tagLoving WivesWife Watches Me Suck

Wife Watches Me Suck


My wife and I have been married for 15 years and I have been openly bi for that long. In all that time, she has never been with another man even though I have been with many men without her there and as often with her in the same room and with her full approval. She always said that if it made me hot and horny that she would do whatever it took to keep me. I have always kept up my part of the bargain and given her the best sex I know how and turned her on in ways other men would never think of. She has grown quite accustomed to me with a cock in my mouth, giving it the same lover and devotion that she gives mine. She knows I don't want a man to have a relationship with, but just a cock to play with and a load of cum to swallow or have sprayed on my face.

You see, we are into anything and everything that involves cum. We often sit in front of the computer for hours oooing and aaahhhing at the cum shots on both men and women. She loves it when I shoot on her face and then we take a pic of it each time for a record. Each one is different like a fingerprint. Afterward, she either takes her finger and scoops it off and we take turns licking her fingers clean or I just lick it off her face. I had been shooting my load into my mouth for years before I did it for my wife. I made her believe that it was her idea and that I really didn't want to. It made her that much hornier knowing she'd forced me into something new and wild. Over the years we have eaten my cum in every way possible. We are really into cream pies and I have hundreds of pics of her shaved snatch creamed up like it was sweet frosting. Of course, I bury my face into her afterward and lick her clean.

What has become so special to us is when we have another man in our bedroom for my pleasure for her to watch and finger herself silly to. I'm a pretty good and devoted cock sucker. If my Susie had a cock, I'd be totally thrilled. But, alas, she doesn't, so she allows me this one vice. There is no emotion, just the pure lustful act of loving a sweet cock till the man lets loose a torrent of cream for my waiting belly. Susie is 4'10" and 92lbs.

She is 38, but looks 25. She has very short coal black hair and brown eyes with a tiny chest and hips. My two hands fully encase her ass when she sits on my throbbing cock. I can lift her up and down with ease like a toy. When my cock is inside her little frame, it looks like it would tear her in half, but she takes it all and works me to a great climax every time. We both are very good at controlling our climax when and where we want. On those occasions when I am with a visiting cock, she does sometimes kneel with me and take a few strokes. It really drives a man wild to have us alternate sucking him and not letting him know who's mouth will get his load. One time, during the changeover from her mouth to mine, this guy began to cum and neither one of us wanted to waste the load so we both went for his cock and banged our head almost knocking us out. He came all over our faces and he was even more thrilled watching us lick each other clean.

Last weekend, my life changed when a new man came to our house for our hijinks. He was nicely built and hetero. Most guys are either bi or gay. I have never wanted too many straight guys in the house so there won't be the temptation to fuck Susie, which we had both agreed we didn't want. We had some drinks and watched a few minutes of a hot video to get everyone horny. In the bedroom, we undressed and Susie sat in her comfortable chair with her nice wet finger making her own fun. I got on my knees and worked my hands up this guy’s muscular thighs and ass. His cock was on the large side and beautifully sculpted. It was a classic cock and straight as an arrow. Hetero guys get a special thrill out of having a man suck them because they believe it to be a punishment for me. The premise we use on these guys it that its pay back for me for cheating on my wife. It always works.

As I began to caress his shaft and rub it all over my face, the phone rang. Susie told me to get it and I left the room. I was only gone a minute and when I came back, all I could see was this little figure of my wife bouncing up and down on this huge shaft sticking out from this 250lb, 6'4" man. His cock was glistening and I couldn't believe she wasn't in pain from his spear. In all these years, I had never seen her with a man. I know many men get off on this, but I just wasn't sure. I just stood in the doorway watching this incredible sight. She looked beautiful and so totally satisfied as she slammed her body onto his cock with a slap and groan. His thighs contracted with each thrust and his cock disappeared into her body. It was truly the most incredible sight of my life with her. How could I not be thrilled for her just as she has been thrilled for me to have a massive cock in my mouth.

I took her place in the chair and began to fist my cock. The only thing better would be for me to be tied up and forced to watch. I understand this really turns slut wives on and the men who fuck them in front of their husbands. Knowing the husband can't do a damn thing about it. Suddenly he lifted her up and turned her over onto her back with his huge body above her childlike frame. He was very tanned and she was ghost white with only dark brown nipples showing. She looked over at me with a tear in her eye and a look of pure lust. She knew that this was a turning point for us and she wasn't sure of my reaction. I let her know that I was OK with this and blew a kiss to her. He just looked at me and began to slam her into the bed. His cock tore into her and she grabbed the bed and clenched her fists. She screamed so loud I thought the neighbors would hear. I loved her so much and I knew she loved me. Somehow I wanted to get into the act. She was thinking the same thing and asked him do something for her. He breathlessly said OK. She said, "will you fuck my husbands mouth like the sissy fag that he is and force him to eat your cum?" She took the words right out of my mouth.

I couldn't have asked for a better scenario. We are such a good team. He got up off Susie and demanded that I kneel in front of him. I did exactly that. He smeared his cock all over my face before grabbing the back of my head and shoving his shaft into my mouth. He really knew how to face fuck. My mouth was just a tool for his cock to get off. He rammed me hard over and over again. He was really getting into treating me like a dirty cum swallowing little faggot. God, I loved it. I surprised him by reaching around and digging my fingernails into his tight ass cheeks. Then Susie regained herself by egging him on and holding the back of my head. She felt his balls and put my hand there to let me know he was really close to filling my mouth with sweet sperm. He groaned and pulled out just so the tip was on my tongue. I got into position with my tongue outstretched and let him shoot over it and into my mouth. His balls were large and full of sperm. It splashed into my mouth with three or four good streams. I like the taste and love to play with it for a while before I swallow. As he pulled away, he said, "show me you faggot." I opened my mouth and leaned my head back to show him a white creamy lake of cum. Looking straight into his eyes, I swallowed every drop and cleaned his cock off.

After he left, Susie gave me a nice long slow blow job and kissed me with a mouthful of my own cum. Our tongues played with it till it was all but a memory in a deep kiss. I love her more now than ever and we have entered a new and exciting phase.

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by Anonymous04/21/18

It has been so long

since I knelt for our neighbors and sucked their cocks as the wives watched. 4yourpleasureiam If you want to humiliate me please pm me. I will make a public self humiliation story with you asmore...

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by Anonymous02/26/18

husbands load

something similar happened to me when i was younger a couple i met wanted to experiment sexually the wife wanted to watch another man blow her husband i was excited to say the least when the time camemore...

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by Anonymous07/22/17

Hello, Im assuming your question is for my husband. He is out of town, Im his wife Elisa. As a woman and a wife I want to say that I love my husband very much, he and I share very deep love, trust andmore...

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