tagLoving WivesWife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 44

Wife Wants a Hall Pass Ch. 44


She fucked me for another minute. I waited. She laid her beautiful boobs on my chest and kissed me. The movement in her body changed. She began to fuck me as she had earlier. Her pussy became the tight slippery sleeve that it was before. She squeezed me as she pulled away and then she relaxed as she enveloped my cock again. She started slowly but her tempo increased as she went. Her coordination was perfect. It was so-o-o go-o-o-od.

Within a very short time, I lost it. In my mind, I tried to think of a word to describe my orgasm. I couldn't. All I could do was to give myself over to it. I lay there without moving and felt the monster throb as he transferred my essence to her wonderful female body. Something in my head said, "Make her pregnant, Luke." Somewhere in the fog that was my mind, I heard her speak. I thought, "My-my, she is a talker."

She had whispered in my ear, "I'm cumming, Luke."

I was nearing the end of my orgasm but I was still lost in it. Something in her words caused a snap in my mind. I felt a powerful need to give this sweet unassuming woman much more than I had already given her. I had to help her through this last cum.

While my cock was still throbbing inside her, I rolled her over and somehow found enough strength and energy to fuck her hard. She melted in my arms. Her legs wrapped themselves around me and her ankles locked behind me. She met my every thrust with great urgency. I fucked her rhythmically and with force that I didn't know, I could muster. She became more vocal than she had been.

My orgasm ended before hers. She was still cumming hard. I knew it was over for me. I had overused every muscle in my body. They all burned. I could feel my erection becoming weaker. I tried hard to keep going. I only had a few seconds of ability left but I wanted her to have them.

The sounds that she made were new to me and I didn't know how to interpret them. They had been strong and loud. Now they were just whimpers. She collapsed under me as the last of my strength ebbed away. I smiled to myself. It had been a close run thing, but I hadn't disappointed her. I promised to pace myself better the next time. Still, I was proud. My big head swelled some. I knew that I could learn to please this exciting woman.

We lay there and let our entangled bodies cool while we caught our breath. At length, she moved. It was to snuggle closer to me. She was seeking warmth. I pulled the covers over us and we repositioned and made ourselves comfortable together. I held her very close. She didn't talk. We didn't move again for half an hour.

I didn't sleep. I don't think she did either. I lay there and thought about her. I had known her for most of a year. I had always thought of her as a quiet little mousey "girl-next-door type." She had always been soft and sweet in her demeanor. She had always made me understand what she wanted from me but she had never demanded anything. She waited patiently for this night without ever losing interest. For the life of me, I couldn't understand why I had let her wait so long.

Her personality changed as soon as I brought her into this place. She changed this carriage house one room and a bath apartment into a love palace. She became a cross between an aggressive sex goddess and a fucking machine. I thought about seeing her in the firelight a little while ago. She had been an easy to look at girl that might have been a little above average in the looks department. The firelight morphed her into a raving fucking beauty. Was it magic? It might be that my mind's eye sees what it wants to see. Beauty may actually be in the eye of the beholder.

I thought about it for a minute. I came to understand. She is a witch. She is using magic on me. She has cast a beautiful spell over me. I thought, "That's okay. I hope she has some magic left." Then I thought, "After I rest up, of course." I chuckled to myself.

Her quiet whimpers had ceased long ago and she had been still. There were sounds again. She was crying softly. Those kinds of gentle sobs generate apprehension in me. I wondered if I had hurt her or if I had done something wrong. I pulled her closer and held her a bit tighter. My movements let her know that I was awake and aware of her.

She kissed my cheek and snuggled closer. She sniffled twice and tried to suppress her crying.

I asked, "What's wrong?"

She answered, "Oh Luke. Nothing is wrong. I waited so long for this night and you have made it so good for me. You started with the dance at the club to make me feel special. Everything since that has been incredible. You have made me feel as if the whole universe revolves around me. The extagony that we just shared was especially wonderful. You have given me your complete attention. That is what I wanted. I was never sure I could have it. Everything is perfect."

I squeezed her.

