tagFetishWife Wants Me to Cheat, Ch. 01

Wife Wants Me to Cheat, Ch. 01


"Honey, there is something we need to talk about."

"Right now?"

I was comfortably sprawled out on our bed, and my wife was on her knees at my feet, rubbing my dick through my pants. I was obviously eager to postpone the conversation.

"Yes, honey, right now."

We had just come home from dinner with her cousin Juni, who is visiting us from Japan for a week. Juni and my wife had grown up together in Tokyo, but they had not seen each other in some years since my wife went to graduate school in the states and married me.

Juni is quite beautiful and extremely intelligent. This is her first time in the US, but her English is extremely good, and we discovered that the three of us actually had many of the same interests in common - books, movies, and so on. We stayed out late having an engaging conversation.

I really enjoyed looking at my wife and Juni side by side. My wife Maeko has long flowing hair, but Juni keeps her cut short and professional - all part of the effort to get the conservative management at her company to take her ideas seriously. My wife loves casual dresses, but Juni, I noticed, is always in business wear. They were both very beautiful and sexy in their own ways, and I was quite turned on now that we came home. The fact that my wife was rubbing my dick was not helping either.

"Now you just let me talk honey," Maeko said, making sure both her hands were moving around the whole outline of my dick, "and enjoy being rubbed, ok?"

"Ok," I said.

"Now I told you before that Japanese women often take a pragmatic attitude towards cheating. We know that men are constantly turned on by many women, and this doesn't stop because a man marries one woman. "

"I, on the other hand, have no desire to make love to anyone but you. But I know that you, being a typical man, want to have sex with many different women, not just me."

"In my culture, this is something that we accept as natural. I will not ask you to try to contain your desires as so many American women do. Rather, I want you to be completely satisfied in every sense. I know I will always be the one you love, and this doesn't mean you can't desire others sexually."

"This is why I have never tried to stop you from watching porn, and indeed I am always very turned on to blow you while you watch it. You should let me do it more often honey. I absolutely love it when you get excited by the action on screen and start fucking my mouth really hard. I love it when I stop going up and down your dick and merely strain to take as much of it in my mouth as I can during a rough facefuck."

"This is also why, for your birthday, I took you to a strip club and watched you get a lapdance from that blonde stripper, remember? She was quite stunning, wasn't she? And you remember when we got home? You were so horny. As soon as we went through the door, you had to have me. You ripped my clothes off, threw me on the couch, and stuffed your big dick inside my little cunt. "

"And then remember after you came inside of me? I brought your dick to life again, didn't I? While you were still inside me, I asked you if you'd rather it was that blonde stripper fucking you, not me. Without waiting for your answer, I told you it would be quite a turn on for me, and you perked up to attention, didn't you? I proceeded to tell you to imagine it is her, riding your dick, and begging you ejaculate inside of her. I even told you to call me by her name - what was it? April, I think? It wasn't long until you shot another load into me."

"But honey, now I'm starting to be concerned. Its been almost a year since we got married, and despite these erotic games of ours - which I've enjoyed immensely - you have not actually fucked another woman. I'm concerned that you are accumulating sexual frustration. I know you won't be faithful forever, and I'm worried that your sexual desire will explode after years of suppression. You might even mistake the release of so much sexual frustration for love."

She moved up my body and kissed me, all the while still rubbing me with one hand. "What do you think of Juni?" she asked. "She is quite pretty, isn't she?"

"Yes," I groaned, "she is incredibly sexy."

I thought my wife was about to play the same game as with the blonde stripper - telling me to imagine I was fucking Juni as a way to let out my sexual frustration. But Maeko gave me a quick peck on the lips, got off the bed and went out the bedroom door. A minute later, she came back holding Juni by her hand.

"Now, honey, the two of us talked about this earlier, and Juni thinks you are very sexy too. She would love to spend the night with you."

I was speechless for a moment. The girls shared a glance, and Juni spoke up.

"Like my cousin said, it would be my pleasure to spend the night with you. I think you are really attractive, and very intelligent. Besides," she smiled, "it is my duty to do anything to make my cousin's marriage stronger. "

"Also," my wife piped in, "Juni is quite sexually frustrated, isn't she? She has not had sex in over a year."

