Wife Wants A Baby


Linda responded to his request, spread her legs and scooted her butt to the front of the couch. Edward quickly dropped his jeans and shorts letting his very hard erection pop out. He got down on his knees and guided his erection to her pussy. He rubbed the head up and down her slit to mix his pre cum with her juices. He was able to get the head started in, but she was not very wet. He pulled back, moved his mouth down to kiss and lick her pussy. With his saliva now mixing with other juices, he pushed his tongue in her hole to lubricate her. Then when he again aimed his cock at her pussy, he was able to work it all the way in. He nuzzled her enlarged breasts with his nose, took each nipple in his mouth while his cock was going back and forth.

When he was about to cum, he yelled, “I’m going to cum and cover you with it.”

Everyone heard him loudly groan as he shot the first spurt in her pussy. He quickly pulled out to let the rest of his cum spew all over her belly as he continued to jack his cock. Linda took both hands to rubbed cum all over her stretched skin.

As he was coming down from his high, Eileen said, “That’s what he used to do when I was pregnant. I suspected all along he wanted to do it with Linda.”

The day came when Linda was rushed to hospital and had a baby boy. Leon was the proud father, according to the birth certificate. Edward and Eileen were there to see Linda and the little boy. Edward was a very proud person, too, but he could not tell anyone.

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by Anonymous07/06/17

Story Has Some Reality To It

My wife and I tried unsuccessfully for two years to get pregnant. Doctors confirmed that my sperm count was lower than normal. We were told that in our case, pregnancy was still a possibility, not a probability.more...

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