She said, "It's going to be very difficult for me not to fall in love with you." She paused and then almost under her breath, she giggled. She whispered, "Oops, it's too late. It has already happened. I love you, Luke." There was another pause and she continued, "Linda will think I am such a pest." She giggled a bit louder.

I asked, "Why will Linda think that?"

She answered, "I will be following you around like a little puppy dog for the rest of my life." She rolled over on top of me and kissed me as if she meant it. I kissed her back. I think I wanted her to mean it.

She whispered, "I have to get up."

I held her in place for another few seconds and then released her. She slid off me and out of bed. I watched her as she walked to the bathroom. I couldn't help myself. She was naked in the firelight again.

I thought, "I definitely don't want to run out of firelight." I got up, banked the fire and added two more logs. The flicker in the room intensified. The room's temperature was probably in the low-sixties. I thought, "Perfect."

I moved around the room. First, I turned the electric lighting completely off except for one small light on the vent-a-hood in the kitchenette. Next, I went to the thermostat and turned the central heat off. I reasoned that the fireplace would keep the temperature where it was now until it burned out. We would be in a warm bed by then. We could snuggle and keep each other warm. I would leave the small space heater in the bathroom on so it would stay warm in there.

I was trying audibly to follow Caroline's ablutions in the bathroom. I easily heard the shower when she turned the water on. I stood by the fire in thought for another minute. I wanted to share her shower. I had supplied everything we would need earlier. Towels and toiletries were already there but I brought more of my own. I had also brought robes for both of us.

I went into the bathroom and quietly took a leak. I pissed on the inside of the bowl instead of in the water.

I tapped on the shower door and Caroline opened it and invited me in. She was already soaking wet and slippery with soap. I love to hold a woman under those conditions.

The smile on her face was enough to rekindle the fire inside me. She came into my arms and whispered, "Now, you have come to make my bath special." She stood on her toes with both arms around my neck. She kissed me. She allowed me to explore her silky smooth body with both hands. During the kiss, I managed to touch everything important. She giggled sweetly for me.

We bathed each other with some intimate touches and tickles. Her touch made the monster move. He made me understand that he would be up for more play this evening. He twitched in her hand and she giggled again.

I absorbed the beauty of her body in detail for the first time. She was small. Maybe an inch taller than the pixie I was married to and a very few pounds heavier. She wasn't as hard as Linda was but the pronounced feminine curves of her body excited me. Her hair was neither brown nor black but something soft and warm in between. Her eyes were blue, both deep and dark. They were the perfect accent to her face. The petite freckled nose and the small dimples on either side of her perfect mouth made her into a vision for me to hold on to forever. She truly was the "girl-next-door," personified. The enthusiasm that bubbled out of her made her so special. I felt very lucky to be there with her.

We dried and I asked if she was hungry.

She answered, "A snack would be nice."

I helped her into the cotton flannel robe that I had brought for her. I said, "I will fix us something while you dry your hair. I donned my robe from Scotland and went to the kitchen. Slippers would have been nice but I hadn't brought any for either of us. The hardwood floors were cold. I tried to stay on the throw rugs that were in the room.

I built one nice ham and cheese sandwich. I finished it with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. The bread was fresh and soft. I cut it in half, diagonally and put it on two small plates. I opened a small bag of potato chips for us to share and drew two glasses of tap water. Even that small repast looked as if it were too much. We had just had a serious dinner.

Caroline came into the room. The firelight did its magic again. Her robe accented every sweet curve of her body. I rose and helped seat her at the small old wooden table.

Before I sat, I asked, "Will you need something else?"

She smiled and said, "No. This is enough. You are making me feel special again."

We ate in silence for a minute or two. I said, "Define the word, extagony, for me."

She looked up at me and her grin was impish.

I said, "You used it earlier. You talked about the extagony that we shared. I've never heard the word. What does it mean?"

She cast her eyes down to the tabletop and then looked up at me. She quietly said, "Extagony is a word that was coined by a friend of a friend. It means sex that is so good it hurts."

I flinched. I asked, "Did I hurt you?"