Juni nodded. "Its hard to find a man in Japan who would respect me. Most men are looking for housewives, and are intimidated by anyone with a career."

"I think you are very beautiful Juni," I said, recovering my voice. "If I were not already married, I would be really interested in you. It would be a dream come true to be your lover."

The women smiled. Maeko walked over to me and took my hand. "I really want to watch the two of you kiss," she said. She led me to stand before Junie. I took Juni in my arms and softly put my lips to her.

"You should be naked," said Maeko. "God, keep kissing. I will remove your clothes." She unbuttoned Juni's blouse and gently slid it off. Her pants came next, then my pants, and my shirt. We started french kissing as we pressed our bodies against each other. Juni's hand found itself on my briefs, slowly stroking the outline of my cock. Meanwhile Maeko unbuttoned Juni's bra. As she slid it off, she took my hand and put it on one of Juni's breasts. They were such wonderful breasts - elegant C cups, sizable without being too large - and Juni softly moaned as I ran my hands all over them.

Maeko took of my briefs next, putting Juni's hand over my dick as she did so. "He likes a slow handjob that goes all the way to the base of his cock," she said, and Juni comjplied, slowly squeezing her hand and moving it over my dick - it felt divine. Finally, Maeko slid down Juni's panties and put my hand on her clit, which I started gently rubbing.

Maeko then disappeared in the bathroom and reappeared a minute later with some lube. Meanwhile, our kissing had grown more passionate, and Juni's handjob of my dick had grown quicker.

"Ok, time for the next step," Maeko said as she took Juni by the hand and lay her on the bed. She spent a minute lubing up her pussy. After she was done, she gave me a quick deep-throating, to get my cock to its maximum hardness, and led me over and slipped my dick into Juni's cunt, which was just the right amount of slippery and rough at this point.

Both me and Juni groaned with pleasure. I slid the full length of my dick in her, and she wrapped her legs around me. I started fucking her harder and harder.

"Yes, yes," she groaned, "fuck me hard! I am really your whore now!"

Maeko lied down next to us on the bed and masturbated while she watched us. Her eyes kept moving from my dick, pumping in and out of Juni's cunt, to the whole scene of our bodies intertwining, to our faces which were gently kissing each other. Soon I could hear her having an orgasm.

After she came, Maeko sat on her knees behind me and started rubbing my dick as it was coming in and out of Juni's cunt. She put her lips on the base of my dick and started licking it. It felt divine. Between Juni's tight cunt squeezing on my dick and Maeko's rubbing and licking, I was soon unable to take it any more, and I groaned and shot my load inside Juni's cunt.

Maeko got a warm, wet towel and washed me and Juni as we cuddled. Later, when we were all falling asleep in our bed, Juni said "Cousin, I hope you will let me fuck your sexy husband again. I need to get that large and thick dick in me more before I go back to Japan."

"Of course, cousin," Maeko said, "I think my husband needs some repeats before he is completely satisfied. But you will have to agree to some of our conditions. First, I want to record the two of you fucking."

"You will not show the tape to anyone though?"

"No, rest assured, no one. It would just be for us. Another thing: there's several sexual fantasies we've talked dirty about have that you can help us fulfill."

"Yes," I piped in. "I've often fantasized about getting a double blowjob from two girls. I'd also like to bend both of you over a desk and take turns fucking each of you from behind. Its very exciting for me to think about my dick going from one pussy to the next. "

"I would love to help you do all that. Thank you so much, cousin, for giving me the opportunity to be a lover for your husband."

"No, Cousin, thank you for helping make my marriage stronger," Maeko said, and they shared a hug. "As for you-" she turned to look at me "-honey, I feel you need to accept your desires more instead of suppressing them. Just because you are married to me does not mean you can't fuck lots and lots of other women. I know you will never stop loving me, and will always desire me sexually, even if - actually, because - you also desire other women besides me for variety."

Her face took on a musing expression. "Perhaps," she said, "after Juni leaves, I'll try to convince a new girl every month or so to fuck you while I watch. Would you like that?"

I could only smile in response.

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