. 3", this one was my favorite as it was filled with pictures of hot white girls who not only ate black ass, but they did it while a second black cock was using the girls' super-tight asshole. I started to turn red and felt the blood rush to my head, embarrassed. The reason I had them was because, even though I loved my husband, his dick was only 4 inches. So instead of him giving me a good fucking, I had learned to lick and play with his asshole. I discovered that I loved to lick and fondle his asshole, and he was OK with me watching pornos or buying magazines dealing with asslicking or interracial sex. I had previously mentioned that dark, built black men with huge cocks was a turn-on for me. Since he loved me, and me him, he knew that these fantasies of mine were just that – fantasies. He believed that there was no way I would do more than just look or watch. I became panicked, not wanting them to discover my stack of mags, and stopped cleaning in the kitchen.

It was quiet in the bathroom, so I decided to check up on the plumbers. They were snaking the toilet as I looked down the hall.

I walked into the bathroom and then Loot flushed the toilet. They had fixed it! Water tornadoed down the bowl.

Loot then said: "Well, that's that Mrs. Hobart."

I guessed that they hadn't found the magazines. "Oh, call me Lexi."

"Alright, if we could just get the 50 bucks cash, we'll be on our way."

"OK, let me write the check out"

Loot was surprised, "Check? We don't take checks, only cash."

"Well, you're boss said you would take a check when I called," I stammered.

"Boss?" He asked confused. "That's not our boss, it was L-Bomb's brother. He doesn't know shit about what's going on out in the field."

"But, I don't have the cash right now. My husband will be back on Monday and then I can swing the cash down."

"That's bullshit," Loot stated, "we provided a service for you and now you're not gonna pay us? That's just not good enough."

"Well, what am I to do?" I mumbled quietly.

"Look, I have an idea," Loot started, "We all think that you're very hot, so what we'd like to do is take some digital photos of you. We saw your digital camera on the counter. You don't have to get naked, all we want to do is take some shots of you in your panties and top, posing. We saw some white thigh-high boots in your bedroom, so go put those on."

I stood there flabbergasted, not saying a word.

"You guys promise I won't have to get naked?" I asked.

"Yeah," Loot answered, "I'm getting your camera, meet us out in your living room."

I couldn't believe this! My husband was gone until Monday, and he would never have to know. I went into my bedroom and slipped on my thigh-high boots with 5" heels. I nervously walked back out and the guys were whispering. I then stood in front of them and asked quietly "now what, guys?"

"Damn!" they all approved, checking me out with my thigh-high boots on, "those look fuckin' incredible on you!" the huge dark black guy, Nate said.

"Yeah," Loot agreed, "but you need to lose that big-ass t-shirt."

"Wh-what," I stammered, "I thought you guys said I didn't have to get naked?"

"You're not getting naked. You got a top on under that, right?" Loot asked.

"Well…well, yeah," I answered timidly.

"OK then. Let's lose the shirt, baby," Loot ordered.

"Well, OK," I agreed, and then lifted the oversized t over my head and stood there on display for the black plumbers. I was still wearing my white halter top (with no bra), thigh-high 4" heeled boots, tight Juicy shorts, and my mini white thong which had a tiny, thin string that bisected my bottom.

Loot brought the camera up to his eye and said, "all right Lexi, stand up straight and spread your legs a little."

I did what I was told, and Loot then took a picture.


"Lexi, turn around so we can all see that beautiful ass."

I turned around and stood rigid, my back arched slightly as they gazed at my ass. "Holy fuck!" Andre hollered, "what a sweet ass! And with those thigh-high boots, no less!" The guys all agreed with Andre.


"Lexi, go sit on the couch and raise your legs," Loot ordered.

I did as I was told.


"How about pulling your top up over your tits?" Loot asked.

"You mean you want to see my titties?"

"That's right," he confirmed.

"Well…OK," I said...

Please let me know if I should continue and write Chapter 02!

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