She took my hand in hers, smiled coyly and answered in one word, "Exquisitely." She giggled and continued, "We fit together perfectly. You are just a mite too big for me. You overfill me the slightest bit but that doesn't cause pain. It enhances my pleasure. I feel so full when you are inside me. The hurt comes from the energy you put into taking me. Then there is an emotional pain that comes with the will you demonstrate when you give yourself to me for my pleasure. Sex with you is so g-o-o-o-d it hurts." There was a pause and she giggled. She said, "All of our sex won't be like that, but I wish it could be." She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

I thought, "Here she is, casting another magic spell. I knew because I could feel it working. My big head swelled some more but this time the little head did too. The monster moved.

She said, "I saw a bottle of Linda's wine in the refrigerator. May I have a sip?"

I answered, "Certainly. I know you like it. That's why I brought it." I opened the wine and sat it on the counter to let it breathe a moment while I fixed myself a double Crown, rocks.

The fire had burned down some and the room was cooling. Caroline moved to the hearth. I finished making our drinks and joined her there.

She savored her first sip and said, "Linda must like me a lot. She allows me this time with you and now she is sharing her wine with me." She giggled.

I said, "Linda does like you but she is having her fun. She has been looking forward to being with Ed again." I paused and then said, "I had rather talk about something else. Tell me about your friend that coins words."

She said, "Okay, it will take a few minutes."

I said, "We have time and we can have another drink if need be."

She began to explain. "My friend's name was, Francoise Athenais de Rochechouart de Mortemart. She was also known as, Athenais de Montespan. Her title was, Marquise de Montespan. I called her Athena. We were friends in an earlier life. It was actually one of her early lovers that coined the word." She paused and then asked, "What do you know of French history and the reign of Louis XIV during the late 1600's?"

I thought, "What delightful bullshit. This girl is going to prove to be fun to talk with. That is very good. We can't fuck all the time." I answered truthfully, "Very little. I have heard of King Louis XIV. I think he was one of the more important French monarchs."

She continued, "Politically he was the most important French monarch ever. He became king before his fifth birthday and reigned for over seventy-two years. That was far longer than any other European ruler, ever. He held great power in all of Europe. During his time, he brought France to the forefront in military power. No one could contend with him on land or sea. He also brought French art and culture out of the dark ages to the world pinnacle."

I said, "Well Okay. "How was your friend connected to him?"

She laughed and then replied, "When you got past politics and looked at Louis's personal life, you would find that he was quite the swinger. He had many mistresses. At that time, Athena was undoubtedly the sexiest bitch on the planet. She became the king's Maitresse - en - Titre. Loosely translated that means, The King's main squeeze. That was an actual position in the royal court and came with many benefits, financial and otherwise." She hesitated and asked, "May I have another glass of wine?"

My glass was empty too. I made us each a new drink.

She continued, "Athena wielded much power from that position. She was absolutely the most powerful woman in the world. She stayed in power for many years and gave the king seven children. Six of them became royalty by decree. King Louis XIV legitimized them by claiming them as his." She hesitated and then said, "History may not be entirely accurate here. There might have been as many as ten kids."

A moment later she said, "Anyone that had sex with Athena would describe it as "Extagony." She giggled and added, "Including me." After a moment, she added, "In this life, I sometimes use her name when I want to be incognito.

I asked, "Did you just tell me that you are bisexual?"

She smiled and blushed again. She said, "Truthfully, I have enjoyed being with women and the right woman could excite me again. That was before my marriage, of course and in my earlier lives. I have noted that my relationships with women produce far fewer complications than those I have with men." After a short pause, she continued, "I have fantasized about traveling to the early 1400's and having a beautiful affair with Joan of Arc. (Jeanne d'Arc) I dreamed that she could call me back to that time at will. She was a witch, you know?"

I said, "Caroline, I think you are the sexiest bitch on the planet right now."

She spilled the few drops that were left of her wine and literally jumped into my arms. She said, "I would give anything if you really believed that." While we kissed, I robbed her of some of her warmth by undoing her robe and allowing my hands to explore her body. I stripped the robe off her and she seemed to dance in the flickering light as she padded away to our bed. I put two more logs on the fire and doused the light in the kitchen before I joined her. There was no argument over the warm spot this time. There wasn't one. We made one big enough for both of us.

Lust for her welled up in me beyond what I had experienced before. It had to be magic. I hoped she would never run out. I forcibly flopped her over on her back and lay on top of her. I kissed her and let almost all of my weight press her into the soft bed. I slipped a finger inside her and probed for the wetness that I knew would be there. She was very wet.

I raised my head so that I could look into her eyes. I said, "Now is the time to skip the foreplay." I slowly slid a slightly oversized but very hard cock into her until she was barely overfilled.

She cooed and whispered, "Yes, Luke. Skip the foreplay." I watched her big eyes get bigger. I could feel the raw joy in her as she spread her legs a bit more and her body relaxed as she opened herself to receive me. Her bottom came off the mattress as she met my gentle thrust. She experienced a little one right then. The weakest shiver passed through her. She cooed.

I fucked her slowly and went very deep for a long time. I helped her have her mini orgasms when they came to her but I steered her away from a big one. I intended for this to last a long time. I never let myself go too near the edge. I fucked her slowly.

We changed position and I allowed her on top when she asked. She fucked me without a change in tempo and with no real urgency. Her Kegel muscles taunted and teased me. I had her doggy style for a few minutes. We were having fun together. We were both teaching and we were both learning.

I was learning about her. I came to understand what her coos and whimpers meant. I knew that moans and groans meant she was experiencing something on a deeper level. I made her understand that when she needed something I wasn't giving her, all she had to do was ask. It became easier for her to talk to me. She learned that I wasn't likely to give her total control but I would bend to her will easily and most willingly. She never fought with me for dominance again unless it was just a playful thing. I learned that when I dominated her and used a little of my superior strength to get my way, she enjoyed it immensely. I knew she would enjoy being force fucked. I resolved to let that happen when we knew each other better. I laughed to myself and thought, "Maybe tomorrow."

I penetrated her to the limit of my length. I could feel her heartbeat deep inside her. I hoped that she could feel mine. I kissed her, held her close and fucked her.

We talked, experimented and fucked for a long time. I didn't know how much time passed but I looked at the fireplace and there was barely a flicker of flame left.

At length, she moaned and whispered, "Help me cum. Help me, Luke, right now."

I modified my angle of penetration and stroke to attack her G-spot a little more vigorously. She had her big one easily and very quickly. I forcefully held her in place. I stuck my tongue in her mouth and kissed her through the whole thing. I deprived her of air and she came hard. I kept myself in check and continued to fuck her.

Five minutes later, she had caught her breath and was asking for a second one. She said, "Please, Luke. Fuck me harder. It's happening again for me."

I did as she asked. She went over the edge. This one was deeper than the first one. She was lost in it. I don't think she knew who she was or where she was. Her orgasm consumed her. When I understood what was happening, I fucked her harder and she went even deeper into her throes of ecstasy. She became very loud and her movements became uncoordinated and almost violent. She screamed louder than Linda ever had. I was sure that people in the big house would have heard her.

I lost it. There wasn't any way I could control myself through that. At least, this time I was ahead of the power curve. Her orgasm was almost over and mine had just started. I fucked her hard for my own pleasure right through my last powerful spasm and then a little longer. She had become quiet and seemed to be resting in contentment beneath me. She was breathing deeply but easily. I kept fucking her with slow easy strokes as long as there was any authority left in my erection. That wasn't as long as I wanted it to be.

I rolled off her and she snuggled close to me. She kissed me soulfully and I enjoyed every second of it. She whispered, "That hurt so good. It was the definition of extagony." She giggled.

I looked at the fireplace. There wasn't any fire left. All I could see was one small glowing ember. The room was very dark. I wondered what time it was but I didn't care enough to find out.

Ten minutes passed. I was holding Caroline in my favorite spoon position. I thought she had gone to sleep but she hadn't.

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